Plant Nanny² Reviews

Plant Nanny² Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-30

Drinking water is essential for life. Each glass of water you drink grows the
cute plants in Plant Nanny² so you can both thrive! Set a daily schedule so
that you can collect, grow plants and take care of cute plants to get hydrated
together! What’s so good about drinking water? About 7...

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Plant Nanny² Reviews

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    Falls short of the original Plant Nanny

    I hope the creators will still be updating the original Plant Nanny, because this new version falls short on the following points, for me: (1) no more options for different glasses of water - a feature I thought distinguished the original app from other health tracking apps. We don’t drink the same quantity of water every time we go for a glass of fluid! In the new version, I have to go change the custom glass size in the settings for each drink - that’s pretty inconvenient. (2) This is a personal preference, but I think the new aesthetics are too cutesy, and focused on the character rather than the plant! I want a plant, not a tamagotchi. I also like the window sill and the options for backgrounds.. Sure, the graphics could use an update, but the concept was nice - I found comfort and familiarity with having a houseplant by the window. The new background is not as relatable. (3) User interface is, yes, not as primitive as the original, but that also makes it a tad less simple and friendly. (4) This is so minor, but I thought the golden clovers was popcorn. Hehe (5) Finally, the advent of a new version seems to signal to the fact that the original will no longer be updated, and will slowly get phased out via incompatibility with newer software updates (ie. we will lose all of our precious plants and an app that works better than its successor). PLEASE KEEP UPDATING THE ORIGINAL PLANT NANNY 🙏!

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    I love it!

    Plant Nanny is very helpful in keeping me drinking the amount of water I should everyday. It doesn’t even feel much like a chore because I’m keeping this cute little plant alive!😜 I do wish I could take a glass of water through my Apple Watch... this would be way more convenient because I see the notification pop up but am usually talking to someone or in other words, too busy to bring out my phone at the moment and I forget later. And the other thing I would like to see is more ways to get more involved in the game... My son likes to play the game just for the plant and it does encourage him to drink more water, however, when water isn’t available (or he’s too lazy to get it) he likes to douce the plant in tons of water he isn’t actually drinking because there isn’t much else to do... I know that is very specific and more my problem than yours, but I think if you were to take care of it more like play games or more customizations, like of the background, people might have a better time visiting the game... Again, more my problem than yours so this is only a tiny suggestion if you want..

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    Could be better

    This app has helped me drink more water which is very helpful but I think it could still improve. The multiple currency systems are confusing, the scrolling with the plants’ displays is difficult to use and the plants are limited, since there are only seven different ones with four growth stages per plant and they get boring quickly. There is also no motivation to use the clover currency to buy pots because it is such a limited way to customize your plants so for me at least the clovers just sit around. I would suggest combining clover and acorn currencies for the future, as well as adding more plants and possibly different paths for the plants to grow so there are more possibilities for unique plants. I also think the app should fix some of its technical issues like the scrolling and some of the writing in the English version, which is sometimes confusing or repetitive. I wish there were more options for arranging plants as well because the current system has them out of sight, out of mind in underground displays that I only look at to collect seeds. Something like what Viridi does might be a good idea, since Viridi’s options for customization are very good and I love their art style. I still really like this app and use it every day!

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    Love it! But...

    I adore using plant nanny two to track my hydration! To me, staying hydrated is just as important to keeping up my mental health alongside my physical health. Plus, the cute plants just make me want to take care of them!! My only only only issue at this point is when the app day-in and day-out tells me to SLOW DOWN! While I appreciate the importance of this lesson (I have overdone it myself a few times) I wish there was a way to turn this notification off. Much of the time, I’m at work and can’t look at my phone (someone’s always around the corner at just the wring time to catch you) so I log most of my water after my shift, when I know that I drank two or three fills of my reusable bottle. But logging it and getting the repetitive shout that I shouldn’t drink to fast just takes away a smidgen of the joy there is in watering these cute little babies. I hope y’all keep it up with the awesome apps and updates!

