HoneyBook - Small Business CRM Reviews

HoneyBook - Small Business CRM Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

HoneyBook is where remarkable client experiences come to life. Create contracts,
send invoices, collect payments, track projects, and stay in control of your
business—all in one place. Join over 100,000+ Independents who use HoneyBook
to: INVOICES & PAYMENTS Accept all major credit car...

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Reviews (30)


Life as a photographer got easy!

I wish I knew about HoneyBook moons ago!! My workflow is smooth sailing. I’ve noticed that clients book a lot easier and faster by sending the proposals. I’m in love! Two things I wish they can have or fix... One, there’s no way I can send a notification of booking to my second shooter or shooters for a double booking, and have them “Confirm” that they will be attending The booked event. Unless I have a “workspace” to chat with them. But even then, I can’t share the timeline I previously sent my client. I have to create a new one to only share with my shooter. I hope you guys can fix that :) Second... I personally would love folders or any other way to place my “booked” jobs in. I would like this so I can only have my inquiries on the dashboard, and only concentrate on those jobs rather then seeing everything and not knowing who I’m working with. It would be nice to be able to just pull jobs I’m working on for that month. Besides those two things, I love everything about this app and the customer service is amazing!


Great App - Jennifer Trahan Co.

I'm super excited to have this app, I hope it makes my life easier. When I select a specific location, I still have opportunities showing up from all over the country and sometimes I have to search the post for the location to be sure I don't reply to a post that is too far from me, then sometimes the posts don't even state where the opportunity is. Don't know what I'm missing?!? The chat would be great if I could see all chats in one place not try and remember who I was chatting with, search them then select chat to read the convo. Wishing posters wouldn't cancel replies only a few hours in when they are asking for names to be tossed into the hat... three posts and it's shut down... I'd like to make them aware of my services too but I can't stalk HB 24/7 to get a comment in. If it's booked that's one thing but if it's not let people continue to add to the pot. (Just my opinion, nothing can be done about that).


Streamlined my sales and service process

I own an event venue. HoneyBook was my life saver! It helped me streamline and semi automate my sales and service process. I use it for every step of my sales process, planning process, and even my thank you and follow up process. It keeps all of my clients, paperwork, and communication in one place. The app is great! You still need to access the desktop version for some features but for the most part you can do a good bit on the app. And what the app doesn’t do, HoneyBook is probably already working on an update to make the app more robust. They are constantly updating and customizing their product to their clients needs! But.... you have to use it and work it. Don’t try to operate half out of HoneyBook and half in. Use it for its full potential and it will help you streamline your business sales and service process as well!


The best service & app for your business

As a wedding photographer I've tried almost every client management system for my business over the past 10 years. Almost all of them lacked a mobile app. This was a huge issue for me. As a photographer I'm always on the go and sometimes need to quickly reference a clients details, contract, invoice or questionnaires. With the HB app, I'm always to do all of that quickly and efficiently and I never have to go to some clunky web app instead. Aside from that - The app & software continues to update monthly with new features aimed to help my business grow and succeed. I'm over the moon and so thankful for the HB team. Without them, I wouldn't be able to do 90% of business on the go. If you're a small business owner, definitely check out HoneyBook for your one stop shop for your business. You won't regret it.


Perfect for Video Production

This has turned my extremely chaotic business scheduling into an organized one. There are tons of contracts, talent releases, proposals and even package and service templates available. They are fully customizable to you liking. Merge your google calendar's, QuickBooks and previous clients into one place. Now our schedule is available by a link for other potential clients who may be nervous to make a phone call. Just hit “book now” and a new lead is booked with you. The process is easier for both our business and our clients. Also, really digging the ability to keep all our PDF documents, logos and custom thumbnails for our inventory. Everything is custom yet very professional. Thanks HoneyBook! Very happy with the investment.


This app is LIFE CHANGING!

For real...we’ve went through 3 big name platforms now for client management. We’ve shifted through templates and contracts and questionnaires. We utilized time trackers and tools and organizational guides. And each one has left us wanting more...until we started dating Honeybook. At first...it was cute, it was intriguing and helpful. But the more I learned about it and the more I dove deep into each section of its heart, the more I fell in love. The Honeybook app is so convenient and so kind- to let me access everything on my program...on my phone...anywhere. It’s ever evolving, always updating, and always getting better. But the best thing is that it’s already worlds better then everything else we’ve seen out there. Thank you Honeybook, keep being cute. We love you.


