MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner Reviews

MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-29

MealPrepPro is an easy to use meal plan customized to your calories, macros &
goals. Save time & money with delicious meal prep. Take the guess work out of
healthy eating. Features: • Reach Your Fitness Goals: Meal plans are adapted
to your calories and macros. No more counting calories...

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MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner Reviews

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    Life changing

    So this is my first time ever writing a review but this app deserves it. I have struggled with anorexia in the past and had to stop using MyFitnessPal because of it. But I still wanted a way to track my macros and eat healthy foods without it controlling my life. This app does it. I love how you can swap meals out (over time you really start to find your favorite recipes) and you can trust that each meal is balanced and hits all your macros. The shopping list makes things super easy and most of the recipes I’ve had turned out amazing with very little prep work. There are a couple minors things that need to be fixed. I have had some recipes that leave out one ingredient from the list and you don’t notice it until you’re in cooking mode and it tells you to add an ingredient that wasn’t listed! There are a couple other minor bugs that pop up here and there but honestly the pros outweigh the cons and this app still deserves 5 stars. I have one suggestion though, Kevin Curry if you are reading this, could you add in a search bar or a way to favorite certain recipes? If you are debating about this app, do it!

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    Great food, but Portions are way too big!

    I will first preface with the fact that I don’t use this app regularly, but there are some weeks I use this app to prep the entire week for. I love the shopping list and being able to mark off ingredients you have bought and prepared. The biggest problem I face with this app is the portions. Based on my weight and height the app suggests I eat up to 1800 calories which isn’t unreasonable although a little high based on my low exercise. With this I would expect the portions to be relatively small but for even the 3 day meals I make enough that at a glance I feel like I could eat for a whole week. I notice this even as I use the grocery shop list because I buy much more food than I would on my own. I would rate at five stars because the app is very nice and easy to use and the recipes are much better than I would make on my own, but as it is the portions upset the balance of everything else in the app. If I physically can’t finish all the food I prep for the given days I am supposed to eat, then I have to wait longer before I prep my next batch of food. I also spend longer eating the same food! Which I don’t mind, but I know others definitely would. I feel as though even my settings are for weight loss, I will be gaining weight at the rate this app expects me to eat!

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    Implement more instructional videos please!

    This app would be great if it had more instructional videos showing the process of the cooking. It’s kinda hard for me to follow the written steps, it gets confusing at some points and the wording trips me up. If the app is going to have a “cooking mode” and the cooking mode barely has any videos to it, I feel like it should at least be more thorough with the steps and instructions. I feel it would be easier if I’m able to follow the video as I go by, most of the recipes recommended to me for my diet don’t even have a instructional video for me to follow and it’s pretty frustrating. Its no use in me searching the name of the recipe online to see if I can get any videos on it because they use different ingredients than what the app is telling you to use. I have one question though, for the recipes that are “meal prep.” In the ingredients section do they show the ingredients to make enough for one serving? So if you’re meal prepping the “5-ingredient Salmon Teriyaki” and it says meal prep for 4 days this week, the 2.3 Ib of salmon fillet would only reflect for one serving for that one day? So you’d have to make it again 3 times for the rest of the days and at the start of each time you making it you use the same 2.3 Ib of salmon right?

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    Love it!!

    Coming from a big family I always struggled on how to portion and shop for one, this app is a life saver. It does all the hard work for me and the recipes are delicious! Things I never would've discovered or cooked for myself. I don't own a scale, and track my weight loss by measurements, and I've found that I've lost an inch in my waist and 3" in my hip (1 WEEK!!! ) AMAZING! my partner has a different with schedule than me, so I absolutely love the feature that allows you to select which meals your partner will be eating. I've only had a few mishaps with the recipes (zucchini cakes, I'm looking at you. It wasn't portioned right between the dry ingredients and the liquids). However, still delicious. I've recommendation I would give to the developers is to adjust the shopping list to show how the ingredients are used (such as chopped almonds instead of just almonds, or specifying a variety of colors of bell peppers, as suggested in the recipe, instead of just "bell pepper"). Other than that, I can't give this app enough stars or thanks!

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    Great app and great results.

