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Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Still seeing well out of your current glasses or contacts prescription, but now
it's expired? Virtual Vision Test by Warby Parker lets you renew it from home in
10 minutes using just your phone! *Pricing* - You'll only be charged if we can
renew your prescription - You’ll hear back from our doctors within 48 hours.
If the doctor renews your prescription, you’ll be charged $15 for a renewed
glasses or contacts prescriptio.

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Developer: Optimax Investments LTD.

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Mickeybaby89

Great concept, TERRIBLE execution!

I downloaded this app thinking that I could bypass going to an optometrist and spending almost $75 for an eye exam. The app basically instructs you to go onto their website and sync your phone with your computer, so that you may use your phone as a remote during the test. Sounds awesome, right?! It then instructs you to stand 11 feet away from your computer. Easy! The problem comes into play when the test starts. During the first test, I noticed that there was a bit of lag between what I was doing on my phone and what was happening on my computer, which caused me to select some things erroneously. So, I started over and just took my time to make sure that I accounted for the lag. When the second test came up, I was instructed that it needed to recalibrate the distance between my phone and my computer, which were still the same. It did this over ten times. When it finally passed this point, and started the second test, the lag was even more apparent. It also would stop in the middle of the test and make me recalibrate, even though I didn’t not move an inch from where I was standing the whole time. So, I just gave up. I’ll be going to my eye doctor soon!

By bartub

This App Needs Glasses

I got thru the questionnaire fine and was trying to set up the distance. I pointed my iPhone at the checkerboard on my laptop, kept backing up per the directions, got to a certain distance and it said “we can’t detect your screen.” I got as far as 9.2 out of 11 which I assume means number of feet away. But I was standing next to the 15’ mark of the tape measure I had on the floor next to me and somehow the app is still telling me I’m only at 9.2 (feet away) out of 11. Then it turns yellow and says “we can’t detect your screen”. Yes, maybe because you had me back up so much, I’m now in Canada. I shut off all the lights to avoid a glare. Same thing. I dimmed my laptop screen a bit. Same thing. I brightened my laptop screen a bit. Same thing. I took my iPhone case off. Same thing. I tried for 30 minutes to get it to stick. Nothing. Just me tripping over furniture in the dark. So now I need an orthopedic prescription, too.

By ajc219

Broken and useless

I've tried this thing three times and had the same error from up every time. It will say that the distance from my computer has changed (even though I haven't moved) and that it needs to reset the distance. Okay, fine, reset it then. Except it doesn't do anything from there. It just puts up a screen saying that it needs to reset the distance. No buttons to press, no instructions on how to reset the distance, and no ability to continue the tests. I kept tapping the screen trying to figure out how, exactly, one is supposed to reset the distance. Nothing happens, it just stays on that screen. The only thing you can do is to restart the app and begin the entire process all over again. I did this three times before finally giving up. Seems like a neat idea and the actual tests were easy enough to do, but this app is completely useless until they fix this issue.

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