Run Sausage Run! Reviews

Run Sausage Run! Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: Run, Sausage, run! Hot diggity dog, that’s a fine lookin’ hot dog! You
never sausage a sausage! (Get it? Saw such… sausage? Anyone?) Stop punning
and start running! Play as the tasty sausage of your choice. Weisswurst or
blutwurst, bacon or chocolate… even plumber or cowboy! Run through an
endless path as you flex that hot-dog body and avoid getting sliced, chopped,
burned or smashed! Tons of juicy sausages to c.

About Run Sausage Run

Collect coins as you run for your sweet (or spicy) life to buy buns of steel and other cool powerups.

Tons of juicy sausages to choose from, tons of hot dog skins.

Play as the tasty sausage of your choice.


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20 Run Sausage Run Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Potential to be the next big app.

The short review: addicting and fun, great, refreshing, and new, but buttons need labels and RunSausageRun should be $0.99 or $1.99 and add free or minimized to banners.

The full review: I downloaded this game while drinking my morning coffee and it’s fantastic. I don’t have to put in a ton of thought so I can relax while playing, but I also don’t feel like I’m mindlessly tapping my phone. In the 10-20 minutes I played I got through 14-15 levels and honestly I could see this being as popular as flappy bird. The game can be played with one hand which is a huge plus. If you’re someone looking for a fun game that feels refreshing and new, by all means give it a try. The cons to this game are few. The biggest issue is adds. There are adds after every game, banners, and demos. It’s too much. This is a game that I honestly feel people would pay for, rather than paying to remove adds. Also, the buttons need labels. There’s too many to assume their meaning. Other than that there’s just small occasional glitches that involve skippiness. Great game though.


Amazing game but some ideas

Okay let me start by saying that this game is really addictive.
Personally the ads aren’t a big deal but to some people they are and I think that you guys should take it down a little on the ads for those people. I’m not saying to stop altogether because I know that games need ads and all that stuff to get money. Also, I did notice that when you get frozen obstacles, you can get a hotdog bun pretty much every single time right after it ends and from that point on, you can run without dying for almost 100 points. There is always a little spinning blade that moves up and down that kills you at some point of time though. I don’t know if that is part of the game so you can’t get like 600 from running like that but one time I did get to 607 mainly running like that with a revive around 500. I don’t mean to be Mr. Paranoid or Imperfection but I really don’t get the point of the enlarging power up. You did almost all the time (or at least I do) when you come across that little spinning blade when big. Well if you guys and girls read this, I hope that you could maybe fix some of this (not that it’s broken or anything).



Love this game but you can easily break it

Alright so I love this game a lot, but after a few minutes of playing, I realized that there is a major glitch. Well I wouldn't call it a glitch but there is a very easy way to get a high score. As it sits right now, my high score is over 11,000. That is due to the fact that if you can get past 100 points, all you have to do is hold the screen to run. And yes, if you hold it for too long, a spin blade will get you but that's where the "glitch" comes in. If you continuously hold the screen for a few seconds and then you let go just for a split second and resume holding the screen, you can skip any obstacle and you can run continuously without dying. You just have to be careful and time letting your finger go or else you'll pop up right by a blade or something. Like I said it's not exactly a glitch but it allows you to not have to work too hard to get a high score. Thank you for your time and fix it or don't, I don't mind either way because no one I know has even gotten close to my high score lol.


Mm.. really good but...

So, I have to start with the positive; Run Sausage, Run! is one of the greatest games I have ever played. My brother recommended it to me, and to be honest, it was great. You know when you get a new app, and you can’t stop playing for several days? Or is that just me? Anyhoo, that’s me, but this one took a TEENSY bit longer for me to get bored of.

One thing that I’d say is a stumbling block are the aDs. The Ads come to your game, and they won’t really stop. I don’t like spending money on something like “Remove Ads” unless it’s a game that I spend all my time on. (Forshadowing, Procreate) and sadly, this is not one of those games.

Something else is the fact about the spinner in all the game modes, and the Foot, specifically Beach mode and Garden mode. I shall talk down the spinner first. So the spinner is definitely nearly impossible to go under because it’s always on the same height as YOU. Wessiwurst, Smoked,Blustwurst, and Hot, Hot Dog, can never get past the spinner! Same exact problem with the Foot. The Foot stomps down as SOON as your under it, and requires some INCREDIBLY GOOD LUCK, which I don’t HAVE, so every time I go under it, I DIE. And I can only get past it with Frozen Obstacles, which is the power up I love the most.

