Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews

Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-29

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Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews

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    Jigsaw Puzzles

    I'll add my thoughts....I love jigsaw puzzles. The only problem in our house is that the hubby doesn't like to see the card table sitting out. This game takes care of that. I have had a great time getting into the swing of things....getting faster now though. Since I just upgraded I play the sound of waves and it is very relaxing. I love flowers and the color green so I make sure to have those puzzles to work on. I give this app an A plus. One more thing....I really enjoy using my own photos in a puzzle. I recently asked about sizing photos while using my own photos. My question was answered promptly and I really appreciate that. I really really love this app. So relaxing! Update: 11/17. I really appreciate this app going back to letting the player decide when to add the rest of the pieces after placing the edge pieces in the puzzle. I didn't appreciate it when one of the updates automatically added them after completing the edge pieces. Over all, I have spent many many hours of fun and relaxation with this app. By far the best of several I have tried. I have purchased a lot of puzzles but have had special enjoyment completing puzzles from my own pictures. I give this app A+. Update: December 4, 2017. I don't appreciate the newest upgrade where an instantaneous flash occurs when the correct piece is added. It is definitely annoying. I'd like to turn it off.

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    I want to update my earlier review because there have been some significant changes (some good/some bad). Most importantly praise is warranted because the puzzle hardly ever crashes anymore -- thank you! Some things I'm not so happy about are the following: (1) Trays are useless and take up valuable board space; (2) there are 2 puzzle packs that I do not want (taking up valuable data space) that have been placed in my puzzles. I cannot delete them. I will never use them and I would like to remove them. Please tell me how. (3) I want to do puzzles at my pace when I have the time. I don't want the annoying messages that tell me how many puzzles I have completed or that I need to complete more, etc. Just please allow me to utilize the game the way I want to. Maybe this is as a result of the upgrade to get rid of ads, not sure. Had I known I would be assaulted with all these messages after every puzzle completion, I would never have upgraded. The game should have a feature to turn off all annoying messages. Thank you for listening! love this puzzle app when it works. The problem is that it constantly crashes and freezes, and sometimes the screen just goes black (but ad at bottom still plays lol). I have to close the app and wait a bit then try reopening so it will reload (hopefully). Why can't these bugs be fixed? I'm not the only one complaining about them. I can't delete and reinstall because I will loose all purchased puzzle packs!

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    I love this app! I put together at least 4-5 puzzles at 100 pieces every day and it helps with my anxiety. But... The last update that I had to do to get the Monopoly challenge changed the sorting tray options, the tool bar and the background options. When using these, which takes longer now, the timer is still counting. I do not like that you can only have one sorting tray-it says SORTING tray not get the pieces off the board tray. You have to open the tool bar to move it to another area on the board. You cannot pull it down to make it square but have to have the tray at the top or bottom. Plus I just had to stop to take care of some things around the house and when I opened the puzzle back up my sorting tray, which I put the same shape pieces together was all mixed up. What is the point of having a sorting tray if you cannot sort the pieces? I have to change the background according to the colors in the puzzle to see them, especially if they are dark or the same color as the background. Before there was a forward and backward choice and now I have to go through every background to get to the one before the one I was on. And if I make a mistake and go by it I have to cycle through again. Please, please put these back like they were! They worked great like that and I do not see why you changed them. Thank you!

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    New update

    I’m not crazy about the constant pop up between every action to watch an ad for the chance to win more points. Come on guys. I LOVE my jigsaw puzzles. I’m sure you can check my purchase record. I do like how, with the last update you corrected the part of scattering ALL the pieces OUTSIDE the playing square. Something changed two updates ago. It used to be that I could open a puzzle and let it scatter...the help bar would STAY up. Then I could corner spread and lock the puzzle. Now I have to pull the help bar back up to select corner scatter AND manually reduce the puzzle so I can lock it. If I don’t, of course, I have to move it all around to see the pieces in play. The puzzle moves with almost movement of one piece. 😕. When I purchase a new puzzle package I have to scroll again and again to find it. Why can’t it just come back up in the front like it used to? Also, there have been many times that I’ve closed out to come back and discover it hasn’t saved the puzzles I’ve done in the package. When I leave one and come back to it, it can show 82% complete but totally scatter the whole thing so I have to start all over. I loved it when you started offering points with each puzzles to earn enough to buy another. The December gift pack was great! I wish you could somehow fix it so that the new daily puzzle would show up at midnight our time, instead of two in the morning. That’s probably too much to ask. Please people, fix my puzzles. 😁

