Dream League Soccer 2021 Reviews

Dream League Soccer 2021 Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-19

Dream League Soccer 2021 puts you in the heart of the action with a fresh look
and brand new features! Build your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPro™ licensed
players and take to the field against the world’s best soccer clubs! Rise
through 8 divisions whilst enjoying full 3D motion-captu...

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Dream League Soccer 2021 Reviews

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    Bring back old coaching development

    really good game, getting better with smoothness in gameplay and very aesthetically pleasing. the only thing that i think is a take away is that the only way to develop players is through mass amounts of gems. also, it used to be in dream league 16-18 that the coaching and development systems were different. for example, i had a team with that jonny hayes player from aberdeen in my starting team and i was able to have his overall reach a 92 when i made it to the elite division which was the highest at the time i believe. i guess i just really appreciated how i could develop players who weren’t that good and make them legends in my dream league team. now it just feels like if i want good players i can only sign them, and don’t get me wrong, i signed plenty of players. but i just like being able to develop players into legends. the development isn’t nearly as prominent because of the amount of gems you have to spend, and for some players it isn’t even a 10pt increase when they max out, while back in dream league 16 i could make a 68 jonny hayes a 92 overall. just food for thought, i’m in love with the game and would love to see that development system come back into a much better looking and functioning dream league game. i hope you guys read this! :D

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    Honestly, I’ve only gotten the game within the last week, so maybe I’m not the best source of info on this but I really like the new update, as for gameplay, the graphics and physics of each game has wildly improved with a wide range of animations that offer seamless transitions, they turned a game where you’d often see scores of 10+ to 0 and made it more defensive friendly, allowing for it to be very realistic and accurately portray the sport. I do think that they made it much harder to upgrade your team without spending real cash on it, which can be a bit frustrating at times but in previous years I’d find myself with a 90% win rate without really doing much on the field just because I was able to upgrade my team with such ease. I just feel like the game has made it more difficult in some aspects, but it brings a reassuring challenge to the game. That being said, I will say once again, I am very new to this so I’m not sure how the aspect of gems and coaches will play out further down the line, but for the first few stages I have seen many great things from a really simple mobile game, that I really appreciate. 👍

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    Hello, I’ve been playing this game for a year now. This game can be something but I’m having this same situation happen every time. When it comes to online matches against players, there’s times when I’m down by 1 or tied in the game and as I’m moving forward to attack and having really good passes. All of a sudden, my player stops and doesn’t move. Keep in mind I have really good internet services but yet the game is claiming I have “poor” connection. This always happens when it’s the most important part of the game. I can understand if I glitch/lose connection throughout the whole game but this ONLY happens when I need to score or need to defend my lead. Secondly, the moving pad glitches whenever it comes to passing and shooting. Let’s say you’re attacking towards the right side of the opponents field. You’re making great passes, you’re getting closer and closer to make a great set up to score. As soon you point your moving pad towards where you need to pass/shoot, all of a sudden the moving pad switches to the left and you pass/kick the ball to the other side of the field... like I said this ONLY happens when the most important moments in the game. Now I could be tripping but this has happened way too many times to the point I think the games acts unfair on purpose or like it’s scripted. I wish if I knew some people were having problems like me.

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    It’s more than one thing now

    You see great game 👍 but one thing is that we need to earn more coins a match and the transfer prices should lower because it’s so high I can only sign one two or magically three but that’s it not everyone allowed to buy coins yknow and you Need to add some kind of ability to curve the ball when you shoot maybe a button because it’s something soccer games should have and need NSS had it we need it because it’ll help maybe we hold that button and it would work the same way but it makes the shot go swoosh culer curve woooo something like that but don’t do the defects you know what I mean right so do this please and also after getting promoted and stuff you should overall boost if you win league 1 if you win bronze cup half the bar will go up if you win challenge cup that’s 1 and all star match is half the bar which is three only if you win all trophies 🏆 aight This new DLS21 is a step down why did the graphics get worse why did transfers get more restricted why does everything cost so much but income is so little it makes no sense so I can only give it3 stars but I swear dream league classic is way better than this and I still don’t understand why I can’t play FTS20 on my iPhone fox this all please At this point no changes yet all I can say is the game is super bad trash

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    I love it!

    I love DLS and have been playing it for a couple years now and this is one of my favorite editions. There are some things that I would love to come in the next version of DLS. 1st of all I would love to bring legends back into the game. Idk how you guys would do it but that would be incredible. 2nd I would also like to have the global challenge cup ties be over 2 legs. I know that you guys are having the global challenge cup like the UCL so you should implement having the ties after the group stage be 2 legs. The final doesn’t have to be 2 legs but I feel that this would make the global challenge cup feel more like the UCL. Edit: I would also like to bring back the create a player ability? Mode? Idk how you would call it. But anyway I remember around the first couple editions of DLS when you created your team you could create a player and make him your captain. That was a great feature that I would love to see make a return. If you could make where you could have the created player and still be able to pick a captain. The created player doesn’t have to be good. He can be a 65-70 ovr and then we will be able to upgrade him all the way to 99 ovr. This would be a great feature to bring back. Maybe in the next dls game.

