BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Reviews

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-27

Popular rhythm game in Japan! Tap to the rhythm of over 200 songs to choose
from. Play both original and cover songs from popular J-Pop artists and anime
songs! Play your favorite songs on a level of difficulty that suits
you! Recommended for people who enjoy: - Anime rhythm games - Pop...

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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Reviews

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    Fun, rewarding experience

    I'm just going to go ahead and say that this is one of the best rhythm games on the appstore. The gameplay during live shows feels tight and responsive, and also challenging. There's also the addition of visual novel elements with a story being told, but it's not an integral part of the game if all you want to do is play some songs, which I'm sure some will appreciate. The graphics - of course, depending on whether or not you like the anime art style - are pretty phenomenal. The backgrounds and settings are well drawn, and the characters use the whole "Live 2D" thing that REALLY makes them pop out and gives them more personality. I also really respect the fact that this can stay a free game as long as you want it to. Sure, you could buy a whole bunch of stars and do a ton of gachas to get the perfect band, and you could consider that pay-to-win, but it really doesn't feel that way when playing. I'm not barred from any GAMEPLAY because I choose not to pay for things, which was a pet peeve of mine when I tried to play other games like Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery or Sims FreePlay. The new characters and bunch of stars become goals for you; they're things to look forward to. Overall, I've had a blast with this game in the several hoirs that I've played it, and I'm most likely going to continue playing.

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    I love this game! I do have a few recommendations tho

    I love this game so much! There’s nothing bad about it and I play it a lot in my free time! It’s great, But I do have some recommendations from stories to songs. Here’s a few that would be cool in the game. One thing that would be cool is trading. One day me and my sister had enough stars to get a character. We spend it and I got Ran and she got Aya. I needed Aya and already had a Ran, while she wanted Ran and already had two Aya’s. We really wanted to trade sadly there is no trading mode. I think this would be a cool addition to have trade requests in the game to send to your friends. Another thing that would be cool in the game is in the band stories on the first story to Afterglow, Roselia, Pastel*Palettes, and hello happy world you can get all the characters on each band. I though this was really cool because then I could get the one I wanted. I realized that there are pictures in the stories that are characters to. I thought it would be cool that after the story was done we would get these characters, so that would be cool. Also there should be a leader board just in general to see what place we are in the world. I think that’s it for now. Like I said this game is AWSOME and I’m looking forward to seeing more updates and songs. Thank you for your time.

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    The only game I’ve ever liked enough to review.

    This game is magical. I’m a huge fan of rhythm games and am constantly amazed by how polished and well-made BangDream is. The beat maps flow so well and the characters and storylines are wholesome fun. The craziest thing to me is that the gacha element is implemented surprisingly well! When I saw that there was a gacha element and microtransactions, I remember groaning, thinking it would be constantly in my face while I use the app. (I had never had good experiences with similar sorts of games). However, the game NEVER pushes the microtransactions and they are COMPLETELY unnecessary to play and progress through the game. It is also, in my opinion, very generous and gives you more than enough credits to play the gacha. I even find myself excited to play the gacha because I feel like I earned it by getting full combos on songs. Eventually I even spent some actual money on the app ($10) because I felt guilty that I was having so much fun without paying for anything. But that is all I’ve ever paid after 2 years. Last year, I convinced my partner to start playing and now she is just as into it as me. She even bought us matching BangDream pajamas. Also, Kokoro is best girl and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. xoxo

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    Fun game but one complaint/suggestion

    I like playing this game. I only wrote this review to complain about the costumes. I like that you can get cards with their respective costumes but I hate that you can get certain costumes just by logging in. I missed out on some log in bonus costumes because I have not played the game in a long time, and I really wanted them. There is nothing I can do about it because there is no way to get those costumes. That is not fair to the new players, especially the ones that regret not logging in to get them (including me). You can add the costumes (Daydream café, Tokimeki Poporon, No Poi!, Lost One’s Weeping, Romeo and Cinderella, Alien Alien, Encouraging Melody, Merry Poppin’ Christmas, Memories of Junior High; Rehearsal Outfits; Hello, Happy Rangers!; Garuparty 2019; and Precious Summer Sailors) to the Michelle Sticker Exchange. The same goes for the promotional cards like GOGO WEGO! And I want to see the Persona cards as well. Please add this feature in the next update. It wouldn’t hurt for you to add it, I think. I think everyone would be happy with it. That way, no one would have to worry about missing out on those costumes because they can get them when they want. If there are players that want those bonus costumes, they should get them. That feature would make the game more enjoyable. Please respond. And thank you for reading this.

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    I love this game! But...

