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Collect coins as you run for your sweet (or spicy) life to buy buns of steel and other cool powerups.

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Run, Sausage, run! Hot diggity dog, that’s a fine lookin’ hot dog! You never sausage a sausage! (Get it? Saw such… sausage? Anyone?) Stop punning and start running! Play as the tasty sausage of your choice. Weisswurst or blutwurst, bacon or chocolate… even plumber or cowboy! Run through an endless path as you flex that hot-dog body and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned or smashed! Tons of juicy sausages to choose from, tons of hot dog skins. Collect coins as you run for your sweet (or spicy) life to buy buns of steel and other cool powerups. To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

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By gyrvehyhanhcjgebcdjrhzguvd


Honestly, This game has my addiction all put in the game. Despite the game and the music awkward to see or hear, I don’t hate the game. It was not long before I got the ghost sausage. I don’t think this game need even more Improvements! Keep it as it is. Sure, you may add more skins and bug fixes but otherwise don’t change the whole game itself. I’m actually on level 50 something, and to my surprise I’m dodging most “Enlarge” power-downs. I know the Enlarges are not helpful because you can get hit more often, But nearly every time I get the Enlarge power-down, I run into nothing that you must be shrunken you normal for. This game should be trending. Oh, One more thing, Its funny how when you get the following: “Shrink” “Enlarge” “Frozen obstacles”, The music changes high pitched, low pitched, Or a ticking sorta sound. Okay I lied FINAL thing, I played this game on my bus in 3rd grade. I’m going to 4th grade and I will NEVER uninstall this game. I might keep it until I lose my Phone. Your player who is addicted, Loralei

By Katie Coloñ

So GoOd 😊 but..............

It’s good and cool and I like it but it’s easy and I love the easy but can u but a hard and challenging one and a raceing one to can u add that crazy lab your the best and I love this game its a amazing and super fun app people think this game is boring then fortine so.... this game is fun to play and not broken to play it’s a great game. And I like it I give 5 star 🌟 because it’s a great cool and yummy game I love hotdogs they are yummy this game made me hungry sometimes and now I’m so happy that you made this game so make more updates and make more fun updates for us all playing this game (I Hope no haters came to this game and played it and they hate this game idk why but I don’t like the haters that hate this game this is a great fun game for all ages so have fun and no hate or bulling ppl for years and you will be happy all day and year) have fun and have a great day crazy lab I’m a big fan of u!! Now have more updates and more skins! (Dab on those haters 👌🏻)

By ILikeBadLipReadings

Best game I’ve seen

Sometimes when I’m bored I play a random game on my phone. We’ve all been there right? Anyway so when I was just playing a game, ads popped up and everyone hates ads. But THIS time, Run Sausage Run! Was being advertised and since I LOVE funny, entertaining run games, I decided to check it out. And I have to say, this game is over the top!! Best game I’ll ever see in my lifetime! It’s funny, random, entertaining, and just altogether addictive and awesome. I really suggest that you get this game as you are reading this! This game is perfect to compare high scores with your friends and I have gotten around 5 or 6 of my friends to play it. And to be honest, I CANT miss a game that is funny, weird (in a good way), addictive, entertaining and all those. Awesome job, this game is just wonderful. Five stars for sure!! If that didn’t make any sense I basically just said that Run Sausage Run! has everything you’d want in a game. 😁😁😁

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