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    Just want to say like when you defend a player the player that defended can’t get the ball because they move to slow and one thing that would make the game look cool would be if we could customize the soccer players cleats and the soccer goals nets in different colors or choose our soccer goals. And when we score I wish that it would look a little realistic like when the ball hits the bottom of the goal which is the sides and the middle in the bottom of the goal that it could bounce up when it hits the bottom bar of the goal ONE thing that would help you guys make the goals more realistic when you score look at premier league all soccer goals scored 2020 and I want you guys to look very carefully how the ball looks like when it hits the net of the soccer goal and I want you guys to see the effect that the goals get and bet get when they get scored on you will see a lot of things like the little bar in the bottom lift up and the bar in the bottom makes the ball bounce up just look at it and if you guys fix it you guys will have a better game than fifa mobile and pea 2021 mobile

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    Any first time players need to read this!

    The game is a complete flop compared to the previous 3 years. I have been a player since the game came out several years ago and I’ve always loved it... until now. The overall in game experience is fine, it stayed the same hence the 2 stars. My problems lie with everything else. 1) Where is used to be free to change your team kit now it cost jems and the only way to get jems is by paying real money. And that’s not all, practically everything you would want in the game costs jems. 2) Where you used to be able to pick from around 40 different players to transfer, now you can only pick from 9. 3) The stadiums look like they haven’t been repaired since 1922. The walls are dirty brick and the roof looks like there was a dust storm and they never got around to cleaning it up. This was really disappointing to me because I used to look up to this game with such high regard. I really hope any first time users read this. By all means download it and see how YOU like it. Not everyone will feel this way. I just want to tell you what can while also going on a little rant. I hope you have a great day! -Jack

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    Opposite Difficulties

    This game is really fun to play most of the time, but the purchase system is a bit overbearing. It can be tiring to play in the same division over and over again because even though you routinely win the division, you don’t have enough money to upgrade your stadium to the proper requirements. However, the most problematic part of this game is the difficulty: it’s the opposite of what should happen. For example, as a starter team, I beat Barca multiple times in championships/tournaments/etc, which doesn’t make any sense. Conversely, by the time I worked my way up to have a better team than Barca, I consistently lost to trash backwater starter teams where the striker is the local milkman, while still consistently beating teams that are as good or better than me. It is ridiculously frustrating to spend time and energy grinding out a great team, only to be have my legendary players be made completely useless in the face of what should be an overwhelmingly inferior team. I would understand if the teams that I lost to were better than me, or if I lost to a bad team every once in a blue moon, but this is such a common occurrence that I now dread having to play any team that’s not better than my own. Everything else is great though.

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    Transfer options

    The fact that you cant get coins for selling players is both unrealistic and inconvenient. Instead of giving us coaches, to upgrade our players, we should have the option to receive the coins the player is worth or the coach worth the player Also another little inconvenience about the transfer options is the inability to search for players for free and at least see how much they would cost, once we reach the team rating to “unlock” the ability to buy the player One last thing the way the diamonds are used for the kits, team logo, coach appearance etc. are ,in my opinion, “dumb” so to speak and could have at least been lowered for the little things such as the first few things i listed they could be used for but for the improvements on the medical, accommodation, training, & commercial are understandable but a little TOO expensive since the amount of diamonds we get at the end of each season is barely enough, if not, not enough to make any improvements on those options Other than those that really come into mind, the game is great and love the improvements on the game! (Coming from a user since LONG ago)

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    While the in game play is smoother not much else improved, actually a lot of it got worse. You now have to use gems to get a scout to find players then use coins to sign them if they’re even worth signing. Used to be able to just look for a specific player or position and sign them if you could afford them. You also used to be able to pay to train a specific player up to a max of 20 points higher than their original rating. Now you have to use gems to use a coach to train pa layers, the catch? You don’t choose which players. Everytime I do more than 1 player, it always selects one of my lowest rated bench players. Not my starters who I actually need to improve. You used to be able to choose for 12+ different formations, now you start with 3 and can unlock more as you upgrade training facilities...using gems. It makes no sense that you should pay to choose a formation. I still like the game, just hate that you have so little control over your team without dropping actual cash or spending 2 seasons in every division because you need to upgrade something to move up. Take it back to the old format that allowed for more freedom and control of your team from the start.