    I started my healthy nutrition journey by giving up soda when I was a teen. By the time I was in college I gave up sweets during the week and started to realize that what one consumes directly affects their life. In 2007, I discovered Sear’s zone and CrossFit. That worked for a while, but counting blocks became difficult. Then paleo soon followed and that just became too restricted. Recently, after reading Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset Book I was left with a lot of hope, but realized it would be difficult to take the information and apply to something like forming a shopping list and menu for the week. I’m 36, 6’1” and was 212 pounds. This app has helped me and my wife lose approximately 15 pounds each in 4 weeks. Kevin and his team have been able to help us bridge theory with application and the results fantastic. I’ve also bought urine test strips and they have shown that we are in Ketosis. I’m giving 4 stars only because there is still room for improvement. For example, menu can continue to expand, there are typos occasionally (I’m sure there are a few in this review!), there is still the occasional “use a pinch” direction and it would help to be clearer with amounts. If you are concerned about cost, the yearly subscription is relative to what you would pay for a good book, expect this one helps you lose weight. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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    Try before you use any other subscription meal service.

    As an athlete, you try to optimize your performance through every means possible (i.e. training, sleep, and fuel). Well informed athletes realize that proper nutrition is the primary benefactor in aiding one’s performance; some would even suggest its more important than sleep and training combined. MealPrepPro is a great way for athletes, who either know a lot or very little about dietetics, to ensure they are fueling the body properly. I looked a Sun Basket, Blue Kitchen, Fresh Deliveries, and even even he Trifecta Meal Prep service(s) - all because I needed personal help in figuring out how to diversity my diet in a appropriate manner. With the time to actually cook my food, I chose MealPrepPro via FitMenCook because I knew I would enjoy the food while diversifying the flavors. Plain and simple, try it out for a month and follow it to the “T,” it will get you in the right track. -Tactical Athlete

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    Absolutely phenomenal!

    This is the first app I have ever rated and reviewed. That being said, I started out with an iPhone 4 many moons ago and am now up to the 10. This app is hands down the best I have ever used. I’ve tried several of these type of apps for meal prep or even just inspiration or ideas. None really bad, just didn’t fit my lifestyle etc. Kevin has this one nailed down. I love love love it and yes, I did my 7 day trial and decided this would be perfect for me. You can’t beat it. Everything is normal food made delicious and no weird stuff. If you have dietary restrictions, he has it all set up. If you’re unsure, give the 7 day trial a shot. I’m about as cynical as they come and I’m delighted to open this on Sunday morning with my coffee and plan for the week. A huge THANK YOU for taking the time to do this. It’s been so helpful and the food is delicious! Keep the good stuff coming!

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    Long time app user/YouTube subscriber

    This app needs serious updates. And fast. The amount of food waste on a 2 person plan and these forced 7 day meal prep recipes is absurd. I tried to swap to 3 or 4 and it only shows the macros for the main user.... The breakfast quinoa sausage casserole in particular would not fit in 3 full size casserole dishes, never mind mixing bowls. I chopped vegetables for an hour and somehow the 4lbs of egg whites just didn’t raise any alarms. I didn't even know it was a 7 day recipe until I started cooking and wondered why this disaster was unfolding in front of me. No fault to Chef the food has been amazing all the way through, but the avenue in which it’s being shared/instructed to PAYING subscribers needs to change and fast. I hadn’t noticed this issue before as I only recently activated the two user settings. I can’t begin to express how long/stressful/wasteful a 7 day two user recipe leaves a user/their kitchen. Only a picture could tell the whole story. Won’t be subscribing/watching if this doesn’t change ASAP. This is beyond an oversight reading other reviews so ignoring it does no good for your brand Chef, get on it...

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    Needs work

    I’ve been using the app for almost 2 weeks and I like it for the most part but it does need work. I don’t know if it’s just my phone but when I swap out recipes it doesn’t update to my grocery list so that makes the grocery shopping difficult. Also some of the items are very hard to find like “arrowroot starch” for example. I’m from a small town so that was impossible to find. The prep times are also far from accurate. Me and my husbands goals are to GAIN so it DOES NOT take “5 min” to prep 1 meal for 4 days where you have to trim fat off of 8 lbs of chicken, chop 17 bell peppers, cut 2 lbs of green beans down the middle and when the recipe is so big it doesn’t fit in the oven so you have to make it in lots of big batches so it takes forever. Also one last thing, like is said maybe it’s my phone but there is no decimal point on the number pad. When I’m trying to portion out our meals I have to go to my notes, write out the number, copy and paste it to the number pad.

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    The calories are way off. This will make you gain weight.

