Wakeout! - Active breaks Reviews

Wakeout! - Active breaks Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-28

Wakeout is the most fun and easy way to be an active person. People that are
regularly active tend to be happier, more productive, less stressed and live
longer. That's why we've designed over 1,500 unique and creative exercises to
make physical activity a part of your daily life. — Fro...

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Wakeout! - Active breaks Reviews

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    Still loving it!

    This is the oldest app on my phone. (Even older than facebook) I finally got it to go through on my iPad which make some things so much easier to do some exercises. Over the changes there have been some great changes and not so great. I love the current version. I have a love hate thing for the music but without it I wouldn’t be as happy when I get down. I love the notifications that pop up. I even got the ipad and iPhone set up to go off at different times of the day which is awesome. I did have a free trial and other offers but I was waiting and saving for the lifetime membership. As so those out there that want a free trail don’t sign up for a life time. Life time usually means you’ve already tested it out and really like it. So if your testing this out go with something small until you know for sure that it’s something you’ll love. I love wakeout and their staff. Friendly, supportive and a great app. At least this is my personal opinion.

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    Love but

    I sill love the app but it used to take you back to the main screen and show you how much total time you did for that set and a total for the day. Then you could choose to do more. Now you have to set an alarm to do them. Short of me setting alarms every 10 minutes to get several at one time there is nothing else I can do. You can’t even open the app and see anything without a notification being active. I am very disappointed as this app really got me to move more. I wish someone would contact me or reply to my comments. I love this app but since the last update when I finish my first set for the day it freezes and I cannot do anything else. I used to be able to do several sets in a day but no more. I paid for the pro and was wanting my husband to do this also but it is so much more expensive for him to join now. So I will wait and hope there is a fix for my freezing up problem.

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    Fun way to get some movement into your day

    I had initially had some issues with the app, but the developer was super responsive and the issue was isolated. Since then, I’ve used in several locations and really appreciate the approach and videos. I have a very busy, sedentary job, so working out seems impossible—but taking even just a quick 30 seconds of stretch or movement via this app is easy and actually a fun break. And, I’ve gotten more stretch and movement in the middle of my work days using Wakeout than I’ve had previously. This is not a “serious” workout app—but it isn’t meant to be. It’s meant to get us moving. And it does that well. As noted previously: The interface is clean, you input location and energy level or mood to get an exercise selection (and you can use or scroll through to other exercises once presented with one). There doesn’t seem to be a screen for tracking progress (yet), or a way to mark favorite exercises, although it does tell you how many you’ve completed once you’ve completed a wakeout. So room for improvements, but a great app in this niche.

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    Good app

    I’ll admit it, the monthly subscription is worth it to me for the music alone. It is better than coffee! Don’t ever change the music. I like that the latest update added more workouts, especially discreet ones. One (very) minor complaint: I miss the old bear logo! Yellow was so much brighter and cheerier and appropriate for the morning than green. The new illustrations make the bear look sickly and ill. The old one reminded me of rocket ships and superheroes. I also like that it now has a daily commitment schedule. I only wish it synced across devices! I do my morning exercise on my iPad, but would prefer to use my iPhone at work. Unfortunately, my phone didn’t log the morning routine. I do miss the yellow bear though.

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    Obligated to extra purchase

    I was happy using the app, but with the last update you CAN NO LONGER USE IT FOR FREE, you will have to pay for every month. So now is a usleess app because you need to pay in order to be able to see/do any excessive. I feel so discouraged because I have been using the app for free and probably there are going to be more people who can’t afford to pay the monthly plan and we will end up not been able to use the app as in the past. I think developers can do apps that requiere a obligated purchase to use them, they are in the freedom to do it. But when you lunch your app as free with options to purchase and in the future you switch to obligated purchase I don’t think is good because communicate that the company cares more about money than customers. They are willing to loose all the initial customers because they want a better profit. This makes me sad, I used to like this app a lot.

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    More control over wakeout exercises

    I was really enjoying this app & was using it as a great way to help me get up in the morning. I purchased the pro version because I was tired of the same few exercises every morning. But then upon getting pro, I realized there are a lot of exercises out of my skill level or that I find difficult to do on my bed for a multitude of reasons. I wanted the ability to just turn off those exercises from the library, but there’s no way I can look at a library of exercises & choose which ones not to pop up. It became very discouraging for me to wake up & get 3 exercises in a row that weee too difficult, & so I stopped using the app. If I had more control over my wakeout experience I’d start using it again & be a happy camper.

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    Movement helps wake me up

    Nice idea. You get 18 exercises in the free version. PROS: The upbeat music and movement helps wake me up in the morning. The very short, simple exercises keep me motivated (but keep in mind that I'm not an "exercise person"). CONS: The alarm turns itself off after a minute and it's only as loud as your device will allow. I'd recommend using an alarm clock as back-up. The app chooses exercises randomly and sometimes chooses the same exercise repeatedly so instead of three different exercises you only get one. MONEY GRAB: I like this app and would be willing to purchase a "full version" for a nominal price ($5 or less). Unfortunately, the full version is by subscription. They want you to pay $2 per month or $15 per year for the full version ...and subscriptions auto-renew so you keep paying. As a "non-exercise person" this seems excessive. Although the subscription fee might be acceptable for people who exercise every day, I don't think the short exercises will appeal to them. The app developer is misjudging their market by offering the pro-version by subscription.

