ZipRecruiter Job Search Reviews

ZipRecruiter Job Search Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

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3. Is it Legit?
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ZipRecruiter Job Search Reviews

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    I don’t usually write reviews!

    I’ve been avoiding this for a while, but I see so many critical and skeptical reviews I’m in shock. I’ve had this app for a few years. Initially I was getting interviews and hired the same day, but the jobs weren’t really a good fit. I came home one day and updated my resume with just the positions I was looking for and voila, I had real options. Then I happened to obtain the position I have through a friend but, I acquired all of my documents and ended up offered a position through her earning more in 2 days then a week with my job and the hours allowed for me to work both. Now due to life I’m still with my original company which happens to advertise through here as well, and within an hour of updating my resume I have 5 interviews set up. I’ve yet to have to pay for anything unless requested by the employer which is a no no, and over all the app is helpful and informative. The same as an employment agency without taking 60% of my actual earnings. I think it’s worth the effort if you want to get working, you don’t have to struggle as hard while you’re still searching for your perfect job.

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    Easy app to use

    Great app, you can really do anything on it from updating your resume, applying with “1 click”, and even getting references to add notes about you with a link sent directly to them. I haven’t done a job using the app yet but I’m sure I will. Something I really like is that is notifies you when your resume is viewed each time and the probability of how often that happens. There’s also a ton of other things you can add...your skills, format changes for your resume...the list literally goes on. My job matches aren’t always on point but it points you in the right general direction. There’s also way more jobs on zip recruiter than any other app or website I’ve least for the restaurant industry..(comparing to CL, Instawork, etc) I think my only issue with zip recruiter as a whole is that they email me a little too much about “jobs they think I would like”... Overall a great app! Highly recommend even if you are new to job searching or have no idea how to use technology 😉. Good luck to anyone searching for a job! You definitely can’t go wrong with ZipRecruiter!

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    Great way to find a job

    The first & only job I applied to on here was the job I ended up getting (yay). So this app/website works really well to help you find a job, but it has some areas that could be improved. For example the messages tab, whenever I would receive a message I never got a notification from the app. I would only get emails, which okay yes they work but I think it would be useful to have a way to get notifications from the app. Plus between the time of my interview and my first day I tried to message my new employer on through it, and he said he saw it and replied. But I never got that message. The other issue I kept having (and why the rating is so low), is that even though I updated my account MULTIPLE times saying I got hired already nothing would stop the emails. I also tried to unsubscribe and it still hasn’t stopped. I’m not getting a ton of emails, but I am getting quite a few on a regular basis. I was also getting at least 1/2 notifications a day from the app too but I finally just turned those off. Please just make it easier to hold or deactivate an account. Once these things are fixed I think it would be an amazing app, I’m just tired of all the emails right now.

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    Easy to use - with perks!

    I applied to my first job posting on zip recruiter 4 days ago, after weeks of using google jobs, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and countless others. Not only did the service notify me when my resume was opened by the employer, zip recruiter also let me know my resume had been favorited. I’m a natural skeptic and saw those notifications as marketing ploys. Yet the following morning, I received an email from the hiring manager requesting a phone interview. I had the phone interview which resulted in a second in person interview next Wednesday. This was my first submission via the site!! I know it’s probably luck. It’s possible that by me being a new user my resume was pushed to the head of the pack. However, the entire experience has been almost effortless and the “1 click apply” is unmatched by other services I’ve used. If I receive no further interviews from zip’, the one I did receive was totally worth signing up. Wish me luck on interview #2 🤞🏾

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    I really like this service. They do a pretty good job of matching jobs, although I sometimes get weird jobs sent to me..example: I am a social worker and frequently get nursing jobs sent to me. But it’s not a big deal. I haven’t come across scams-those tend to be in sales and some customer service. I like that Zip keeps you up to date on your application status such as emails each time a prospective employer views your app. It’s encouraging, which I like since job searching can be a blow to your ego. I’ve had times my app has been viewed 3 times and Ziprecruiter gets excited with you. Love that! Their job pool is kind of small compared to Indeed and Career Builder, but I like that. I’m just putting my toe in the water in looking for a job after a long time of not working. I think once I get more serious I will make Ziprecruiter my first choice, but I will most likely use Indeed too...adding more search help as needed. If you want personalized service and encouraging emails along the way choose Ziprecruiter. Plus their 1-tap apply is a great feature too!!

