Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Reviews

Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-02

Welcome to the updated Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY App. With the Shop, Play,
Win!® MONOPOLY app, participants may use the app to (1) register for the
MONOPOLY online game; (2) enter and track their MONOPOLY online codes; (3) scan
game ticket codes they receive; and (4) find Rules & Odds C...

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Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Reviews

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    It’s ok

    Last year I downloaded this app and there were a few things that were irritating about it. First thing was I had to log in every single time I opened the app, which was fine till one day I tried to log in and it said my account didn’t exist. So I thought well maybe I’m being stupid and typing it in right- tried few more times- searched for my name and stuff.... didn’t find me. I created the same exact profile, same number, everything. Lost all of my tokens (62 tokens! I was saving...) and obviously I threw away those papers. So I stopped playing game... heck I stopped going Safeway cause I didn’t even deal with it (yes I was being a baby about it.) So this year seems to be good, I don’t have to log in every time and nothing weird seems to be wrong. I thought I would write a somewhat good review cause I noticed there was a lot of bad ones.

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    Worth the time

    Just started ShopPlayWin with 4 tickets and won a package of organic coffee which would normally cost me $10-$12 (depending on the brand) in a grocery store. Plus I won a free token but I had to go online to find out how to use the token because I could not find the information on the big game board. Unfortunately I had already tossed the scannable barcodes on the ticket apparently necessary for the tokens since I was using the board and had not yet downloaded a scan barcode app. I figure the whole process is a numbers game and the game is entertaining once you start. Besides, who does not like winning a free prize? I am looking forward to seeing what else I might win. I say keep a positive attitude and go for it. If it becomes annoying or too tedious you can alway stop.

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    Worked fine until this week!

    Yes, the app is a little less-than-desireable in terms of user experience, but I’ve never had a problem with it until recently. I’ve been logged in continuously for weeks now and have been keeping track of my markers and tokens. Everything was fine until this week - all of a sudden I can’t get the app past the “choose your store” screen. I press “log in” and nothing happens. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times and have no idea what’s going on. If they did a recent update (again - I literally was using this app with 0 problems as of last week), then its due to a new bug/glitch associated to that update. I will keep trying to get it to work... but otherwise, at this very moment, it’s a pain in the in terms of convenience.

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    Awesome, easy, more fun!!!

    I LOVE the ease of this; just scan and track! Plus, you can collect tokens and decide how to spend them! And it only takes a few seconds to scan-major time savings-so even busy mom’s can play with little effort. ACCOUNT SET UP ISSUES? I see lots of folks getting stuck at the “local store” part of set up. I remember getting stuck there too, but it turned out I didn’t do something correctly (didn’t scroll all the way down or didn’t enter all info or...?). Once I corrected my own error, it was SUPER EASY from ther!!!! I am so excited because last year I didn’t load the app and tracking things was so time consuming.

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    Free... but you get what you pay for!

    The app is poorly designed. It is cool that the app will track your pieces. The problem is that it takes forever to scan them. After every scan, you have to hit a button to close the pop up. Then, hit the “scan” button again. The app should stay in scanning mode. The end of the game is around the corner. The app is constantly freezing between scans. Not displaying a list of what you scanned. I’ve closed it numerous times, to help refresh it. That doesn’t help. I get logged out and am prompted to sign in again. I do all of it and there is an error message that says the system can not handle the request. I force close it. Try again... and I am signed in and ready to scan. Well... ready to try. It FREEZES again and again. I think logging manually will be quicker.

  • By

    App doesn’t work

    Been trying to login for days. Does not let me. Reset password does not work after several tries over last two weeks. Support will not respond to my requests for help. Total garbage. Not worth “free” should pay you to tolerate this trash. Probably fails on purpose so dumb people just keep adding accounts and you get more and more spam email after they sell your info. Apps is not good. As soon as you start typing your email it tells you it’s wrong AFTER ONE LETTER. Does not autofill email address. Can you not afford decent programmers or do you make us suffer on purpose? Also, this game is a sham. Spent $50k at Safeway playing this game over the last few years and won exactly $5. If you want my email to sell all over the internet just give me the $5 up front and spare me this garbage app and fake game

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    Hopefully this year it’s better

    Last year I downloaded this and my son and I scanned all the ones we collected and also my family collected for us. Sometime around the end of the game I decided to look at the tickets after I scanned it cos it showed doubles for a couple and I knew I hadn’t had that one yet at all..turns out it wasn’t even showing up as the same numbers/letters as the little papers had on them!!!! I had no idea how many times this happened but, I gave up and rechecked the ones I saved because I had it and on the app but, there were some that the app said I had and I didn’t!! Really hoping this time it does it right and I will be double checking right away.

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    Can’t even login to store which is required to play!

