OMRON connect US/CAN Reviews

OMRON connect US/CAN Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-24

The OMRON connect US/CAN app is an important part of our Going for Zero mission
to eliminate heart attacks and strokes. Monitoring your blood pressure everyday
can help make this vision a reality. The app makes it easy to view your health
metrics anytime, anywhere. Syncing wirelessly to...

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OMRON connect US/CAN Reviews

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    Disastrous Upgrade

    As other reviewer‘s have noted, this new app is a complete disaster. It does not perform the basic functions that it is supposed to. For about a year, I have use the old app, OmronWellness. This app did exactly what I expected it to: retrieve my blood pressure data via Bluetooth and sync it with apple health. After getting repeat messages to upgrade to the new OMRON connect, I finally decided to download and install this app. What a mistake. Although the app still retrieves my blood pressure via Bluetooth, it is incapable of sinking with Apple health. I have tried to set the permissions in apple health, and I have allowed OMRON connect to sync data with apple health. I went in to the OMRON connect app and attempted to find some settings to allow it to sink with Apple health. The only menu item simply directed me to set the permissions and apple health, which I had already done. I went so far as to contact Omron, and I let them know about the problem. Their response was simply tell me to do what I had already done, i.e. set the permissions correctly Apple health. And they said that if that did not work I should contact Apple. Really!?!? It’s unclear to me how you can go from a functioning app, OmronWellness, to a nonfunctioning app, OMRONConnect. If you have not upgraded to OMRONConnect, don’t do it. If you were thinking about buying and Omron blood pressure monitor, go with a different manufacturer.

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    OMRONConnect App

    As many reviewers have stated: this “upgrade” from the OMRONWellness app is everything but an upgrade. I liked the way the old app charts were presented (i.e. I prefer the line graph connecting the data points over just plotting the data points). I dislike the bombardment of nags to upgrade to the premium (subscription based) version of the app. I also dislike the nags to get the ekg device, which I have no need or desire for. In addition, I have more trouble connecting/download bp data from my monitor, in the few months I’ve been using this app, than I had in the several years I used the OMRONWellness app. Honestly, I’d like the Wellness app back, but sadly there is no way to transfer your bp data history back to the old app - it’s a one-way trip for your history. You can’t just stop using the new app and resume using the old one because, when you log into the old app, it gives you a message stating you’ve been migrated over to the new app and it won’t let you use the old one. The only thing about the new app that I like is when you are using TrueRead on your monitor and you click on your readings in the app, it labels each of the 3 readings: “1st recording, 2nd recording, etc. The old app didn’t label the recording order, so it left you to guess the recording order.

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    I upgraded when the update came out but it wanted personal information that I wasn’t willing to share. So I ignore the further notices of upgrades. Now my monitor would no longer record my data so I was forced to download the stupid new app. The screen is more difficult to read. I have recorded my BP 3 times but all my previous data is no longer there which it stated would not be lost. I paid for this Onrom BP MONITOR. NOW I AN SUPPOSED TO PAY A MONTHLY FEE FOR WHAT CAME WITH MY MONITOR. I need my previous months data for my cardiologist. It is not there. This has been such a waste. A money making scheme for OMRON. This is a comple waste of money. I no longer have my medical data which was clear and concise and pertinent to my medical treatment. I had loved the blue tooth connection between my monitor and phone, the ability to print out my data and take to dr. Now I have to track on paper!! What a rip off. Don’t upgrade. For its current usefulness this costly device will end in the trash as I will get tired of recording pencil and paper data. I cannot express my frustration and anger with this company who had a most useful, efficient and appreciated product. Why would this company ruin a good product that I owned and now can no longer use. I will never get another OMRON product.

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    Great app

    UPDATE: After few days of using the unit it no longer uploads the data to the app via Bluetooth. I tried rebooting my phone which didn’t work. I’ve been continually trying to sync the data to the app for for last two days but nothing works. The unit itself works great and I like the true reading feature but the transfer is simply not happening. Getting discouraged. Recently my blood pressure has been a little high so I researched BP monitors I could get to track it that were also comparable with my iPhone XS Max. After reading all the reviews I almost didn’t get the OMRON 10 series wireless Bluetooth but I am so glad I did! The set up was pretty easy. It took couple of tries so I can see how some people might be discouraged by that. Also, the monitor transfers my data to the app (again, it takes about 3-5 times me pressing the transfer data button but it transfer each time). I tried creating the report and that worked flawlessly. I understand that some of the bugs people complained about might’ve been already addressed so my experience with this app might be better. Overall, I’m very happy I didn’t listen to the reviews and got the monitor and the OMRON connect app.

