Drawings Pad: Digital Painting Reviews

Drawings Pad: Digital Painting Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-01

Drawings is a cool doodling app that allows you to draw, sketch, doodle while
you are traveling or just relaxing a home! **Kids Doodle** (NEW) - Creative
Kids Doodle brings to life your unique designing experience - 10+ unique canvas
backgrounds that you can change while drawing. -...

Table of Contents:
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3. Is it Legit?
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Drawings Pad: Digital Painting Reviews

  • By

    Well, I only got to sketch one thing ;-;

    Uh, well, I starting looking for a good app to draw out little pictures of houses I like making in a game I play, aaaand I stumbled across this one. I looked at how many stars this app had, and thought it was good enough for me to draw with. When I first entered the app, it asked if I wanted a tutorial, so I went through the tutorial, but right after, before I even did anything, the game asked me for a review. I was a bit confuzzled :/ I just ignored it, and started sketching a house. However, the next day, I go into the app to see that my sketch wasn’t saved. It wasn’t really a big problem since I decided to build a different one anyway. Well, I felt like doodling because I was bored, to find out that no matter what tool I clicked in the Doodle thing the subscription thing always popped up, as though I was only allowed to use them if I got the subscription. I thought, ‘Bummer, I guess the Doodle thing is only for the subscription. I guess I’ll just go back on the Sketch thing.’ But no. Apparently, I wasn’t able to use ANYTHING anymore without the subscription. Welp, that’s disappointing. Sorry developers, but I’m just going to have to delete the app and find a better drawing app. To those of you reading reviews looking for what drawing app to get, I would prefer you not get this app unless you don’t mind spending money once a week just for doodling or sketching \:

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    Well, this is STUPID!!!!!!!

    Ok, so this is also what another person said on their review, and it is 100% CORRECT!!!!!!! One day, you want to find a drawing app because you like art. Oh, look, you stumbled over this one. Is it good??? You ask yourself, Is it GOOD??????? And then you see the rating, it’s over four stars, it IS good, so, you end up downloading it. You want to use it right away, so, you do. You draw a picture, or doodle one. You like your picture. Your mom calls that it is lunch time. ( we are just pretending ) And so, you are hungry and you go. Once you finish your lunch, you go back to this app. You want to look at your picture you drew earlier but then you notice, Ya’ll didn’t save it. And I am talking to the developers; they didn’t save it. I didn’t even see a saving button AT ALLL!! I SWEAR GOD! So you are already sad, you do your picture ALL OVER AGAIN, and when you relieve there basically is NO saving button. Now you are EVEN SADER!! But, you can’t even do your picture AGAIN, because it won’t allow you to. Wow, what a BUMMER this app is. If you DO WANT TO DRAW AGAIN, well, guess what?? You have to pay for a trial!!! Now you notice, this game doesn’t just want to be, stupid, but wants your money, In my opinion, this app is VERY greedy, and when I say GREEDY, I MEAN IT!! Now, I know my review is VERY long, but TRUST ME!!!!!! YOU DO NOT WANT THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( unless you want to pay for a dang trial, WOW!!! )

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    This app is not teribale app but it is not acceptable app

    One thing you can count on this app does is it sure dose make a hole buch of these faces 20/47 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑. So for adults it’s ether an 🏡 🏢 or an app so you must understand that if you have billons of dollars then you should down load but if not then do not I repeat do not down load this stuipid app. Here is a little question to the app creator how does it fell to be a millionaire and try to understand some people just want a relaxing app to use to draw scheach and all of that and do you think haveing to pay extra for a app is good to do to people when they already have to pay rent or pay for there house or cars and water and every other thing in this world they have to pay for so try to keep in mind that maybe make it so a your stuiped app does not make you pay $6.99 per week and you will probly lose some money but you still have millons of dollars per week if you get so called side job so yeah take notes from this review so you can get a job lower prices and all of that some people would call BS So yeah Sinserly, Mad user

  • By


    Overall, the whole app wasn't that good. It's just that, like, literally every 10 seconds an ad just pops up out of nowhere, and then sometimes after that it just asks if I want to become a member. LIKE SERIOUSLY, when i first downloaded the app and opened it, it immediately just asked if I wanted to become a member. i clicked NO and then it was like, "are you sure?" And I started to get annoyed said yes I'm sure. LIKE, I'M NOT GOING TO CHANGE MY MIND SO STOP SHOWING UP EVERY TEN SECONDS. And also, i think there should be more options on the bottom, like there's only pencil and paint and some rulers, and not even that many colors. Like, some people might like the look of crayons or markers. So yeah. I might switch back to drawing with paper and pencil. Just kidding about going back to just paper and pencil lol. But. BUT. I do NOT recommend this app. If you like drawing on your phone, iPad, etc, like me, I would recommend using "ibisPaint X". It is SO good and there's a bunch of things you can do on there. And to the developer of this app: I'm sorry but this app isn't one of the best apps I've downloaded. Please consider making some(a lot) improvements on this.