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    Not going to subscribe

    I’ve read through the other reviews and see that there’s a mixed bag of opinions, but I’m going to have to agree with the handful that think we don’t want to deal with trying to find time to test the app out within your 2 week free trail and then if we don’t like it, going into our iTunes account and cancelling the subscription. As for other apps that do subscriptions, most of the exercise apps I have still foster a free limited version, and then offer a free trail of their pro versions, which may or may not be subscription based. Judging by your responses to other reviews I get the sense that you’re less concerned with the dissatisfied users because you have “thousands of other satisfied users”, so I’ll delete this app and continue using my “other satisfying apps” instead.

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    Annoying disappointment

    I have decided NOT TO subscribe to this app, and I decided to warn others about it. I wanted SO MUCH to like this app, and I have a feeling I am not alone in this, but this app is impossible to use discreetly without the embarrassing karate sumo wrestler yell. It basically ANNOUNCES to anyone within earshot, "Hey! Look over here! I'm about to do some extremely ridiculous-looking exercises right here at my desk! Quick, come LOOK! And be sure to point and laugh!" There was no way to turn it off and it yelled EVEN WHEN THE SOUND ON THE PHONE WAS OFF!!. ARE THEY KIDDING? It's really stupid have an exercise app that features discreet exercises to do in A QUIET OFFICE ENVIRONMENT only to have karate man scream every time you start a new one. My suggestion is clear: the user should be allowed to turn the volume off to shut the app up, or it should be an option in the app itself. Fix that super annoying feature, and I'm there.

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    Great workout app for single people

    This app is not meant for those who share a bed with someone as there is no option for quieter exercises. My very first exercise was hops; god luck doing that without waking up your loved one. I did not want to make this a public review but I found no way to provide feedback via the app. Also, it asked me my activity level (which is embarrassingly low) but I feel like the exercises were still a little hard. A little more guidance for the not-workout-obsessed would be nice. All that said, it did let me get started quickly and the video showing how to do the workouts was helpful.

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    Best I have tried

    I have tried various other ways to keep myself active during workdays but this is far and above the best! When the beep beeps I get excited! I have recently been taking it and going down to my coworkers office and saying: “Time for our wake up break!!” and we do it together! My only wish is that I could set it for MORE than 4 times a day because I would definitely do it every 1-2 hours!

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    Excellent app, hate the sounds

    The app is very useful and easy to use, as well as the excercises and concept. But the whiplash sounds, the shouts and music are awful. They sound cheap and childish. Don't know how to access the settings to turn everything off. I turned the music off but the remaining sound I had to mute. If you are doing this at work or at bed, the sounds can be also annoying to other people. Please change them or eliminate or put controls. Thanks.

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    Great idea!

    I love the content and idea of this app! Getting more movement into the day doesn’t have to be difficult and this app makes it so easy. The main thing that doesn’t work properly is the activity tracking. I’ll go into an area to select an exercise to complete and it will show ones I’ve not yet tried as completed and ones I have done as completed zero times. I suggest fixing that since it’s one of the most prominent aspects of the app.

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    Good start. I have complaints though.

    Very cute app. I'm not going to lie. I downloaded it for the teddy bear on the logo. I'm glad I did. Now that said, I really would prefer that you could order or pick what exercises you do. I hate getting up in the morning. And honestly the pillow squats first thing seem pretty daunting. I'm more likely to give up on the days when it's a hop out of bed immediately for 20 squats versus a gentle set of crunches I can do without getting up. Also once I'm out of bed, it's better if I stay out. I'm likely to fall back asleep if I hop back into bed. So if you could add those features or even just a random skip button I would change my review to 5 stars. I went pro because I like how obnoxious the app is. It's a great idea.

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    Not a free trial with the lifetime subscription

    I downloaded the app today to try it out. You are asked to select a subscription at the very beginning, with the note that it will start after the 14-day free trial. I selected the lifetime subscription as the app sounded good, at that made sense for something that would be used daily. I was surprised later tonight to get a bill from Apple. Apparently the lifetime subscription isn’t actually a subscription, but an in app purchase. That means no free trial. Apple support said that they will refund me the money, within 10 days. Be careful if you download the app so you don’t get caught paying if you aren’t sure.

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Is Wakeout! - Active breaks Safe?

Yes. Wakeout! - Active breaks is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,614 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wakeout! - Active breaks Is 39.0/100.

Is Wakeout! - Active breaks Legit?

Yes. Wakeout! - Active breaks is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,614 Wakeout! - Active breaks User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wakeout! - Active breaks Is 39.0/100.

Is Wakeout! - Active breaks not working?

Wakeout! - Active breaks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Wakeout! - Active breaks customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Wakeout! - Active breaks.

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