TextingStory Chat Story Maker Reviews

TextingStory Chat Story Maker Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-21

Unleash your creativity! Also read the FAQ down below ;) 1. Write a text
conversation in TextingStory 2. Create a video from your story 3. Watch your
creation and share it with your friends Picture & GIF support: get the "Add
pictures" purchase! TextingStory allows you to write conver...

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TextingStory Chat Story Maker Reviews

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    Making stories as actual texting is pretty fun if I do say so myself. The only thing keeping me back from giving this rating a 5 star review is the glitching and payments. I do like how fast and responsive it is compared to other apps I have experienced before but there are times when I either make a new story or change the names and it just crashes and brings me back the the home screen. I also wish we can get more options to like having profile pictures and different fonts, but I need money for that. Personally I won’t complain about that because I’m still able to text with no issues, but I dislike the fact that I’m constantly being glitched out of the app...However I’m mainly relieved that it doesn’t erase my progress. I hope the creators can fix this glitch because it’s starting to get in my way of entertainment, Other than that, it’s probably one of the best texting games I’ve ever tried (which aren’t many in general) Everything is quick and responsive, not difficult to understand and use, and it’s a great way to put your creativity to the test.

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    It's nice but...

    This app is great how you can just write any story and your only limit is your imagination but here are the bad things,let's start with the obvious,sometimes when we type stuff it goes blank and also when your in the middle of a story it says“don't make your story too long!😏“ and it does this constantly on every story you go on and it's so annoying so I would appreciate it if you removed that. Now,here are some ideas you should add in calls and how to call is a call button and they say calling (other person) and how to switch voices is just switching like switching names when they text. And also you should add in more people in text so we could do group texts I know we can do that already but it could be easier by just adding in more people so you wouldn't have to always change it. Also do you have to pay for everything like pictures you have settings for it why can't it just be free? I hope you can do this soon and make these changes soon. Thank you!!!😀😀😀😀😀

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    It’s great! But it takes up to much space

    I have had this app for about 2 years now, and I love it! I used this all the time, it was one of my most used apps! I stopped playing it all the time, like maybe 4 days and that’s all, and I have seen the updates, there great! But one thing that has been bugging me ever since I started using this app, is how much space it takes up, not the app it’s self, but the videos! I have removed over hundreds of pictures, and 50 or more videos, that’s a big reason why I don’t use it as much, it’s still a great app in general! Also I have a problem with how time it takes to download it onto my IPad, my IPad was at 20 and when it was done loading, it was at 5! This app is great, the prices are ok, but the downloading and space it takes is the only bad thing about this app.

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    Something( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Eh...I downloaded it not so long ago but then I deleted it. When I watched some Gacha life videos, I wanted it back. So then I redownloaded it. I’m like OMG! Because it’s different now. The last time they had change colors and you have to pay! But now it’s free. But then I got the colors for free and I didn’t want it anymore. When I went to Gacha Life, the pay for it im like, “ BRO! BRO! BROOOOOOOOO!” they said that it was free..they-scammed-me! I WILL DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN BUT I WILL ONLY DO IT IF THEY JUST... fix ittttt! Now, I want you Gus to watch emerichu(that doesn’t do anything about the game) but she’s an amazing person! Watch the “ my scary brother” first! Now bye bye! Oh, and don’t forget to play roblox! My acc is: SweetCookieJ Anddddddddd, my question is, can we send comments? If you guys are reading this, you should make one and say this, “ For GachaCookie:” and then put the answer. ( I couldn’t find mine so then I went back to redo some stuff cause I’m in a car going back to fresno(*☻-☻* and I get those faces from the Japanese thingy typey thingy ma jugady

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    i love this apppppppp⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    i really do love it. it was a great idea and im always on it. my best friend had it and she loved it so much she showed me it and then i fell in love with it. The only thing that would make it even better was if we could make group chats. I really don't like the fact that i have go to change the people talking all time in a group chat. It would be nice if there was like a botton asking if we want to make a group chat, and we could add people and name the group chat too. And then there is a button asking if we want to make it just two people again. I really love the app and what i just said isnt stopping me from giving the app 5 stars. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    Suggestions: Edit!

    This app is, by far, one of my favorite apps in general. I’m surprised that this isn’t ranked at least one of the top 5 in entertainment! As a whole, I’m quite satisfied with this app- but there’s a few suggestions that I’d like to add. I just wanted to suggest a video option? Like, taking a video with your camera and sending it into the text story as if someone were really sending a video tape and that ties in with the plot? I’m not quite so sure if this is already a setting or not, but I noticed there not being one last time I checked. If it isn’t an option, maybe it’s something that you guys can consider? Also, maybe a “FaceTime” option or a “call” option? I’m not quite sure as to how you guys would do this, but if it’s possible, then that would honestly be a really cool feature! To add onto that, maybe a “voice note” option? If that’s a possibility, then that would be awesome to have in the app! Finally, one more suggestion I’d like to make is lowering the prices just a bit? Removing prices in total would create ads which is completely understandable, but maybe just tweaking the prices to some of the options would be neat? Thank you so much for your time and consideration! This is truly an amazing app! 💕

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    Meh, it’s okay.