Peace of Mind at its finest for a small business!!

As a new, first time, business owner there are so many hurdles to jump through. Systems and credit card payments were my top two priorities, after of course bringing in clients/new work to provide for me & my family. The first thing I noticed was they allowed me to personalize everything! And since I spent a lot of personal time creating a font & colors & logo, that was really cool to be able to use it on all my paperwork. AND THE SMART FILES!!! Wow!! Being able to flip an estimate into an invoice is top notch! The auto fill information is key to saving time and the need of an assistant right away! Not to mention all the contracts ARE MY OWN!! As a one-man band, a licensed and insured General Contractor, my main focus has to be in the field, networking & bring in new work constantly. With the peace of mind that my paperwork is safe and in order is a huge weight off my shoulders! And when I do need help I’ll have them learn HoneyBook! Because it doesn’t get any better!! 🔨🦾 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


Great App... however!!

This is a great app!! It’s super smooth!! And allows me to do what I need to do! So thank you for that! However I would give this a Five Star if it was also formatted for IPAD. I normally take my IPAD PRO out for client meetings and would like to do more through the APP then it comes to signing in person for contracts! It confuses people sometimes when they can’t actually sign like they would in the stores for credit card. I’ve looked into other apps but in order to do this I would need to use 3 apps total to do one thing! Which is absolutely pointless! The app shows promise but needs to be updated for face to face client meetings. I literally had one client refuse to sign a contract because she legally couldn’t sign the contract and I didn’t have the paperwork to back it up! Please for all that is Holy create/optimize for this!


Great but still needs some work

I love this app because it allows me to manage my business on the go. However, the one major thing I dislike about it is that it cannot do some of the small things that you can do if you were working on the desktop. You are, however, able to log onto your account using the browser on your phone and that allows you to utilize everything that the desktop version has. One issue I’m referring to is that the app isn’t that friendly with creating proposals. If I want to add multiple items and packages I have to go to the browser log in to do that because the app only lets you select one package and hand enter any other packages or items. Overall though, great app. Keep it up.


Good but missing some things

I used HoneyBook for 3 years and have now switched to another platform. The reason I chose to end my subscription with them was on the financial side they didn’t provide enough reports and break downs for tax. My accountant also found it made doing my taxes difficult. There is also no way for an accountant to log into HoneyBook and have a look at your records without giving them your full log in details. I use Táve now and although it’s not as user friendly as HoneyBook I love its detailed reports and how it breaks down how much I charge and much profit I make from every package etc. I also hated the fact that HoneyBook didn’t give me an option to charge my client the cc card fees. I was paying so much money in fees - with Táve i have the option to charge the fee to my client.


App Will Not Work On iPhone 13 Pro

I’ve had the app for a while now and it was working great on my iPhone 11 but now that I’ve switched to iPhone 13 Pro Max it simply DOES NOT WORK! I cannot log in!!! I have deleted and uploaded the app over 10 times, didn’t work. I used the same password that I use to log into the desktop version, still didn’t work. I click “Forgot Password” for a reset link, I NEVER receive an email to reset the password. I’ve checked spam, promotions, etc. just NOTHING! This app really needs a full update. When I was able to use the app, it was not user friendly at all compared to the desktop version. I hope the app gets fixed and updated soon with things that’ll actually make it more user friendly…I’m sure if it does people wouldn’t mind paying the prices at all.


Love it

I love this app to organize and track my orders for my bakery however I wish it had a better setup for buisness like bakery’s ,food,candy etc, although it is fairly easy to alter to your preferences . I also wish it had a tab to show all completed projects and allowed you to remove or hide tabs you do not use or need . But it is amazing at keeping everything in one place and organizing your projected in the specific stages they are at in your process. I also love that it allows me to email and update my customers and allow they to pay through the link it sends as well , it creates a more professional and secure connection for both my customers and I.


My world in one app!!

Do you know that question about what you would take with you if you were stranded on an island? Well, my answer would have to be this app that tracks absolutely everything I do with my business!! I can wake up look at my app I know exactly how much money I’ve made this year, how many more contracts I have and what I have on my schedule that day!! I have been using HoneyBook for just a little over a year now and I am so so happy, and the scheduling feature is somewhat new to me and I have been using religiously since! Thank you so much honeybook you make my life so much easier!