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    Simply the worst app I have ever used

    This is a complete disaster, I will never buy another Omron product ever. The old program worked perfectly without any problems this app is totally unacceptable. It’s a piece of junk that they’re trying to charge for when all you need is your readings. The goal here is to get a lot of people sending a lot of money every month. Take your program, take your blood pressure monitor and put it in the junkyard. I will not even give this monitor away I will put a nail through it. Do yourself a favor and find a much user-friendly blood pressure monitor. I can’t believe they took a good product but I had high acceptance and completely changed it into the garbage. Also I had purchased the Omron ultrasonic nebulizer, it was promised that it would cut the time required to take a treatment. It turned out it took longer than using the old-style compressor nebulizers. After getting rid of that piece of junk. I found the Phillips ultrasonic nebulizer. What A amazing difference. Taking the treatment by Omron from over one hour to now under five minutes. Omron used to be a leader in these products but no longer it has become greedy and no longer a company to consider for good consumer health products.

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    Terrible, just terrible, how in 2020 is an app this bad?

    The device works just fine, takes BP readings accurately and all that. But this app is total garbage. How is a Bluetooth device this difficult to pair and transfer data with in this day and age? It feels like technology from 2005. My device is on, the app is on . . . I must have 30 other Bluetooth devices that set up in second and pair and communicate with each other seamlessly and automatically all day, everyday. This thing? It’s just unbelievably bad. “Put the device in pairing mode” to transfer the data? Is this the dark ages? And then it won’t connect or transfer any data most of the time. This app is abject garbage and the company should be embarrassed to have this out in public. I mean, this is a medical device and this is the best you can do? Unforgivable really. Terrible in every way. My doctor told me OMRON makes the best BP monitors, so I got one. And the monitor itself may be great, I certainly can’t say one way or the other. But don’t buy one for the connectivity features. They don’t work well at all. They need to go out and hire a 20 year old college kid who knows how to build a real, functional app. This one is terrible.

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    Seems Clunky

    I am very happy with my monitor. It is very compact and the readings are right there on the cuff. The app, on the other hand, ought to sync more easily than it does. For example, I had a fit bit device years ago that effortlessly updated on my phone without me having to do anything. With this app, It is a bit of an ordeal to transfer information from the cuff to the app. Most of the time, I get notified that the transfer failed even though the BP readings are uploaded. There also should be a provision to annotate individual readings with observations of extenuating reasons to better understand why the reading at that particular time was what it was. After purchasing the cuff, I learned that my health insurance provider, CIGNA, has some extra connectivity with the iHealth line of BP monitoring devices and app. Had I known that, I would have looked into buying that brand instead.

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    Omron Wellness to Connect is a FAIL!

    Originally purchased Omron BP Machine because of the ability to sync with the Omron Wellness app and, FURTHER, it’s ability to migrate that data to HealthKit where other health data from other sources is migrated. Well, I was recently notified upon opening the Wellness app that there was a new app, the Connect app, that I needed to download due to Wellness being outdated and that I needed to begin using Connect. So, I downloaded Connect, logged in with my Omron account, took a reading, and went on my merry way. I am now discovering that NONE of my readings are migrating to HealthKit DESPITE having it setup in the settings app AND having the sharing preferences for Omron Connect enabled in the sharing tab within HealthKit. Yes, after you enable the HealthKit sharing option within the Connect app it will then just offer a tip window reminding you to enable the sharing preferences in the HealthKit app. What a disaster. My reason for purchasing this BP monitor is now null and void. Omron, you may want to fix this issue and worry less about getting people to subscribe to your “premium” features, features that are a bit redundant and available from other sources already.