    I was looking for an app that would simplify tracking meal planning and tracking my macros. I’m currently using a dedicated cooking app along with LoseIt for tracking. I first tried this app for the one week free trial period but I was not able to use it that much. However, the user interface was good and some of the recipes looked okay. So, I signed up for the monthly subscription. First recipe I tried was the Chicken Thigh Tagine with Cauliflower Rice. I followed the recipe down to details. The app stated the recipe would only be 525 calories per serving. But when I calculated everything that went in to the recipe it’s actually 918 calories per serving. This is almost double the amount! If you’re using this app for calorie counting and making sure you hit your macros just right, think again. That’s too bad because the app had really good UI. I guess I’ll just stick with LoseIt for meal planning and using a real dedicated recipe app like NYTimes cooking to make sure I get things right. Felt like I wasted $5.99 for this.

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    LOVE the new Mediterranean diet

    I got MealPre Pro a couple of years back mainly to help coordinate meal prepping. The app is simple, easy to use. Check. Has a ton of great recipes. Check. Has a nicely organized shopping list with easy check off and ability to add items. Check. Easy to scale recipes up or down. Check. Ability to add a partner. Check. I ended up shying away after a little while because life and, although I try to be healthy, I’m not a protein powder kinda person. I came back after noticing the new Mediterranean meal plan. And I’m seriously loving the new plan. No protein powder! Just simple, healthy meals with quality ingredients. I have two small hopes for future updates: 1. Search/sort/filter the freezable tag. I like the freezable tag on the meals and would love to be able to sort by that when searching/swapping recipes same as prep time. 2. Add ingredients to personal recipes. I think this is a larger ask, but I would love to be able to add the ingredients for a personal recipe that could then be pulled into the grocery list. 2 1/2. Personal recipe scaling - I wouldn’t mind a slightly tedious recipe entry if it would also allow for ingredient amounts that would scale up/down. LOVE THE APP!

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    Please create partner sharing!

    I just started using this app with my fiancé to get our eating on track for our goals. I like that it selects recipes and that you can swap what you don’t like, and it keeps track of what you’ve consumed. But there’s a couple major kinks to this: 1- It doesn’t provide portion sizes for the two people in a functional way. Stating my partner eats 65% while I eat 35% requires a lot of extra work to determine how many ounces or servings I should be consuming. 2- We can’t both have our tracked plans on the same account and be synced across two devices with the same info. Even being logged into the same account on two devices doesn’t provide the exact same meals etc without significant manual swapping. We both want to be on track and eat the same things (but different portions) and know we are consuming what we need to to meet our goals. Partner sharing or partner syncing should definitely be in the set of fixes!

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    Room for improvement

    I want to love it but I can’t . This app is good. It makes meal prep run smoothly. However, I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because of frustrating parameters. For the most part, there are some things I would prefer to eat that either doesn’t fit in the swap criteria or doesn’t take into account the type of dietary restrictions Im under. I know I can substitute things but the caloric count changes which messes with my weight loss goals and balanced diet. I would love it if I had a choice as to what I want included in my weekly meal and then the rest of the week is planned around it. Like I’d like to be give the option to pick three recipes Id like to see in a week of meal prep. Then have the entire week planned with those meals included somewhere. Then I’d like to have the option to still swap if there are things I don’t favor ie. rice, chicken, mushrooms 😷

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    Love it but needs some updates

    I love this app. I’ve done a full week with the lose weight option and lost four lbs. Pay no attention to those saying the macros aren’t appropriate. Macros in this app can be adjusted according to what works for YOU and that’s what’s important. Not what the standard American diet (SAD) says. I believe that this app could be more clear on how to split meals between multiple people. My dinners are kind of a guesstimate on what I should eat by seeing what the weight is when just one person should eat. Love the add the ingredient list to make a shopping list. Maybe should be paired with like grocery store delivery so you don’t even have to think about it! Also, some ingredient amounts are just ridiculous, so I should be able to search for common ingredients to reduce waste. I mean, I’m not buying 0.6 oz of arugula!! And I do need way more snack options

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    For the people who want to have a good body.

    To give some context about me: I am a novice weight lifter who wants to get under 10% body fat. I’ve gone though the ups and downs of my nutrition: craving sweets, wanting higher fat foods, not being satisfied etc. So I wanted to find an person who could help me create a balance between satisfaction and discipline. The FitMenCook app was the first thing I found. It having great recipes for a very small price, and all within an app on my phone. It then sent me to this app, where I bought a subscription plan for meal prepping. Now it’s job to create a list of meals is great and it’s variety is great. However, the only thing I feel this app needs is a customized macro application. Currently, one can only have a preset amount of fats, carbs and protein. Giving more flexibly to this would be great. This is the reason why I only give it 4 stars.

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Yes. MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,042 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner Is 51.7/100.

Is MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner Legit?

Yes. MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,042 MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner Is 51.7/100.

Is MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner not working?

MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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