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    Rather Loud Graphics

    As soon as I opened the game I felt like a hundred things were being thrown at my brain. While everything is very colorful and cute, it’s also very busy, and not very customizable for all that boast. Immediately I dislike that you have to change whether your water is in oz or ml AFTER the tutorial; I have no clue how to do that! It doesn’t appear that there’s actually a way to change how much water you drink with each “watering” of the plant either, which doesn’t make sense unless someone were to go the extra mile and write down on their own whether they’ve reached their goal. I’m disappointed by the lack of free plants, and that the currency is some type of clover instead of seeds? The original use of seeds always seemed rather innovative and made quite a bit of sense. While the new graphics are cute, and I appreciate the extra activity setting, everything else seems too much or far too little. Quite disappointed. Also, as a personal pet peeve, the descriptions of the plants hold spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as split words over separate levels of text. Aesthetically very agitating! I only downloaded this because I figured it would be a good back up if my phone stopped processing the original, though I hoped I would at least enjoy it a bit more.

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    Great water reminder but could be better

    This is a great way for you to get set reminders (you can choose when) to drink water every day. It’s fun and cute. Nevertheless, they could improve the app by the following few things. They let you name the plant (the plants are already named by the type of flower or plant it is, but you can change it) yet on the main watering page and even after it’s planted into it’s Flower Box in the tree hole, the names of the plants are never shown anywhere. It would be nice if they would put the names at the bottom of the planter of each plant. I played the original Plant Nanny for a couple years and it had more plants to choose from (and the names were displayed). Plant Nanny 2 only has seven plants to choose from. They really need to add more plants, not to mention more pot options (colors, shapes, designs) as well. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else that would make the game better but will update my review later. All in all, it is a great app and you should give it a shot!

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    No cups and no way to edit past days?

    I would love to switch over to this version, but you can’t create different cups that hold different amounts of water like you could in the original. This makes it so that I have to go into settings and adjust the cup volume in the new app every time I drink from a different glass or bottle. This change isn’t useful unless you’re a person who only ever drinks from one special cup, and you carry that cup around with you throughout the day and evening. No one (at least that I know) does that, so that change makes the app harder to use for the majority of people! I’ll stick to the original app until that feature is added. Additionally, there’s no way (in this app or the original) to go back and add water to previous days. Some days I’m really busy and I forget to log my water, and then my plant will die because it thinks I didn’t drink anything and I have to start over again. I’m kind of surprised that feature wasn’t added to this version because it was a pretty clear drawback of the original Plant Nanny. Adding a way to go back and add water from previous days would be a huge improvement!

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    It actually is working for me!!!

    So, I'm TERRIBLE at reminding myself to drink water throughout the day. Other apps I'd feel pushed to reach my goal and sometimes I drink too fast then end up feeling sick after. I stopped using those apps because of that issue. With this app, I like that it reminds me of when I'm drinking too much and it'll advise me to slow down. Which is fantastic, because it would actually notify me to right at that point where if I kept drinking the water at that pace, I'd instantly start feeling sick. So, I like that it tells me exactly before I start feeling sick to slow down. And I love the music!!!! The plants are adorable!! (Even the affordable ones!) If you can't decide on a plant at first, try going to google and searching it. That's what I did. 😋 Now, I don't normally one-star rate apps like these, but this one I feel really deserves the whole five stars! Great job, guys!!!! 💖

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    Cute AND Helpful

    I have used the original Plant Nanny app for a while and really loved it! I was happy to see a newer app come out, and I really enjoy it as well; however I do hope to see the glass size options come back in the new app as well as possibly some customization options. I liked that I could change the background of the window sill in the original app - not a big deal, but something that could make it a little more personal and uplifting. I would also love to see an update that could allow one to add a cup from an Apple Watch. I get the notifications there and it would just be a petty and convenient touch to be able to press a button right then and there since I often finish my current cup when the notification pops up. Overall, would recommend, thank you Plant Nanny team! :)

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    Cute, but missing v1 concenience

    Pros: The new modern interface is nice and it's a definite plus that I'm able to link to Apple's Health app. If you're like me and you dislike seeing a red notification bubble on your home screen, you'll like that this version doesn't utilize that as a countdown feature. Cons: There is only one quick cup size. While you can customize how many oz or ml in your "default," I don't always use the same cup size all day and need to manually adjust it every time. I liked the feature in v1 that allowed you to preset multiple cups you might drink from in a given day. I hope a future update will make this available. Also, the notification is not dynamic. I just recorded drinking a glass of water, and two minutes later was reminded to drink more just because it was on the hour. I know going in to record more already will give me a warning to slow down, so I would like to see a notification pop up an hour from my last cup rather than prompted by the world clock.

