Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game Reviews

Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Discover the most relaxing mix of classic mahjong and new puzzles and enjoy over
3000 fun layouts in a fantastic journey around the globe! If you love puzzle,
strategy, memory, and brain training challenges, you’ll love Majong! The
innovative new version of Mahjong Solitaire. Explore t...

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Reviews (21)


Had to pipe in

Hello! I have been playing this game for a few years now. I hadn’t known what to say until I just happened to see negative reviews, and felt obligated to respond. 1. This game is an amazing workout for your brain IF you don’t rely on the shuffles and boosts. If you’re lazy and want simple wins, then yep, you’re going to run out of freebies pretty quick. 2. For those with an inkling, those shuffles and boosts should be hoarded for when you just can’t beat a level, NOT when you want a quick, easy win. (Matter of fact, don’t play this game if that’s what you’re about. You will quickly become frustrated.) 3. Mah Jong is a puzzle. It’s not supposed to be easy. Developers, this game is my bedtime ritual. Thank you for so many contented hours, not to mention the brain exercise.


Fun But Expensive

First off, the game itself is pretty fun. I was hooked from the start. I went over a month of playing without spending money. I kept collecting coins that I barely used. It was when I got to the harder levels that I ran into trouble. I kept having to use my coins on shuffles. I ran out of coins pretty quickly. I decided to pay just $3 to open my piggy bank. That didn’t last long. I then decided to do a cheap day trip bundle. I ran out of that pretty quickly as well. I eventually got a point where I couldn’t move forward without doing shuffles, which I didn’t have enough coins for. I think it’s worth it to spend a few dollars every so often if you really enjoy an app, but I didn’t want to spend all my money on this game. At the very least, I think they should lower the number of coins you need for a shuffle. The first shuffle is 90 coins, and then it costs more if you have to shuffle more to beat a level. That eats up the coins you earn very quickly. I eventually found a different Mahjong game that doesn’t have in-app purchases. I’m kinda sad to leave this game because I really liked it. It’s just too pricey.


Started out great!

This game was a blast! At first. Until the day I decided to purchase their city pass and there was a glitch in MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame that made it as if I hadn’t purchased anything. Ok, I get it, things happen. Should be easy to just reach out to the developer to fix and I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to correct this. Lol. Nope! Send a screen shot of your purchase. Ok. Done! Oh, we ‘recommend’ that you reach back out when the purchase is no longer pending. Lol. Ok. Now I’m getting irritated. Don’t tell me what you recommend. Tell me what your policy is. Anyways, at this point the even is almost over and I’ve asked for a refund and yes, sent a screen shot of the complete purchase that they “recommend” since I’m apparently a criminal. Lol. I’m not going to battle them over $7.57 but I would like to warn everyone to not be tempted to make any purchases. If MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame glitches, you’re screwed out of your money. And it will be a pain to recoup. If you’re prepared and have disposable income, more power to ya! Also, their “online support” is slower than molasses and you don’t get any notifications when they respond. You just have to leave MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame open, go to info and leave that screw open all day as if you have nothing better to do with your time. Good luck!


I thought it would be GREAT

I played this for 2 weeks now, and I was having a lot of fun until I started to get to the harder levels. Now I don’t mind hard levels, but when you’re dying at the same level and using up all your lives and boosters like shuffles and bombs, repeatedly, it gets frustrating and stupid. There are daily challenges you can do to earn such things as money and boosters, those were great, however if you want different tiles you play a game and more than likely you will loose because that’s how they planned it. Then you have to go back at each level to find all the souvenirs and you can’t advance unless you get them all after you win each level and most of the time, at the end of a level you won, they give you something other than a souvenir so you HAVE to go back and keep trying for that souvenir!! It got boring and frustrating and that also comes into play in their tournaments! You can’t keep gaining in tournaments unless you get all the souvenirs! It’s so stupid! I ended up deleting it due to constantly loosing lives and all my coins trying to beat levels in New York. I hope they change a few things.