As much as I talked this game down, it really is a great game, and as far as the whole thing goes, I encourage you not to change the sausage skins ONE BIT.
;) ❤️



Honestly, This game has my addiction all put in the game. Despite the game and the music awkward to see or hear, I don’t hate the game. It was not long before I got the ghost sausage. I don’t think this game need even more Improvements! Keep it as it is. Sure, you may add more skins and bug fixes but otherwise don’t change the whole game itself. I’m actually on level 50 something, and to my surprise I’m dodging most “Enlarge” power-downs. I know the Enlarges are not helpful because you can get hit more often, But nearly every time I get the Enlarge power-down, I run into nothing that you must be shrunken you normal for. This game should be trending. Oh, One more thing, Its funny how when you get the following: “Shrink” “Enlarge” “Frozen obstacles”, The music changes high pitched, low pitched, Or a ticking sorta sound. Okay I lied FINAL thing, I played this game on my bus in 3rd grade. I’m going to 4th grade and I will NEVER uninstall this game. I might keep it until I lose my Phone.

Your player who is addicted,


I recommend this game but......

So this is a great game and i really recommend it . It is almost a perfect app but some times it glitches and it starts you in the middle of the round and you have no chance at winning so you can get RunSausageRun but in awhile this glitch will get on your nerves so ya you can get RunSausageRun but be prepared for the glitch good luck .... so there is one more thing when you tap it makes you run super fast and you have like a %90 percent of dying and when you stop tapping all it does and walks slow and when you walk up to stuff you are right beside it because it ran so fast and when you get to it is calm and then boom when you try to get past it it kills you so not a very good game but if you want it that bad get it but get ready for the stuff that you will have to deal I’m only on level 2 and I have had RunSausageRun for almost a year get it if you want but get ready for it and some people in refuse say there is a no blood mode but I have had the game for almost a year and I have look everywhere in that app there is not a no blood mode lies



This is a nice game but it could of been better.I mean it’s nice but it’s so easy to die witch makes me want to break my phone witch is why I gave it a three. I mean you have a add EVERY FIVE SECONDS witch is SO ANNOYING. Also there is A LOT of glitches like literally true. See I got a freeze and bun and get 1,789 as a score like for real it’s is really true just try it. So like this a meh could of been better I mean like with this it is a so so. You can try TAKING OUT ADDS and there not even your adds just adds popping up like a gofer pop out of there hole like a bunny coming out of the whole. See I would of put a four if there like no adds because that is like SO DANG ANNOYING. Ohh and add some better skins I mean they are like really childish skins like know all the skins that you guys have and you guys need to make some more just that is boring how I just using skins that I have all the skins and there is never any events at all witch is boring o when I was playing the game I will for get I have RunSausageRun . So I hopefully you will do something with that because I forgot I even had that game.


So GoOd 😊 but..............

It’s good and cool and I like it but it’s easy and I love the easy but can u but a hard and challenging one and a raceing one to can u add that crazy lab your the best and I love this game its a amazing and super fun app people think this game is boring then fortine so.... this game is fun to play and not broken to play it’s a great game. And I like it I give 5 star 🌟 because it’s a great cool and yummy game I love hotdogs they are yummy this game made me hungry sometimes and now I’m so happy that you made this game so make more updates and make more fun updates for us all playing this game (I Hope no haters came to this game and played it and they hate this game idk why but I don’t like the haters that hate this game this is a great fun game for all ages so have fun and no hate or bulling ppl for years and you will be happy all day and year) have fun and have a great day crazy lab I’m a big fan of u!! Now have more updates and more skins! (Dab on those haters 👌🏻)


Fun but too much rng and ads

You can try rushing through every obstacle or take your time on every obstacle, it doesn’t make a difference when you just happen to hit a size booster and then run into one of those blades that move side to side. Your field of vision isn’t big enough to prepare, sometimes there is literally nothing you can do to prevent dying and you just have to rely on pure luck that your in the right time and place to dodge a size booster or GG.

The ads are also pretty ridiculous, they are too frequent and the revive isn’t even worth it at all unless you get a really high score. The ads are 30 seconds long and even after it’s over you have to wait another 15 seconds for it to let you press x.

