NC Lottery Official Mobile App Reviews

NC Lottery Official Mobile App Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-28

The NC Lottery Official Mobile App makes playing the lottery even more fun with
the thrill of possibility at your fingertips! Features include: · Ticket
checker so you can scan your draw or scratch-off tickets to see if you have a
winner · Buy your favorite draw games and view drawing...

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NC Lottery Official Mobile App Reviews

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    Not Easy to Use

    This app is very difficult to use. 1) There needs to be a Touch ID sign on option. 2) Winning funds should be available to use to purchase new tickets vs into a hidden account that can only be withdrawn. 3) There should be one place where you can see all transactional data. 4) I have used the Chat function several times, mostly only to be timed out and have to sign back in and restart. 5) I have yet to find something that the Chat function can help with without getting told they will have someone email me to then tell me to call the 800 number 6) Each Chat session should not require the extensive verification process (Name, Address, DOB, Last 4 of SSN, DL #) since I have signed in and only asking where I can find $4 in winnings.

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    New version needs work

    I know it’s new so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and I’m sure they have things to fix and work out, but my user experience is far worse than the older app. I had to log back in twice during my session; it just logged me out for no reason. Two of my tickets wouldn’t properly scan despite multiple attempts and changing the lighting. And I left the app for less than two or three minutes at the most and when I came back my cart that I had been building was completely cleared and I had to start all over. I ended up abandoning my cart for now rather than start all over. I do think choosing numbers is easier now in the format where all the numbers are laid out on a grid.

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    Terrible App

    You’d think with all the money that the NC lottery generates that they’d come up with a decent app. All I wanted to do was to scan a few tickets to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I guess you’re required to sign up b/c of the age restrictions on the lottery and potential tax implications? I don’t know but it’s a pain. I just wanted to check some tickets. We don’t even play but once a year when we exchange tickets/scratch-offs as stocking stuffers. It doesn’t keep you signed in, there’s no Touch ID, and navigating the app is overly complicated. Simplify it. Remove games that aren’t playable/purchased through the app and just have them under a separate info section with rules, odds, and instructions. Allow folks to check numbers without logging in. Plus the app is called “NCEL”. I know I’m not the only one that finds that funny.

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    Stolen tickets

    I got two lottery tickets yesterday at 12 am for the draw tonight, I actually had to deposit money as the funds were not enough. My transaction was completed and I got the confirmation email. Today when trying to check my tickets I just realized that are gone. The application doesn’t show them. Go to the store and buy tickets you can have in hand with you. I really thought an application like this was safe to us but unfortunately is not. Really unfortunate your tickets are stolen or lost during the transaction, the worst part is a confirmation email was sent, how is that possible. Other thing is the confirmation email doesn’t include details about the game you are playing or the numbers you chose, very risky as there is no evidence of the games played or the numbers that were chosen. So sad.

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    Better but needs work

    This updated app is better than the previous app but it still needs work. Scan feature is much better. There’s a lot of stuff in this app. So much so it can be difficult to navigate through it. My two biggest gripes are having to login every single time. The multiplayer steps to login is annoying. Please change this. Secondly, I don’t like the $5 minimum purchase. If I just want to buy one cash five ticket for one draw, I can’t. The minimum purchase forces you to perhaps play more than you intended.

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    This app does not work for me.

    I have an Apple IPad and I have not been able to get on the site because it’s telling me that my location cannot be verified. I have talked with support and they are telling me that Apple does not support the app and could give me little information. I was told to turn location on in the app and the device. Also said I had to clear cookies in cashe. Nothing worked. Was told to try another device which I only have Apple phone and IPad and was not possible because I don’t have another device. Old app worked fine. This is a bad app that needs to be fixed ASAP. In the meantime I will delete it. Too bad! Previous version worked just fine! Oh by the way you cant buy just one ticket!

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    Questioning the number of games???

    With each update the NClottery application got a little more confusing. With the latest update the app is absolutely too confusing to even want to enter any of the lottery chances. I’ve talked to several others who have also deleted their accounts because of the latest changes and having to jump thru hoops just to enter. Someone needs to go back and adjust the application so that simple minded people could still scan their tickets and enter the games. I’ve scanned my scratch tickets and entered games for almost 4 years but this absolutely ridiculous and the lottery will never answer any question you may have. Someone needs to do a complete investigation into this

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    Stop breaking the app

    With every update things get moved to weird places to where it’s highly unintuitive and inconvenient to be able to check anything. I’ve went through not being able to scan tickets for about a year at one point. And now the problem is back. And if you try to scan the ticket multiple times while it won’t work, it will lock you out of being able to do manual entry as well. I still can’t deposit any money into my account and I contacted them a few times and they said I didn’t put my card info in correctly. It used to work. I’ve tried reinputting my info for that card 100+ times. My bank is not the one declining the transaction.

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    Needs serious improvement

    With All the money the lottery brings in, why can’t you get a top notch app developer? This app is a great tool IF it worked properly. It constantly crashes when having to log in more frequently. Either go back to what it was like prior to the recent update or upgrade to a better app. I really hate it the way it is now.

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    The app barely ever works.

    Just to check a ticket I need to sign in. Every time I try to sign in lately. It keep saying Lucky rewards not available unable to sign in or retry. I have to try to sing in 3-4 times before it lets me. Then it says you already submitted this ticket for rewards when I know I haven’t. With all the money being spent on lottery you and the information being sent just to have on online account, you would think the app would be great. It makes me question how Secure my information is that I sent to them.

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    The worst update

    When you update any app I know there will be bugs, but this whole app has went backwards. The old app was easier to buy tickets, reset quick pick numbers, and navigating. You have to take five steps just to get somewhere that should be one step. Don’t even get me started about 5.00 min. I don’t see myself using the app until all the issues are fixed and I think it was launched way to soon or something. I’m all the app is unusable and a complete waste of time as it is now.

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    Needs Refinement

    The new app does not work as well as the last one. It more than often takes many scans to get the ticket read. The app often doesn’t respond or gives a “ Scanning error see retailer” when checking the tickets. I have similar problems with Lucke Rewards in addition it says the tickets have already been entered. Several tries later the tickets are accepted. The old app was more responsive and more reliable. If this continues it will make for many unhappy lottery customers.

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    Great app!!!

    I love this app! It lets me scan my tickets from my phone and get the luck-e rewards points. Its fast and easy!! I have no regrets getting it. I entered my points into drawings and if you win you get notified by email! Its easy to use and makes things much easier!

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    Great and easy to use

    When I first downloaded this app, I was skeptical bc of the negative reviews. Now, I’m not so sure why it got all those bad reviews. This app has been nothing but easy to use and always helps me find the info I’m looking for.

  • Horrible app

    It’s rare that you have an app that makes you want to slam your phone down or scream at the screen. Once you are inside the app it’s not so bad. This app logs you out every time you close it. If you forget your password it is very cumbersome to get a new password set. This is hands down one of the worst apps for usability. If you are having a great day and think nothing could ruin this app and enjoy the pain. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

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Is NC Lottery Official Mobile App Safe?

No. NC Lottery Official Mobile App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 627 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for NC Lottery Official Mobile App Is 13.0/100.

Is NC Lottery Official Mobile App Legit?

No. NC Lottery Official Mobile App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 627 NC Lottery Official Mobile App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for NC Lottery Official Mobile App Is 13.0/100.

Is NC Lottery Official Mobile App not working?

NC Lottery Official Mobile App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Jacky
Oct 12 2021

Your website are hard to access. I tried to buy multiple times and when checking out and does not want to check out and it’s very slow😤 then all of the sudden, my order was gone! Then I can’t find my winning tickets!

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