Mobile piece still needs work - not perfect for on the go professionals

I wanted to send my couple a timeline for their wedding, but the mobile application doesn’t allow for that to happen. I had to make the timeline on my desktop laptop.I find a lot of the features on the mobile app are not that great as far as working for the person on the go. I am constantly moving around and only have my phone to use so this is a little disappointing. Also when I ask for help on a deposit question, the auto bot feature says it will get back to me in a day. I Purchased a subscription on the app why can I speak to somebody right then in there?



I’ve heard about HoneyBook from other photographers, and I’m so glad I tried it out for myself! I’m just starting out, but I have loved it so far. Easy to use, so many templates, and it even helps you find opportunities near you. The only thing I wish it had was a way to view templates you are sending to your clients as mobile versions, because I mostly work on my laptop and most of my clients view it on their phones. Other than that, this app is amazing and I love it!


Great but wish I could track time from mobile app

I really am liking this right now and I’m still in the early days of using HoneyBook. Customer service/support team has been really great. There is one thing I wish and that’s time tracking via the mobile app. I’m a graphic designer and if I’m out meeting with a client or doing a lot of sketching I’m not on my computer and I’d really love for the time tracking to be included in the app. Other than that I like it so far. EDIT: I did find time tracking on the app but it’s difficult to get too. It should be under the TOOLS tab and it’s not you have to get to it in a round about way inside the app.


This is what I am looking for but...

I was looking for a CRM that would handle everything without breaking the bank, and I think I've found it. So far, it has a lot of potential but there are inconsistencies between the web app and the mobile app that make me want to pull my hair out! The web app allows you to start a project with a project name. Then you add the client. The mobile app ask for the client first AND there is no drop down or search facility like the web app to select someone already in you list. You have to enter the client name and have to know their email. Also, you can't go to a client in your list and select them for a new project like the web app. There are lots more inconsistencies and things that just don't quite work correctly. I've mentioned these to actual people but thus far nothing in the mobile app has really changed. Right now, I just use the web app in my browser on my phone. I'm sticking with HoneyBook for now hoping they correct some of these issues.


Happy Customer!

Since I’ve joined HoneyBook life as a planner has been so much easier. Emails and all the files sent to my clients are all in one place. I love the reminders and how user friendly it is. But most of all I love the customer service support - they are absolutely amazing! I’ve read other reviews about it having potential and to some point I agree. It has the potential to do more but like any app or system it’s a work in progress. Nonetheless I love it and recommend it to everyone I know!


Photography user

Great app when it works properly. I had a run in with my subscription because the app was telling me I wasn’t the owner of my business...but the chat help was very fast and helpful in getting things resolved. If I personally had more business I would absolutely keep the service! The basic photography contract is great and over all the app is easy to use. I would say the chat I kept loosing when I would close the app and had to restart a new one. If your busy business I highly recommend.


Makes Things Easier.

I have really grown to love HoneyBook. It makes running the business a lot easier. The templates for things such as contracts and proposals are very helpful, especially if you’re just starting out. I do wish that there was a way to customize your account more. Like change themes or add colors. Also, I feel like with the scheduling, clients should have the ability to choose multiple dates and times at once instead of having to book a new date and time individually.


Simple, Intuitive and client friendly!

I’ve been with HoneyBook since their debut at the Wedding MBA 2015. Before HoneyBook, I was using PDF writable contracts and my accounting software to keep track of my jobs and client payment balances. It wasn’t until I really tarted using HoneyBook to start automating the some of the work. HoneyBook had everything I needed to keep all of it together, in one easy to use platform, from digital contracts, easily see ALL the text messages history, easy to set up payment reminders and best of all payment processing by stripe deposits usually take no more than 24 hrs to post to your account. They constantly make it better, it looks clean and works great. They have a great help section with plenty of self help vidz for every module that you may have questions on how to set up and for the newbies like me that were a bit hard headed going digital ALL THE WAY, its been a life saver. Thank you HoneyBook and keep up the amazing work!