Overall, the idea is cool, humorous, creative, as well as addicting. The skins are great as well and they are very easy to unlock besides the one where you have to watch 1 hour worth of time killing ads to get. I really hope this game gets some major changes one day, it has a lot of potential.


Best game I’ve seen

Sometimes when I’m bored I play a random game on my phone. We’ve all been there right? Anyway so when I was just playing a game, ads popped up and everyone hates ads. But THIS time, Run Sausage Run! Was being advertised and since I LOVE funny, entertaining run games, I decided to check it out. And I have to say, this game is over the top!! Best game I’ll ever see in my lifetime! It’s funny, random, entertaining, and just altogether addictive and awesome. I really suggest that you get this game as you are reading this!

This game is perfect to compare high scores with your friends and I have gotten around 5 or 6 of my friends to play it. And to be honest, I CANT miss a game that is funny, weird (in a good way), addictive, entertaining and all those. Awesome job, this game is just wonderful. Five stars for sure!!

If that didn’t make any sense I basically just said that Run Sausage Run! has everything you’d want in a game. 😁😁😁


Virgin sausage thoughts

Hey I’m not a typical game player and I literally just subscribed to RunSausageRun. Prior to this I only played Bowmasters, but each time I saw the add while playing bowmasters it made me chuckle and wonder, “what kind of guys are sitting around coming up with a game like this?” And then I thought, why not try them out, at least reward such humorous creativity by signing right up! And, it’s a clean game, nothing vulgar, no political correctness, just something to allow you a few minutes of relief from the responsibilities of being a dad and all the life obligations.
However, one quick question—- can a person somehow get the sausage to stop, pause, slow or otherwise improve the timing and movement of the sausage?? Otherwise, I want to state that the game appears to be as great. And I want to offer a big thanks to the oddballs sitting around thinking up this one— it really gives me a laugh and allows me to complete mental relaxation when I play. Ⓜ️


Amazing content but...

But my best it 23 all because the little things that go round and round and I think they are called spinners and It is VERY addicting and i LOVE it and sometimes i get the enlarge and first i thought it was a bonus but then me and the spinner reunite and he said i will kill you and i say no you will not and i get the enlarge and I'm like now you won't and i realize that I'm Sooo big that it has to kill me and I'm like nooooooooooooo and I was at 21 points and I was soooooooo mad but it is probably one of the most addicting games I have ever played also dile down on the adds BC I typically ok with the whole every time you die you get a add BC that's how all make money💲and I respect that but when my friend Lala (lele) plays it she can't stand the adds so just like every so often through an add in there please. 💗



Why I hate it

I gave it a 2 star because when you stop running you like umm walk slow and sometimes you die and I don’t like when that happens and I always stay in level 100 because it keeps on killing me it is fun but like they could add changes and make it a little bit funer and a little easier and I aprisiats the persons who made the game because they try to make it really fun for the other kids and they think it’s really fun but I gave it a two.

All the other kids love so much they like the game and I think that they love unlocking new characters like I love to do to but I erased it because it got boring because the only thing you do is play to win and your tryin not get killled:(

The other people like it but I gave it a two thx for making a wonderful game that other kids will like:)💐🌷🌹🌺

The other kids like it but give it a little change for the other kids couldf jgtsjvjdhbifyv like it more and me.

For example I will give you one change or a lot more every time you win or go to another level you could give them the worst character but then when you are at a high level you could give them the best character I have another example when they die you can give them a second try and first they need to wach a video and try again and when they die you can take away one of there characters.

And also this is a great game for other people and one day If you guys change it I will like it and give it a five star:)thx.



Overall, this game is great. It’s slightly addictive but I think one thing is missing. On the achievements to get new skins, it says “Revive 10 times” or whatever. I see no where on the screen when I die to revive myself. I don’t know if I’m missing something or not. I play this game often, but since I cannot revive myself, I don’t feel the need to get any other skins and waste my coins. I would recommend this game to someone who doesn’t care about revives and wants a challenge and not to cheat (not sure if that’s the right word because reviving is part of most games so it’s just an example). The reason I give it 4 stars instead of five is the revive thing. Again, this game is great and I love it still so I don’t think I’ll be deleting it anytime soon. Whoever reads this, I hope you have a great day! 🤗


