WeCroak Reviews

WeCroak Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-29

As seen in 10% Happier, Atlantic Magazine and The New York Times. Find
happiness by contemplating your mortality with the WeCroak app. Each day,
we’ll send you five invitations at randomized times to stop and think about
death. It’s based on a Bhutanese folk saying that to be a happy pe...

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WeCroak Reviews

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    It’s improved!

    When I first got this app in November 2017, I found the concept interesting but the practice underwhelming. The quotes were very weak, and that’s all the app really was at the time. Forcing myself to open WeCroak every time I got a notification was a meaningless chore. Since I downloaded it again, though, I found that the quotes have generally improved. Sure, they’re not all winners, but many have done a great job at getting me to ponder my own death in ways I haven’t done before. Opening the app when there’s a new notification has become a fulfilling, rewarding experience. The Leap system is a nice touch, though I’m not sure I’m willing to pay for a subscription service in order to use it. But this app has come a long way from 2017. WeCroak has matured - and now, so have I.

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    Bad Quotes

    The other reviewers are right. At least 1/3 of the quotes I’ve seen don’t make sense. Another significant fraction of quotes relate to death, but don’t inspire me to contemplate my own death or life. For example my current quote : “It concerns the death of Anna Katharina Ehmer, a 26 year old woman with severe mental disabilities who lived in an institution for people with mental disorders, and who allegedly never spoken a single word during her life. Yet, she was reported to have sung dying songs for a half hour before she died.” Maybe this quote was badly translated from another language to English and it was probably taken out of context, but all I contemplated was how badly written this was and how creepy it sounded. This app provides mostly distracting quotes and nothing at all useful for regular mindfulness or anything at all like that. It inspires the opposite of contemplation of death because of the distracting quotes. This app needs to croak, but the idea was solid.

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    Acceptable execution

    I like the idea of an app that reminds me of my death with relevant quotes. I think the app could be better, though: Should show quote in notification preview. Should show source, not just author, of quotes. Feels like it lacks strong editorialship of quotes. What does this quote have to do with death (other that in some sense everything human has to do with death)? “Ironically, we have traded one constancy for another. We have lost the constancy of the stars but gained the constancy of energy. The first is a physical object, the second a concept. Scientists cannot prove without a doubt that the total energy in a closed system is constant. But any violation of that principle would destroy the foundations of physics and suggest an unlawful universe. The idea of a lawful universe is itself an Absolute.” Why would you select this quote from Lightman instead? “The material of the doomed stars and the material of my doomed body are actually the same material. Literally the same atoms… It is astonishing but true that if I could attach a small tag to each of the atoms of my body and travel with them backward in time, I would find that those atoms originated in particular stars in the sky. Those exact atoms.”

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    Bugs fixed long ago. I’m just now coming back to update the review. Still loving this app. —- After having had it a few weeks, I love this app. I absolutely love it. I’ve suggested it to several people who don’t understand why I would, but this death-thinking 5x a day is a good thing for me. However, the last several days it got stuck on a single quote. I stopped getting notifications and every time I opened it, it had the same quote. I restarted my phone. Still the same. I just uninstalled and reinstalled it. While I haven’t gotten a notification yet, when I opened the app, there was a new quote. Hoping that problem is fixed now.

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    Simple, Honest App, That Does What it's Meant to do

    Great app! It's not addictive with too many bells and whistles. It's simple and it sends reminders to contemplate death. The reminders are quotes from a wide range of sources including: a medical manual, Buddhists, authors, entertainers (even RuPaul, who I didn't realize is so wise). It's definitely worth the money! I got the reminder once while contemplating whether to talk to a person at a networking event. My worrying mind was working it's magic until I got the reminder, which put the situation in perspective: is it a big deal if that person rejects me? One day I'm going to be dead. It motivated me to strike up a conversation, which is huge if you know me.

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    Cool concept, good price, needs work

    Overall I really like the simplicity of this app in the concept (no ads, no social media, no requests for reviews), but there are definitely improvements that need to be made. Primarily, not all of the quotes are that great and it seems like there isn’t the best filtering process in place. For example, one of my recent quotes was from David Hogg (from the Parkland shooting): “Don’t lie to us. Don’t make any more false promises, because when you do, children die.” Outside of the fact that the word “die” is used, that quote has absolutely nothing to do with contemplating death. It’s a political statement, that means nothing without context. The only thing I can reason to how something like this pops up is that they are scouring the web for quotes, and using buzzword searches to find quotes about death. It’s $1 though, and the simple notification that “Remember you’re going to die” that you get five times a day, accomplishes the goal of the app. So overall, good not great. Suggestion for the app creators: A save feature that you can use to save your favorite quotes that pop up and revisit them. That would be amazing!