Needs a login for customers

I downloaded HoneyBook because my wedding planner uses this to communicate with me, make payments, etc. I love the website from a client perspective & it would be really nice if I could log into the app, get notifications when my wedding planner contacts me, upload images of ideas for my wedding, & have it easy & convenient to use. It would also be cool if you could use this app to search for vendors & look at reviews that previous clients have submitted for the different vendors. I really hope you guys add a customer feature soon.


Great app!!

Ever since I signed up with HoneyBook I have found it so much easier to keep up with bookkeeping, contracts, new jobs, etc. The only downside to the app versus the website is that it doesn’t seem to flow in the same manner and you can’t easily access the templates of proposals/agreements for editing. It seems to be a bit limited.


Very unhappy

I tried out HoneyBook for my photography business. I can’t for the life of me get any pictures to load. I click into the screen to load a profile picture or any other kind of picture, it will ask me where I want to load it from and as soon as I pick a source (no matter which one) it takes me straight back to the original screen no matter how many times I’ve tried. You can’t really show your work when none of it will load. I’ve ready other reviews from other users having the same problem. This is super buggy. I’ve also tried to change locations and sometimes it just won’t. Not user friendly. I’ve tried contacting support and never heard back.


Not fully functioning

The tabs to view projects you’ve already written info for is good to view, but when it comes to editing it or adding new projects, it’s difficult. Templates don’t transfer into the app, so all new work must be done on a computer, which is tricky when you have lots of people to input and don’t feel like going back later to do it! You can’t access your tools either, so editing is tricky. Opportunities tab seems like wasted space, I’d rather it be replaced with tools and better client editing. Lots of room for improvement.


Beyond excited and happy about the ease of use!

This app keeps getting better and with each update it helps even more. Love the new features implemented!!! I know nothing about coding or development but the leaps and bounds everyone on the Dev team has done is awesome. I started with honeybook as a user in June. I can't be happier enough. It's absolutely a game changer with the app. Very very useful and now the calendar accessibility lets me enter into my account settings from the app. Yay.



I LOVE HB!!! It’s so convenient to have an app where I can view everything! I’ve only heard positive feedback from clients, and I’ve loved everything about HB so far! I hope I’m the future all parts of the business hub will be available on mobile/iPad, however I appreciate the contract only being available on a computer-it makes it so much simpler to read and review! I can’t wait to see how HB progresses in the future! Lifelong customer here!


Great on web not the best app yet...

Honeybook as a whole is fantastic and anyone using this app knows that the tools are good! I would love to see the app be more inline with the look and feel of the website. I as many people do use an iPad while on the go rather than my phone. Unfortunately when using the app I can’t use my iPad in horizontally or aka landscape mode. This is very frustrating especially when trying to type information in. Would love to see it just feel cleaner and have full capabilities. Thanks!


Like to use but still needs work

The long and the short of it is that the app is helpful for quick glances at notifications, but it’s not yet there for full-time mobile use. I have to be connected to WiFi to see anything, not all features are available on mobile (i.e. editing a file for resending to client), and it’s kind of “clunky.” We love using HoneyBook, though, so I look forward to a long, happy relationship. As long as updates and features keep getting rolled out...


Apps are horrible.

I’ve been using Honeybook since it’s inception and while it has it’s quirks, I’m overall, very happy with it. However, their apps are useless. I love that I can respond to clients through my phone app but hate that I can’t see files, financials, etc. The iPad Version is even worse, it’s absolutely useless. Don’t bother downloading, just use it in your web browser.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact HoneyBook - Small Business CRM customer service directly
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Is HoneyBook Safe?

Yes. HoneyBook - Small Business CRM is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,414 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HoneyBook - Small Business CRM Is 24.7/100.

Is HoneyBook Legit?

Yes. HoneyBook - Small Business CRM is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,414 HoneyBook - Small Business CRM User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HoneyBook - Small Business CRM Is 24.7/100.

Is HoneyBook - Small Business CRM not working?

HoneyBook - Small Business CRM works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

Jun 04 2021

I really need this app to work in landscape mode with my keyboard. The web client is extremely laggy, slow, and glitchy. It makes using this service incredibly frustrating and ALMOST not worth it.

The app runs much more smoothly and in line with what I need. BUT I can’t use my keyboard!!! If we’re talking about how HB is supposed to make things more efficient, being unable to use a keyboard makes it almost useless.

Please fix this!!!

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