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    Update is awful

    I loved playing this game until the most recent update came out. Before the update you could push a button on the puzzle settings menu that would lock the board and keep it from moving. While you can still do this with the new update, it resets every time you start a new puzzle, unlike before when it would stay that way until you changed it again. Having the board be movable is unnecessary to begin with (except for zooming in and out). The scatter function is worse than before and it moves the pieces too far out onto the edges of the board, and I have to move them back in again in order to see them. I play this game on an iPad, and even though the iPad is old, I feel like the ads on this game slow the movements down a lot more, and the pieces don’t follow your finger as well as they used to. Other than those complaints I still really like the game. I enjoy that there are free daily puzzles as well as many free puzzle packs. I also enjoy that you can earn coins with every puzzle you complete, and use those coins to “buy” new puzzle packs. I hate in-game purchases, so having the incentive to do more puzzles in order to get more puzzles is highly rewarding and less draining on my bank account. Many of these puzzle packs are not worth the money, even if they are on sale. I will continue to play this game even with its flaws. I think that it is still worth it and pretty fun to do when you want to relax while being mentally active.

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    Newest Version Doesn’t Address Old Issues

    First I want to say that I put together a puzzle with this software almost every day, so I’m very familiar with it. Unfortunately, the last update is very annoying and disappointing, and they still haven’t addressed older issues that bother an average user, namely; 1. Puzzle image is restricted to a square format; 2. Table size is too small; 3. Auto scattered pieces go nearly off the small table. Here are the issues with the newest version; 1. The overall feel is very jerky. While they may have made the play faster, it feels much more like a computer game than it used to. The smoothness of moving the pieces around is much reduced. 2. The virtual table is way too small no matter what size I set in the preferences. There needs to be more room outside of the puzzle frame to assemble pieces and develop strategy. 3. The pieces seem to violently snap into place when they get close to being correct. 4. The puzzle size is still limited to a square format. 5. Auto scattered pieces still go nearly off the table. 6. When scrolling to the side to see pieces off the playing area, the whole game snaps back too quickly. A larger virtual table may be the solution to this and some of the above issues. I almost never criticize other people’s hard work, but this version leaves a lot to be desired. I really want to give it 5 stars, but I just can’t until they fix the above issues. Please fix a few things and I’ll enthusiastically recommend this app.

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    Super Relaxing

    I truly dislike leaving reviews. I have been doing these puzzles for several years. I finally decided to leave my thoughts about this app. I love it! The app itself is easy to maneuver through. I love hat you can make a puzzle simple enough for a 3 year old or challenging enough for your veteran puzzler. I love that you can turn the ability to rotate the pieces on and off. Sometimes I only have 10 or 15 minutes to do a puzzle so I keep it fairly simple. It helps my brain relax, so I continue on with my busy, hectic day. I'm OCD, so I have to be able to finish a puzzle before I leave. The pictures are awesome. I don't like spending money in apps, but I have in this one. I can't buy a hands on puzzle for 1.99, much less get 30 that I can actually do hundreds, if not thousands of ways. I can also use my own pictures too. What I don't love about the app is that there are so many pop ups for "Sales". I generally don't buy those. I go through the store and choose the ones that I want. The only other thing that I can think of is the backgrounds. I think there needs to be more neutral, calm backgrounds, or tables. I can only use a couple, the neon, or bright red ones make it so I can't even see the puzzles. That's not a big deal, just an opinion. I'm sure they work for others out there, just not me. Overall, it's a 5 Star app!

