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About: Indeed Job Spotter is an awesome way to explore your community and earn
redeemable points, all in the name of helping local businesses. If you spot a
hiring sign, take a picture of it and the storefront, and submit it to Indeed
Job Spotter.

About Indeed Job Spotter

If you spot a hiring sign, take a picture of it and the storefront, and submit it to Indeed Job Spotter.

Indeed Job Spotter is an awesome way to explore your community and earn redeemable points, all in the name of helping local businesses.

Submit enough photos to earn the most points, and we’ll give you a gift card in exchange.

Submit a picture of both the hiring sign and the storefront.

By downloading this app, you agree to Indeed's cookie policy, privacy policy and terms of service found at where you may avail of your rights at any time.

Submit as many hiring signs as you want.

In order to provide you with certain services and support ad attribution, user data, such as your IP address, may be shared with our service providers when you download or install this app.


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Maybe A Different Incentive Model Would Be Better

While I have come across many opportunities to share job postings in my community and in my travels, the fact that IndeedJobSpotter made me review others’ photos demotivated me from ever posting.

I would just like to post a job to share if I find a Help Wanted sign out and about. However, half the time I see these at night, and I’m not going to make effort to come back to a place to “take a picture of the outside of the business.” I value my time more than that. Also, some exteriors are just difficult to photograph. You can’t get far enough to get the front of the business in the picture, or there’s some obstruction. Like, oh well, would have been great to share, but my picture will probably be considered garbage since only one would be worthwhile, so why make the effort? These signs aren’t for the best paying jobs anyway, so I almost feel guilty in sharing them.

I think it would be better to incentivize posts that are verified as genuine & just accept the help wanted sign. I guess that’s difficult to do, considering how it could be abused, but just my 2¢ & frustration in not being able to share what I find.

Used to be 5 stars

UPDATED: down to 1 star, would be zero if possible. I received a generic reply from the “support team” and that is all i have heard. Beyond terrible service especially from a job service. Clearly a cookie cutter email reply. What a waste of my time. If you get money from IndeedJobSpotter, cash out fast or they will ban you and keep all your work for nothing. What a clever business model. My email is not even the one associated with my job spotter account so there is zero chance anyone even looked into this since no one on the other end asked for anything. What a joke.

I used IndeedJobSpotter very often and benefited from it. Last year I practically paid for all my Christmas shopping with IndeedJobSpotter. I check my app one day and it is now banned after I spent the entire month of November putting in a ton of submissions to gear up for Christmas shopping, just for my account to be banned. I cannot imagine how much free posting they just got off of me. I had nothing but high praise for IndeedJobSpotter if you asked me days ago, but until customer service replies, I will continue to be livid and seek some sort of answer. Maybe I will get to update my rating if they fix this. It’s a shame that I have been doing this for so long and this happens to me.

Went way downhill since changing their algorithms

I used to love IndeedJobSpotter, and would make about $10 per month photographing Help Wanted signs for the last 3 years or so. However, it’s become very evident that they’ve changed their algorithms in the last couple of months. Most of my submissions are rejected for being “duplicates” when they aren’t (the rule used to be that a submission would only be marked a duplicate if it was submitted more than once by the same user in the same month, but now they’re just marking pretty much anything a “duplicate”) and they’ve cut way down on how much they give you for each submission. They used to pay around 100 points (aka $1) for detailed signs at small businesses. Lately I’m getting at most 20 points (aka 20 cents) for signs that I absolutely would have gotten 100 points for in the past. It feels like it’s not even worth it to photograph signs anymore at this point. If they switch their algorithm back to the way it was, then I would up my rating. It really is a shame because I would have given it 5 stars before.

Fantastic when it works

Update 2/10 - the network errors appear to have been corrected. Everything I captured today went through! Thanks!!