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    Pay Once > Monthly Subscription

    I think this app has a neat idea going for it yet the app should only charge once a certain amount of money to have access to everything instead of adding another subscription payment in a world where it’s already hard to manage so many subscription services, adding one more doesn’t help. Specially when the point of the app is to encourage people to live their live with fulfillment something that can’t be done if we spent a portion of our time tracking how many subscriptions we have and when and where our money will go. The app is not worth a subscription of 2 bucks a month for a few reminders that our clock is ticking Cheers, Raul

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    Love the content, a few design issues

    I absolutely love this app. It helps keep me centered throughout the day, without resorting to shallow platitudes. Adds depth and opportunity to contemplate what makes life meaningful in day-to-day events. I would love for the text to be left aligned instead of centered. This would make it easier to read, and center-alignment isn’t necessary to add depth to this quotes. Also, many contemporary quotes sound strange out of context. A quick descriptor of David Hogg (for example) would help place his quote in their important context. Overall, one of my favorite apps, and I love using it every day.

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    Could be better

    I really enjoy this app. However, I miss a lot of quotes. Sometimes by the time I wake up there are already 3 notifications from this app, meaning that I won't be able to read two of the quotes for the day. There should be an update that allows you to look at all five quotes for that day.

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    Still engaging after several months

    I thought I would install this app and quickly get tired of it, especially with so many notifications every day. But I’ve had it for a few months and I still really enjoy it. I do agree with another reviewer that the quotations aren’t always the most pertinent to death, but I’m impressed that they’ve found so many interesting ones. I’ve rarely seen the same one twice. I also appreciate that they give you the author of the quotation. Nice work!

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    It’s fine

    The quotes aren’t all about death and I was assuming they would be. I was thinking this app would remind me of the impermanence of life and that everything could end in a moment, but so far, after having this app a few days, the quotes haven’t been what I expected. I was hoping for more “darker” or “real” quotes about life and death, but only a few so far have been like that - was hoping for more to remind me that death is imminent and that life is fleeting. It would also be nice to have the quote in the notification instead of a reminder notification that prompts me to open the app to see the quote.

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    I Appreciate This App

    When I first got reminders from this app telling me, “Don’t forget, you’re going to die,” it shocked me every time and gave me anxiety. Now that I’ve been seeing these reminders several times a day for over a month I can feel that I’m relating to my inevitable death differently, with much more acceptance. I agree with some of the reviews that some of the quotes can fall flat but what has been most effective with me in a very subtle way have been the notifications.

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    Love this app!

    WeCroak is perfect! Please don’t change it for those who think that they know better. 5x a day is just right and the quotes are delightful, sobering, and at times a bit perplexing. If users complain, let them start their own app instead of trying to change yours. To add settings to WeCroak would be to miss the point. We know for certain that we will die - memento mori. And we have no idea when so the control freak in us can take a pause. Perfect!

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    It’s the little things

    What a I love about this app is that it really does do the mindfulness thing, it engages you for a moment to remember and reflect on the impermanence of life and then that’s it. Go on and do something else. You get a quote five times a day and you can’t scroll through them, no mindless scrolling here. There is a mix of poetic, spiritual and medical quotes about death. I like the mix of view points and thoughts, death is multi faceted and so are these quotes. Lovely little app.

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    I read about this in The Atlantic and the concept really peaked my interest. By the time I finished the article, I shelled out the .99 for the app and have been pleasantly pleased as peach. I can’t understand why people have taken issue with this to merit giving it anything below 5 stars. Anybody who says they’re looking for “darker” quotes or anything of the like is clearly too imperceptive to comprehend the simplistic morbidity the app offers in and of itself.

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Is WeCroak Safe?

Yes. WeCroak is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 306 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WeCroak Is 35.6/100.

Is WeCroak Legit?

Yes. WeCroak is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 306 WeCroak User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WeCroak Is 35.6/100.

Is WeCroak not working?

WeCroak works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a WeCroak customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using WeCroak.

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