Sony | Headphones Connect Reviews

Sony | Headphones Connect Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-08

Customize Sony headphones with a linkage function for this app to your
liking. Everyday music becomes even more enjoyable with easy controls. You can
quickly connect to a smartphone by following a guide. You can easily start to
use it even if it’s your first time. Main Feature • “Dashb...

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Sony | Headphones Connect Reviews

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    Really Sony? Really?

    I have been researching noise cancelling headphone for over a year now and and have been eyeing this ever since. The headphones, themselves, are fantastic. But the companion app was something I was very interested in as well since I am switching over from my Parrot Ziks and it had an app with some cool features as well. I get these headphones last week and am taking a trip back home for the holidays. I was looking forward to using them on the airplane and playing around with the noise cancelling options that the APP provides. Sadly, I wake up last week to see my app has auto-updated and now I can’t even get into the dang thing. It’s been days. DAYS. I understand for some that this doesn’t sounds like a whole lot but when the app has been having bugs since it’s inception how is it that after being out for numerous years it is still bugging all the time?? The companion app is part of the selling point of these headphones and many other products by Sony. So needless to say when I bought my Bluetooth speaker last week I skipped all the Sony’s I was looking at and got the UE Wonderboom. Long story short the headphones are great but the companion app is garbage half the time. After years of being out it shows 2 stars. Says something about the company and what their actual priorities are: To just sell products by creating false expectations with their user experience they boast so much about.

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    Not as bad as ratings suggest

    With a 1000XM2, I’ve had no big problems with the app. The interface is nice looking and easy to navigate, and I’ve encountered no crashing or bugs with the interface when it connects to my headphones. However, I do have problems with the app failing to connect with my headphones all the time; sometimes it freezes on the connect screen, but restarting the app solves it 99% of the time. Although one time it didn’t connect even after a restart, turning the headphones off/on did solve this. A problem I have with the app is that it has to connect every time you go go back to it, which is a 5 second process that is frustrating to sit through when you’re constantly going back to the app to adjust an EQ. This is slightly more frustrating when it not-uncommonly freezes on the connect screen and I have to restart the app. It would be great if the app stayed connected in the background for just a minute after you switch away from it. The EQ function of the app is wonderful, but you are limited to six frequency sliders to adjust. If an update were to add more frequency sliders (maybe up to ten instead of six), it would make this app perfect.

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    So here are the most common problems and the fixes. **BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE APP: PAIR YOUR HEADPHONES TO YOUR PHONE** ______________________________________________ PROBLEM: Headphones not connecting to the phone FIX: Hold the power button for 7 SECONDS and the headphones will say “Bluetooth pairing” or something similar, and the blue light near the power button should flash too. ______________________________________________ PROBLEM: You have connected/paired your headphones to your phone but the app does not show that the headphones are connected FIX: Turn off Bluetooth (One if the first settings on the top of the page) on your phone and completely turn off your headphones( after pressing the power button twice, the headphones should say “power off”). After you have completed that, hold the power button on the headphones until they say “Bluetooth pairing,” the blue light near the power button should flash too. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and make sure the headphones and the phone are sitting very close together. Repeat as necessary or when you want to use your headphones on a new device. _____________________________________________ Thanks and hope this helps, because it did for me. These Sony headphones are also better than Beats By Dr. Dre or Bose’s comparable models, and I know this from experience because I have owned them.

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    I think everybody else is overly critical of this app, IT IS NOT BAD. The interface to me is simple and looks nice. You don’t end up getting muddy sounds when you distort the music (e.g. to Concert Hall), however the music does sound less loud at the same volume you were just at when the music was undistorted. But there’s nothing horrible about these headphones or the app, it’s actually really cool (in my opinion) that they have an accompanying app to their headphones and allow you to make these awesome distortions. Anyways, don’t believe all the negative hype, AND even if some of those reviews are true, look at it like this: if you’re just now downloading the app, then you’re gonna get the most up-to-date version of this app, free of whatever bugs or glitches people complained about that are now fixed. So believe in Sony, they make a quality product.