Usually great…

I love this game! But since the latest update, I’ve been encountering some issues. 1. On the day of the update, I had purchased 24 hours of lives with in-game coins. When I updated MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame (because I tend to be careless and just hit “update all” because why not?), I lost the rest of the time that I had. I realize this is partially my fault, I should’ve thought ahead, but this was extremely frustrating. 2. Lately, I’ve been having issues with the lives. I’ll go hours, like overnight, without playing, and when I open MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame , sometimes it’ll say I either have 0 or 4 lives, and the timer for a new life will start. It’s especially irritating when it says 0, as I’ve waited all this time to play and now I have to wait even more. This never used to be a problem for me. 3. I’ve also had issues with the videos for lives. Lately when I’ve tapped on it, it says something along the lines of “a video is available every 30 minutes”, despite me not having watched a video in the past 30 minutes. Also, I just watched a video, as I had 2 minutes before my next life and I figured that by the time I watched the video and played the round with the free life, my next one would be ready, and when I finished the video, the timer had started over! This didn’t used to happen before either, and it’s disappointing, as I enjoy playing and would like to receive my lives when I’m supposed to. Other than these new issues, it’s a great game!


Too Expensive and no customer support

I, too, loved this game in the beginning but I wanted to move along so I would do the piggy bank but then I moved on to the gold coins. They never seemed to last long either. I then noticed a problem when I didn’t get the coins from my bank but I didn’t do anything because I thought I might be wrong and figured what is $2.5O. The next time I went to purchase a day pass I was able to get through the purchase and after I got the okay that the purchase went through, I was bumped out of the game. I checked my purchases and it went through but I never received the package I purchased.i notified Support and they told me to take a screen shot of my purchases, which I did and sent to them. I have heard from no one and it has been 5 days. I have reached out to them again and again but I am being ignored. I just wanted what I purchased but no longer. Now I want my money back. I am going to delete this game as much as I like it. I don’t like feeling like I am being scammed and that is what it feels like now. Watch your purchases and make sure you are getting all of them.


Good Game When It Works

I love this game when it works. I could play it for hours. It is very challenging at times. It keeps my brain enhanced. I have been stuck on a level for over 30 days, walked away and came back and defeated it. I am on level 1086 now, that is how much I love this game! However for about a month or so, on my iPhone X and my iPad Pro 13” when Ads are shown to try to get a few coins or to go further in the game, I am encountering black screens afterwards whereas I hear the mahjong music but it doesn’t allow me to go back to the game without rebooting my iPhone or iPad. Then and only then, I maybe able to play one round and it repeats this cycle all over. I am not going to ruin thousands of dollars worth of devices for this game. I am to the point as much as I like this game, I am going to delete it and download some other manufacturers version. It’s bad enough you have to watch all of the lengthy Ads but it’s not worth it. I refuse to pay for any in app purchases. I will make sure I don’t download anymore games by them.


Really great game but...

It’s easy to get addicted to this game. The levels and varying difficulties are great. I like all of the available levels and cities. Lives are replenished quickly which is good. But....there are a couple of things that would make this game better. I don’t understand the coins system. I won 150 coins and after a few games they were almost all gone but I didn't buy anything with them. Where do the coins go? What is the purpose of them? And they don’t build up over time. It’s very random how many I have and when. Also when you get to the end of a game and there is a truly unsolvable situation like the same card on top of itself, you lose the game. Unless you use a cheat. In every other Mahjong game I’ve played you win that level. That part makes it feel like they just want you to purchase cheats or make you use the ones you have.


Worst rip off ever

I could give NO stars I would ! Not EVERY thing is in the rules or how each item works or doesn’t work! I didn’t know about the piggy bank and what ever you do DON’T shake it if it’s full btw is the only time it shows up to give an option to shake it.... the piggy bank had 400 coins and I pressed shake and I got 10 coins and lost the 390 coins ! That I could have purchased for 2.99 ! As I said things don’t explain or give you a chance to not make a choice ... so I lost my 390 coins ( I would have purchased) 🤬. So I wrote to support and they were curt and basically told me too bad so sad! So I have deleted my app and letting everyone to know NO! Don’t waste your time with MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame much better ones out there and as far as it goes Jam city is a loser !


Download at your own risk!

