QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Reviews

QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

With QSun, balance your sun exposure and vitamin D, avoid sunburns, find the
current UV (ultraviolet) index, and get personal sun safety tips for healthy &
young skin. QSun lets you know when it’s time to seek sun protection, and
helps you prevent skin aging and skin cancer. The QSun app...

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QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Reviews

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    Useful Tool

    I don’t have the optional hardware. The app itself is very useful and has a nice UI, but it seems like some more guidance and features would be nice. I’d love to be able to link my social media account even though I created an account with email. I’d love to save all the face scans in the app to compare with analysis info attached. I’d love Apple Health integration. I’d also love to use this app for my service dog who goes everywhere with me. I’d love to protect him from UV rays too. Dogs are just as susceptible as humans!

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    Where is your data from?

    Pros: Really cool circle view of the sun. Being able to, at a glance, see when the sun will rise and set, how long it will be up, when it will be most intense, is fantastic. Circles really seem to be in right now in the app store but this is the first time i found it not just helpful, but the only way i want my info now (for sun stuff). Beautiful as well. The vit D stuff looked really cool, but didnt get to really try it. Cons: ・App doesnt feel trustworthy, and doesnt reveal its info sources. The UV values (without UV detector) do not seem to be accurate and dont match any other service ive used. ・The free trial requires authorizing subscription, which means its less of a free trial and more of a "subscribe to us and we'll credit a few days". ・The app claims to have a bunch of exclusive features that arent exclusive. I do not like false advertising, even for free apps. ・The app asks you to rate it five stars, which isnt just skeevy, but it means the ratings are even more inflated than normal on this app. Not a nice thing to see. ・It's not clear from the app store description what is part of the subscription and what isn't, and apparently they regularly change this silently. Be prepared for a lot of lock outs and subscription popups. Ultimately i will be deleting this app because despite how amazing the UI is, its no good if the most important data isnt usable.

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    Lifesaver easy to Use App, but where is the device?

    Revised Review - The App is still nice, but company has not provided the device that I ordered. Company provides updates if asked that it should be “two more weeks”. Lowered to 2 stars for multiple 2 week delays. App review - This app lets me know exactly how long I can be outside and plan my day according to the UV index at different hours. Also has weather for the day and the forecast for next day. I know other apps do this but nice to have the two combined. Was able to set my skin type and app tells me how much coverage I need. Nice addition with the sunscreen reminder and selector. Easy to use. Works well without added UV sensor, but I’ve ordered that to have real time UV tracking. Nice that it integrates with my health app.d

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    Could be great but some major problems

    Using with tracker: The icons are way too small and what I really don't understand is that it is completely impossible to read in the sun where, duh, its going to be used. If you go into the shade to read then it loses the sun and the readings are no longer accurate. Either the UI needs to be redone with testing under real work conditions or there should, at least, audio alerts you can check configure to hear the safe time remaining. This was very frustrating. Also the warning signal and vibration needs to be intensified as it is easy to miss. One tiny chirp from the device and what I believe is a single vibration from the phone is way too little and this is very dangerous! A Watch app could fix both of the above these issues and would be a big help. Another Huge drawback is that the app does not write Vitamin D to Apple Health. That seems like a no brainer but it is, I have to input the daily V D to another app, to get a record in Apple Health. Fix the above and I will give 5 stars

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    It’s a good app but

    It’s a good app, seems to be working relatively well, although sometimes its doesn’t fully reflect the sunlight in my specific area. Because it’s slowly becoming a fully paid service it’s less and less usable as a free app, I tried checking the skin health feature today and found that as with many other things that seemed small, it’s is now restricted and part of the paid subscription. You guys should really consider adding ads or a low lifetime payment to purchase the full app. Otherwise I’ll just stop updating or even using this app.

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    Extremely poor design when used with Qsun device

    This app is filled with useless clutter. It requires you to tap a TINY button to connect with the Qsun device every time you switch out of the app. There's no way to track how much exposure you've gotten already. It also fails to detect when there is incident UV reflection from buildings, ground cover and and sky. Standing in the shade holding the Qsun device facing a sunlit white painted building in San Francisco at noon on a sunny June day produces a reading of ZERO UVI, while my skin continuous to burn. Also only measures data every 30 seconds at most frequent setting- useless for someone with fair skin who walks in a city and is in and out of shade every few seconds.

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    Confusing AF - Even for a social nerd..

    I’m a social nerd that loves tech, but IMHO, this app is confusing AF! I always read the intro/setup for new apps, and this one provided almost none of that. After playing around with the settings, most of the feature of this app require a “login” or creating a new account (which include the options logging in with: Facebook, Google, or a new email account). *SPOILER* after this, you have to grant access to monthly subscriptions after the 7 day trial. Summary: - Needs MUCH better/more helpful user instructions. - Should allow an “account” to be used for users who only need the free features without paying the subscription fee.

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    My go-to app

    As someone with Solar Urticaria (literally allergic to sunlight) this is my go-to app for making sure I don’t have a reaction when I go outside. Super informative, tracks your specific skin type, and sends you sunscreen and clothing recommendations based on the index. Even gives you a timer for how long your exposure can last before you start to burn. I absolutely love it and its become an essential app for me. I highly recommend it.

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    Could be great, except:

    1) Every time I open the app, I have to set location information, even after I set up a profile. 2) I can tap on different times and it will show me what the UV level will be at that time. But in the area where it should show how much time I have before I burn, it will just say “Tap to reset“. Tapping that just resets the info to the current time. At least when it’s set for the current time it will show the time to burn, but it’s useless for planning ahead. 3) They introduced a $4 per month subscription and crippled certain features unless you sign up for it.

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    I love the sole focus on Sun Exposure & Vitamin D

    As opposed to another weather app that simply shows a predicted UV Index at any given time of day, this app cuts straight to it - By focusing on UV intensity as it shifts throughout a day, the necessary protective measures one may take for sufficient safety under the sun, the related effects of such exposure on various skin types, and many more topics revolving around healthy sunshine and all-important vitamin D.

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    Good idea, poor execution

    Received a Q Sun device after a two-month delay. Supposed to arrive in July, arrived 9/22. Has taken up until the present date (10/12) and still no use of the device. Company can’t figure out how to get me logged in or activate my Pro status for the year. Advice: use the free parts of the app (which earn it at least 4 stars), skip the device until supply stabilizes, and hope if you do have an issue that customer service can resolve within a one or two month timeline. No quick solutions here!

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    A+++ for fair skin and blue eyes

    As a person with very fair skin and blue eyes, I can’t even express how valuable QSun is to me. Plus the pro features like the Vitamin D tracker and Sun-Safe are worth the extra $. I also have the QSun device which syncs to my iPhone. I take it with me when I go hiking or on vacation. I recommend QSun, a bit of moisturizer, and some polarizing sunglasses to take care of your skin and eyes.

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    Almost perfect, one bug?

    Great app, full of handy features. For me one of the most important features is the “time to burn.” Although it’s not working for me. The time is just dashes. I entered the skin type, but not the skin analyzer — I’m not sure if that matters. Otherwise, great app.

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    Need Subscription and Device

    The free ability to see how bad the day is gonna look for your skin type for a particular time of day is gold. But vitamin D tracking and sun exposure tracking are for those that have the premium subscription or purchase the $150 wearable device.

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    Very good

    Only complaint is that the skin analyzer may not be that accurate. It changes constantly so don’t be too hurt if it says your skin is age 40 while you’re 30

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Is QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Safe?

Yes. QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 334 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Is 64.2/100.

Is QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Legit?

Yes. QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 334 QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker Is 64.2/100.

Is QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker not working?

QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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