Dwell: Audio Bible Reviews

Dwell: Audio Bible Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-16

"One of my favorite apps out there. Another way to immerse myself in God's
word."  – Matt Chandler “I can’t begin to rave enough about Dwell and
how formational it is.”  – Ann Voskamp “In the day we’re living in,
we have to have our paths lit with scripture—that’s why we love Dwell.”...

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Dwell: Audio Bible Reviews

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    Thankful for Dwell!

    Hello! I am on day 2 into listening to Dwell and wanted to share with you what an incredible blessing it has been! First of all, I am the owner of a podcast called Oh Hey Truth, to equip women to know the Word and know how to know it so that they can live it out in their lives! It’s target is 18-28 year olds. We heard about Dwell from several listeners and I finally decided to try it. IT IS AMAZING! Seriously. There was a need and y’all met it. I’m so grateful to have it and now to share it with our listeners. My second reason is that I have a very painful and all consuming disability that leaves me bed-ridden a lot. I listen to a lot of worship music and try other bible reading apps, but with the pain it was like fingernails on a chalkboard, you know. I really struggled the last 24 hours to get the pain under control with even the strongest of meds. Now, Dwell did not take my pain away BUT it was easy for me to listen to and was so soothing. The music and Rosie’s voice calmed my mind and my spirit. I am so grateful. I may sound like a quack, but I am not. I am just so so grateful that the Lord met me through your app. THANK YOU!

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    Dwell is the app I never knew I needed!

    I read my Bible daily, but this app. I’ve LOVED being able to listed to my bible aloud. There are people in the Bible whose stories I’ve never much thought about, but hearing their stories read aloud has brought me to tears. Hearing the Bible was the only way the Hebrews and early Christian Church were exposed to the Bible. This app brings a little bit of that back to us and allows us to listen as they would have. This app has four voices to choose from. The graphics are beautiful. They have plans and playlists if you don’t know where to start. They have made long listen stories and passages like “Abraham’s Story” “psalm 119” and others you can choose to listen to if you find a block of time and can listen. They also have short listen passages for the time crunch. And if you like listening from start to finish, they have a library with every book of the New Testament and they are actively working on finishing up the Old Testament (currently there are 7 books: genesis, exodus, 1,2 Samuel, psalms, proverbs and Ecclesiastes). This app is so well done and I am thrilled with how it’s turned out!

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    What an incredible app!!!

    This is a truly amazing app! I have always struggled with getting into the word daily and this app transformed my life! Through this app I have been given a love for the word of God! I always enjoyed listening to God’s word but I always found the voices to be robotic and male. Having a female voice is so comforting because it sounds more like my own thoughts. I also just listened to the Jesus’s parables playlist and it was lovely to hear and meditate and Jesus’s words. Thank you so much for this wonderful app! One suggestion that I would have is when you are listening to a plan or a playlist that is reading from multiple places in Scripture having a pause between those different passages or maybe reading the reference before hand. I have found that it is difficult to decipher when one passage ends and the next begins. Also I would love if it was possible to download audio. It would be awesome if I could listen to it on the plane. Also the premium version was quite pricey but a price I am more then willing to pay. Again thank you so much for this app!

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    Super Great App! 😃

    Have had the Dwell app for a few months now and have been enjoying it immensely! I tried out the various options with the music and voices and found that I enjoy them all, but especially enjoy the default settings. I appreciate how they have it easily set up the have a Bible portion of the day, rather than just a verse and have it set so I can have a reminder each morning where I can just swipe and go straight there first thing when I wake up. 😊 I also like how they have various study sections, reading plans, and even short portions set aside that you can listen to if you don’t have a lot of time. The only thing I would add to the app if I could is having the Word present in a written form as well when you’re listening to it, so you could follow along if you desired to. I figure this would probably slow down the app a bit, and is probably why they had chosen not to do so. I resolve it by having an additional Bible app that I can easily go to, since I can listen to Dwell and be in whatever other app I desire at the same time- which is super nice. 😊

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    A must-have for every blind person

    As a blind person, I've always looked for a good audio Bible. Several apps have audio, as a kind of nod to hearing the word, but even though they have several versions, the voice is rarely that good, there's no music, and accessibility of the app with VoiceOver, especially when using footnotes, is liable to change drasticly from version to version. This app is perfect in almost every way, except for reasons of time, like more books of the Bible, other translations, especially the CSB, please, and commentaries. I'd like just one other thing from the app, and that is footnotes. Whenever they are in a Bible, it makes understanding a lot easier. They can be spoken by the currently selected voice, and a toggle in settings can turn them on or off by default, and a toggle in the player can turn them on and off for the current queue. Also, I hope that a version like the Complete Jewish Version is recorded, so that I can know the actual pronounciation of the Hebrew and Greek names, along with the other advantages of having a Messianic Jewish Bible.