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    Not impressed at all

    I’m giving and rating this game a 2 because some things have improved but many things got worse than the dls19. It’s better if you update the dls19 into DLS20 so we can all keep our players, amount of money and our progress. The good things is that now the gameplay is way smoother than the dls19 gameplay. I love that you get to choose which manager you want, his name, clothe and appearance. I like the agent but it’s not a big thing because to buy it you have to pay with gems. Now into the bad things. There are many things you have to improve. The players have very low rating, like for example Firmino, he has a 82? He should be like a 86 or something. I don’t like the gems, it’s better if you just leave the coins. The transfer window or market it changed and I know you guys wanna make it more realistic and all but it’s better if you just leave it like dls19. The way you need to take free kicks and penalties is not the best way, I personally like the one in dls19. I also just want the stadium, no hospital/clinic. The training ground shouldn’t have any fans or spectators, that’s not training. The way that the players pass the ball is too dramatic. I hope you improve this and just pls delete this game and just update the dls19 to the dls20. Thank You

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    I like it there’s not really in my opinion a lot to dislike I’m. New to the game and I think it’s fun the only thing that I would say really aggravates me is that it already cost so much to get one decent player and then when you need to upgrade your coach and agent and it’s just so much. Like I said I am new to this game. So I don’t have to much to say about the recent games I will say I’ve seen great reviews on the 2016 and 2019 games but I’m gonna say this in the nicest way possible the ratings on this game upgrade is a total disaster. I disagree though cause I do play soccer it’s my fav sport ever and I don’t need a super nice game to play it on I just wanted to see something similar to the actual reality game. I just wanted to play a sport during this whole corona thingy and It’s a fine game I’m sorry to say that it isn’t close to my favorite game but it is game I consider playing. If you want to find out more about this game I suggest you read the peoples opinions. cause honesty my mom stuck her eyebrow up at the reviews. Thx for reading!

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    Game play nice, too many purchase restriction!

    Overall, the game play is smooth and good Enjoy the smoothness of it. But talking of upgrading my team to have better playing experience, it takes real money to buy gems and coins. The idea to use scouts and agents are new, I am not saying it’s a good idea. This is the part that I don’t like. Because I spent my actual money to buy this platform currency. Don’t I have the choice to improve whoever I want to improve in my own team? But the coach will choose some random bench player to improve . Wasted the money. Plus the scout to hire for scouting. Scouted duplicate players that I don’t need and wasted that money as well. The idea of boosting form is cool. But only for a few games and not lasting. And the game itself to set for ads bonus was too little comparing to previous versions. So I will think ppl who really has a lot of money to play a nice team. Might as well spent roughly few hundred Dollars for it, if they felt worth it, good for them. After spending $28 I think this a big black hole with no end. Congrats to the developer. But after my gems and coins used up. I will stop upgrade or might as well quit playing this game. Did not lure a conscientious game player like me. Good job for what you have done though.

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    Please fix this

    I love this game its so fun and addicting, just that, this game is too buggy, everytime I play a match either its exhibition or career game, Gary (the commentator) glitches, I’ll give you examples, “gets a header i-in” or “on th-the volley-volley” yes it repeats twice sometimes, and it gets worse when this EmergenC ad pops up in half time, when Gary says “so, we’re back again, for another 45 minutes to enjoy” it glitches and says “so, we’re bac-ck-k ag-gain-again for an-nother 45 minutes to enjoy-enjoy” and it starts to get annoying other ads popped up on half time but nothing happens like the EmergenC ad, and appart from Gary glitching, my players also glitch, they freeze everytime Gary freezes, and I rage each time it does that, I almost broke my foot because I was raging so much that I dropped a statue I had for decoration by accident and landed like 2-3 inches away from my foot, the statue didn’t break, it cracked the floor, it was so close to ruining my future soccer career, so please First Touch I beg you to please fix this as soon as possible, maybe others are experiencing the same, once again please fix this bug, I want to have a smooth and satisfying football match from DLS21, at least once, please fix it

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    I prefer the Regular

    I am gonna be honest. I miss the original. I feel the original was the best ever. There is one simple reason behind that: You can lose. On every dream league that has came out since the original, I win every game. Of course, you can no longer get the original. The second best version EVER is the regular DREAM LEAGUE. This is the one with DLS in a yellow triangle on the bottom right hand corner. On the front there is a player with a white jersey on and his arms out wide ( I think Ronaldo)This one is my second favorite. The graphics and gameplay are great on that one. And the players start out slow and getter better and better. Few problems with that one. I feel like the cpu team wants you to win. They literally walk and jog while you run past them. And they will get a 1v1 with the keeper an just miss right in front of the goal. I think the company should copy that dream league, and just make it harder to win, and that game will be perfect. I haven’t played much of the DREAM LEAGUE 2021, but I played it some and it is similar to 2020 and 2019. They feel and look worse than the DREAM LEAGUE game with no year. Again, I love their games. But I think it would be best to just make DREAM LEAGUE harder and update teams etc every year.

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