StretchIt – Stretching Classes Reviews

StretchIt – Stretching Classes Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-22

FLEXIBILITY TRAINING & CONDITIONING - Get your front, middle, and standing
splits - Improve your backbends - Gain strength to support your increased
ROM - Accelerate your flexibility progress - Break through a flexibility
plateau - Finally make stretching a habit - Join a flexi...

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StretchIt – Stretching Classes Reviews

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    About the subscription

    You get what you pay for with this app. Yes, there is a monthly subscription, you can try it for a month and decide if the stretch category you like is worth it (and believe me, it is!) you can cancel even without paying anything if you keep it for only 7 days. Now, let’s say you cancel within your first month because... (can’t think of a legitimate reason other than not having enough time) you spend 5$. 5$, now if you can’t afford 5$ a month you shouldn’t buy this app but let’s face it, you pay more than 5$ for a meal out (even mcdonalds) skip the bad food or sugary snacks or drinks one time a month and you got yourself a great app. I love it so far, the only suggestion i would have is a bundle price. Something that makes it worth getting all 5 programs for a deal. That’s something that the developers need to do the math over if it’s profitable. I love the app, i would love to unlock all 5 sections but for now i’m good with two. I’ve stretched two times 30minutes each and i already see a big improvement. If your goal is to become flexible, this is your app.

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    Great, but could be more beginner-friendly.

    I like it so far. The thing is I wish it was more beginner friendly. The full body classes are good. I just started the bendy back classes and some of it seems a bit more advanced than it should be for beginner. I know the goal is to do your best and challenge yourself, but that’s easier said than done when you cant even balance/hold a pose without toppling over. One of them in particular didnt have any alternative to the stretch if you couldnt do it and it was so difficult to even get to the position much less hold it for more than a second. Its just frustrating because Im losing out on stretches I cant physically do? The app is very dancer-oriented... I used to do ballet up until hs and have been out of the game for 8 years - Ive lost a decent chunk of flexibility so I decided to go for beginner. Though most are doable Im still surprised at the hard ones presented under beginner. If someone like me that’s had *some* experience with dance and flexibility are finding some of these stretches very difficult, I’m wondering how frustrating it might be for those with no experience/very little flexibility. I’m giving 4 because overall the app and classes are good and the developer seems genuine and encouraging, but the beginner classes could be a little bit more for beginners.

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    Perfect stretch: mornings, evenings, travel

    The app has gotten a lot better! I have given it 5 stars even though I haven’t gotten through all of the classes. Even before they made the videos much better (and they are much better now, I am not rushing from one move to the next or missing the stretch for half my body..hopefully this continues) but StretchIt has helped me to get my splits already (with warm up, hopefully one day without). I love the bendy back stretches in the morning (lots of twists and floor work that is easy to do waking up), I love the get your splits class in the evening or a combination of both, and I love using the app when I travel for work (or play) it keeps me going and provides and easy way to get my time in. Also (I only currently pay for the splits and the back on) both classes help me to start stretching the other part of my body. The bendy back includes some warm ups to stretching my legs which is a great Segway into getting my splits.

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    Too expensive

    I like the app and subscribed. But! I honestly hate the payment per training package. You sign up for *just* one portion of the content?! That’s bizarre. And then when you sign up for the entire content is just too expensive. I know that there costs and etc, but come on, 20+ bucks for an app? It’s an app - not someone assisting you life. I’ll probably be done with it soon since they don’t update the lessons, it’s the same classes all the time. But the classes are good and overall intense - this is why I signed up. So if you are a beginner, this app is not for you. I wish there were more 15 min (or shorter) classes I could do after working out or before going to bed. *UPDATE*: I saw their reply to my comment and it is just ridiculous. I know what the app offers and know what I am paying for - “blah blah blah hours of training.” I was making suggestions - how about adding more 15 min classes to the app? I’m not gonna be searching over your Instagram page if I *pay* for the service. How about reviewing the price? Anyway, now another one: how about stopping patronizing the reviewers and taking their comments and suggestions seriously? Thanks

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    How do I begin to thank the creators of this app?

    I didn’t think flexibility was in the cards for me after years of weight training with not enough stretching. This app totally changed my life. My boyfriend is amazed at how far I’ve come in just 3 months. I can’t wait to see the lengths I will go with the years to come. I originally started because I always wanted to be able to do a split but now I’m completely addicted to improving my total body flexibility and even decided to start pole next. Can’t thank you enough for awakening this passion that I didn’t know I had. 💙💙💙 Update: Dismantling the negative reviews... I’m not sponsored by StretchIt app just an AVID, grateful user and kind of perturbed by some of the negativity. 1. If you find this app to be too expensive, just don’t use it. Why disrespect the hard work and passion that went into it? Not cool. 2. It is 100% suitable for beginners!!! My body was so tight, I couldn’t even touch my toes when I started this program.. I could do a full forward fold after about 3 months. People will try something once, get discouraged because of their own negativity and lack of discipline and then take to the internet and spew their negativity there... again, why disrespect the people that put so many hours into creating this? Happy to see that so many people share my passion for this service, but it 100% deserves 5 stars..

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    If you want to get real flexibility, this is a great tool!

    Can you stretch on your own without this app? Of course. What's been stopping you then?! Haha! One of the things this app does beautifully is provide a framework, so that when the schedule says time to stretch, you just follow along with the little class. How many times have we thought we were going to spend 30 minutes stretching and then the 30 mins goes by and all we've done is look at pictures of people stretching on Instagram 😂? The classes are very well done, and the discipline that the app brings is a great contributor to meeting your goals. Try it, you get 7 days free to see what I mean. But if you're actually interested in your front or middle splits I'm guessing you won't cancel at the end of the trial.