    I have loved this game for years and years, and I will never stop playing it! There’s so many fun events, costumes, and songs to play! The story is fun and interesting, and all the characters I have grown so attached to! I would recommend this game to everyone... oh wait I already have recommended it to so many people! But the recent update... I have seen that the game added this new blue looking button. These buttons have the function of disappearing when you press them, since this is a rhythm game and all... but, I don’t really like them. The old yellow ones I found to be much more reassure that you hit it. The new blue ones sound so loud and boring that it doesn’t make me want to hit it, and when I do hit it I can’t tell unless a sign comes up. I wouldn’t mind them but... the sound covers up the music, doesn’t feel powerful enough so it makes me just want to stop hitting them, is complicated to understand if you actually did hit them, and they kinda look out of place. I just wanna be able to play songs without having these negative feelings, I know I could just get used to it... but I don’t know if I actually can. I also personally think that this could bring the games popularity down because it just doesn’t feel right... especially when you press them.

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    Very Enjoyable, But Have Some Issues!

    First of all, I wanted to start off that this game was excellent! This was the fun game that only stands out in my iPad, so I really like it! The characters are lively, which is good, and the rhythm of so many songs makes me smile everyday!! Until one day... I am not hating on this game or anything, but what happen? When I came back from playing with other players online, I wanted to do a “VS Me” live. For some reason, it gave me a warning that I harassed a player during my live, and it gave me 10 seconds, until I can actually do it. I didn’t harass anybody in my live, which was pretty strange. That means that a random player reported me. Why? On the same day, the game started to load often, and my hits wouldn’t go through. It bring a huge impact on my score. Sometimes, when I would go into “Options”, it restart the game all over again? Oh yeah, another thing. I actually used to have an account on here already a long time ago. I lost it. Why? When I saved my data in the Game Center, and restarted the game for freshness because it was loading too much, iT lOsT mY dAtA fOr nO rEaSoN!1!!1!1 Again, I wasn’t trying to hate on this game, but please improve. Improve until this review get five stars. For now, I am deleting and not downloading the game back up again, because it also takes up a lot of storage in my IPad. 😌😌

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    Great game but

    Honestly, I love this game hence the 5 star rating. It’s fun and there’s always a new event to mess around with. My only issue is that it’s hard to earn stars once you’ve played for so long. I have full combos on every hard song I can, and most expert modes, and full SS rankings so those stars are no longer available to me. I’ve done the stories from my members and now I really have no new way to earn stars. I wish there was a better way to earn more than just those few things and getting them sparsely when logging in or during events. I also was thinking about a trading system with friends. Like stars for characters and characters for characters between friends? My friend and I have characters that the other wants and was thinking of trying to trade but we don’t know how. Anyway, overall it’s a great game, fun and exciting and it’s always in good fun to practice your reflexes on harder and faster levels. My only problem is loss of stars as you play more and inability to exchange certain things with friends. I hope that this could be taken into consideration!

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    It's not great just O-Tae

    I have enjoyed the bang dream anime as well as other idol anime and figured I would try another mobile game after trying Love live School idol festival and tried another Bushiroad published title with music I like. Since day 1 there were frequent crashes even after turning the settings down. Then to add to it sometimes getting into a song takes 30 minutes to play some times because other people drop! Then there is the fact to really even do moderately well you NEED TO gacha. The beginning teams really are trash and even during events if you are not "decently set up" good luck performing well in the event! There was another problem... I was getting the "connection lost" error. Even trying the steps that are common and other methods I was still getting the error! Then today between connection lists and random fixes... I got in for a second... account was GONE! I did set a recovery pass (I always do incase Game Center doesn't back up or Something happens. Support never got back to me about the connection loss. I had to turn my computer into a hotspot to fix connection problems. Nothing else worked... I edited this review after the game began to work... However, I can't 5 star the app as there are still problems and I still have frustrated friends dealing with the ap.

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    overall kinda.. not good

    I haven't really been interested in this franchise in the past, but I'd heard a lot about it so while looking for rhythm games this was one I settled on. I was sorely disappointed, however, to find out what an absolute terror the UI was. Gradient and bright-colored boxes with thin, stylized text and a nonintuitive and confusing layout made it borderline unplayable within the first five minutes. The game also made the decision to launch you directly into a story sequence that lasts way too long with characters I had no knowledge of talking about things I do not know nor really care about. Probably a fun nostalgia trip for people invested in the franchise, but not a great intro for those testing the waters. Finally, I get to the part I was looking forwards to most—the rhythm game. Even if the rest of the game wasn't my thing, maybe I could enjoy still enjoy tapping out some J-pop. I was horrified to learn half the song was obscured by the band characters loudly announcing their skills activating (something I figured out how to fix in the settings, which were relievingly understandable and had a lot of customization options, hence the two stars instead of one). Overall, it's just... kinda bad. At least my experience was. Not much actual gameplay, mostly just cute anime girls, which isn't bad, just not what I wanted.

