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DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is a fan-first, premium digital comic subscription service
featuring the largest collection of DC comics anywhere! Fans can dive in to
over 25,000 comic books and graphic novels from DC, Vertigo, DC Black Label and
Milestone Media with our newly enhanced digital com...

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    Download Videos but still Needs Service

    So I just downloaded this app yesterday and I was so excited to see all the content that was available. So I downloaded a lot of episodes and movies. I went to work the next day, which Is a manufacturing company. So I have no service. But I didn’t think anything of it because I download everything. I went on my break, open the app and it doesn’t work because it needs cellular data. So what’s the point of downloading if I need cellular data to watch. The WHOLE point of downloading is so you can watch without using data. This is completely pointless and makes no sense. I have Netflix and I download movies and shows all the time. So when I watch it, it works great, because I downloaded it! I don’t understand why this app can’t do this especially when you pay for it. So eventually I turn my cellular data on and got a little service, but the playback was blurry. Even from the ones I downloaded under Wi-Fi. This is my first time using this app and I had such a bad experience. I was so excited to use it and all of his features but it’s sad that I can’t get the full experience because it requires data. I think this is a simple fix that should be addressed. I should be able to open my app and once it sees that I have no cellular data, then it should automatically go to my downloaded library. This is exactly what Netflix and other apps do and it’s very simple. Please fix this

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    You need to fix your app

    If your gonna make an app make sure you do it right I’m not trying to be picky but unfortunately your app has a lot of problems like my downloading won’t work and I thought it was just my phone but I’ve deleted the app and then downloaded it again but the app was still not working also you guy didn’t put your full sires of Shows on the app you Guys made them why can’t you put the rest on the app and the real reason I’m mad is that I don’t get the full dc experience and I have to pay for it and it’s all because y’all want to make sum money but I don’t blame you we all wanna make money but if your gonna make us pay for something then you better make it good but this app is not good and the tv show it would let me download it wouldn’t work offline so you wanna makes an app I suggest that you learn how to make one before you do an I’m not saying it’s simple to make one but all of the problems would only be acceptable if I didn’t have to waste my hard earned money on this app that doesn’t even work so to the app developers you need to fix the app you already lost my money you don’t wanna loses more so fix the app and make it worth my money and time and I’ll consider on subscribing again for this app once you add the rest of your season and movies and episodes on to your app and fix all the bugs in it to I hope you take my advice because this app is a complete mess

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    Good package, but they expect you to pay more for things you’d expect to have

    The app works pretty well, I’ve had it crash a couple times but not a huge deal. My problem is that there are shows here that don’t include the entire run time. For example, this app only has two seasons of the four Batman Animated series seasons. So, does that mean I’m expected to finish these two seasons here, and then go pay for the other seasons elsewhere? Sure, maybe you’ll make a couple more bucks that way, but you’ll lose my trust as a (for now) subscriber. No one wants to feel cheated. If you own the show, why wouldn’t you just put up the whole series so that people keep faith in your integrity? Or is that it, is there no integrity? What if the fifth season of Titans comes out, but then they suddenly decide not to put it on the app? Am I going to have to pay for the fifth season on Blu-Ray? I know this isn’t likely but my point is, if you have people paying for your service, you should give them 100% of the shows you have listed, especially if they’re twenty years old. Sure I’ll subscribe for now, but this poor business model will certainly have me cancel after some time. I wouldn’t mind the monthly charge if I felt like I was really being taken care of. I’m sure Disney+ wouldn’t do this, but hey I guess Warner Brothers will have to learn the hard way

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    Great service for comic book fans, but

    I love DC Universe! It has all the shows that interest me and stuff I grew up with as a kid. The amount of comics are amazing. Their is a lot for DC fans to enjoy. But the app still feels limited and I have ran into a bug. To help the developers of the app out, I will tell them what I have ran into. So, I was downloading episodes of Doom Patrol, Krypton, and Batman The Animated Series. Everything was going just fine. Until, my downloads for Krypton stop working. Now at this point I had already reached the max amount of downloads. Soon I had desired to delete my downloads of Krypton. After deleting my downloads of Krypton. I decided to download Batman The Animated Series episodes. But, I was founded with the same error screen. This was after I had freed up space. I soon kept trying to make things better myself and had uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I had no downloads now and I was still stuck with the same error screen. This is never a good thing. After all, downloads are apart of my subscription and this error/bug strips away of that core feature. DC if you are reading this, can you fix this problem. Also, can you make DC Universe on PS4 please. Thank you!

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    Great Content. Terrible App Mechanics. Terrible Customer Service.