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    helped me to sleep again! Matthew 11:28 Romans 8:18-19

    I heard about this app from a friend, usually I’m the kind of person who reads the Bible whether that be on the app or pick up a Bible I have in my room, and I really have to say this app has already helped me in so many areas of my life and it’s only been a few days of having it on my phone. I used to be heartbroken that I no longer had a partner that I could sleep with on the phone or talk to at night, as silly as that sounds, I wouldn’t even be able to sleep from how lonely I was but this app has made it to where I now sleep early and on time I look forward to only putting on my Dwell app and falling asleep to the peaceful night plan! I’ll even wake up with it still playing and it really changes the atmosphere of every single day. I’m so blessed and grateful that the Lord showed me this app and spoke to me this way! I would like to see however more books of the Old Testament and more translations that I can listen to. Thank you guys❤️ Matthew 11:28 Romans 8:27-29 Romans 8:18-19

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    This app.. I’m speechless!

    I love this app because it is beautifully designed. There are four different voices to choose from and the music in the background makes it so peaceful! I love it! It’s so easy to listen to! However, I do have to say that I was disappointed that there were only eight of the Old Testament books on the app. Books like Deuteronomy and Numbers are usually the hardest for me to read because of all the names and I love going through the Bible each year. Plus, I’m paying for the app, so it’s certainly a disappointment. Another thing that I don’t like is that you can’t change the version of the Bible (it’s in ESV). I prefer CSB over ESV. If you are KJV only, then this app isn’t for you. Plus, it’d be a lot of work to record several different versions, so I understand why it’s in ESV. This app is beautifully designed as I mentioned before. The version isn’t a make or break feature. All of the Old Testament books aren’t on here currently (if there are, I can’t find them) but there is still so much to listen to! Overall, this app is definitely worth the space on your phone!

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    Perfect for moms!

    I treasure God’s Word. I love it. It is my heart’s delight and my heart’s cry. But I am a busy homeschooling mom of 6. I rise early to spend time reading and studying. But throughout the day wasn’t making time to come back to the word. This app is perfect, whether I have one minute or ten. When I am doing dishes, tidying up, preparing lessons I can turn this on and it is immediately the best thing my kids and I could ever be filling our ears and hearts with. I would love for there to be a feature that an alarm could be set so that it would begin playing automatically. More than just the available reminders, but actually just have my morning alarm start playing the word. And have an alarm signaling time to get ready for lunch start playing the word. Thank you for the care you took to making the app so useful, organized well, and aesthetically beautiful. What a gift this app is. What redemption of technology. ❤️ this is the app I want to be addicted to.

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    How it was heard long ago

    I was thinking,dwelling, you might say, on this app and I realized that back in the day this is how people digested the word it was read to them and the people listened. Many things were passed down orally including scripture. And I must say, it’s a different experience listening to it. Gives it a certain life that is hard to achieve by reading. Nothing beats personal study and reflection but it also is a blessing to be at work, not being able to read the word but being able to listen to it. The ambient music is really nice to in just setting a tone to it. Gregory is my go to narrator. Anyway this app has been a blessing especially going through the Old Testament. It made a book like Leviticus, which most people agree is a hard book to read, it gave it new life to me and I appreciated its deeper meanings and I began to realize the theology in it which New Testament writers like Paul drew from. Thank you for this app.

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    Best Out There

    I shopped around for an ESV audio Bible app for quite sometime. This one was definitely worth the annual subscription because I wanted to support further content and features in the future. The app is extremely user friendly. I love that you can choose the speed of the reader and play background noise at whatever volume suits you. I’m currently listening straight through books of the Old Testament but am excited to see many of their own plans of various lengths - “through this book in 7 days” or “through that book in 30 days” - as well as topical studies. The background music is beautifully written and helps catch my ear which helps me focus. Another great thing is that the books are “tracked” by verse. Meaning when you skip ahead or need to go back, it does so one verse at a time. I love that it’s not by 10 or 15 seconds like other audio apps. Well done! Well worth the subscription! Keep up the great work!