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    Fun, but hard to enjoy

    I love this game, rhythm idol games are like my go to activity’s when I have free time. Its so wonderful how much effort they put in, but my game lags so bad i can hardly enjoy it. I have an older phone and not a lot of space, so i get it will lag. However, I deleted so many apps i now only have like 4 and it still lags badly. Like i said knowing my phone, I usually let it slide, but recently i can’t even get through a single song without my health being next to zero (even with all stamina cards). I’m also upset that it seems like 4star cards are impossible to get. I had about 12k stars for the necromancer gacha, yet i didn’t get any 4stars. I had been saving for a long while so i was really sad that my efforts were fruitless. I usually don’t care about cards, but I gotta admit its extremely disheartening when something like that happens. Overall this game would be fun, if i didn’t have to turn off all the effects, rates were better, and lag was lessened. I don’t know how they keep this game running, so I definitely understand that if there’s a sudden jump in the amount if players online it might get laggy, but I’m still upset that I can’t play properly.

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    Praise for BanG Dream!

    First of all, if you're looking to download, make sure you have enough space. If you're familiar with Gacha games, you should know lots of data is required to download and run smoothly. That means you need to update regularly if you want to avoid mass downloads from a period of inactivity. Moving on, this game is genuinely fun, and notably NOT a Pay-To-Play game. With no true stamina system, users can play to their hearts' content. The game concept is simple, and though a little frustrating to hard-core over-achievers, still very much enjoyable. Many parts of the game can be changed to enhance your experience. A common concern is always lack of new or interesting content. I have played BanG Dream! for about a year now, and still have lots to do, not to mention hundreds of characters to collect. Yes, it is slightly repetitive, but no less fun (If anything, you should take a break and do something else if you find yourself bored).

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    Would be better with less

    I think a rhythm game’s objective should be to ensure that the actual game runs as smoothly as possible. After all, even a little lag will ruin an entire game. That’s the issue with this game, it’s filled with so much of these extra anime girl jpgs and voice lines that it takes up loads of unnecessary space while interfering with gameplay to the point where it lags. I personally couldn’t care less about any of these “stories” that you have to download and watch every time, and it bothers me that the game is filled with loading screens loading content I do not care about - which brings me to my next point, QoL. A restart option is found in many rhythm games because the developers are competent enough to realize that people will often practice a song many times to get it perfectly right. This game, however, forces you to go through 7 button clicks and 3 loading screens for something that could simply be done with a single tap in other games. I don’t understand why this is the case, since making this such a hassle won’t make people any more likely to pay premium currency to “continue” a failed run. Anyways, I’d give this game 5 stars for the music and gameplay but the minor problems are so ridiculously simple that there is no excuse as to why it hasn’t been fixed.

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    Kinda upset

    I downloaded this game on my iPhone 6 Plus and had absolutely no issues without besides lag sometimes, but I believe it was just because my phone was older. I had a lot of fun with the game and was around rank 50. My phone randomly died completely one day and I lost the transfer data information and had to start over. I didn’t really care much for starting over, but the only complaint I have is this; I have the iPhone XR and I’m sure there’s many people who have said this, but obviously the game isn’t really made for the bigger screen. I know the developers have seen this complaint before, but I’d really love if they did fix this. I’ve adjusted to the way I have to play in order to complete the songs but most of the time it doesn’t really “register my taps?” All around, this game is really fun but if you have any of the newer phones, I’d wait to see if they fix the bug. Although for the older phones, this game is a super fun rhythm game and I’ve actually got a few of my friends to start playing this game with me. Well that’s all for my review

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    I would rate this game a 5 star if I didn’t disconnect from multi-lives due to an accident. If you use a iPhone X or up (including the newest iPads) there’s a little line bar that replaces the old home button. The amount of times I slid up barely from it by accident during a multi-live (mostly cause of the flick notes) it always says I disconnected. Now for the first time (before I wrote this review) it said something on the lines of unfair behavior, as like I left the multi-live on purpose and tried to fail the others who I was in the live. Like it was toxic behavior. It didn’t let me in for a minute due to this I didn’t even know they had something like this in the game. It sounds like I’m ranting on and on when I actually love this game I really do but please fix this. You would think this game knows the difference from a accident and not accident but some games today doesn’t themselves. My other “no home button” users probably went through this themselves a few times and are pretty upset but PLEASE FIX THIS :(

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    Warning: This game is addicting You can’t go wrong with this game, It has Lovable characters, (Like Misaki) Many songs and more being added in quickly, Amazing gameplay, Amazing Story, Amazing everything. Lots of Original songs AND cover songs. I have a few suggestions though, Can you add in more Mv songs? I know you just added in one for Afterglow but still. It would be nice if you guys could get Afterglow or Roselia to sing “The World” from Death Note. And if one of them already have then can you possibly bring it to the English version? Thanks! (And a 2nd Band Story for Hello, Happy World!) There isn’t anything bad about this game, Not at all! And can we talk about the Suit People? I highly recommend downloading this! It’s free, Play to win, No ads, Has a bunch of Waifu’s, If you want more events to come quicker than download the Japanese Version. And if you really love one of their songs then check to see if they have it on ITunes! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!! uwu

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