    So last month I wasn’t able to pay off my subscription until a week after the due date. Apple charged me, the money went out of my account right into DC Universe’s and I still can’t play my shows. Every time I try to play a show, it will give me the options for the subscriptions. Knowing that I had already paid I pressed skip these options until I realized that the subscription options won’t go away. To try to entertain what was happening in front of me, I tapped on the 7.99 subscription plan (which I already had) and after I did, it told me I already have the subscription! So what gives? Why can’t I watch the content that I paid for? Why isn’t there a call line that can help loyal paying customers figure out what’s going on more directly? For months since using the app for streaming it’s shows, it’s always been a choppy app. Always slow, glitching, or lagging behind. It’s becoming quite frustrating to keep up with. I just need help so I could watch Titans, but with a lack of a call line, I might not get. Be weary when getting this app. There are definitely positives content wise, but the mechanics of this app makes you wanna throw your phone across the room sometimes lol.

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    Love the content! But the UI is frustrating.

    TL;DR the filter function needs to be overhauled, a favorites section needs to be added, the recently read section needs to be more robust and include storylines, and there needs to be more thoughtfulness behind how many hoops the user has to jump through to interact with the content I love everything about the quality of the content within the app, but I think there are some interface issues that are not given enough care or attention. The filter in the comics section, how it is interacted with, and the how we open comics in general is just flat out atrocious. I literally groan when it comes to searching for specific content in storylines or by eras because the filter options seem to reset every time I so much as look at anything else. No option exist for jumping back into specific storylines, so if I want to go back to reading a main series and all the tie-ins, not only can I not do that from the recently read section, but I have to go back and use the (again, atrocious) comic filter to jump back into what I was reading. An option should exist to favorite specific eras, storylines, heroes, etc. to allow readers to jump back into content.

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    Hit and miss

    As a lover of DC and comic books I was excited to see the treasure trove of comic books and movies as well as hard to find animations available through this app. Titans is an excellent show and it keeps getting better. HOWEVER, the only way you can enjoy this service is either on your PC or on your phone. This app isn’t on any gaming consoles or cable boxes. It does have Apple TV support, but you’d be very lucky if you can get any videos to work on it in its current state. The app will also randomly lock you out of content and ask you to choose a subscription plan even if you are signed in and subscribed which is very irritating. Pretty sure that bug has been around since day 1. Love the concept, but until I see this app on other platforms it’s not worth the subscription given the barebones hardware options and bugs that should’ve been handled long ago. Looking forward to improvements, but for now I can only justify 3 stars. UPDATE: Subscription bug has been around since the beginning and still hasn’t been fixed. Apple TV support still will stay locked in the buffering state. This is unacceptable seeing this app has been almost 4 months and is a paid service. Get it together. I’m dropping my rating.

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    A glimpse of great things to come!

    Ok guys, that is still a work in progress, still with its current minor glitches, this service is 100% worth it and just heaven for DC fans. I very much would like to see more comics, specifically, complete graphic novels. I don’t expect DC to give away new content, but I don’t see the point of, for example, releasing only the first issue of older classics like Red Son. This is a bit frustrating, especially since I own it, and it would be so more convenient than digging my sealed old issues. The streaming is near perfect, the Daily DC show is great, the animation selection is great and so are the DC catalog releases through the Nolan Trilogy. I’d love to see the Zack Snyder movies, uncut, and if they wanted to blow the subscriptions out of the water #releasethegoddamSnyderCut (tip of the hat to Frank Miller). As is, this is a great service out of the box, and don’t tell DC, but I’d pay twice the price for this geek’s DC love fest. Yes, I love the DC Universe Streaming Service. Can’t wait for the original content, especially Doom Patrol. If you love DC, don’t miss this great service.

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    Need complete/better library

    At this moment I have been a paid subscriber. Mostly at the moment just to watch Titans but unless things get fixed I’ll probably cancel it once season over. They do have some stuff more I can watch that I like but their library on shows and comics aren't complete at all, especially comics. Hate getting into something and find out they don’t have the rest of it to finish the story and you have to search the internet or pay another subscription somewhere else to get it all. And most times the other sites have a better library on DC stuff then the DC app has. You guys really need to update your library. I gave up on the comics on here when you only offer 1 or 2 comics of a series and your left going to another site to read the rest of the comics. Why should I pay for a subscription here when you just give us a taste of the the story most sites would give for free to entice us to subscribe. Please update your library fast. We pay for DC content so we should get DC content and not just a sample of your product. Like I’m paying for a beta version

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    Not Renewing

    Love it, but their lack of platform support makes it worthless to me. It’s too bad but my guess in an attempt to subvert piracy they don’t allow their content to be streamed online and in a foolish move they’ve chosen to only make apps for phones, tablets and a few TVs but unless you have the top of the line tv you’re forced to watch on a phone or tablet. Now maybe it’s age but I don’t like watching on my on a smaller screen. Make an app for Mac or allow online viewing and I’ll happily pay for your service cause I love the content but without a way to watch where I can see what I’m paying for it feels like a waste of money. Sure some people pirate because they don’t want to pay and want everything for free but sometimes it’s done for reasons that could be avoided if companies could see beyond their own fear that their profit won’t be as big as they want it to be.

