InboxDollars Surveys Reviews

InboxDollars Surveys Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

Earn cash for sharing your opinion and completing surveys. Join the millions of
InboxDollars members who have earned over $59 million in cash to
date. Companies and brands want your opinion and we will pay you cash for it.
You'll earn real money for surveys you can take every day. Chec...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

InboxDollars Surveys Reviews

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    No Brains=No Pay 🤣

    I couldn’t help but laugh while scrolling through the reviews and reading people’s idiotic rants about being “scammed” by InboxDollars. Clearly, if you don’t have much common sense, then for your sanity’s sake just stay away from this earning platform. Because #1: You get to the minimum amount and yes, it charges $3 to cash out unless you go to $40. 🤷🏻‍♂️ They immediately get you started back towards earning $30 by putting that $3 back to your account. And it’s actually pretty smart and helpful if you have the brains to think it through. Also...surveys are NOT what this platform is all about...I don’t even look at the surveys...but I cash out about $50-$70 almost every single Sunday so I get about a $50-$70 deposit into my PayPal account almost every single Wednesday. And it’s not a platform that I have to be on religiously just to try to nickel and dime my way to even $1...I work InboxDollars for MAYBE 30 minutes total throughout the’s literally the EASIEST, and MOST fair-paying platform that’s out there. And I should know...I’m on an embarrassingly large number of sites and apps that DO take weeks to get the balance up to $2-3. Either cancel your account, or research how to create a solid passive income on the platform. I wish I had a way to teach people and charge even just $5 for my wisdom and brains. DEAR INBOXDOLLARS, THANK YOU for providing this opportunity for me to earn on your website and app. -BigBrains 🤣

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    Short and sweet

    I have cashed out $30 once about 4 years ago. I have since tried to complete surveys so I can get another check and it’s like you never qualify, oh but they ask you tons of questions before they tell you you don’t qualify. Seem to me whether you qualify or not you still take a survey and should be credited for being inconvinced even momentarily. Don’t let me get started on the spin to win, more like a spin to lose because you never win, you only waist your time. This company needs to change things they are doing, because the same people they turn away are the same people that will bring them business but they are too busy trying to shake people out of .25. I don’t think I ever qualified for a 3 min survey and surprisingly I never qualify for them even before a single question gets asked, so why do those surveys keep popping up in my que if your going to tell me I don’t qualify even before a question is asked. I’m going to be honest and say no. Do not waist your time. If you have started another session like me and have earned a little bit of cash I don’t blame you to see it through and keep going until you cash out because I am and you should, you earned whatever cash you have coming to you even though it may be small, but my advice is once you cash out do not continue, try to move on and search for a company who actually values your time, your opinions and your feedback. Ok maybe not so short and sweet. 😅

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    Okay so first it was alright and I thought I was actually going to make it to $30 even though they give such horrible payout like 45 minutes for .25¢ but that’s beside the point. After I finally made it there, I decided I didn’t want the $3 fee that they charge when I try to cash out so I did the offer that they had which was to make it to $40 in the next 30 days. So finally after painstaking going through 25¢ survey by 25¢ survey I finally make it to $40. Now every time I try and go to another survey or click the cash out button, a screen pops up and says I need mobile phone verification. I was a little confused since I had never seen this page in my many months of using this scamming website, but I entered in my phone number and they said it was invalid. I was so angry. However, what made it worse was that underneath the box to enter in your phone number, it says ‘Need help with this process?’ and I click it. The site then proceeds to tell me that my phone number didn’t work because it’s NOT MINE..? because ITS NOT A US NUMBER?? because IM NOT PUTTING IN A MOBILE NUMBER...? because MY NUMBER ISNT FROM A PROVIDER??? All of this is major bs because my number is my own, from the US, issued by TMobile, and it’s my iphone number.... Clearly InboxDollars is running out of money or something because I’m not getting paid for the hours I spent on this scamming app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! YOU WILL BE SCAMMED!

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    Waste of time

    Initially, payouts look ok. I got up to $15 ish fairly quick. Then, the actual opportunities of any value drop off. I’m sure the $30 min payout was put in place to be a frustration for most users so IBD can keep the funds once the user abandons the company. Pure scam. Sure, you can make money on the surveys... that is if you like working for less than a dollar an hour. And, that is if the survey doesn’t reject you mid way through after they get the info they need. And the “Billy’s Sit and Spin” chances are supposed to be a consolation for wasting 15 minutes of time on a survey that then disqualified me for for demographics they should have been able to pull from my profile before I started the survey? Then there are the pure bogus surveys like “The Big Buck” survey that’s designed to get as much personal information they can about you so they can spam you blind.... or the “Free 25 gift card” type surveys... 25 what is the question? Pure scam is the answer. How companies like this manage to stay afloat is beyond me. And I should add, there are offers that may be legit where you get a couple bucks back for signing up for a service or buying something... although the cash back here is horrendous in comparison to other places. Quit telling people they are “earning cash” on a rebate! If I spend $10 and get $1 back, I didn’t earn $1.... I spent $9. SMH.

