Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Reviews

Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Find and share your top nine Instagram moments of 2020! Create your collage
with your best nine Instagram photos of 2020. Thank you for being one of
the millions of users who downloaded Top Nine. You've all posted amazing
memories and created unique gifts using your photos from Instagr...

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3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Reviews

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    Definitely NOT What It Used To Be

    Well after two days of trying to get this to work because they have millions of people trying to use it at the same time apparently, I was finally able to get it to work. But it’s a lot different than just using the website last year. This year, if you want to save your Top Nine without “TOP NINE” written across all your pictures, you have to pay to remove the watermark. But the biggest scam of all was the “Get your Top Nine Video”. Since my Top Nine turned out so crappy looking because the majority of my highest ranking posts were videos, so it only showed a blurred section of the video in the box, I decided I’d purchase the Top Nine video for $1.99. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Oh it gave me a video all right. It showed my profile icon on the front page and then all the “videos” were white blocks with the words Top Nine written on them and that’s all I got. I never got an error message and it was supposedly completed successfully. So it was a complete waste of money in my opinion. I paid $1.99 to remove the watermark so my followers could see some boxes of blurred images from their favorite videos and I paid another $1.99 for my Top Nine videos that I was never able to get. To top all of this off, the image that is saved is too big for Instagram so the top and bottom are cut off. When this used to be done on the website, it always worked great. It’s a shame that it’s such crap now. Maybe another company will come along and do it better.

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    Doesn’t work!

    I’ve never written a review for an app before but I’m so annoyed and frustrated by this app that I had to warn others! First of all, it takes a really long time for it to even load your top 9 photos. I keep getting a lame message about how “millions of people are currently using the app, so try again”. You should have anticipated the volume and prepared for it— why create this app, promote the crap out of it and then not be ready to provide the service. I was finally able to get the top 9 photo grid after 20 minutes but I paid for the video too and it downloaded with NO CONTENT. There aren’t any photos in the video — just blank white squares where there should be photos. I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to get my video but nothing. I contacted their Facebook “live support” only to get an automated message saying that they have “millions of users” they’re supporting. This is a piece of crap and I’ll be sending a complaint to Apple to get my money back!

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    iunno when the watermark got there but it wasn’t there before the first few times I used it, now that it’s the end of the year it feels like they’re just capitalizing off of it. I have to pay to remove a watermark placed on my own art? Gross practices, get off my phone. Already was really wary of the app when it would constantly ask for my email when it definitely doesn’t need it and yet would limit all “functionality” of the app unless I gave it to them. And then it takes 30 days to remove my email? It takes 24 hours at most for other companies. They’re harvesting emails for money and that’s disgusting, the “it takes a few hours to get your top nine ready so we’ll email you it instead” is such a lame and fake excuse. Do not support this company, despite the fake positive sounding text and bright colors it’s shady as hell. Ew.

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    Don’t waste your time!

    A completely useless app. You type in your Instagram account name and give your email, then you wait and it tells you you can’t get your pics and to try again later. The one time I thought it was going to open it didn’t open the app it wanted me to sign in to Instagram through the regular Internet app. For all I know they’ve stolen my data, taken over my account, and that’s why I’m waiting so long to see what my top nine are. Oh yeah, I still haven’t seen my top nine, it’s still “loading”. You’d be better off going through your own account and looking at every single picture and finding your top nine on you own. It’ll be way faster than this useless app that doesn’t work. Oh and if you want to save it without the watermark you have to pay $1.99! Don’t waste your time with this horrible app.

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    kinda worked but not really

    so I used this app for two of my accounts (my regular ig and my finsta) and it worked completely for my regular account! it told me the total number of pictures I posted in 2018 and told me my total likes and average amount of likes. but when I tried doing it for my finsta it just told me the data for my top 9 posts? it said I only posted 9 pictures on my finsta in 2018 and that’s not true (I posted like 400 haha) and it’s only telling me the amount of likes for my top 9 posts, not ALL of my posts. I’ve tried this several times, both online and through the app, and it does the same thing every time :(

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    Works but they want you to pay for the photo

    The app worked fine. It found all of my information and generated the photo collage in a few minutes. However, the photo has a watermark on it. If you want to save it without the watermark they will charge $1.99. It’s not super expensive but I don’t feel like paying for something I can go create in another app for free myself now that I know my top 9 photos from last year. And I also haven’t paid for any of the collages in the past so it’s annoying that they are charging now.