This has to be the most obnoxious game I have ever played in my life. It has me, a grown 40-year-old woman, throwing my phone across the room in frustration. The constant “Like us on Facebook!” ads are irritating to someone who is as strongly anti-social-media as I am. I absolutely refuse to spend my hard-earned money on a game. But apparently it is the ONLY way to advance in this game. As annoying as it is, it is horribly addictive. I cannot tell you how many times I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it again just because I couldn’t stay away for long. I have never had this kind of reaction to a game until now. There are very few opportunities to earn coins, and the 30-second ads are entirely too much. Watch one when you lose a level, and be punished with one when you win. I enjoy a good challenge, and boy is this game ever challenging! Bordering on downright impossible. I never, EVER write reviews for games but I felt compelled to write one for this one. Download at your own risk. UPDATE: I just deleted MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame again, hopefully for good.


Find a Better Mahjong App

MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame is cute and fun and I enjoy it greatly! However, it is a complete and total rip off. It’s pretty much impossible to advance without spending money, and a lot of it. I have no problem throwing a few bucks towards an app I enjoy. But this game is unreasonably expensive. It’s $4 just to unlock the bonus coins you earn! And don’t get me started on the souvenirs. If I’m paying for a game I should get more than 10 minutes of playtime, wasting five lives on one level and then still having to come back later is bull. Seriously, I’m on MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame Store today to download a different app. I’d rather purchase a game for a large amount upfront and get unlimited play rather than having to fork over $2 every time I want to actually move on. It’s a shame too, the game is a lot of fun. But every other phone game I’ve ever played got you a lot more for your money.


Fun way to keep your brain busy

This is one of the better Majong games I’ve been playing lately. It’s easy to earn coins and other extras through their daily log ins and goals. I always watch the extra ads to earn more items, and I hoard them until I absolutely can’t pass a level. The only time you “have to spend money” on this game is if you’re too impatient to let your coins build up over time. When they switched it to no timed levels, they cashed out the boosters for 90 coins each (how much it costs to get them at the end of a level), which they did NOT have to do. I was able to get 2 WEEKS of infinite lives off of all the coins I had. The tournaments are fun too. I don’t understand the negative reviews, and I’m glad I downloaded it in spite of them.


Fun game but...

So I love mahjong and I like this game with the premise of traveling through the cities etc. It is addicting to try to play to win. That said, some days it doesn’t recognize you are back so no coins for that and there’s nothing you can can play the same level for days because you can’t win without a cheat and you can’t get any cheats without winning (unless you want to spend money which is kind of silly for a game). I have deleted this once or twice out of sheer frustration that I have to watch a commercial multiple times when I lose but it doesn’t help me win at all. I am tempted to delete it again but I like the game, just not all the BS that comes with it. If there were more clear ways to help oneself win, then all the ads wouldn’t be so bothersome. But pretty much you have to watch the ads and apparently also spend money in order to get this game to really actually work.


Needs to fix many hiccups

1. When playing on an older iPad,the game is slow and many of the ads freeze up so you lose some of the “rewards”. 2. When you are playing and run out of matches the game decides if you can use a shuffle or a bomb to try and gain matches. This is often frustrating because there are many times when there are less than 10 matches left, and the “shuffle ” option is given as the only option. Because you may have already used a shuffle option you will now have to “spend” at least 120 coins to finish the game instead of 90 coins to try the “bomb”, or use give up. This decision of which option should be left to the player. 3. Often times the game appears to run slowest when there is most likely a peak number of people playing it. I almost never have problems if I play early in the day, but later, like when people are probably finished work for the day, the game is slow and frustrating.


Fun but Expensive

This is a really fun game, however, rewards are quite small and prices quite high. If you don’t finish a level — which you almost can NEVER get through — you have to pay 90 coins to “reshuffle” should you have to again, 120 coins, then 150 etc. if you don’t reshuffle, you lose all progress. I’ve bought packages and the piggy bank, the more “free” shuffles you get, the more you need them. They they are gone and your coins get drained very quickly. Rewards are generally less than 10 coins. You might kick out and win 50 or 100 on the daily spin, but that is rare. You also do not always get the items needed to advance and you have to okay over and over and over to get all of the “tickets” to move to the next section. Meanwhile this takes coins and coins and coins. The developers really should work on this. You will spend a fortune on this games pick a different one!