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    A MUST OWN APP! U complete my iPad! 🤗May 2018

    I posted this and it was fixed the same day! I’d give you 10 stars if I could!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I ➖ LOVE ❤️- the flash when I’ve got the right piece! Glad you added it ... could turn it on/off in settings. My husband 🛏 💤 💤 💤 sleeping while I play, so I don’t use sound effects. Developer? Please Fix ...What happened to the names of each puzzle? Example: I bought the bundle “FAMOUS PAINTINGS” because I liked that each painting had a title. A little bit of trivia made it even more interesting. It was there when I bought it and downloaded it. Now, they’re gone. I want that feature “Name for each puzzle” back please. I use your app everyday. I give your app full approval and highly recommend it with 5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it’s perfect! No bugs, no crashes, ever! Always up to date with every new Apple update! Online or offline, I can play it anywhere and everywhere. I just ❤ my puzzle packs! Great puzzles- free and/ or to buy at great prices! New bundle sales all the time! I budget myself to one purchase a month because I have so many to open yet! ...and what a deal (frequent $ales) for the price of one puzzle I get 20 to 60 different puzzles and in every size to play over & over! It’s like buying 600 puzzles for $1.99!

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    Almost perfect!

    I’ve played 6 different puzzle apps and this one is Almost the best!There are so many beautiful and fun pictures and categories to choose from. Lots of free puzzles! I paid for the full version and have purchased one puzzle pack just because I loved all the pictures in it. There are a few more that I will buy once I complete this one. You can also download more backgrounds for free! I Love the picture preview! You can leave it on so that you can see it while working the puzzle and it is resizable and can be moved all around the playing area!! Most puzzle apps don’t do that. The only thing that this is lacking is having a tray for your puzzle pieces. There are times when I don’t want the pieces scattered. I would rather take pieces out one at a time from a scrolling tray and sort them that way like some other apps have but also still have the option to move out all pieces if you want to. A scrolling tray would make this app absolutely perfect!!! As far as how the app works, it’s great! I haven’t had any problems with glitches or things not working correctly like some of the other reviews. Please developers, make a scrolling tray to keep pieces in 🙏🏼....that would make your App the Very Best!! I would pay even more if you could keep everything else the same and add this feature!!! Then I will come back and make my rating a 5 Star App!!!

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    Made the trays optional—now do the “objectives”!

    I am totally rewriting my last 1-star reviews to reflect the fact that at last the developers have responded to the flood of complaints regarding those annoying trays, and did the logical thing of making them totally optional on the puzzle board. Thank you! I have not played at all for the last months and have not had a chance to evaluate some of the other complaints Mentioned in other folks’ reviews, so will hold off on giving more than a 3-star review. In particular, the last few times I opened the puzzle and in quickly checking out the tray update, I did notice the also-annoying “objectives” that pop up unasked for, and agree that they, too should be optional. The objective of doing puzzles is pretty clear—to enjoy the process of doing the puzzle and satisfaction of completing it. Let us set our own objectives and quit treating like little children who have come (in our modern society) to expect a gold star every time they do the least little thing correctly (and hence never learn to be self motivated to accomplish for their own sense of accomplishment). Many many reviewers say they don’t like the objectives so I hope the developers listen some more. I mean, getting a pop-up because I expanded or contracted the size of the puzzle board—come on, already!! How ridiculous is that? I have been doing that for years. Listen up, puzzle developers!

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    I enjoy doing my puzzles every day. It is truly relaxing!

    It is a disappointment that there are very few puzzles you can use accumulated points to buy. I always bought puzzles but enjoyed using points to buy puzzles when I accumulated enough. Now I do not do any of the ads or treasure chests, there is no reason to bother accumulating points any more. I do still think it is the best puzzle app. I had my own business for many years until I retired a few years ago. One of the most important thing I learned is that it is bad business to take away something you have offered good customers who are returning consistently. Instead of offering fewer puzzles for points, make a person need double the points. As an example the busiest sandwich shop not far from my business used to offer two sides with every Pannini. All of a sudden you got just the pannini, sides were extra! All my clients that used to go there were angry. He should have simply raised the price on the sandwich with the free sides! Semantics, I know, but people hate to have things taken away but they do understand prices going up! This place made so many people mad they actually went out of business. There is too much competition out there these days to offend customers.