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    They’re using your info

    The app requires your email address to “send you” the single photo it needs to create. The free version has an incredibly large watermark over the entire grid that will be $2usd to remove. Then when you request to have your email removed, it states that it’ll be done in 30 days...why? Is it being done manually by one person? More likely that they can still squeeze some sales out of your email that way, even if you had the app installed for 2 min, they get to use your info for a month and the trade is an image you won’t want to use unless you pay for it.

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    I used it thinking that it was simple, I entered my Instagram and said they could look at my account. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE FOOL YOU! They’ll ask to manage your account and now I get locked out of my Instagram every day for the past 3 days and today. I have to reset my password everyday. Do NOT let these people take control of your Instagram. You can ask them to forget your info but I could take up to 30 days! Be careful people and do not use this app! I may have to restart my whole Instagram account now, deleting posts and starting all over again. Developer, if you’re seeing this PLEASE fix this!! I just wanna live! 😫

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    The WORST

    I am having an especially hard time getting my top nine for both my Instagram accounts. It took me a couple of hours to get one and it came with a not at all wanted watermark. I am trying to have it removed via their website and it absolutely will not work at all. Will be looking to see if there are other providers of this type of service. This has been very frustrating and not worth either the time or effort. And why ask for my email when you’ve never asked for it before? Email lists regarding this service and completely unecessary.

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    Watermark now?

    Was able to generate my top nine a few weeks ago through the website no problem. Had a few updates to my Instagram and thought I would generate a new one closer to the end of the year. Taking forever to load, which I understand, so I downloaded the app since it says it’s quicker. It definitely is, but now I have to pay to remove a watermark? I get it, and I wouldn’t mind the question if it was consistent, but the mobile site didn’t give me a watermark, so why does the app? Not worth it...

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    They put a watermark on it

    Ploy. Will keep not work on the webpage repeatedly and not email it to you after either. Then when you download the app they put a watermark over it in an attempt to get .99 cents payment to take off the watermark (which I’m not stupid so I’m not paying). And then after all the hoops to jump through it will finally go to your email without the watermark. They really should be ashamed of themselves. People don’t need an app for one picture for the year. I assume my email at this point had already been sold off before I can unsubscribe from this!

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    30 seconds to take your email, 30 days to remove it from your servers. Unacceptable

    First thing your app did when opened is ask for a review. Second is ask for Instagram account handle. Third is ask for my email so that I don’t have to wait?! No... it’s really so that you can have my email. Otherwise explain it better. I received the download link by email almost instantly. Fourth is ask for money to remove the massive watermark. Fifth thing I did is delete your shady app. Sixth thing, I requested to be unsubscribed from your emails using the link. Seventh is you take me to a page where you hide behind the fact it can’t take several days to generate a top nine, therefore you need my email. Eight is make me retype my email in another page just to unsubscribe! Ninth, finally unsubscribe by telling me it’ll take up to 30 days to remove my info?!?!? Fix your systems

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    Test your app before you launch

    I’ve tried this app for three days and it hasn’t worked for me. I’m now getting an error when I try and no images have been emailed yet. I completely understand that you need to monetize it and get paid for your work but it should function smoothly after multiple days if you’re taking emails, making users download your app and also pay for it. Or, use it as an opportunity to show you care about your users with some kind of communication (all those email addresses!!!).

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    Another app to steal personal info

    This is such a useless app that just wants to steal info. It asks for your email address for nonsense reasons that (it may take a few minutes!!), and wants to have access to my photos and they have a window pop up to rank them 5 star on apple store and that window doesn’t let you change the rating. So I guess they have built their rating based on people inadvertently clicking on that pop up window while trying to change the rating from 5 star. All in all a dishonest app. Deleting it now.

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Is Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Safe?

No. Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,366 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Is 13.7/100.

Is Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Legit?

No. Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,366 Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - Is 13.7/100.

Is Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - not working?

Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Top Nine for Instagram 2020 - customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Top Nine for Instagram 2020 -.

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