Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Reviews

Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-09

Awaken your inner Jedi with Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges, a smartphone-powered
Star Wars™ augmented reality experience. This app requires the Star Wars:
Jedi Challenges gear. With the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, lightsaber controller,
and tracking beacon, you’ll begin your quest to become...

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Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Reviews

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    Impressive.... Most Impressive

    Excellent app! I have been playing it since its first edition and is truly a Star Wars fan’s dream come true. I have played through all of the lightsaber, combat, and holochess levels, as well as the expansions created for the games, and they are all a lot of fun. That said, I do feel that with each update, the quality of the lightsaber battles and run speed (for my aging iPhone 6s) deteriorates, and I wish there was more in-game content such as General Grievous and the Emperor (or characters that require more advanced types of fighting). Also, I would like to see multiplayer strategic combat and holochess, as well as a switch back to the original critical-strike symbols during lightsaber combat (rather than the thick, yellow strike symbols). In spite of several gameplay bugs, Jedi Challenges is by far the best video game I have ever played, and I would recommend it to any Star Wars fan who has always dreamed of becoming a Jedi Master or fighting Darth Vader in your living room!

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    Really fun, but could be better

    I really love this game and would totally recommend it to any Star Wars fan but some things on the strategy levels could be changed. The first thing is, there should be a timer for how long you need to defend the objective. It gets really frustrating not knowing how much longer I need to go before I win the simulation. Second, drop the intro after the first attempt at the level. It gets annoying listening to it over and over again, even though I know what the objective is. Some stuff be changed on the dueling would be to make the lightsaber blade not un-align every 30 seconds. Also, there needs to be another set of levels with battle droids. The boss could be Count Doku and I feel that this should have been of the original bosses before any updates. Again this game is nearly perfect but a few things could be changed to make it better

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    From a PE Teacher

    Wow. This game is an amazing experience. Never have I ever seen so many people in a room say, “I’ve never liked Star Wars, but that is cool and I want to try it!” This game is an amazing way for a PE teacher to develop technology based lessons. I would like to see the availability for Screen Mirroring this application. The only reason it would be unavailable is if the developers (you) selected it to be this way. I understand you intend for the game to be enjoyed through AR but it makes it difficult to justify purchasing even one headset for a PE class if I cannot display it to all students. This also makes showing it to other educators difficult; I agree that people need to see it through a headset to truly experience it but this is not always possible. In short, please rethink not allowing Screen Mirroring. Next, lightsaber movement reaction time could use a tweak. The more advanced a player gets the faster opponents attack, and sometimes the physical saber outpaces the virtual saber. This makes the final battle extremely frustrating. This may be unfixable, but if it is that would be great. Finally, I love the variety offered in the game, including the FREE update after The Last Jedi came out. The game is still worth hours of fun after owning it since launch, and I hope I can use it even more in the future to push for physical education.

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    Awesome! But..

    This game is super cool, and the tech was probably the best $50 I’ve ever spent. It’s an awesome app and one of the coolest Star Wars games to play, but are you guys going to update the app or maybe have a link on your website that updates the controller through its charge port? It’s fun until you get further in, and at that point it’s not skill or the game concept that’s the issue, it’s the tracking. It would be really really cool if you guys could make that more accurate whether it’s the lightsaber going wonky out of the hilt or the headset not recognizing that you’ve “dodged” in a direction on time. I appreciate that there is a calibration button on the controller, but I have to push it all of the time and it just makes the more challenging and fun parts of the game a little sour. Great job though! It’s a cool game. Also, I have an iPhone X so I thought it would be a lot more consistent.