Response to developer: I’m not claiming that you are intentionally not sending them through based on the location. It appears that the problem is occurring in certain locations when down the street it works. There is one good location I used to try daily except it kept giving me the network error. A location .5 miles down the road is always successful. Just trying to help by providing info.

Update: was hoping the latest update would fix the network errors. No such luck.

When the submissions go through, IndeedJobSpotter is wonderful. However, more and more lately I am experiencing the network bug that is obviously location based. The same ones will go through on a monthly basis and the same ones will not go through on a monthly basis. I have followed their instructions to not close IndeedJobSpotter or wait until you are on wi-go to submit but it still fails. If it was a cellular issue, nothing would go through. Please fix this. 5 stars when it works consistently.

Changes make the app difficult to use

I have been using IndeedJobSpotter for about a year and there have been some changes recently that make IndeedJobSpotter pretty undesirable. There is no rhyme or reason for the reason they provide for rejections, if someone doesn’t want you to have pints for your submission you just aren’t getting them. If you send them a message with a question or request to appeal an a rejection, you will not get anything back no email, no f** you, nothing!! If you submit a hiring sign and then submit the same one a few weeks later, you might get points or you might get a rejection there is no telling, it’s like a crap shoot!! You could submit the same sign as another job spotter and they get points and you get “not a hiring sign”. There is no consistency, no logic and no communication. It didn’t used to be like this but that’s how it has evolved.

They’ve dropped the point values so much, that it’s no longer worth the effort

When I first starting using IndeedJobSpotter in September 2019, the point values you would receive for finding new job postings were pretty reasonable. It balanced out with the gas and time you would spend searching new areas for jobs, and was enjoyable. Over the last 2 months, they’ve cut the point payout so low (in half) that it no longer makes sense with the time and expense of driving around to explore.

If their intention is to only capture low-value job listings at malls, etc., then this will achieve that goal, because most (myself included) will no longer wish to explore new places for listings when the payouts don’t even cover the gas needed.

I really hope they revert this change. I had a good time doing this, sometimes with my sister. The thrill of finding the obscure job sign in the middle of nowhere was real, but nothing is more demotivating than finding a sign that used to be valued at $2.60 now only earning $1.20 (or less). You can spend 3 solid hours grabbing high value targets, and come out the other side making much less than minimum wage.

I’ll adjust this review in the future if this changes, but right now it’s no longer worth your time.

Update changes?

IndeedJobSpotter is wonderful! Unfortunately, since updating I’ve been having some issues. When submitting photos, I keep receiving “network issue” notifications, despite having full service, which isn’t a big deal, and usually resolves itself when I quit IndeedJobSpotter and relaunch. There has also been a significant delay in processing submissions (they’ve stayed at “pending” for much longer) again, not a big deal. This version also seams to have done away with the verifying submissions feature, which is okay if that is the developers’ intention. I wonder if that is affecting verification speeds? Anyway, all in all, I’ve enjoyed IndeedJobSpotter, and made a bit of money, which is pretty awesome. Thank you!

Four stars

I would’ve given this five but the main way to earn money on IndeedJobSpotter seems to have been taken away or maybe so many people are verifying currently to try to make that extra holiday money that there really isn’t anything to verify right now. I made about $50 in two weeks when i first started. Which wasn’t bad at all. I was able to get a decent amount of things my family and i really needed so I’m not going to complain about the time I’ve put into IndeedJobSpotter . I just hope they bring back things to verify soon so i can start making money again. Lord knows i could use it.

Customer Service

***See Update below***Though IndeedJobSpotter itself has a few issues and some submissions have been rejected for no reason, you guys have been on it when it comes to appeals, etc. You even explain in detail why some appeals don’t get approved and right away overturn ones that got rejected for the wrong reasons. This is why you’re getting a five star from me. Keep up the good work!

***Update: They are now making up reasons not to give you credit such as- There are other people submitting at the same time when clearly there’s is not. Must not submit within the same calendar month when I have submitted a certain place for over two! And now their customer service has. Ow rejected appeals even when you make your case without any doubt! I’ve accepted the ones that I might have been wrong but now they’re being stupid about it!!!