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    App is hit and miss with Omron 786 Cuff

    Given this cuff is a couple years old but with every IPhone IOS update it becomes harder to get it to sync with my Iphone. The old app prior to the integration of the two lead Kardia EGK monitor in the app worked flawlessly but now I have the hardest time getting it to sync. Not to mention I pay for the $100/year service to monitor both BP and my heart rate. My cardiologist recommended two years ago that I purchase the Kardia device when it was new and had the 786 cuff roughly a year before that. I wish they didn’t integrate the two into one app and won’t be subscribing to the cloud based service which is a shame. I have CDK along with some afib issues and my nephrologist and cardiologist liked reviewing the monthly reports to fine tune my medications. The company has really dropped the ball. The Kardia device is much more accurate than a one lead on the Apple Watch for example which my cardiologist says is junk. It also makes me question the interpretation of the apps EKG monitoring since I can feel when I have a heart flutter and the app AI registers that everything is ok. I would avoid both until they get this sorted.

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    Ugh, lost import to Apple Health

    As others have noted, the new OMRON Connect does NOT import all the BP reading into Apple Health if you have the BP unit set to read three times. Instead, it only imports the average. The older version, OMRON Wellness did. And still does, but it duplicates readings, because it no longer checks to see if readings have already been imported. The new OMRON Connect has several new features - all of which are “premium” features for added cost. When I bought my OMRON, I already paid extra for the ability to connect with my iPhone. This “upgrade” is a disappointment. Unfortunately it’s forced upon us. They caused the old version to stop working. For those who are having trouble getting the readings into Apple Health, it does import the average. You need to set it to do so from within the OMRON app first by turning on sharing of BP readings, after that turn the OMRON Connect imports in Apple Health. The new app often generates error messages on the OMRON. I have to turn it off, then run OMRON Connect, hit import, wait, then the dancing square lights come on on the OMRON. The old app didn’t have these errors.

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    Needs improvement

    This is a great app but it needs some serious intuitive improvements. The graphing of BP results could be much improved. For instance when I pull up a range of blood pressures to view the graph parameters remain vary wide instead of auto shrinking or increasing the range so you have a better visual of your specific readings. Also you should be able to either pull up a range of dates of you choosing or at least when selecting month or week or year it should choose a month of data not just the last three days because it’s the beginning of a new month. If I want to see how my BP has changed over a year I can’t because it’s January and I’ll only get January. Not useful. Also why do I have to go to my profile to change my weight. Why can’t I add that in weight screen like manual BP entry. Lastly the help button just gets you a “oops something went wrong” splash screen then it defaults back to the BP reading screen. Every time. I still recommend this app but for crying out loud make it more useful. Thanks

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    No longer able to transfer to the app

    UPDATED: No longer transfers readings to my phone. Have unpaired & re-paired, & basic TS. I can see it’s paired & connected in settings/ Bluetooth, yet the app literally spins for less than 3 seconds and tells me it can’t find my device, while the phone and BP cuff are side by side. I have continued to press “transfer “ since it took a ridiculous amount of presses in the past, but at this point it’s clearly not working. Looking forward to an update. Great in theory, and great when it works, but get ready to press “transfer readings” on your iPhone about 23x before it transfers the info from the cuff to the phone. I often just give up and transfer them later after another round of readings, but by then I cannot recall the posture specifics or other notes that I should add to the app for my Drs reference. I would find this far more frustrating if my symptoms were more severe. The design and quality of the cuff is great, and hopefully the connection issues are resolved in a future update.

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    Works perfect with Apple health

    I was concerned about the reviews saying this wasn’t working. So I downloaded the Wellness app instead, especially since it listed my 7 Series (BP761N) and this Connect app did not. Upon trying to create an account the Wellness app popped up a screen that said a new app was available and would not let me go any further. So I decided to delete the Wellness app and chance the downloading of Connect. I created my account and was working with Apple Health without issue. I would like to also point out this was my first time using Apple Heath and a wireless BP tracker and had no issues. I know it’s un-American, but by reading/following the instructions I had no issues. I would say whatever was wrong was corrected. I do wish that the graph had an option for line graphs as well as scatter graph.

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    Overall ok, It would be easy to make better

    So I bought a 7 series wrist cuff for an elderly relative. I had gotten tired of reading multiple logs of BP, so the idea of smart phone logging is an important function for me. Sometimes the wrist cuff has trouble connecting to the iPhone. The cuff usually will usually allow download right after it finishes taking a reading. Sometime the sync button on the cuff is necessary. Occasionally it will still sync even after the cuff has been turn of recently. Once in a while it syncs very slow or takes a second try. The main thing I like is the app makes a CSV file. That is easy to read or transfer. I do find it petty to make the graphic chart Summary Report a premium feature, the other premium features are of no value to me. It would be nice if the app would show if the reading of the device was taken with it in the right hight relative to the heart. The cuff only gives a few seconds to move the cuff into position before starting. From the app I do not see how to tell if the cuff was too low, too high, or just right.