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    I CANT EVEN DRAW!!!😡😡😡

    What am I supposed to do, nothing!? I just wanna use an item (a FREE item obviously because I don’t feel like buying anything), and it won’t even let me, it just keeps popping up the same stupid offer that you can have a free trial or pay for it and etc! And I don’t wanna buy anything I just wanna freakin’ draw!😡 And I’m clicking on the FREE items! Literally EVER SINGLE ITEM I CLICK ON you already know, but once again I’ll just tell you anyways, ready ok don’t be surprised... STUPID OFFER POPS UP AGAIN... AGAIN!!! And to make that even worse, I GET AN AD!!! Yeah, thanks again for your stupid game where you can’t do anything but look at the same exact thing... an offer!!! And you might as well just make people pay for the WHOLE game, BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO “PAY” JUST TO DOODLE, WHEN I THOUGHT YOU SAID ITS FREE YEAH ITS “TOTALLY FREE” nah it’s totally STUPID AND A WASTE OF TIME! Yeah, how could you ever be proud even with “five star reviews” (which I don’t even know how you earned them), for creating THIS huge piece of garbage? This is just a bunch of nonsense that you can do absolutely nothing with. You should really be ashamed of yourselves!😡😡😡

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    You can’t even use the app😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    You have to pay to use the app. Do you really think I am going to pay to use a drawing app. Just because I love drawing does not mean that I want to pay money. I know some people are like well I want to try out this app let me just pay. GUYS YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!! DO NOT PAY!!! Just because I did not pay does not mean that it is good or bad but if you don’t pay why even keep the app you should probably delete the app because off you do not use it if you can’t or don’t want to or think it is stupid than delete it. Y’all they realize that they won’t make money off this unless you pay and trust me not a lot of people will. Especially me!!! I did not even get to draw one tiny dot I don’t understand dude what is wrong with this app my gosh!!! Every time you try to draw or put your finger on the screen it is like free trial in big green letters REALLY why did they do that no one will know and I had to go through the thing where you learn all the tools are I forgot what that was but I went through that for no reason really anyways DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!

  • By

    Why is it so much money🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬!

    Yeah it’s free to download but it’s not free to use! On a Saturday morning I was sitting in my bed and then there’s that shows I want it but I can’t get it because it’s not free I can’t even draw there’s nothing to draw what’s the point in getting a game that you can’t even use some people don’t even want to pay and then this is how you just make your apps this is unacceptable I want you to pay nine dollars a month do you know how many monkeys do you know how long I’ve been trying to get money this is a shipwreck and if you’re not going to fix this then i’m just gonna make you fix it because this is the worst game I have ever seen in my entire lifeI mean what’s the point it’s just a game but you need to pay nine dollars are you serious this is not what I want and do you imagine mean to just put Joe in my bed play a game and then make up some silly story on the app reading that it’s good no when I see a bad game I see a bad game and I don’t know

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    Wants you to pay a $9/month subscription

    I did not even get as far as drawing one line before the advertisement for its subscription popped up. In fact it asked for a review before I ever touched a button or part of the program. I cannot imagine where all the wonderful reviews have come from. Considering what I have paid for much more advanced apps and considering this is a simple drying app, I would say that this is a stick up of the coach and highway robbery. I can’t stand this new subscription thing that every single app is starting. In the end I’ll be paying hundreds of dollars a month for little pieces of Inadequate programming, As opposed to one price for a good app. I would rather go back to using the most basic applications on my phone or on my iPad or computer Then put up with the greed and obnoxious behavior of some of these developers. And if it is Apple who is behind all of this subscription services then I am horrified to be a part of its giant conglomerate of greed and would just as soon use my phone as a phone and nothing else.

  • By

    The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I first downloaded this app I didn’t know what to expect because so many other apps have failed me .But this APP is so amazing and awesome I can actually doodle and add details without messing up and I use this app a lot if times like when I’m bored or I’m in the car or just when ever . But the only down side is that I hit the undo button just one time and it literally erased half of my drawing but I think it was a glitch and I was able to fix the drawing and it actually looked 10x better the second time . Also so far there hasn’t been ANYYY ADS so yeah I really hope there is any ads but so far there hasn’t been any yet so I say good job to the creators of this app and that’s why I gave it 5 stars . I love this app 💜💜❤️❤️💖💖💖 -Nelah (p.s. my name is pronounced Knee-la👍🏽💜🦄