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    Where do I start?! First of all, I'm rarely qualified to actually do the money making survey after I have to go through a survey of questions to see if I am eligible. Also, the surveys rewards are so minimal that it would take forever in order to reach the first $20 threshold and actually make money. Another thing, and it's a problem Ive had when trying to complete money making surveys. After spending 20 minutes completing a survey and when it comes to the end it keeps loading and loading until I finally have to cross out the app and start over and of course I wasn't rewarded for finishing!! Another thing is it will freeze up at the end. And don't get me started about all the crap the surveys lead you into! They want you to complete silver, gold, etc. offers in order to qualify for whatever gift card they're dangling in your face for the last freakin 20 mins. All the silver, gold, etc. offers all cost money even if it's free you're charged for shipping which means giving your credit card info, and then the "free" items within the offers sign you and your bank account up to be charged the full price of the product every month after that, unless you cancel which is easily forgotten to do. This app is shady and worthless. You can have that $5 and some change in my account back

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    Not so awful

    The app is not bad, as many people say. The wheel is pretty useless as you tend to get the same stuff- scratch and win progress, or a no win. Now and again I’ll get .05 cents. Scratch and win, in turn, is okay. You usually tend to win, but it isn’t a lot- it’s nice to add onto your amount, and every time you enter a survey you get progress. The most frustrating thing about this system is that you’ll select a survey, get 5-10 min in, then be disqualified by a dumb question that they very easily could’ve asked right off the bat. I get surveyors are looking for a specific pool of people, but the time-wasting and hoping that you’ll be able to complete the survey is the most annoying part. That being said, it’s been about a month and I have around $35- so not bad. Could be worse, could be better.

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    Please be more considerate of others time. Need more payout.

    I have been playing inboxdollars since last year. I have checked out only (4) times since playing. However the surveys that this sites are offering is horrible and is abusing people time, they make you answer a bunch of classification questions for 5-10 minutes or more and at the end of it they disconnect you. Also there’s many surveys that I completed with honesty and consuming a significant amount of time and when I finished and submit my survey they said I’m not qualified and doesn’t pay me. This is very upsetting and abusing. What’s the point in having a survey site & app when you don’t qualify for all the surveys you guys need a better system than that cause no one wants to spend hours just answering classification questions and doesn’t earn anything from it. I’m a stay home mom trying to earn a little something for my self, please be aware of others time we have kids and family too that we need to attend to. Surveys should be paid more money depends on the time spent, also there’s Surveys’s 50minutes for 25c. That’s completely crazy. Please inboxdollars you Guys need to do something about this, it’s not worth playing if you spend hours and don’t make anything. Thanks.

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    Unbelievable Scam

    Any review giving this app more than 1 star has to do with receiving an incentive for providing positive feedback. This company is absolute garbage. You have to wait until you gather $30 in your account before you can cash out, which is almost impossible. The surveys crash or disqualify you half way. You spend 20-30 minutes just trying to earn 25 cents. If you complete an offer, the reward doesn’t credit properly. I had to open a case, which took months to resolve. I kept providing the order confirmation number, screenshots, emails, etc to get my promised reward for completing an offer. The representatives always had a new reason why I couldn’t be rewarded. In the end, my account ended up being banned because the name on my email address was different than the one used to complete the offer. I used my real name in the offer, but my email address name when corresponding with Inbox Dollars was different. When I changed it to have everything match and prove it was the same person, they banned me, didn’t credit the money I earned from the offer, and took away all the money I accumulated in total. They clearly will do what they can to pay out as few checks as possible. What a huge waste of time, and an utter scam.

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    Truthfully they don’t deserve a single star. Do NOT waste your time with this stupid app. I worked very hard just to make it to thirty dollars to cash out (who makes you wait until $30 to cash out?) just to have my account REMOVED for “violating the terms and conditions.” How did I violate it you might ask? Apparently you are not allowed to have “duplicate accounts.” The “duplicate” accounts that they speak of are my elderly family members who do not use the computer so not realizing it would be an issue, I allowed them to use my email. They live with me so naturally they have the same address as me. After reaching out to stupid Lisa, she informed me that I violated the terms and conditions and had nerve to tell me that I essentially should have read the terms and conditions. I’m sorry... does ANYONE in their right mind go through and read the entire terms and conditions? I didn’t think so, but okay! If it was such a big deal, they should’ve flagged the accounts right away instead of having me spend my money and waste my time trying to make a lousy $30 bucks! Biggest joke I’ve ever seen in my life. Guess what? All I worked for, GONE. Completely deleted my account. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

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    If I could give 0 stars I would

    The time you waste answering the same questions over and over before The survey starts is wasted time . Once you get past that point if you answer a question 10 minutes into a 6 minute survey and the answer is not related to the info you get to spin the wheel . Spins the wheel 10-20 times a day max allowed per day After that your wasting your time . Or the survey locks up 15-20 mins into it or you have to take one more survey after the survey you finished to complete the last survey .$6.50 after 4-6 hours of surveys . $5 was a sign up bonus , you make more collecting cans you drink from and saving them and turning them in and not have to waste time charging you phone paying power bill to get paid less by doing surveys on your phone . Kinda the same mining crypto coins now . Be good if you have no job lots of free time , free power and someone pays you phone bill . This is the perfect app for you to make a few bucks a month once you hit $30 . Then you prolly need a PayPal account and will get charged $3 in fees . I never made it that far and probably never will . I lost 4-6 hours of my life and am never get it back