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    Not as effective as expected

    I have used the app a little less than 90 days now. It could be one of the best, but staffing agencies are searching for candidates here. They call often with the same line "hi, I saw your resume posted on the site". I have not applied for staffing agencies and have no interest to do so. It is frustrating to receive calls for dishwasher, server, file clerk, or administrative assistant positions when I have several college degrees, certifications, and years of experience. The reps are always rude and hang up when I refuse their offers. My resume should not be readily available to be shopped out to their employers. Also, most of the employers that I am matched with here or that I have applied to do not follow up on the applications. Instead, they post the same job on a different site at a later time. I received a single call back this week, after clicking "super apply" two weeks ago for an HR position on the site. The company rep, who also turned out to be another staffing agency rep, called to offer me an office assistant position, not an HR position. The site has not served my needs at all. I hesitate to apply for anything because I do not want to be contacted by rude staffing agencies for jobs that I am not interested in.

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    Full of scammers not helpful

    The idea of the app is great and I agree you can get a lot of interviews but by the wrong companies. From the moment I got this app the only companies calling me....and over and over again were desperate marketing companies and scamming companies. I would get calls for interviews and then call back with an additional question and then the phone line would suddenly not exist or be disconnected. The app has a feature that gives you the ability to adjust the job postings and notifications you get and after I adjusted it to surely specifically remove marketing, sales and “costumer service rep” jobs, and tailored my search to jobs I wanted nothing changed and I continued to get postings from the same marketing companies. These companies were such a mess that They didn’t even send me an interview address and would continually send me confirmation emails with no real information on them, I ended up just canceling the few that I had just because It almost didn’t even seem safe to go after not even being able to find the company on Glassdoor or google. The app is a good idea but the companies in relationship to it or horrible It’s amazing how the app shows 5 star and clearly there are several 1 stars...

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    Good app for quick apply

    Nice app for quick apply, Zip does a nice job. I find that some of the jobs don’t live up to their expectations in their ads so beware of this. This is no fault of Zip. Zip does their best to post decent jobs. But again I must caution the applicant to ask questions. A recruiter called me about a truck delivery job position and informed me it would be a contract 90 day position that would lead to a permanent position. I asked her what was the variable hiring rate, she informed me it was 90%. That variable is very low. The actual variable should be 97-98%. Either she didn’t know her numbers, or was not prepared to answer that kind question or there is something wrong with their client companies that have a discriminatory excuse to use people trying find jobs and are let go for no reason. How do I know? I have an MBA and studied companies and their hiring methods. I’m only informing you to be aware of companies that use talented individuals for their own gain.

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    Far better than other job sites

    I’ve been on the hunt for a job ever since I graduated college. I been actively hunting for four months and in all that time I got 1 interview. I was using Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster... anything I could. I’ve been using ziprecruiter for less than two weeks and have gotten 3 interviews. It’s so much easier than and simple to use than any other app. I like that you have ONE resume, rather than spending hours creating unique resumes for each position and never hearing back. I like that your references are included in your profile and are automatically sent. I like that I get notified when my resume is viewed, so I know whether I’ve been lost in the pile or not. It makes applying for jobs feel less soul-sucking and hope-draining. My only gripe would be that I receive WAY too many emails and the notifications setting are little confusing/difficult to access.

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    ⚡️ Found my first job in my field! ⚡️

    (Not Sponsored by ZipRecruiter, I just wanted to share my experience! ☺️) I have been job searching since graduating college five months ago, and I finally found the one! 🎉 I was using all of the top job search apps (ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor), and was getting a consistent flow of interviews. But between all of them, I got most of my interviews through ZipRecruiter! Before I knew it, I was accepting an offer for my first job in my field! ZipRecruiter is easily my favorite job search app, because it really goes the extra mile to help you find the job! For one, the emails you get will either suggest more jobs to apply to (which I was in no position to refuse 😂), or they will give you updates about your applications (which are way more common than other apps). These updates will tell you when an employer views your application or when they give you a “like”, which I hadn’t seen in other apps. For the job I recently got, I was notified that they had viewed my application THREE times and they even gave me a “like” as well. So, I really felt like my chances were good, and it was nice to be updated! I feel like ZipRecruiter does a great job at creating a connection between the employer and the applicant, and I would highly recommend it!