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    Hate the newest update

    I put off updating my game (& my iOS)until it froze on the loading screen and wouldn’t load up anymore. As I hadn’t changed anything on my end that leads me to believe that somehow on your end you did something that forced me to update... maybe in the same way that other items (boxes advertising your puzzles, events and other games that you own) just magically appear in my game in between updates. You know, the boxes have a delayed button that you have to wait until it shows up before you can close it. Imagine that? Next issue. Coins that can’t be used to buy any but the oldest most awful puzzle packs. I don’t think I’d even download those if they were in the free section. Which just makes the 40k plus coins I have worthless. The puzzle pack selection that are offered for coins haven’t changed in over 6 months... probably more like 9 months. I’ve basically given up. I don’t even care to look at what you offer in the puzzle store anymore. Which brings me to the latest update, where the puzzle shrinks down really small when you get to the last puzzle piece. It’s horrible! I wear bifocals and have problems with things that flash or are too bright. This little flashing piece (that I managed to drop on top of my little bitty puzzle) is unbelievably irritating. I thought the game was pretty much perfect when I downloaded it almost 2 years ago. I don’t know how you manage, but every update makes the game a little worse. I’m really disappointed.

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    Love it,but...

    Love it...but...the main complaint I have is that when the pieces are first scattered they are flung so hard that some of them get lost on the sidelines. I would prefer that they were all just dumped in the middle so I could sort the pieces myself, into the piles I choose as I would have to do anyway. As it is, I cannot move the tray far enough (up, down, or to either side) to get some of the pieces and have to use the light bulb as many as a dozen times to find and then drag a lost piece out of hiding. I don’t recall having to do this process before: when I was playing last year. Otherwise, I absolutely love the beautiful puzzles I have purchased and was so happy to find this website again after my IPad went down last year. In addition, I was overjoyed to find that I still had the puzzles I had purchased before, some of which I dearly loved and thought were gone. With a touch of the button they were restored to me. I was happily surprised and moved that they were archived so that if I do have trouble with this IPad and have to buy another, the puzzles will still go with me to another unit. Lastly, the puzzle graphics on this website are better than another one I was going to try (but I didn’t like scrolling the pieces to find what I was looking for so I nixed that right away.

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    Puzzle fun, glitches... not so much

    NEW UPDATE: seems fixed? Too soon to tell for sure but the most recent software update seems to have fixed the bug. Fingers crossed! UPDATE: I wrote my first review earlier this week and as of this morning, the app is almost unusable... crashes about every 30-45 seconds and when I relaunch, I have to sit through another ad before accessing puzzles, which quickly crash again. I have noticed that the app never seems to crash during an ad, only during puzzle work. ORIGINAL: I love, really love, playing this puzzle when it’s working properly but on my phone it tends to freeze and shut itself down regularly. This has always been an issue and in the past, it would only happen if I switched back-and-forth between apps while the puzzle was running. Now, it seems to just happen randomly. Most of the time, it saves my work before it shuts down but sometimes it doesn’t. And when the app relaunches, you have to sit through the ads all over again. It also tends to drain the battery pretty quickly. But I love the variety of images and the myriad ways the difficulty level can be adjusted... number of pieces, rotating pieces, etc. Just need to fix the bugs!

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    GREAT Puzzles! GREAT Support!

    I look forward to these puzzles every day! Having both a free puzzle everyday and reasonably priced puzzles to purchase has made this my favorite web app! I used to purchase puzzles and take over a table in my house. No more, the puzzles go with me. I look forward to waiting at appointments so I can work the puzzles. I especially like that you can make the puzzle as difficult or easy as you want. You can increase/decrease the number of pieces and whether you want the pieces to be scattered or in their actual direction. Bottom line, you can make the puzzles personalized to your skill level. Some days, I make it difficult and some days easier. The best thing is that the developers support for the puzzles is OUTSTANDING/EXCELLENT. Recently, I had an issue and the response was extremely respectful and personalized. I feel as though the developers care about the user and want them to have a great experience. Yes, there were some issues several months ago, but these issues have been recognized and fixed. In addition, the puzzles are continuously improved based on user feedback. When a change is made you can use it or turn it off, you are not forced to change.

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