Magic Home Pro Reviews

Magic Home Pro Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-29

Magic Home Pro is a wifi controller APP for smart led lighting. New feature: 1.
Faster Start without scanning 2. Easier to set light to router 3. Different
type of device can be added to same group 4. One device can be added to
multi-group 5. Local and remote control can be display...

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Magic Home Pro Reviews

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    Connection issues

    We currently have one light strip that uses the magic home app. To begin it was extremely difficult to connect to the WiFi- made it extremely aggravating to set up. We have had off an on problems with this one strip. Many times the light strip goes offline and is unable to connect. We have this light strip connected through our google mini. When it goes offline it flashes 3 obnoxious colors of red, blue, green. Once we reset the light strip it will work for either a few months or a few days and it goes back to the same issue of “being offline”. The app shows the strip in the app but it’s identified as “offline”. The past 3 days it has worked on and off. I know when the app is about to crash or say fail because the first thing the strip does is turn on and off. If the color doesn’t get changed quick it goes to the flashing 3 colors I mentioned previously. I know the strip we have isn’t the issue because the strip runs down my staircase on the wall where nobody can touch it. It seems to be the app malfunction. I really wish there could be an app update. I will never again purchase a light strip that connects to this APP. I highly recommend the “Smart Life APP”

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    The app to control smart bulbs need more thorough usability testing. For example, on iPhone in the Music dialog for a verified, active device, once in the selection of music, after selecting a song, there is no way to navigate back to the device’s page. Needs better UX engineering. Also, the Light On or Off labels on the Home > Devices screen often do not show the correct state. I have two of my four smart bulbs OFF, but the app indicates they are ON. This bug makes it impossible to reliably use the app and smart bulbs when I am traveling on business. “Is the light really on? Is it really off?” I won’t be able to tell. Frustrating! Finally, your app support link in the AppStore goes to a Chinese language only page. I cannot provide feedback on bugs on the page.

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    Tips of factory reset

    I tried setting this up and when it failed to connect to my home WiFi on the initial try, I couldn’t redo the set up option as the Ledxxxx WiFi no long showed up as an option (a first step necessary for connecting it to home WiFi). I tried re-reading the manuals and tried turning on and off with the remote control four times to no avail. Then I just decided to plug and unplug the “rounded plug” that connects between the power adapter to the unit and the WiFi dongle four times. And lo and behold, the LEDs started strobing as it was supposed to when factory reset. Then I relaunched the app and sure enough the ledxxxx WiFi showed up again. Now I have it connected to home WiFi and I love how i can use Alexa to not only control the on and off function of the lights, but also the colors as well. I haven’t tried setting the intensity using Alexa but that’ll be my next step.

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    Pretty good, but needs improvement

    These lights have a lot of potential and some of the colors look amazing and my room looks wayy nicer than it used to. The biggest problem i have with these lights is that you can only play them with itunes music, and they dont change to the colors of the music quite right. I would absolutely loveee these lights if they changed on time to the beat and more towards the sounds of the songs. They do look amazing in my room, but the app is sort of unintuitive and a bit bland. They need to change quicker to the sounds of the music and you need to have settings for brightness, just overall the app needs more creativity and a sleeker look in addition to everything in the app needing improvement. However, the lights still look really cool and im really excited to have them 🤩

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    Good until... Missing functions.

    So far I have enjoyed the LED light strip. The wifi set up is easy if you can follow directions. It has some hiccups (like taking forever to actually connect to the wifi) but it will work. Once I got everything all hooked up, I had access to the microphone feature, and the automatic camera feature. Now, neither of these options are available to me. I've tried to reset the lights, re-download the app, look up anything that may help me, but I can't figure out what happened to it. Will update stars if I get a reply on how to fix this issue.

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    This product is worse than garbage

    Want to pay your hard earned money so your private data can be mined? Do you feel a need to sign in to a global server so that you can turn on a light in your children’s bedroom? Are you a total moron who doesn’t care about your family’s social and sleeping habits being tracked by strangers who monitor the room names associated with these lightbulbs and sell that private information to third parties? If you’ve said yes to these questions then you should waste your time attempting to get this garbage product to work as promised!! It won’t work as promised, but you can still waste your time and money trying to get it too!! I gave up after trying over ten times each with two different bulbs. Not going to bother with the third. If these super cheap manufacturers were honest then we’d all be out of a job. Thank god there isn’t an honest bone in there bodies.