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    At this point, annoying

    The MILLIONTH EDIT HERE: PLEASE do better at matching job search key words to the jobs your app brings up. A FORKLIFT DRIVER IS NOT AN HR JOB. NOR IS A CNA. PLEASE allow us to EXCLUDE staffing agencies who are a joke. Also, as others have said, we need a 15 mile radius! This app is easy to use for one tap apply, when indeed it IS a one tap apply. You need to inform your clients that if they allow us to one tap apply, don’t have us then answer questions or then go to their website for HOURS before our resume is even looked at. There are some SHADY “employers” on here. “Phil” is HORRIBLE at matching jobs to my resume. I mean BAD. Also, I put HR jobs in the search field and CNC techs and RNs come up along with bartenders? Really? And when I tell “Phil” why I decline recommended jobs repeatedly for the SAME reasons, you guys don’t get it. Obviously you don’t EVER read feedback, not once, whether it is reviewing feedback HERE, via email reply to “Phil,” or an actual email to you guys. What in the WORLD does a “forklift stand up” or “pouch machine operator” have to do with HR?! This app is getting worse and worse! Should be able to search by companies; that is a fail!

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    Not impressed

    This app will not stick to my location and distance I put in for my job search. I don’t want jobs 50 miles away. I specifically put in no farther than 10 miles and the list of jobs in the app are all in the same town 50 miles away. The emails I receive are never the right jobs. I’m an accountant. That should not translate to any job with the word account in it. I get too many sales job suggestions by email, plus other jobs that make no sense based on my profile and resume. The other thing I don’t like is when I get an alert from the app there is no indicator that anything new has been listed. Why not have the job listings with new jobs at the top and highlighted as such. That is not my experience. The same job has been at the top forever so I have no idea what is new unless I check my email. I have also received an alert to see a dot next to my profile but I have no idea what that means. I click on my profile and there is nothing to tell me why it was there. Needs work.

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    Definitely my go to job app!

    I absolutely LOVE this app I’ve tried a lot of job apps and this one is by far the best, though I haven’t gotten a job yet due to the fact that I just got the app, they have a lot of jobs that go with my qualifications, the job shows how much they pay either weekly or annually, the requirements and tasks and the best part is you don’t have to apply to every single one answering a thousand questions and what not, all you need to do is press the “1-tap apply” button and your set and you can apply to as many as you want, they email you or text you letting you know when your resumes been looked at and reviewed and well if your lucky you’ll get a email for an interview, this app is definitely the best I recommend this to everyone, hey and the best part is is free!!

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    Best App to Reach Employers and get Noticed

    I have been using this app for only about 3 weeks now and the majority of my interviews and employment related communication has been a result of utilizing the app ZipRecruiter. When they notify you regarding your application being viewed by a company more than once as well they offer tips and options to make sure you get contacted and they market you as well to employers looking for candidates where you are great match for. I love how employers trust and have high standards for ZipRecruiter when it comes to finding the right people to do the job they have to offer. I have tried many job search engines but this one by far is the number one site and app that’s will put you in front of hiring managers every time.

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    Don’t get why a job is on there when I can’t even apply

    Ok so I downloaded this app, ok, great... I filled out my profile stuffs and resume and all that happy nonsense. I was browsing thru the jobs and saw one that was perfect for me. Well, I clicked apply and it sent me to another page that had three little dots connected by lines kind of in a sideways triangle pattern. And just below it was another “tap to apply” button. I pushed it and it sent me to yet another page so I could logon to my email. Well I put in my email, put in the password that I had just reset 3 minutes prior. And it said access denied. I thought it might have been me who messed up the Password or email, I double, triple, quadruple checked it... plus 3 or 4 more times. Then at the top of the page it reads this THIS JOB IS NOT HOSTED ON ZIPRECRUITER PLEASE TAP 🖤 FOR LATER VIEWING ON YOUR DESKTOP!!!???? How do I apply to the job without printing out an application and filling it out and doing all that nonsense that this app was supposed to cut out?! Signed, Confused unemployed one

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Is ZipRecruiter Job Search Safe?

Yes. ZipRecruiter Job Search is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 378,275 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ZipRecruiter Job Search Is 41.8/100.

Is ZipRecruiter Job Search Legit?

Yes. ZipRecruiter Job Search is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 378,275 ZipRecruiter Job Search User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ZipRecruiter Job Search Is 41.8/100.

Is ZipRecruiter Job Search not working?

ZipRecruiter Job Search works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with ZipRecruiter Job Search? Report Issue

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of ZipRecruiter Job Search to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a ZipRecruiter Job Search customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using ZipRecruiter Job Search.

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