  • By

    iOS X owners - Figured out the problem, need the update

    I just got an XR recently and couldn't get the game to move past the sound screen. I received less than helpful guys need a front and center ‘contact us’ email link or phone number or something. The reason why the app wasn’t working is because; They haven’t adjusted the screen properly for the iPhone 10 yet. If you click farther to the right on the screen then certain buttons are clickable. HOWEVER, the screen doesn’t adjust properly so it’s too far left and it messes up the calibration and your vision. Still loved playing it, buuut a bit crossed-eyed.. Please make the adjustment. I’d love to give the game 5 star again. Update: 9/5/19 I appreciate the feedback that the developers are working to make the iPhone 10 adaptable to the game. If my comment got them to figure the issue out throw me some bones 👍🏼 :P. The only reason I’m posting an update is because the link you guys post is very unhelpful. The ‘click here for more information’ link sends you to a page that says it’s now published by zynga. And the rest of the links are just FAQs that are generic problems. PLEASE have your developers install a ‘contact us’ link for direct and specific complaints. Giving 4 stars until the fixes then back to 5.

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    Amazing for the casual gamer, flawed for the competitive gamer

    Amazing game and technology...when it works. Too often times in the middle of a lightsaber duel or while blocking blaster shots, enemies suddenly shift about four feet into the air, and I’m left looking at their feet. The lightsaber also misaligns extremely often during faster fights, such as the archivist or the praetorian guards. I find myself having to correct the alignment every 5 to 10 seconds. There are also times when the saber blade is perfectly aligned to block, but the opponent swipes clean through it. This makes duels extremely frustrating if you’re playing for the achievements. Overall, a fun game that’s worth the cost only if you truly have disposable income. Otherwise, for budgeting gamers, it’s not worth the price tag, at least not until more updates or new apps come out for the headset. Great for casual gamers but extremely unreliable and unresponsive for competitive gamers.

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    First time review after 10 mins

    The app works as intended. I use my iPhone SE and there are no problems. Battery use is fine with Bluetooth enabled. Instructions are easy to follow to sync devices. After playing 10 mins I had to stop because......and this is where I feel is an issue.... the small metal rod popped out as I was adjust the top Velcro strap. I was lucky to find it on the floor when my foot stepped on top of it. The rod will pop back into place because both ends are retractable. You see, the visor is front heavy. So to make sure it’s a nice snug fit, you’ll need to adjust three Velcro straps... Main strap for top of head/scalp and two straps, one for your left and right side of your head... When I was adjusting the headset I pulled the top strap tighter because the visor is front heavy... and don’t forget your phone has weight as well. This is where I feel the experience can become a hassle. I’m lucky with how small IPhone SE is... but chances are many will use their big phones and you’ll experience fitting issues... So that’s pretty much about it. There’s plenty of content to play on the app. If you’re a Star Wars fan like me, you’ll love it regardless. Its a 4 out of 5 for me. Thanks for your time reading this review.

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    A dream from childhood

    This is exactly what I have been wanting from VR, the experience of a lightsaber, VR chess and getting positively tired from gaming so much, I collapsed on the couch. I gave 5* on the overall experience, this is a game that still needs rework of some of the UI aspects such as system menus, replay options (like re-train or an auto-fill fast reference card, as an example, with the excitement, I forgot how to use the Force to push, and I could not, for the life of me, find a FRC or a re-train option or re-play on the menu) Audio 3D is well made with standard headphones, and I enjoyed the Battlefield challenges. Definitely looking forward to fixes and of course team playing on a cooperative mode, not just fighting friends.

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    Awesomely fun!!

    I’ve seen that there are a number of not so good reviews of this game. I think they are wrong. I find this game challenging and fun to play. Each level adds difficulty and makes you work harder at strategy and physical abilities (yes, you will get a bit of a workout). Some have complained about the graphics and the VR lightsaber isn’t exactly in line with the one you are holding, but good heavens. You are in lightsaber battles with the likes of Darth Vader! Come on! That’s cool! And, we are really in the first real generation of VR here. It’s only going to get better. We can’t expect Battlefront 2 level graphics on VR from an iPhone...yet. 😁 I like the game a lot and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially a Star Wars fan.

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    Flaky, doesn’t pair with multiple iOS devices

    It worked once for 30min (with much delight) and then never again. Tried three different iPhones, two different iPhone models, multiple versions of iOS, many reinstalls of the software and different cables. Sent back to Lenovo for repair and it still doesn’t pair even when trying all of the above all over again. In short, flaky hardware with no clear path to a workable solution. I bought it as a birthday gift over a year ago and it sits sadly in the corner with no fix. We try again when there’s a new app release, but still no dice and more despair. Lenovo support is flat, spent almost the cost of a new headset on shipping negating the value of the warranty and still have a useless bit of kit. Very, very disappointed. Happy for others who can use it, but Jedi Challenges is an AR experience that is far, far away (for us).

