Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Reviews

Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-08

Schedule, manage and autopost for your
Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin. Trusted & used by thousands of Instagram
influencers, brands, agencies. Managing Instagram account requires a lot of
efforts. Apphi lets you schedule and manage unlimited Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter and Lin...

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Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Reviews

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    Great App

    This app has helped me a lot with scheduling posts and stories. It really helped me get organized and gave me peace of mind I bought the most expensive package which I highly recommend getting if you need to post regularly. However I am wondering if a few things can be changed, is it possible to have the interactive options for stories (like polls, etc)? Also when I try to schedule a reoccurring story it won’t work (example: repeat every Sunday). Also when I need to go in an edit a post can it keep the tags without me having to reapply the tags after I’ve changed the picture? That would make this app a dream come true. I hope in their updates version some of these changes could be implemented! Thank you APPHI 😁

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    Good Idea, Bad Suport

    I got this app to help manage more instagram accounts than the app lets me use. I paid for it for 6 months, and it did work quite well, so by that token, it’s an effective app. My complaint is with the services. I found a workaround that I can do for the other accounts that doesn’t require me using the paid service from Apphi, so I wanted to cancel it. I repeatedly emailed asking for them to cancel, after unsuccessfully being able to cancel through the app. They refused, said I had to cancel through the app, even though it wasn’t working to do so. By the time I finally was able to use another device to cancel, I had paid for an additional 2 months of an app I was not using, which I believe is why they make it so hard to cancel. The customer service was not helpful, and was unable to answer anything but with the same two sentences they’d obviously been coached on. For this reason, even though the app was useful, and I might have considered using it again in future if I needed more multiple account access, for that reason I will not be using it again.

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    I love this app

    I tried this app today, and I LOVE that I get to post on Instagram from it without having followers and without following anyone.. I love the freedom this app affords me and I love the scheduling options as well! This is an empath’s dream! Thank you thank you to developers, I have been raving about this app on my Instagram page and I know most people would hide that they’re not always sitting there posting, but I am not afraid of saying what I think and of showing that I appreciate a product no matter where I am or who I speak to This app has been soooo inspiring partly because it is technically disconnected from Instagram and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner! Thank you for giving me my peace of mind back, I am GRATEFUL

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    At LAST!

    I have been using this app for a few days now managing more than one IG account and when they say you can schedule your posts in advance you literally plan, schedule and then forget about it, it does it FOR YOU! No opening the app and posting it manually like other apps I paid astronomical subscriptions for. You can post regular posts, videos, IGTV videos and stories posts. Only minor thing I would like to see improved is the ability to add GIFS to decorate IG stories. Other than that fantastic please keep it as is❤️⭐️⭐️

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    So far, so good..but credential safety?

    I’d like to give this a high 4 stars BUT I’m very concerned where my credentials are going. I just plugged in 2 of my IG accounts & I got notifications from InstaGram security that my account was signed into two different devices... did anyone catch that for theirs? I own an iPhone, & my acct got signed into a Samsung device & a oneplus a3010? Not even sure what that last one was... but if anyone else experienced that, or developers can tell me how safe it is or can recheck their security, that would be great for a peace of mind... other than that, I deleted 2 other apps bc this felt so much easier to work with. I enjoy the fluidity and organization of the app. Easy to use, but security issue ?

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    Unprofessional Customer Service & Useless Features

    I have used this app on my IOS device for a few months for free and after I felt I needed, I got my subscription for $15 monthly. In the first two months, app didn’t work twice and post my scheduled contents, so I had to post them manually. When I asked them why it did not work, they said because Instagram was down. For the last two months, I cannot share any video on the desktop. I asked them once again they said they are trying to solve the problem and I am still waiting. I recommended it to a friend and he said the same plan I have was cheaper. I checked pricing page and yeah it is true. They charge me $15 while they charge new users $13. I will never ever recommend and use this app again. I am just waiting for it to end.

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    Update error but still great app

    I love this app so much but they just had an epic fail with their update. I clicked the app to go schedule a post and it made me update the app. So, I did. Then when I re-opened the app, all of my potential future posts that were in the drag and drop section were gone. I had about 45 photos organized and ready for posting. All of that work and organization was for nothing because of a failed update. Other than that, the app is great. I love how easy it is and very functional. But come on! At least give a warning message or something before the update is forced on us so we know.