Great Game People 🤨

This game was recommended to me by multiple friends… and when I tried it I LOVED IT. I do think that it may be a little on the violent side when you choose certain skins( such as granny or cannibal) but that is merely my opinion and the rating is very fair. It was fun to see that you can buy so many costumes and then different types of links AND EVEN MORE it’s fun addicting and well rated and the adds are fairly limited to a appropriate for kids variety. A lot of people are saying things about lags or to many addS. These things are problems but you won’t have both issues given the lag is when an add is about to pop up but your connection is too slow or you click on something way too quickly. ITS A GREAT GAME PEOPLE DON’T TALK ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YA HATERS and for those of you listening to them just don’t there being fools


Too Many Ads

I like the style of the game. It really makes you pay attention. The beginning levels are short and fun, but frankly, I didn’t get any further. Not because it gets unbearably hard, but because I get an advertisement every three or so times I die, and in this game, you die a lot. Even if I completed a level and clicked “next level,” I would get an advertisement. Also, if I clicked “try again” after I died, I would get an ad. With most of the ads, I would get a second ad right after the first one. I then was offered a $1.99 (if I remember the price correctly) deal. If I paid, I got a different hotdog skin, some coins that I haven’t even figured out what they’re for yet since I’m so early in the game, and no ads. I can’t tell if the game is even fun enough to be worth my money. So I deleted RunSausageRun .
Thanks for the fun idea, but sorry, these amounts of ads aren’t for me. I came to play a game, not watch Super Bowl commercials.



This is an amazing game. There are some glitches and it definitely needs some work but overall it’s an amazing game but it should have some challenges so you have something to work for. It’s a fun game and it’s really addictive. Some of the glitches I’ve experienced, I watched a video for a revive and the game didn’t stop so my character died, if you become the blutweirst and play 1 round then change to the 3rd character he goes slower than he should, and the characters which you have to pass obstacles don’t work I pass WAY more than 30 and it says I passed 5 also then need to add more characters and skins. After you get all the things you can get it becomes a little boring. And I’m only saying these things so that they can give an update to change it. It’s an AMAZING game though. Also calm down on the adds


I love this game but a few problems

Don’t get me wrong I love this game but the reason why I gave it three stars is because every single time I go to enter the game it brings up that thing where is says choose an avatar or a Nick name and it drives me crazy. The others reason why I gave this game three stars is because whenever you let go of the sausage man to let the obstacle go buy he doesn’t stop he just slows down and keeps going for every other game like this that I’ve had whenever I let go it stopped it didn’t slowly keep going anyways my point is that when you let go of the sausage man he is supposed to stop because one time when I was running I came to the obstacle that had the saw coming up and down and when the saw came down i let go of the sausage man but he didn’t stop and the saw cut me and that’s happened to me multiple times now and it’s really annoying me so please fix this game.


My problems

I, do enjoy this platform and the thought and animations that I can tell went into this game, but a few minor issues need to be discussed.
It could perhaps just simply be myself with this problem, but it tends to often lag and/or freeze multiple times while playing. While having it be a somewhat like dodging obstacles game, lagging is for sure something you don’t want to have a problem with, as it will result with dying.
Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned is, it’s quite violent. It’s bloody and somewhat disturbing and putting unwanted images in a persons mind for days or, maybe, even weeks. I must say, when my cousin watched me die, she screamed in complete terror. This is a major violency issue.
Thank you for your time.


Ramsay Bolton approved

After seeing multiple ads for this game on other tappy-tap games, I finally broke down and downloaded it. I went in honestly expecting this to be another lame game, but little did I know was in for a surprise. I’ve been playing non-stop for 3 days now, and it’s not just me that’s enjoyed it - my husband, kids and close friends have now joined in on this fun. It’s both hilarious and addicting, the costumes are perfect, and I like that it actually offers a bit of a challenge.

My only complaint is that sometimes I’ll be past the dicer but it will still kill me despite being nowhere near it. That’s the wurst. Other than that no complaints, just hours of entertainment.

10/10, would download again.

Is Run Sausage Run Safe?

Yes. Run Sausage Run! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 58,180 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Run Sausage Run Is 48.1/100.

Is Run Sausage Run Legit?

Yes. Run Sausage Run! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,180 Run Sausage Run! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Run Sausage Run Is 98.2/100..

Is Run Sausage Run! not working?

Run Sausage Run! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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