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    Comprehensive and Integrated

    I am so loving this app. It’s hard for me to get to a place that offers yoga where I live. This app is so comprehensive and so professionally done I wish I would’ve known about it sooner! I am doing the full body challenge currently and I love how it breaks it down into small steps every day building on each other. It also teaches new positions that I have seen in books but mostly when I’ve done videos it’s sun salutations over and over. I’m so excited to finally learn these new asanas and feel confident that my body will get more flexible and energetic over time so I can finally reach my goals safely and enjoy-ability . Thank you for the creators of this app. It really is amazing! You nailed it!

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    Noticed improvement - love this app!

    I’ve been trying for years to become more flexible for dance and nothing has worked until StretchIt. I’ve taken flexibility classes intermittently, done loads of yoga, “stretched on my own” after class and felt very few gains in flexibility. I’ve been doing the Platinum Flexibility challenge for the past month and I can already feel such a big difference all over. I like that the challenge books the classes for you so you just follow along but you can also schedule your own. It created accountability for me to stretch 4-5x/week. Most of the classes are 15-30 minutes which is totally do-able. Could not recommend this app more!!

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    I do like the idea of this app - things that I like- so far I’ve only had a couple of weeks but it seems like it had a very good direction for wanting to get my splits. It’s nice to have the different times (15,30,45 min) of classes. Things to work on - -Have a warm up indicated - jumping jacks or something to get the muscles warmed up- I think this would be safer -Actually have a recommended training schedule -I have taken the direction from your other reviews in saying just do the movements as best you can, but it would be nice if you had modified movements for when the teacher goes into the splits and does things you can’t do - it’s difficult to determine if I’m in the correct position since I don’t have my splits yet and can’t go down that far- I had to look at other split videos to see what my back leg should be doing. I think your clips that are labeled beginner should have an element of building blocks so the student knows how to progress. - Have a streaming option - While there are a few suggestions - i would still recommend it- between my own research and doing these classes I can feel and see little improvements.

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    I was skeptical at first because I’ve been stretching for a long, long time and never really felt like anything in particular was new but there’s a lot of really creative stretches in here. My 15 day progress just blew me out of the water, so I had to write a review. I’ve never had a program with this fast of progress, and I haven’t even been stretching every single day. Can’t wait to continue with the splits program. Edit: after 3 weeks I’ve touched down my right split. It’s been literally 10 years since that last happened (when I was a HS cheerleader)

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    Best stretching app

    I love the StretchIt app! I have been using it since December and participating in the challenges since February. I can definitely see/feel a difference in my hamstrings and hips. I've been practicing yoga for a few years already and I realize with a predominantly home practice I've been avoiding all of the hard poses but using the app and completing the courses during the challenges has helped me to go deeper than I've ever gone and with proper alignment and square hips. Absolutely the best app I've tried to keep you on track and moving towards your goals!

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    Great idea

    I love the concept and the intent of the app. And am pretty sure I’d get more flexi if I followed the programs. But the app itself isn’t aesthetically pleasing; it’s kinda hokey. And the videos are meh. The audio and visuals don’t always align. The cueing of the moves needs improvement; if you can’t see the video there is no way to do unfamiliar moves. Plus because they don’t use left and right, I have trouble remembering which side I’m on. And the timing is off. If it says do this 8 times, there is usually enough time to do it 4 times. And music would be nice either on the workout program or be able to play externally in the background. I’m going to try to stick with it and see.

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    Great, but Expensive

    I love the app! Great progressions, challenges, etc. But, $20 a month is a bit egregious for 30+ stretching videos. To put it into perspective Netflix has nearly 5,000 movies and 1,200 TV shows for approximately $10 a month. I would rate this app at 4 stars @ $10 per month and 5 stars at $5 per month. $20 a month is a gym membership not an app subscription and, consequently, I will be keeping my eyes open for other options - which is unfortunate because I really think they’ve done a great job with this. The other thing that bothers me a little is that the app, Facebook page, and Instagram account are all exclusively female. Is this app not for men as well?

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    Love It

    I thoroughly enjoy the exercises to move toward splits and stretching my body. I was a dancer years ago but have not been super active for years after having kids. Now my girls are competitive gymnasts and they are inspiring me to get back my flexibility. The classes have wonderful flow and progression. My only suggestion is that there is a suggested schedule published of how often to take each class and over how much time. E.g. Week 1 exercise 4 days repeating classes 1 & 2. I also signed up for the web site thinking I would find this guidance but in lieu of that I've been winging it and repeating classes by listening to my body.

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    I absolutely love this app & I have only just begun! I am up earlier to be able to fit in more than 1 class each morning & being a pole dancer means I have to be flexible so this is the perfect app for me!!! This app helps me train my back properly which is important for my back injuries! With this app, my back injuries are not holding me back & I am progressing each day! Before I know it, I’ll be touching my feet to my head in a back bend like I did when I was a kid & I’m 38yrs old now! Feeling like I’m 19 with the StretchIt App! Thanks StretchIt!!!!

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Is StretchIt – Stretching Classes Safe?

Yes. StretchIt – Stretching Classes is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,567 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for StretchIt – Stretching Classes Is 51.0/100.

Is StretchIt – Stretching Classes Legit?

Yes. StretchIt – Stretching Classes is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,567 StretchIt – Stretching Classes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for StretchIt – Stretching Classes Is 51.0/100.

Is StretchIt – Stretching Classes not working?

StretchIt – Stretching Classes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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