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    Magic Home Pro

    Easy to set up WiFi controller with strip lights. Using in 2 separate locations, 200 miles apart, & can control lights remotely. Like the timer function. Would like more functionality with timer where you could set either one of the functions or custom settings to turn on rather than just a static light. Also the DIY buttons need more customization. The music function seems to work OK also. Allow me to have holiday music & dancing lights! But so far they do what I need. They work best if you use a 5A power supply though a 2A works as well. One set up I have runs 1 string of lights cut into 2’ sections on my bridge & the 2nd set up, I’m running 2 sets of lights in a retail location.

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    Good, but needs one improvement

    The alexa integration is great so you can control the bulbs (or whatever product you have) by voice or through the app. The scheduling feature is good. It allows you to automatically turn the bulbs on and off at set times. One thing that would make that feature better however is to allow you to disable the schedule on major holidays. For example, I have the lights in my room set to turn on early in the morning Monday-Friday. It would be nice to allow it to set so on days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc, the schedule is off without having to go into the app and turn it off then back on.

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    There needs to be a widget

    As great as the app is, it has 2 major problems keeping it from getting a 5 star from me: 1. it likes to default the light settings to 7 color fade when it's first turned in after a while or if you exit the app. This makes it impractical to simply turn on the lights in a house with a single button, instead you have to go through and physically pick each color 2. no widget. This app needs a big ol button you can press on your home screen to turn on the lights. As it is, a light switch is more practical

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    Great start, immense potential!

    Very happy with the app so far. I think there is lots of room for new features and functions though. I would like to be able to manually create a light show. For example, blue for 5 seconds, quick fade to green, then 12 seconds later blink from red to white to get the idea. I hope the developer will consider making functionality like this available. Would make for amazing potential with the LED lights. I would love to create cool light shows that sync to music.

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    Fix the bugs!

    I’ve had the LED strip light product that uses magic home for operation. It’s been two weeks and have resorted to controlling the led with the remote it comes with as my only option. After working once out of the box, app does not want to connect to my home WiFi after I connect to the WiFi Controller. This issue is rather frustrating. In addition, to circumnavigate this issue I have tried to connect to my google home but the app crashes even when I try to add it under home control. The issue must be the app itself. Good concept, but the Tuya app for control of smart devices has you miles beat. A seamless alternative.

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    Warm vs cool needs changing.

    Editing my review because a recent update broke previous functionality. Saying “set light white” used to set them to “warm white” but now the default is “cool white.” Could you put the default white to warm, or allow a toggle in the settings? It would also be super useful to allow the lights to reset to a default color after they are turned on. For example, if the lights are red at night but need to be white in the morning, it would be convenient for them to reset automatically to white.

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    Having Major issues with Remote Settings

    I have had a bulb for 5 months, no problems have ever arisen. Recently, my remote setting decided to crap out on me and not transmit to my Alexa. I have disconnected and reconnected, taken the bulb out, etc. None of that has worked. The update that the app just went through didn’t fix the problem. I got the bulb so I could have it paired to my Alexa and not have to flip the switch. I also got it for the brightness control. Now I can’t use my Alexa to turn on/off my bulb, nor can I control the brightness from my Alexa. I’m 12 and my parents got this for me because it was parable with Alexa. I would recommend any other brand but this “Magic Home” brand for lights.

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    Major flaw in CCT

    The new app is nice, but there’s a huge flaw in the calculation for Color Temperature Control. The prior app let you set WW and CW to 100%. The current setup in this app doesn’t allow for that. At 2700k the WW channel is set to 100%, and at 6500k the CW channel is set to 100%, but at 4600k, both channels are capped to 50%—even when the brightness is set to 100%. While this may make sense for Color Temps, individual channel control would be a vast improvement for this situation. Even individual sliders for WW and CW would be wonderful. I’d just like to be able to max out the brightness of both channels for when I need it. Aside from that, the app behaves really well, and I’m really liking it.

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    Very nice Wifi LED Strip

    I tried most of the features, it’s working great. I also connected with Google home and able to control by voice commands. However I was not able to play music. Once I tap on “Select Music”, it takes me to music library within the app - from where there is no option to go back to the main app screen. I reached out to the seller and they fixed it. Now I am able to play music and see the colors changing by the beats.

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Is Magic Home Pro Safe?

Yes. Magic Home Pro is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,427 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Magic Home Pro Is 42.9/100.

Is Magic Home Pro Legit?

Yes. Magic Home Pro is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,427 Magic Home Pro User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Magic Home Pro Is 42.9/100.

Is Magic Home Pro not working?

Magic Home Pro works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Anonymous
Oct 18 2020

It said it needed my location to work, but I denied it access to my location and it still worked just fine. Seems kinda sketchy

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