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    Crashes on startup

    This 1 star is for your quality control. I can ignore the small problems with your program and I love my 1000-XM3s, but now this is broken. For some reason with the latest update for iOS, after accepting the latest privacy policy the screen shows nothing, no matter how many times I restart the program. I reinstalled the software to try and fix this and now it crashes every time I try to accept the policy. Your headphone volume and device volume are independent, and the only way to adjust your headphone volume is with touch. I turn off touch controls most days, but sometimes (for seemingly no reason) the headphone volume will be low even with the device volume turned all the way up. Since the app won’t work, I’m now stuck without touch controls. I have the sound cranked on my device, but my $300 headphones are still quiet, and I have no way of fixing it until Sony releases a patch. How this ever made it past QA is astonishing.

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    The App Doesn’t Work

    I rarely write reviews but alas I’ve found a reason to. The newest version of the app Sony uses for their headphones is unusable- literally. Like for many others, the app either doesn’t launch, or freezes, or crashes. I know Sony will address this eventually, but currently these genuinely fantastic headphones (WH-1000M3), which cost twice their weight in pure silver, can’t be used correctly. Please fix this one ya’ll, it’s a bit of a let down... EDIT: Their customer service was fantastic and they gave me a work-around for the privacy policy problem. For IOS the app only works on update 13.3. Kind of a bad idea to make the app only function a specific update (and also likely future updates- I doubt that’ll happen again), but I can launch the app now so good enough :)

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    Awful privacy policy - Invasive tracking

    I just got a new pair of Sony’s wireless NC headphones and installed the app to use with them. However, when opening the app, you’re immediately presented with an “I agree” type checkbox and if you review the privacy policy, you find out that you basically agree that the app will send Sony the data about when and how you’re using your headphones (including what it is you’re listening to through them)! On top of that, in the policy, Sony gives itself permission to tie that to your device’s unique identifier (ie - the data is NOT anonymous, not that anonymization would make it ok to collect that much data). I’m sorry, just being able to control my headphones via Bluetooth is not justification for such invasive tracking. I have no idea how well the app actually works, I immediately deleted it. Dear Sony: I paid serious $$$ for these headphones: please provide a companion app and Privacy policy that doesn’t track me or send any data back to you.

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    I really enjoy my new set of headphones

    So I really enjoyed my new set of headphones on my iPhone. Allows me to change the base the boys all different types of settings. Something that you were do not get on the beats I am a owner of beats as well. When I do find funny is when I was looking for the same application on my iPad it is not available. So if I wanted to enjoy your movie and change the sound settings I would not be able to. So I wanted to play a video game and change the sound settings I would not be able to. Great set of headphones whose idea was it to nap with the same application on the iPad let me guess blame it on Apple. And I’m sure there’s some things that you can blame Apple I don’t think this is one of them.

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    App will not work!!!!!

    The title says it all. I open the app check the box for agree. It then takes me to the Sony Privacy Policy with the next button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When I hit next the app freezes and will not move past the screen. I cannot go back I just have to close the app out. I tried it on WiFi in case it was my cellular connection with the same results. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and restarted my phone. I heard things about the Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones, but this makes me want to return the headphones and just wait for the AirPod pro to come back to the shelves. If you have to have an app to get the most out of the headphones and the app doesn’t work it says a lot about the company. I saw there was an update 5 days ago. If this is the result of the update then Sony is worse than I thought they were to let an issue go unresolved for that long.

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    User Interface Issues

    So overall, this app is somewhat decent. Gets the job done, but I don’t suggest messing with surround sound because it doesn’t really fit with audio unless you somehow can only listen to music in that condition. My issue with this app is that it DOES not load on startup. The screen appears white/blank and all my features are gone. Hopefully a very soon bug release update for the app should fix the problem, but this failure to smooth out all these bugs especially by the end of 2019 with all these bugs that were shown in apps of other sorts. I just don’t understand why app developers can’t get these bugs to smooth out when we’re in a time period where a majority of software and technology issues have been smoothed out.