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    Just short of perfection

    I love this app, it has helped me to monitor my water intake and at times forced me to drink water when I would rather be drinking something else, all in an effort to keep my little planties happy. I have 3 issues that I hope would be addressed in the near future. Firstly I would like to change the amount of water I drink, I don’t always drink 240ml. Secondly, I would like to be able to use my watch to log when I drink, its way easier to do and a lot more convenient. This ties into my final issue, when I’m driving, or otherwise engaged, I drink water, but I’m unable to log it(the watch can assist with this). When I do get a chance, it’s a bit annoying to get a warning message about drinking too much water every time. I hope the developer can find a workaround for this. That being said, I love this app, it’s my favorite water tracker and I have no intention of switching to any other. Highly recommended

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    Absolutely amazing

    I have a really bad problem with drinking water and have even gone on the edge of passing out because I hadn’t drunken enough water. When I almost fainted bc of it I made the decision to start drinking more water. But I couldn’t do it by myself, I forgot, I drank to much, or I would just not do it. Then I decided to look up apps to drink more water and first got the original one and then decided to change to the newer one. This app has helped amazingly, I have gotten so much healthier bc of it, I haven’t almost passed out or even gotten that dizzy, my skin is healthier and it is all bc of this app. Sometimes I wouldn’t drink much water and would ignore the app and then when I remembered that my little plant starts dying if I don’t drink water I immediately grabbed a cup and drank some.

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    So close to being great

    I really like this ideas. BUT, there are a few things. I need more flexibility in the reminders. It only gives you every 2, 4, or 6 hours. And doesn't let you adjust the times. It will remind you from 8am-10pm. I start my day at 5 and go to be well before 10. It lets you make custom times so I figured I’d take the time and set up one hour intervals only to find out it only lets you had a few and that’s it. I’d like to be able to set my own time intervals and my own time parameters. Another thing only allows me to drink 2 cups of water at a time. So if I forgot to log it an hour ago, I can’t log a few extra to make up for it. It tells me it’s not safe to drink too much water at one time and won’t let me log it. That’s really annoying. But the visual of the plant is definitely a great motivator. I just hope they tweak it.

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    Plant Nanny is a great app!

    Plant Nanny helps you keep track of how much water you drink in a day. Every human being is supposed to get 8 glasses of water a day. Your body is 70% made of water. You put in your weight and how active you are to get your personal recommended water intake. Once you know how much water you have to drink per day you choose a plant and a pot. Throughout the day you drink your cups of water after each cup you add it to your plant. Eventually the plant will grow. As your plant grows you get coins to buy more plants and pots. This app has helped me a lot I would recommend it to everyone. One thing I don’t like about this app is that when you turn your notifications on they send way too much. Another thing I don’t like about this app is that at the start not all plants are free. But over all I love this app! Please consider getting Plant Nanny!

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    Super cute water app!

    I’ve tried other water apps before and ended up ignoring them after awhile. Not this one! The cute plants in this app keep me engaged. I’ve been using it daily for almost 2 months now and will continue to do so. Love it! 2 cons: I had to more than double my real weight in the app to get the desired cups of water I wanted per day (why not just let me select the number of cups?) and the warning that I’m drinking too fast if I put in more than 1 cup of water at a time is *really* annoying. I have a 3-cup water bottle and put the water amounts in the app every time I finish it getting that warning messages over and over. Please consider changing that feature to a daily or better yet one-time sign and understand feature.

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Is Plant Nanny² Safe?

Yes. Plant Nanny² is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 55,112 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Plant Nanny² Is 51.3/100.

Is Plant Nanny² Legit?

Yes. Plant Nanny² is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 55,112 Plant Nanny² User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Plant Nanny² Is 51.3/100.

Is Plant Nanny² not working?

Plant Nanny² works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Dawna Lee Kaminsky
Feb 16 2021

Hi, I love Plant Nanny 2 but have been having issues with the double seeds button working.
I will watch the video but then it won't give me the screen to double the seeds. The button turns yellow like my reward is there but then puts up error "Please harvest all the seeds in the greenhouse first". Therefore I am unable to double the seeds for the day. Thanks for your advice.

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