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    Beautifully designed for listening to God’s Word

    This app is beautifully made to support listening of God’s Word wherever you may be. The background music, if you desire to include while listening, appears to be designed to not take away from but be a companion with you on your journey into the Scriptures. Brilliantly done. Through curated playlists to individual chapters and books, I often find myself reading along as I hear the talented, men and women read the text. They have recently added additional translations so we now can choose between KJV, NIV and ESV. I believe Christopher hit it out of the park with his reading of the King James translation. Well done. Thank you Dwell for a great app. Whenever I’ve reached out you are professional and have been helpful to resolve any questions. You have also been inviting of feedback and ideas for improvements. Thank you. Glad to support this app.

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    Yes! Perfection!

    I’ve never reviewed an app before, but Dwell is so gorgeous and life-enhancing I want everyone to know about it. I own several scripture apps, but Dwell is in a league of its own. Finally instead of robo-narration I can listen to nuanced, thoughtful narration of the Bible (ESV translation of all the New Testament and several books of the Old). You can even toggle between narrators (my fave, Felix, is African). There’s peaceful background music to the reading that really enhances it, and clever volume controls so you can decided your own balance of voice and music. (I turned the narration down and just played the music to put my toddler to bed tonight. It’s so peaceful.) And on the aesthetic side, this is just a stunningly beautiful app. Plus although I like listening chronologically I appreciate how many categories of smaller listening packages there are (Messianic Psalms, for example, or specific doctrinal themes). I could keep going and going! I’m just so delighted with having found Dwell. I’ve already told my whole family about it. Honestly it’s the rare app you could gift someone and they’d be thrilled. Really deserves 6 stars out of 5. In future updates, I’d love to see another translation included, and another female voice. (Currently 1 of 4). An easier way to listen to just the music would be helpful as well.

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    Audio Bible?

    I absolutely love this app! I am a paid subscriber and I love the different voices and background music. There is no audio Bible like this! HOWEVER, is is not a listen through audio Bible. While the plans they have set up are helpful and you can select an entire chapter to listen to. It is very hard to keep track if you want to listen through the whole Bible. While they do have the listen through in a year listening plan, it’s just not enough for me. I work alone and I enjoy listening to hours of the Bible. I like to get lost in the reader voice while listening but to pull out my phone every few minutes, refresh the app, and then reselect the next chapter is very annoying. I like to be able to hit play once and that’s it. I believe there should be a option for auto play or continues play... besides that it’s the best listen app out!

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    I like it a lot

    I used to use you version bible app, I stopped because it became more about socializing then reading Gods word. I use currently bible gateway and its ok. I really like Dwell a lot. I can listen and not get bored or distracted while listening. The readers voice grabs my attention along with the music. I do read my physical bible in the morning, now reading has risen to a whole new level with listening and reading along at the same time. I will highly recommend this app, as it is better than other apps I have tried that are not mentioned here. I also love that I can set the background music to random or a specific sound or instruments. This is a wonderful app! Thank you Josh and Jon for developing this app. Gods hand was and is definitely in and on this app. May God continue to bless both of you and everyone who helped with this app.

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    Best Audio Bible App to date

    Super excited about this app. I have been playing with it all day now and it’s super easy to use and very friendly to the ears. The immersive experience which includes narration with subtle music in the background makes this a very relaxing and spiritual experience all around. Being able to change the voice and type of background music is well thought out. I would highly recommend downloading the free version and play with it for yourself. Didn’t take long for me to realize I needed this for my quiet time and I bout the unlimited version which opened everything up. Looks like there are also many listening plans for in-depth studies so looking forward to that as well. Thanks to the developers for this well laid out experience I will be using this for some time to come.

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Is Dwell: Audio Bible Safe?

Yes. Dwell: Audio Bible is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,776 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dwell: Audio Bible Is 66.3/100.

Is Dwell: Audio Bible Legit?

Yes. Dwell: Audio Bible is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,776 Dwell: Audio Bible User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dwell: Audio Bible Is 66.3/100.

Is Dwell: Audio Bible not working?

Dwell: Audio Bible works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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