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    Multiple issues with earbuds

    I have purchased sony wf 1000xm3 for the 2nd time. In the first set i had faced issues with microphone as the callers were unable to listen to my voice. I thought it to be faulty piece and returned it. As i liked the music i ordered it again. In the second pair the microphone issue still exists. I can’t make any call through headphone as the person on other side can’t hear you. In addition to that right side headset doesn’t work independently. This ears phones should work with single earpiece but if i place the left side earpiece the headphone disconnected. And right side headphone doesn’t get connected independently. No doubt these earphones sound amazingly well but hardware and connectivity issues are so frustrating. I have no choice but to return these and go for some other brand. I trusted sony for their quality but this time i am disappointed.

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    Unstable; I’m questioning my purchase

    Update: The new update makes it so that if you have one earphone set to use Alexa, when you take just that earphone out it completely disconnects both of them and you can never listen with just one. This is really frustrating because I like using Alexa but I also need to be able to only listen with one earphone frequently. Sony’s very poor support of these expensive earphones is degrading and disconcerting. Original: The support for the new WF-1000MX3 earphones has been bizarre. There’s apparently been a bug with the Google Assistant integration that Sony has been alternately releasing patches for and blaming Apple for. However, the patches meant to address this issue have apparently introduced new stability and unreliability issues with my brand new, very expensive WF-1000MX3s. Sound skips a little, and often (1-10 times a day), this app either refuses to connect to them, or the settings don’t ‘take.’ This is an unbelievable failure from Sony. It really just seems like they don’t know what they’re doing at a fundamental level. I’m still within the returned period for these and am considering returning them and getting the new AirPod Pros, even though those have awful batteries and will undoubtedly sound worse. Fix this, Sony.

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    I bought a pair of the Sony headphones about two weeks ago. I was so flipping excited because I knew they are great quality and that I was going to enjoy listening to music a lot more. I was especially excited to have an app that would allow me to adjust the headphones settings right then and there and I could hear the difference. But with the new update I am no longer able to use the app. Every time you click the accept terms of use button it freezes! So I no longer am able to adjust anything. I enjoy the sleek modern design of not having many buttons on my headphones. It makes it so much easier to navigate and control. Especially with the swipe sensor. But I guess the draw back of having everything controlled on the phone is that you’re kinda sol until it’s fixed 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ please fix soon!!

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    Great; Add Manual Control for “Focus on Voice”

    I am bewildered by the contrasting reviews here, but for my experience with my new WH-1000XM3’s this app just works well! Never had any issue with it whatsoever. I do have some extra wishes for the app such as: (a) being able to increase the ambient volume microphone pickup even further; or (b) manually controlling some other stuff. For (a), it’s for me to be able to increase the pickup volume for the “Focus on Voice” option on the “Ambient Sound Control” part. I could hear voices with it but I’d like to be able to increase the voice volume even further. But with that said, great work with the app!

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    Sony Misses The Mark Again

    Being a huge Sony hardware fan, I’m especially disappointed when the software isn’t up to speed. Sony tends to put an immense amount to time and resources into gimmicky features, while the core features suffer drastically. The equalizer: why such a small amount of controls, and why such specific frequencies? You are only able to control 4 frequencies from mids to highs that are nearly inaudible to the human ear. Just give me a normal EQ that I can customize and allow me to ‘tame’ the intense coloring that the WH1000-XM3 has. The Notification and Voice Guide: Turning this setting off doesn’t actually turn it off. It will still do the excruciatingly slow voice when turning the headphones on and off, but not more important things like power level. Pairing takes forever. Approximately 7 seconds, which is WAY too long. The list goes on, but it seems like they don’t have a strong reputation to listening to their customers in regards to software, so I don’t want to waste my time.

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Is Sony | Headphones Connect Safe?

Yes. Sony | Headphones Connect is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,205 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sony | Headphones Connect Is 47.2/100.

Is Sony | Headphones Connect Legit?

Yes. Sony | Headphones Connect is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,205 Sony | Headphones Connect User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sony | Headphones Connect Is 47.2/100.

Is Sony | Headphones Connect not working?

Sony | Headphones Connect works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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