If it seems to good to be true, it is...After the last update in Sept. Job Spotter has begun banning your account and not paying out the monies it owes citing that users violated their terms of use. In my personal experience, we waited a month for payouts of $100 and $110 only to login and see the account was banned for violation of the terms. When we appealed to customer service, we only got a canned response that our account was banned. No phone number to call... no explanation. We strictly adhered to the terms of use, however there is a convenient gem in there that they can ban any account for any reason without notice. So that is their way to steal money (and time) from people. Despicable! Apple should remove IndeedJobSpotter from IndeedJobSpotter Store, BBB should be notified, and a class action should be pursued on behalf of all of the scammed job spotters. This is a total scam.

Changes in algorithms & customer service

I was receiving my gift cards within a few days when I first started in December 2018. That was awesome. However, now there is a change in how they give points and how they pay you. It’s much less than before and harder to obtain more than 5 cents for a posting. They say they are supposed to pay you in two weeks. I have three redemptions that are outstanding, one from Oct 31.

I’ve emailed them and contacted them through their app but no response. I hope I receive my gift cards soon. Otherwise, I won’t be using app anymore. Not worth the effort.

App Developer Question

Hello My Favorite App Team @ Job Spotter! I understand you may be experiencing a delay in Gift Card redemption for the Month of September 2019. Sometimes you share updates here, so...What date do you expect to be clearing the backlog? I really ❤️ being an Indeed JobSpotter Team Member! I have six gift cards pending, and growing!

Update: Excellent Customer Service! All I can say is, “Wow!” I was contacted promptly and super efficiently. Thank you so much for listening to me and taking care of me so quickly. You really do care about your team! I cannot wait to get back out there and help others find jobs! Thank you!!

Love this App

Customer service is prompt and fair. IndeedJobSpotter is great and I find it fun to capture hiring signs. However, you will get a lot of “looks” from employees, business owners, and customers. So it’s not “easy money” and it’s not for everyone. There used to be a “verify” feature available on IndeedJobSpotter but they have unfortunately decided to remove it.
Also, IndeedJobSpotter expects honesty and professionalism from its users, if you try to weasel your way around...GET OUT. You’re ruining it for those of us who are hard working people with integrity who depend on IndeedJobSpotter for a little extra cash.

It's like a box of chocolates

You never know how many points you are going to get.

I've made $30 this summer using IndeedJobSpotter but it's like they're guessing how much to give you. I've taken multiple photos of Starbucks signs and the pts given have ranged from 13 to 65. I think it really depends on who is giving pts that day. It's also really hard to score the big pts. I've taken pictures of hand written signs at local businesses and haven't made more than 80pts for them. I'm not sure what more they are looking for to give you a full 150.

It's an easy way to make a couple bucks. Especially if you live in the city. To make IndeedJobSpotter better I would find a more consistent way of awarding points.

Great to make a few extra $$

I absolutely love IndeedJobSpotter, it’s like a treasure hunt to find hiring signs. It motivates me to get my exercise, I go to a shopping center and walk around and get hiring signs and shop. It took me a little bit to understand what they reward you more for, but now I think I have the hang of it. I’ve made $30 in 3 months and I get to buy something I’ve been wanting. I’m super poor so every little bit helps. It does take a lot of time for what you get, but I think it’s fun. I think it would be great for a kid wanting to make a little extra money if you live in the city!

Is Indeed Job Spotter Safe?

Yes. Indeed Job Spotter is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,010 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Indeed Job Spotter Is 39.6/100.

Is Indeed Job Spotter Legit?

Yes. Indeed Job Spotter is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,010 Indeed Job Spotter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Indeed Job Spotter Is 87.2/100..

Is Indeed Job Spotter not working?

Indeed Job Spotter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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