Can’t download

Mahjong City I played this game for a long time with all the freezing and quitting during the game so I deleted it when I could not get it to stay on screen so I could play it Now I cannot get it to download again I really liked this game can you help please it keeps on quitting I am getting very frustrated I just made a purchase I imagine I will lose that too I did get it to down load last time it would not open to play we will see what happens this time Well I was right the purchase I made last night is not there it was the $6.dollar one maybe not much to a lot of people but it is to me on a fixed income


Mahjong City Tours

Don’t play this game! Yes, it is fun and possibly addictive, but you have to spend money and lots of it to play. The makers created all these obstacles that require coins in order to advance or even to play. Also, they keep charging more for the life lines one needs in order to play or complete a level. I understand they are in it to make money, but I’d rather tolerate some ads as opposed to being milked all the time. But the thing that really changed my mind was that coins I was entitled to I was never receiving. And we’re talking thousands of coins! In over 70 games I earned over 1,000 coins. And I was at game 570 when I decided that was enough. I brought this error to their attention to correct and I never heard back from them nor did I ever receive any coins owed me. I have deleted MahjongJigsawPuzzleGame and will look for another that doesn’t require to play. They got their last nickle from me.


It’s okay

I have played Mahjong games for years, and this just isn’t what I’m used to. It starts out fun, then every other level requires you to use a shuffle, use a booster, or whatever just to get finished. Then when you finish and get to the end, you find out you have to go back and play all the levels again because your three gold stars weren’t enough, you have to collect tickets as well. I never mind paying money in a game, I just didn’t this one. The ads are long and frequent, I love a challenge, but hate games that make you use up all your extras just to pass a level, and find out that wasn’t good enough. And I hate games that makes you think you’re making so many coins, then find out it’s all in a locked piggy bank that you have to pay for to access. Like I said, I never mind spending money on a game, if it’s worth it, this just wasn’t the game for me.


Ads non-stop after 20something levels

I went up to level 20 or 21 without a single ad unless I wanted to watch one to get a present. After that, I got a notice from the game telling me that after any purchase the ads would stop and I wondered, “what ads?” And then bam- the ads started showing up before and after every single level. It’s incredibly annoying and unnecessary. I understand the need for ads and I’ve played “free to play” games before that rely on ads, putting them in here and there after a certain amount of time. But I’ve never been much for playing games where they make it a point to annoy you by making it very clear you won’t play uninterrupted for any amount of time ever again unless you buy something. That’s what this game does. Shame, because the game itself has me hooked. But will be deleting soon.


Perfect for beginners

I’d never played this game before. I wanted to see why all the old ladies at the temple get so excited. Dude. What. It’s a memory matching kid game. Match up the tiles, just make sure your tiles aren’t touching other tiles when you match them. The only annoying thing is that it’s cartoon-y and there’s some stupid coin system that NO ONE understands that makes way under zero sense. I think the “gold coins” are just for show. Anyway, it’s a matchup game but it’s hard to see which tiles are stacked sometimes. The lame cartoon part between games is annoying as hell. It’s supposed to be intuitive but isn’t. You have to click certain things to move along. Aside from the cartoon theme and coin thing, it’s really easy, mindless and relaxing.


Favorite of all times

I completely love this game. It was hard for me to find a Mahjong that wasn’t “only Mahjong” or that didn’t loose the track of Mahjong because there was a lot on the game (I downloaded one that was mahjong/finding things/overloaded story) I HAVE TO SAY This one is just perfect! It has characteristics (like daily goals, daily spin) that are normal on other games but not completely overwhelming and also keeps a clean track of levels while achieving game goals, like visiting the different travel destinations. I love the interface. I love the music doesn’t distract me. I love that they do not bang you with ads unless you loose a level or need a special boost (like Shuffle boost, or double rewards). I LOVE IT.

Is Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game Safe?

Yes. Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 230,385 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game Is 46.1/100.

Is Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game Legit?

Yes. Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 230,385 Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game Is 46.1/100.

Is Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game not working?

Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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