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    Auto Post to The Next Level

    I have been using them for almost a year now and I love them. It has saved me time with the post countless times. I spend a few minutes setting it up and I can be Social on social media while I’m sleeping. I love also that you can reschedule a previous past again. All this can also be done with your stories, as well. Their customer service is top notch they reply immediately and have answer and resolved all my issues and concerns.

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    By far the best app for IG posting/scheduling. I manage multiple IG accounts for local businesses in my area so I was specifically looking for an app that will allow me to manage 2+ accounts. Not only did I get that with Post Apphi but I love how much you can go into detail with posts (tag people & locations, use hashtags, add 1st comment, AND MORE!!!). On top of everything you have control over, it’s super easy to use. I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION PROBABLY THE BEST PART, ITS ALSO FREEEEEEEE. I’m a huge fan of this app. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

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    Best app. Hands down.

    The best in all the market.... it doesn’t exactly what it says it’ll do. Post your story, Instagram photo or whatever right when you set it up to. I love that it’s like I’m already on Instagram and it has the stickers features..: with polls and questions. I only wish they had an option to choose past stories from archives... then you’d have a customer for life

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    Great concept, some drawbacks.

    I LOVE and am OBSESSED with the concept of this app. It’s so smart and provides solutions to many things for me. No other app I’ve found does what this does. The only thing is that the technical details fall short and crashes or just doesn’t load and work very often. I would much rather pay a bit for this app for it to work well rather than have it crash all the time. Please fix this! I, as well as others I’m sure are willing to pay for this app to hav it work well.

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    No longer ‘free’

    There was never a limit for how many posts I could schedule for free. Now I’ve supposedly reached the limit for 10 free schedules a month. Given that this is a new update I should have been forewarned about this new feature, there should be a grace period or something stating that there will be a limit to how many free posts we can schedule a month BEFORE charging. $9/month is not a lot but this is an app—I prefer not to have to subscribe to an app that was originally free especially without warning. There were several issues with it in the first place and I don’t believe it’s worth the subscription. Thanks a lot. -__-

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    Not Perfect, But Okay.

    5 Stars (even though the editing tools are subpar), namely because this baby will auto-post for me and it’s free! Thank you for making my life just a little bit easier! You rock! Really! UPDATE: Not free. You get 10 auto-posts, then you have to subscribe. This brings my rating down to 3 stars because $10 or $30/mo with subpar editing tools isn't worth that recurring rate. How many app subscriptions can a person afford, anyway? Everyone seems to be jumping on the Subscription bandwagon. Too bad. I'm bummed. Back to my old app.

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    Game Changing

    I went from 0-73k (@absolutecuties)followers on one account and 0-43k (@absoluteteens) on another using this. It was very helpful with my success on Instagram. I would schedule all my post on the weekend and wouldn’t have to worry about posting on multiple accounts because it would do it for me. Literally made it so much easier to grow my accounts

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    The Best “Digital Marketing / Social Media Management” tool out!!! #handsdown

    I have been using this application for almost 4 yrs on and off. The only reason off is financial reasons due to building my business. But now, that i have the resources, i have combined Apphi with another software i use and Apphi has become the main engine to our powerful Marketing Network! Keep up the goodwork guys!!!!!

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Is Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Safe?

No. Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,375 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Is 18.9/100.

Is Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Legit?

No. Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,375 Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan Is 18.9/100.

Is Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan not working?

Apphi: Schedule, Post, Plan works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 20 Comments

By Darren
Dec 07 2020

Joke of a company.

Bought it in lockdown for the year and didn’t work for 3 months.

I try contacting them everyday and go no reply for 3 extra months.

In this time The app was still not working!

I hope they get done for stealing peoples money.

£55 refund out of £300. What a joke.

And still won’t reply to my messages

By Melanie Eggleston
Aug 25 2020

I purchased the yearly service a few months ago and now it's not working And hasn't been working since earlier this month. I want my money back but no one is responding.

By Melanie Eggleston
Aug 25 2020

I purchased the yearly service a few months ago and now it's not working And hasn't been working since earlier this month. I want my money back but no one is responding.