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    iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Issues

    I recently switch from an iPhone 7 to the 11 Pro. I understand the the app in the App Store says that the app is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro and I am able to download the app, however I cannot launch the VR that involves using the headset because the “Launch Game” option is not shown on the iPhone 11 Pro Screen and the viewing box is not properly adjusted and formatted for the iPhone 11 Pro. The phone fits very snug in the phone tray and still fits perfectly in the headset, but I can no longer use the headset or engage in LightSaber fights, Strategic Combat, or Headset Holochess. I hope that someone from Lenovo or Apple will see this review and resolve this issue, not only for me but for all iPhone 11 Pro users who own the game set who may be experiencing the same problems as I am.

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    Basically VR

    How in the world are you guys trying to pass this on as an AR game? You need a lightsaber controller, a freaking headset, almost everything you need to have to play a VR game! AR games are for people who can’t afford all that stuff! What’s the point of having a Star Wars “AR” game If it’s just VR stuff? Please remove all this required stuff and make it a real Star Wars AR game! Above is my previous review and rating. It’s always nice to see developers directly respond to players even though they could completely go inactive and sleep soundly knowing their app will still succeed without them. The reason I did not change the rating to more is because the link the developers gave me wasn’t all that helpful. Is there any place I can contact you directly? If so, please respond and give link or email. Thanks.

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    This is a must have for any Star Wars fan.

    What an amazing integration augmented reality with a mobile device! This product did not get enough exposure during the holidays. Words can’t express how incredible this product is. The way the holographic projections appear and overlay around your real world space is incredible. Playing holo chess and getting close to the table will allow you to see the detailed creatures. These creatures will even look at you as you get close to them. You can even go around the entire chess table as if it was in your playing space. The best treat is the “tower defense” like missions that span the entire room. Jedi, storm troopers, walkers and other Star Wars character and vehicles appear right in front of you. What a treat when the tie fighters fly all around you and you must tell your troops to target and destroy! Get this bundle kit from your nearest retailer so you can see how awesome it is. My only bad thing to say, is I wish they would improve the movement of the light saber to be a bit faster. Good job on everything else! Happy user and customer!

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    Love this game but could use work

    This game is honestly cooler than I thought it would be. I like the levels of challenges and how it walks you through lightsaber dueling. I also like that there are multiple levels. There are two specific things I really wish could come in an update for the battle strategy games: 1. Skips for the intro. It’s especially annoying when I’m trying over and over again to figure out how to defeat a level and I have to hear a long intro every time. 2. Give some indication what the purpose of the battle is. I get a basic idea of “defending” something, but I’ve gone a long time in a game with no idea what I’m trying to do. I need an actual explanation rather than the generic description.

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    Good but broken

    My brother let me borrow the game after the new WOW expansion came out and I had it since then. I played a lot at the start but had to stop playing due to my body was sour. But when I played the map or duel would free roam around the room where I couldn’t play at all. It would move out of view and keep moving if I try to look at it. It happen probably 60% of the time. My other problem was the lightsaber would lag behind or sometimes the blade would be off on a 90° angle from my hilt. Then my phone will just over heat to the point that it would lock down with the overheating symbol. I recently picked it up and tried to complete the game and couldn’t. The game got worse. The map would be moving around 90% of the time now and the blade would lag so far behind that I can’t block most of the time. When I can block the opponents attack would go tight through my block. Also my phone would over heat a lot more. Lot of these problems could be fixed if the headset did some work in either cooling the phone down or do some processing work. Also it have an extra sensor for the mapping. The game is great when it works. The strategy part is fun. The duels are amazing. The holochess is interesting.

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Is Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Safe?

Yes. Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,037 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Is 84.2/100.

Is Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Legit?

Yes. Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,037 Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges Is 84.2/100.

Is Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges not working?

Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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