    I was delighted to find out there was an app so I could scan my tickets in instead of sitting at the computer entering the numbers. But unfortunately they have tied the playing of the game to having a just4U account (Albertsons) or the equivalent, and though I have an existing account, I tried logging in over and over and nothing worked. I tried resetting my password, no luck, I tried creating a new account with a backup email address and that didn’t even work. You would think they would take the time to test these apps before they dump them on an unsuspecting public. Shame on you, Safeway and Albertsons. You should be treating those of us who religiously spend money in your stores a LOT BETTER!

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    Less than one star, really!

    If I could leave less than one star I would! A colossal waste of time. The game lasts for months because the app doesn’t work, or works so sporadically that you can only enter a few codes or track markers at a time before it stops working. All sorts of errors and spinning icons. As you scan the game codes and earn tokens it’s pretty exciting to watch your tokens add up. You can play the tokens to enter sweepstakes. But there will be error after error after spinning icon and “unable to process your request at this time.” Go ahead and turn your phone off and on, update your software and update the app itself. Makes NO difference. I love the idea of it but if it doesn’t work then fix it or just stop trying!

  • By


    Downloaded the app. I’ve had to login multiple times because app keeps kicking me out. I’ve also had to type in my codes because the scanner would give an error message stating that the server was not reading it. After either entering or scanning the codes - the app took so long to even read it. I would then close the app and go in again, login again just for it to tell me it was not a winning number. Also, when redeeming points, the server again would say the reward was not available yet, there was time left on the reward. The app seems like a gimmick to me. I would think a company as big as this would be able to afford a good app to make it seem to work in real time. Too bad.

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    How much time do you really want to waste?

    You could spend 30 minutes attempting to log in, easy! You could indefinitely sit at the kitchen table and scan each game marker only to have the app have 0 recollection of you next time you log in. You could repeat this process over and over again. And the process of scanning a single game marker is very involved and awkward, menu, scan, press back, menu, scan repeat. And the app will then forget you and you can do it over again. If you can log in. Not that it matters because you need the actual physical piece and game board to win. Lastly, 5 wasted minutes to write a review given this app 1 star. Don’t be like me and waste your time. Screw you monopoly app.

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    Forced to register

    It's sort of a minor punishment to have piles of these tickets to scan, knowing there's virtually no chance of winning anything except two hundred free Shutterfly photo books. But that's not a complaint about the app. The app is (or was) fine for its purpose. My real issue with it was that it won't keep scanning. The developers know that people are going to want to scan ten or twenty tickets in a row, so why make the users tap two or three times to scan each and every ticket? Just add a continuous scan feature. But the real annoyance now is that the new "improved" version requires that I register an account just to scan these silly tickets. That's one step too far, Safeway.

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    About Time

    I’ve read all reviews regarding the app, and I was very hesitant to download it. BUT I thought the app had to be better than playing the old fashion way. And sure enough, way~ better. Just remember to keep all playing cards after you scan it. Some of the issues mentioned on the reviews are no longer valid, so kudos to the app designers for listening to the reviews and taking action. Overall a pretty simple, straight forward app that makes playing monopoly efficient and fun

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    Can't even play

    I literally just downloaded this a couple minutes ago. When I open the app, I'm met with this pop up: "UPDATE REQUIRED. A new version of this app is available." So I check, and there's no updates and I cannot get passed that pop up. I try contacting support, and I put in my email and am given this prompt:We have reviewed the database, and this email is not in the system. Before you can enter your online game codes, you need to register for the game as a new player. Pleaseregister and begin playing. Thank you." I am completely unable to contact support unless I've played the game and made an account, which I'm also unable to do. Bad review it is then 😞

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    CRAP II: Log on fail and now server jammed

    So when I first tried to logon, I used my existing email and password. It said my password was incorrect. So I requested that it send me a new password. And I entered my existing email. Then it said my there was no account associated with this email (not true!) So I tried to set up a new account with a different email. And then it said, it could not set up my account; please see the counter service person at the store. (Like that 16-year old is gonna know what to do, or even give a ship!) Finally somehow got it to work with a third email. Fast forward.... Now it’s within three days of the contest ending. And the servers are so jammed with people entering tickets, that you can’t scan a ticket or a game piece, or even submit a token to spend for other prizes, like the $250,000 for the Escalade. So it’s a $250 million giveaway, and the App team team really had no idea that millions of people would be entering tickets in the last two or three days? Amateur and sophomoric, and...CRAP!

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Is Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Safe?

No. Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,113 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Is 13.3/100.

Is Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Legit?

No. Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,113 Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY Is 13.3/100.

Is Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY not working?

Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Mike
Mar 10 2021

No login
No working functions
Tried on second iPhone same results.
Is it a server issue?

By Rick Dodd
Mar 06 2021

Not fun anymore! I don't want to win 1.00 food items by choosing 3 out of 9 blocks, boring!
I would instead like to win money or tokens!
This year its only on a unimportant waste of my time.

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