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    Easy Money 💵

    It does take awhile to reach the cash out mark of $30. Surveys tend to be about $0.25 and take around 8-12 mins. You’ll see surveys up to $1 or $2 but those tend to be harder to qualify for. There are other ways to earn; such as watching videos, scratching lottery tickets, making searches, and playing games. I’d say it takes about a month to cash out if you spend 30-45 mins a day on the app. I would recommend it to anybody because you can make some easy money off your phone. You have to be patient if you want to reach the cash out mark. There are a few issues such as the spin & win being a little buggy and not qualifying for certain surveys. The online version has more features for earning towards your goal. I would like to see the app version include these features, it would greatly improve the app.

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    I was excited when I saw inbox dollars app because I remembered using it years ago and making money off of it on my laptop (before apps were so popular). But on the phone app I never get any credit for reading the Emails despite having made sure I confirmed my email address. And even when I feel willing to spend 40 minutes taking a survey for a quarter I’ve had many occasions where I’ve ended up several questions and minutes into a survey - after passing the supposed prequalification - to still suddenly be told I don’t qualify which after this happens a couple times in a row feels like a colossal waste of time. Wish they would get their old groove back. I’ve tried many a survey, spun the wheel, clicked many confirmed emails and even watched the inbox dollars TV things for credit and so far I’ve only gotten an occasional survey credit, 1 spin for a quarter so am up to about $8.35 including the five dollar bonus. Will probably beat my head against the wall to try to get out to the cash out amount and then I’m done with this app if it doesn’t change

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    Complete waste of your time

    I’m not sure if this is a system bug or just a poor design; I have a list of “available” surveys that show up on my home page, half the time when I click on them I am told immediately that I am not eligible for the survey (why list it in the first place unless the intent is to get the user’s hopes up just to let them down?), 25% of the time I get through 5 minutes of taking a survey and then I’m told I’m not eligible for the survey. The only ones I’ve been “eligible” for are the ones that take 20+ minutes and are worth $0.25. The ones that are “5 minutes for $3” are likely fake and only there to get users to continue using the app on the hopes they will get one of these phantom surveys some day. I’ve spent roughly 4 hours taking/trying to take surveys and have collected $2. So at $0.50 an hour (that’s basically the wage people made in the early 1900’s), it’s a waste of time. And the $5 sign up bonus incentive isn’t much help, you can’t cash in until you’ve collected $35 so I would have to spend 60 hours (making 50 cents an hour) taking surveys.

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    Not really worth it

    The app needs work. First, about 75% of the surveys you take you must qualify for. So you could fill out a bunch of questions, up to like ten, before the real survey even starts. Sometimes I’m near a completion of a survey and it would stick or freeze so I’d have to opt out and restart the entire thing over ( if the survey is still there when I refresh the main screen). The time I wasted filling out a survey is forever gone and I get nothing for it. The billy-spin mini game isn’t really a mini game. You get the same token a majority of the time to fill up a bar to earn scratch offs. The bar takes its own time to fill regardless of how many tokens you earn. In my opinion, it’s a sham and not really worth it. Been doing this for almost six months now and still haven’t reached $15. Some surveys I’d click on and automatically I won’t qualify for it. I won’t even complain if they didn’t make it so difficult to earn 25cents for an estimated 20 minute survey, which I must qualify, in order to take.

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    Don’t waste your time!!!! Horrible app!!!

    I managed to accumulate $24 over a 5 month period so needless to say it’s tedious trying to get to $30 in order to cash out.. A lot of these surveys require you to enter or answer personal questions only to be told you didn’t qualify, so you waste 5-10 minutes answering all these personal questions to then be told sorry you didn’t qualify and you get nothing.. Another issue is some surveys are ridiculously long, there was a 33min survey with only a .25 cent payout.. really?? 30 minutes of personal information for a measly quarter?? No thanks.. and be very very mindful of fine print.. I very naively rushed passed small print and did not realize huge majority of them involved giving 3rd parties permission to contact me so now I get at least 3-5 Robo-calls daily!! And last but not least the biggest scam is the so called “easy way” to get gift card if you take the “Big Bucks” survey.. total BS!!! It requires you to purchase something and even if you do you still don’t get it... So do yourself a favor and DO NOT download this app

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Is InboxDollars Surveys Safe?

No. InboxDollars Surveys does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 137,692 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for InboxDollars Surveys Is 14.9/100.

Is InboxDollars Surveys Legit?

No. InboxDollars Surveys does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 137,692 InboxDollars Surveys User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for InboxDollars Surveys Is 14.9/100.

Is InboxDollars Surveys not working?

InboxDollars Surveys works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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