Vocabulary - Learn New Words Reviews

Vocabulary - Learn New Words Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-26

Looking for tips for improving your vocabulary? Whether you are trying to
strengthen and broaden your vocabulary for school or personal growth, the key is
a commitment to regularly learning new words. Why expand your knowledge and use
of words? You'll be able to communicate (speak and w...

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Vocabulary - Learn New Words Reviews

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    Absolutely Amazing App

    This app has completely grown my brain.I was falling back in my vocabulary grades and my parents started to notice,I didn’t want to fail them so I was looking at apps to improve my vocabulary because that’s were I needed the most improvement. I tried all sorts of apps but this is the only one that works for me ,I absolutely love the fact that I can study words that apply to my learning and the time that I receive them , not forgetting that I can also listen to the words because they are a little lengthy. My vocabulary grades went from the 70s to the 90s and I am so happy to make my family proud again .I would definitely recommend this app to anyone struggling in any area of school work. Thank you to the creators for making such a wonderful and helpful app.

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    If it's what you want

    If it's what you want, it's good. I want something similar to what I had as a student in the 90's with unusual words we were unlikely to encounter or even use in conversation but sometimes knowing a word is enough to give context to an experience. Two come to mind because they've entered my lexicon to at least a small degree: Flews- dog lips. I see them as the ones on the sides with uneven edges Fire-fanged- overheating something in a microwave. I think we all agree it's different than overheating something any other way. Devs, oh talented devs- anyone can make a word a day app. It takes a special kind of developer to release a truly unique Word of the Day App. You can be that developer.

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    Well done

    This is about as simple as an app can get. I know 80% of the words but rarely use them in conversation. It’s difficulty factor is perfect for most of us. It’s a good refresher. Occasionally I can pick up a new word or the definition of a word I know, but definition I don’t or an alternate definition. In my case I choose to look at three words a day. It’s not overwhelming or bothersome so I keep using it. I’d make one small change. I only look a the Notification. I would leave the definition off the Notification. If I need the definition I can open the app from the Notification. It would keep me honest.

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    Love it!

    I remember a very long, long time ago when I was in 7-8 grade, our two language arts teachers would make us study twelve new words out of the dictionary each week. We needed to know how to spell it and what its definition was by that Friday afternoon's written spelling test with just the definitions given to us verbally. I remember some of these words because of these two teachers caring to advance our vocabulary! I love this app!

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    I really like this app, lots of great new words to learn. There is one annoying problem with it though, some of the longer words are repaginated and split into 2 lines of text. It really makes no sense as in some cases an eight letter word can be split over 2 lines and in other cases a 12 letter word will fit on one line. It's almost as though the font size is changing randomly.

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    Well done. One suggestion...

    This is a very nice app. Works as expected. One suggestion: if one wants to learn a word, it needs to be used, in a context, numerous times. Rather than get a few different new words each day, I’d like it to have an option to stick with one word throughout the reminders period, say three times throughout the day, rather than three different words each day. Maybe there’s a way to do this but I couldn’t find it.

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    Exactly what I was looking for

    I love to enhance my speech and this app had been easy and fun to use. I have tried other apps but they would give me words that were so out of the ordinary that I couldn’t couldn’t even find ways to use it. But, this app had so many fun and interesting terms.

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    Cool but needs improvement

    I love that the app gives you new words as often you you like. A few improvements I would love to see are: -Give the gender of the word along with the word. Knowing the correct gender is crucial. -Give context. Sometimes seeing a word used in context can drastically improve ones understanding and the likelihood of it becoming a useable vocabulary word. Don’t just give the word “comida”. Show it used in a sentence: “quiero comer comida”. -Give the option for the notification more like a flash card. Have the Spanish word on top with its translation separated with a space. Lastly, make the list of vocabulary more useful. I get a lot of words I already know. Make the list of words Not the top 100 most used words. Good app, Great potential.

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    Typos in a dictionary app???

    For a vocabulary app that defines words, I’d expect that the author(s) would ensure correct spelling, but this app is replete with typos. (There’s a new word for the developers: “replete”.) Examples: “btight” in the definition of “luminous,” “belinging” in the definition of “endemic,” “no fully formed” in the definition of “inchoate,” and “giv” in the definition of “laud,” to name a few. Inexcusable in an app such as this.

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    Wonderful way to expand your vocabulary

    I truly enjoy this app...it helps me not only in adding to my vocabulary but as second language English speaker it’s nice to have the ability to learn how to properly pronounce them

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    Simple & Nice - Missing Features

    I like the fact that this app is simple with no ads. I also like the reminder feature that you can set to send multiple times during the day. Instead of just looking at a new word once and forgetting it you will have a better chance of remembering the new word if you repeat it during the day. It is missing some features however. The app doesn't tell you if the word is a noun, verb, etc. Also, it is not shown used in a sentence. Also you can't save the word as a favorite. Other than that I like this app. 😃👍

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    Perfect Word Difficulty

    For myself, at least, this app selects words that are at a great difficulty level. Not too difficult, but not a waste of time. It also has a lack of annoying ads detracting from its usability.

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    The Midas Touch...

    Remember the legendary King Midas?? This crew of the Developers is his 21-st century’s legion!! Everything they had touched turned into the PUREST GOLD! I am the Lifetime Member of their library of apps, and consistently enjoy the outstanding quality of production! From the incredible reliability to the phenomenal content, from the outstanding App Support to the sensational depth of knowledge-this app is the embodiment of the titanic efforts that are continuously applied to keep the application practical, and as beautiful as it is today! To the Developers: Well done! Bravo!

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    Very well executed. You can instantly use thus app in flash card mode by covering the bottom half of the screen (the definition) with a piece of paper, then slide it down for the answer.

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Is Vocabulary - Learn New Words Safe?

Yes. Vocabulary - Learn New Words is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,744 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Vocabulary - Learn New Words Is 63.5/100.

Is Vocabulary - Learn New Words Legit?

Yes. Vocabulary - Learn New Words is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,744 Vocabulary - Learn New Words User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Vocabulary - Learn New Words Is 63.5/100.

Is Vocabulary - Learn New Words not working?

Vocabulary - Learn New Words works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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