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    The biggest selling point of the hardware to go with this app was the connectivity and ability to track progress using the app and Apple Health. Omron Wellness app worked perfect and was super easy to sync & use right out of the box. After 1 week of use it forced me to switch to new Omron Connect app, since then the monitor will no longer successfully sync to my Apple devices. After multiple attempts of unpairing/pairing, when the monitor does connect to my device the new data will not transfer to the Omron Connect app. The Omron Connect app feels cluttered with new features (including functions with Apple Watch) that require a “Premium” subscription that I would be excited to try if the basic functionality held up to expectations. I’m disappointed with this experience. I could just manually enter the data... but that’s not what I paid for and not interested in paying more in the hopes that it will all work out. I intend to seek a refund and explore other options.

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Is OMRON connect US/CAN Safe?

Yes. OMRON connect US/CAN is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for OMRON connect US/CAN Is 37.8/100.

Is OMRON connect US/CAN Legit?

Yes. OMRON connect US/CAN is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7 OMRON connect US/CAN User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for OMRON connect US/CAN Is 37.8/100.

Is OMRON connect US/CAN not working?

OMRON connect US/CAN works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 11 Comments

By Jim Walters
Jun 18 2021

My current OMRON blood pressure monitor does not support bluetooth so no syncing there. I have a series 10, BP7450, on the way so I hope no issues. In the meantime I'm entering readings manually. I recently purchased a KardiaMobile that I'm very pleased with it's connectivity with OMRON Connect.

The issue I have with OMRON Connect is there is no place to record Oxygen Saturation or Blood Glucose. I know you have no products to sell that could make these measurements and record on the software but it would make OMRON Connect the one-stop-shoping platform for many users.

By Nancy
Jun 09 2021

Extremely disappointed in “upgrade”. I used to be able to visually scan my data in the graph for trends across times of day and across days of the week. That is no longer an option - I may have to revert to Excel. It was an excellent tool to show my doctor during an appointment. Someone went overboard on what they thought was appropriate and current data visualization but in the process they lost ALL functionality for me. I don’t want or need an overall health app. I would like to use a quality BP device that allows me to use my data for change over time, not just a pretty representation of 2-3 data points with a boatload of white space. How do I get the old app back?

By Linda Oberle
Jun 09 2021

Cuff says to pair but it is already paired. So I went in app settings and unpaired, then went in phone settings and unpaired. Went through pairing process... phone says it successfully paired but cuff says it needs to be paired. Ive unpaired and paired several times but cuff continually tells me to pair the device.
This experience elevates my blood pressure, im sure!

By Linda Riopel
Jun 06 2021

Will not sync with the new app. So disappointing.

By Lew Tanzos
Jun 01 2021

New app & BO7000 unpaired and paired. App still doesn’t sync the new reaping!

By Jim Moody
May 31 2021

Like others, the new app loses features from the old app. I want to see a graph over many months to see trend, not narrow window presented now

By Gene Thomas
May 29 2021

I couldn't get new app to work until I un-paired smart phone and re-paired then it started working. From bp reading screen scroll down to see red heart symbol to record again. It took me a while to find it on their dashboard. This solution is buried in their faq for ios and google.

By Mark
May 28 2021

I went from an easy to use app to a completely unusable one with the last upgrade of my blood pressure monitor. Please tell me you are going to fix it or am I out the money for the machine?

By Daniel Hoyer
May 28 2021

Suddenly today the app crashes every time I start it. No problems before.

By Nina
May 07 2021

Your omron connect app will not connect. Your older app was great. Now its just a POS
Keeps flashing P on the device.
I have done everything from reinstall, to calling your support team last month. Now it’s crazy just will not work

By Mark M
May 01 2021

Omron connect is a terrible app. I continue to have sync in pairing issues with my brand new iPhone 12. I am now doubting whether Omron products are just as faulty if I should get a new blood pressure monitor from another manufacture. It’s just plain garbage.

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