By Rachelle
Aug 21 2020

Wow! I went on the aaphi app & it said there was maintenance & I had to verify my account. I clicked on verify, then it routed me to my twitter acct. & it told me to put in my password for Twitter! I hope they don't have access to my twitter now! I loved using this app & paid $300 for a year and I'm not sure how I paid for it right off hand! I know we have been scammed obviously, I just want to make sure that they can't auto-renew it next year & get charged for it again. Damn criminals! Just leaves me frustrated having to research all of this just to be on the safe side. Makes me leery of buying apps now! I've never had this issue until now.

By Kay Jones
Aug 21 2020

These people are fraud. I have contacted PayPal for refund.

By Jenny
Aug 17 2020

Apphi has been not working for a few weeks now and there is no notice as of why! I am a premium customer that relies on Apphi for the automation side of social media scheduling and now it is NOT WORKING AT ALL. So disappointed in the customer service of this app and the lack of communication with their customers. I have cancelled my plan, but I want a credit for the months to come since I will no longer be using the app. If not, I will also file a claim with my bank! This is unacceptable!

By Apt Fitness
Aug 17 2020

Mine worked well except for some quirks. It stopped working end of July 2020. After numerous attempts of contacting Apphi support, I had to report the annual purchase as fraud to my bank, because Apphi fraudulently purported to offer services for which they took money and do not provide.

By Ross
Aug 17 2020

App not working from a month ago. When try to log in it said under maintenance and so on. Not help from customer service. It seems a scam by now! It happened August 2020

By Victoria
Aug 16 2020

Based on what I read here, my problem is similar to many. I have purchased an annual subscription and after their maintenance email, everything disappeared. I am hoping to resolve this issue through my bank, and to report it to cybercrime. Not sure if we get any money back, but at least I would of done my part from them continue to do rip people off.

By Vanessa
Aug 13 2020

After their “maintenance” began, it appears any FB posts that had been posted using the app are gone completely, and now the app is completely unavailable in the App Store. Of course it happens just after payments were processed, too.

By Katya
Aug 13 2020

Hi, I have the same problem - app not working for 6 days now and no response from their support team! Unacceptable situation - I’m considering unsubscribing if nothing changes in the next couple of days.

By Elizaveta
Aug 12 2020

I am extremely disappointed with Apphi last 5 days, because everything is UNDER MAINTENANCE and nothing works. I paid for year subscription as many people here, and of course NOBODY IS ANSWERING from apphi customer service and help center. I can't find even this app in Google market anymore. Everything is gone, like never was before.

I don't know what to recommend to use instead and I don't know how to help myself get the refund from Apphi. Let's cooperate together, guys. I have no other words.

By Nelly
Aug 12 2020

Guys I'm so upset. I've been autoposting from this app for like 4 months and it was working just fine until later this month when I realised that ALL my posts from fb (that have been posted via Appi) has been gone!!!! And that's not the sad part - cause I'm loosing money rn i went to another app for autopost and i cannot even login. Tried buffer, later etc. Has anyone had the same struggle? Tottaly want fully refund for my 300$!!

By Amie
Aug 10 2020

I was having issue with my apphi app, I deleted it t to redownload only to be told that it’s not available in my country. Please can someone help?

By Vanessa
Aug 10 2020

I was so happy with this app until they decided to do maintenance on it which I do no understand why if it was working just fine. I paid $300 for this app. I am so upset they said they will email be back within 24 hrs and no one has! Do NOT get this app!!!

By Julie
Aug 09 2020

The desktop site has been under "maintenance" for a few days. Today the app stopped working. No one responds from customer service. Why are am paying for this?

By Cobby
Aug 08 2020

This app is great but customer service is not not. I finally paid and 4 days later the app stop working. I’ve sent them emails and messages in the app, not even a single reply. Does anyone know an alternative? Am not sure I will be renewing

By Colton
Aug 07 2020

Same. I just paid for an entire year and 3 days later no app! I wish they would at least acknowledge what’s happening.

By Milene
Aug 07 2020

Apphi suddenly stopped working due to their maintenance, and they sent no notice informing about this maintenance. I love the app, but I'm very disappointed. I have over 30 posts there ready, and now I'm also worried that they will be lost.

By Andrea
Aug 07 2020

Apphi has stopped working. I have paid for the premium service and it has been done for almost a week! Can anyone help!?

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