  • By

    Don't even bother

    I can't tell you how this app works, because after the world's shortest tutorial during which you do nothing and basically just watch a quick video, the app prompts you to try one of their ridiculous subscription plans. You get something like 4 days free and then it's $4.99 A WEEK, or one of the two other plans I didn't bother looking at because that's insane. And it not like you can opt out of them. I couldn't do ANYTHING without that subscription ad popping up. Literally couldn't make a line on the "paper". So don't bother with this app. It's insane to pay that much to doodle, and it's ridiculous that they even offer this as free, but with in app purchases. It's not - it's a shifty subscription app. I don't mind paying for an app, especially one that offers many useful tools. I don't even mind paying for a subscription if the content is worth it. I do mind when someone tries to lure me into paying a ridiculous some of money just to doodle with no real reasoning. What a bunch of bull.

  • By

    The girl you can’t send a completely bad review

    Hey have a nice time with this game, you’ll need it. Want to know the reason? Well I’ll tell you anyway. This game is horrible it gives me a annoying feeling on the inside because well the game is annoying. Second you see a picture asking you to subscribe to something I didn’t pay attention to what it said because I couldn’t concentrate on how every time time I touched the screen it came up. Like literally wry time I touched it it came up you can’t draw a thing. I gave this app 1 out of 5 stares and too the maker of this game if you accidentally you are horrible at coding games, but if you did it purposely then you are wasting everybody’s time because you making them down load it and test is out. People don’t wast your time plz.😐😕🙁☹️😔( ps creators if you make another app plz try really hard so you can do better I believe in you but this game really wasn’t the best game.🙃)

  • By

    Think Twice About Supporting Greedy Developers

    I’m telling you right now, all this is is a money hungry app that robs you blind! Can’t use any of their tools until you give ‘em a buck... or two! And what an outrageous load of cash they’re asking for!! It’s not that I can’t afford it. I’m very blessed in that part of life. Sad thing is, a lot of people go for it because of their irresponsible behaviors in maxing out their credit cards until they’re filing for bankruptcy! Then there are those who were blessed beyond reason having the ability to just buy anything they want without thinking twice in supporting these greedy developers. These are the two groups of people supporting this kind of stupidity, robbing the American wallet that is most likely filled with maxed out credit cards instead of real cash. That’s America for you today! Stop supporting these outrageous apps so that they’ll be forced to bring their prices down!

  • By

    What on EARTH!

    I literally couldn’t use this for anything. Nothing! Every time I chose a pen or anything to doodle with it draw, it left the sizing chart up in the way and as soon as u touch the screen to inconveniently try to draw around it, an add popped up for you to pay! And like a lot of money. 2.99 per week! Just to draw or doodle. I was just looking for something relaxing to do. Or draw some cute notes for my gf. Play with my sons. You know, the normal goof off waste time and relax. And I couldn’t draw the first line without being hounded for money. Unreal! Oh, and! And as soon as I clicked “open app” after it downloaded and “skip” the tutorials of pictures uploading etc that I wasn’t looking to do, I get a pop up of how “do you love this app” mark the number of stars . I wouldn’t even know. I haven’t even seen the board. Or colors. Or anything for that matter. And then I couldn’t use it unless I paid. Get real y’all.

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    Definite 5 stars

    I haven’t had this app for very long, but honestly, out of all the drawing apps I downloaded & tried out (& there were many, approx. 20 apps or more) this app by far is the only 1 that gives you a lot for free (in the drawing part). Don’t get me wrong, if you want the maximum amount out of the app & you want more to work w/ & more options, you have to purchase/buy what they offer. All the other apps (so far) lock soooooo much of the drawing utensils, colors, etc. that it’s pointless to even download the app in the first place unless you were expecting to make purchases. This app is definitely worth downloading if you just love to draw & draw for free.

  • By

    Don’t get

    So right off the bat seems like a good game, you go in and it gives you a walk through and a option for premium. But you think naaaa I will be fine without it so then you have the opportunity to pick which desk you want to use. Unless you pay for premium you can’t use the scetch desk but you decide to do doodle. So you go in they tell you how to use it then you get your brush set up and you tAp in the screen to get the little tab to go away if pops up with a full screen add saying to buy premium version and then you can get more things. But you close the tab at the X and continue on with trying to close the little box. But noooooo every time you touch anything the full screen add pops up make ing it impossible to even close your brush set up thingy! Please please PLEASE don’t get this app it is just a scam. There are far more out there. Just don’t get this one.

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No. Drawings Pad: Digital Painting does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 75,428 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Drawings Pad: Digital Painting Is 0.4/100.

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No. Drawings Pad: Digital Painting does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 75,428 Drawings Pad: Digital Painting User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Drawings Pad: Digital Painting Is 0.4/100.

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Drawings Pad: Digital Painting works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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