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    Pretty good

    I’ve enjoyed this app for the most part, but there are some things holding it back from a 5-star rating. I was really excited when I first downloaded it because the idea of unlimited movies, TV shows, and comic books sounds amazing to anyone. However, I soon found out that it doesn’t have every DC TV show or movie. I’d assume that they’re either trying to get the rights back or they’ll shuffle out with certain shows and movies. They also don’t have nearly as many comics as I’d like, but it’s understandable or else DC would lose lots of money. My other issue is with the downloads. Sometimes my downloads straight up stop and I can’t get them started again. This is a problem because I then have to cancel the download, but it still counts towards the limited number of downloads, which is my next complaint. You’re only allowed a certain number of downloads on an episode of a TV show or movie for the year, and when the downloads don’t always work, it still counts towards that. Everything else was great but hopefully DC fixes the above problems or changes certain rules like the download limit.

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    Not ready for prime time

    Make no mistake — so far, the major reason to purchase a subscription to DC Universe is the quirky live-action Doom Patrol TV series, which shows enormous promise. However, this app isn’t quite ready to support the rest of the content on the service, which mainly consists of a curated comics library. The reader app frequently has trouble loading pages, resulting in an annoying error page with Batman’s Butler Alfred showing up way too frequently. It also has a major error of being unable to load the next comic in a series without having to navigate back through the menu structure. My major gripe with this service, though, is that for $8 per month, I expect more content. The Titans series is subpar and not worth it. So that leaves the comics — and there appears to be far fewer comics available to read here than on ComiXology Unlimited or Marvel’s unlimited subscription service. If you’re looking for every title or every comic in the titles they have available, look elsewhere. So far I’m thinking this isn’t worth the subscription fee yet. I’m hoping they’ll step up their game.

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    Great service, underwhelming app.

    Adding the comics to the subscription service was a fantastic idea, and the sheer amount of content makes it more than worth the price. The app, however, still has its bugs. The videos will often stutter. When you get to the end of an issue, it is very unreliable when it comes to the button that allows you to move on to the next, often just giving me a grey box where that feature usually is and I have to go back through the menu. Right now I am dealing with the app not even opening for me, just showing the loading screen for a second before kicking me out and closing. No amount of deleting and reuploading the app or turning my tablet on/off has helped. I’m on my free trial, and while the content is worth the price, I have a hard time investing money in a service that is so hard to use. I read comics on my iPad and switching to desktop would not be worth the price for me. I get that the service is still ironing out the kinks, and I respect that. But, at this point, I have a hard time spending my money.

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    Love the service but it needs some tuning

    I wasn’t really a huge comic reader until this service came out. Ever since I’ve been going through storylines by the boatload. The plethora of movies and tv shows is a lot of fun as well. My biggest complaints are that crossover comics don’t streamlined at all. Issues will end with “story continued in (insert issue here)” but that issue isn’t linked or any where close to where you are reading the current issue. This brings me to my second issue: finding individual comic issues is insanely difficult. You can search for a storyline and get completely unrelated comics but not the ones you are looking for. For example: I searched for Robin #130 as it was listed at the end of a different issue I was reading. Rather than getting a selection of Robin comics sorted by those sharing the specifications I searched I get “Catwoman #3” or “Teen Titans Year One”. It seems like the search engine prioritizes individual parts of a search over the entire search itself.

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    I was excited to get this app on all my device but I’ve soon released there are a lot of glaring issues one there’s is a lot of buffing issues and streaming problems on the mobile app and the Xbox version . Two customer support non existent they say that’s it’s your Issue and your connection with the app even though their app is the only one having streaming issues . Three the UI is not good it feel like it’s all over the place there’s no way to back track or if want to restart an episode it won’t sty from the beginning it start from where it wants to start . Four you own The rights to DC movies and TV shows but all I see is the older movies and shows and some new shows there’s no list of the new movies or CW shows and it’s disappointing the other half is why would you release your shows like web episodes on a streaming service. No one and I mean no does that for a streaming service. Just finish the project and release all the episodes at once not this wait till Friday your not a cable Chanel when I pay for a streaming service I expect all the episodes or a full season to be there .

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Yes. DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 57,662 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Is 28.5/100.


Yes. DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 57,662 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Is 28.5/100.


DC UNIVERSE INFINITE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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