    Okay, I have used this app before. It’s pretty amazing! But, I’m pretty ticked about having to buy things in this app. I’m pretty sad that you have to pay for the background to change. I really like this app, and I would like to use it for videos (for example). The reason it’s not a 5-star review, is because that I don’t really want to pay for something I’m gonna use for just a while. But, still. This app is better than the apps I tried. It has good quality and I know how to use it very well! If you could just make this a free game, my rating would be better. I’m not hating or anything like that, it’s just I want these problems to be fixed so I could play this without using money. This is an awesome game, and I would totally recommend other people playing this! Once again, I’m not hating. I just don’t want to pay for anything. I hope you see this. Thanks.

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    This app used to be one of my favorites. But when it got the update, eh.. okay first of all, all of it used to be free /: even the profile pictures! My favorite! And you could change the color of the background but now we have to pay for it?? I don’t have the money for it and these are one of my favorite TextingStory apps!! Now I have to use a cheapy one, not as good as this one but it gets a point because EVERYTHING IS FREE.. you can change the picture, change the color of the background, and another thing you can change the color of the chat bubble! Okay I get it ya’ll need money but guys, at least don’t be abusive with money?? Why don’t you add more features in the app that are really cool and then you can put price tags on it?? That’ll be better. Okay you responded to somebody saying that if you didn’t make it cost money you’ll have to put loads of ads on it mk I get it but that much?come on! I want to be able to use this app??

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    Love it, but one small addition

    Hi there, this app is really great and I love everything about it, and this might just be because I use it fairly infrequently, but I've never encountered any of the glitches people say they have. I do have a small feature addition to suggest, though. I've found it would be very very useful if I were able to go back and add in new messages within the story, between messages I already have. I know you can edit ones you already have, but sometimes they get too long, and sometimes it would just look and read better if something was in its own individual message. For all I know, there's a way to do this already and everything I've tried is simply the wrong way to do it, but I would really appreciate being able to do this. Thanks!

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    Great app but..

    This app is good and satisfactory for making texting stories. Good thing is you can change the names and switch from text to text side to side easily, but some problems are that all the good things need to be paid for. Even if to change the color/theme of the text, you can just download a game and that's it, I think you should already be able to change the color if you want it to seem like you're using a different texting platform in your story. But to just add a contact photo you have to pay? No way am i doing that! But overall, I think everything is okay and good, but I also have one suggestion to make; I think you shouldn't record the maker of the story texting as the other person and not show the texting bar.

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    It’s good, except.....

    I love this game, and when I say love I mean love it! I love how I get to use my creativity, and imagination to make a story! I was in this app almost everyday, but then I took a break, because life was crazy. Once everything calmed back down I decided to write a story using the app. Once I finished I tried downloading it to my photos album, but it would always crash. I was so bummed out, because I liked the story, but I couldn’t see it play out in front of me. I thought maybe it was just a one time thing, until it done it every time I tried downloading it to my photo album! This game is great, but I’m considering deleting it. It’s not worth having an app on my phone that doesn’t even do what it is suppose to do. I hope you see this and take my review into consideration, thank you!

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    Harley Quinn (Please fix this I depend on this app)

    Don’t get me, wrong developers, I love this app! It has done so much for me but there is a huge problem. I cannot deal with it anymore at first I thought it was because the story was too long but it just keeps happening over and over again! Every time I attempt to save a story on my phone it crashes and logs me out no matter how short I make the story or long it blanks out and crashes. It’s annoying but I depend on this app so much. Please, can the team fix this problem it would really help a lot and make it back smooth going. P.S Is their a limit to how long the story should be?

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    I can’t say much about this app, on the bright side.. I have to admit that I like how there isn’t a story limit but I just don’t like how you need to download another app just to get different text colors! Why is that? ( That’s really the only question I’d like answered. ) Imagination can go far here, yes, but still.. I don’t quite how you need to pay for things. Now, I’ll be nice here, I really enjoy all the hard work put into this for people to enjoy and meet their expectations, now THATS what I, I like to see! That’s really what pushed my rating to a three. I rarely hop onto the app anymore, but when I do, I read my old stories and think ‘ Man, the developers really did all they could to make this, one of my dreams, come true.. ‘ That’s what I put respect for! Have a wonderful day and\or evening!

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    It’s great but I have some suggestions

    This app is cool and a lot of fun. I like making stories and putting them on facebook. If you’re interested and would like to see them, search for ‘Zoe Strope’ on facebook and you’ll find the album. Anyway, I have a few suggestions. I recently got an iPad Pro for Christmas and a Smart Keyboard which I am using to write this review right now. But there’s one problem. The Smart Keyboard hooks onto the iPad with magnets so no charging or plugs are required. But the app doesn’t change when I turn the iPad to use my keyboard. Do you think you could fix it so it does. It’s hard to do things when everything’s sideways. One more thing As a blind person I use voiceover to work my IOS devices. This app works amazingly well with it, but once the video’s made I don’t know what the messages say. Do you think that maybe you could add in a feature that reads the messages with text to speech during the video? It can be in the settings list and people can turn it off if they don’t want it. That’s everything. Thanks for reading and I hope you can add these things in. Zoe

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    Almost perfect!

    It’s so amazing that I can just make a texting story of my own I love reading them on yarn and hooked if they pop up on a ad or there’s a video on it. I’ve bought almost everything from the shop as they are nice improvements to the texting story. The things that kind of bother me though is I could make a screen recording of me and my friend role playing as characters, we could have FaceTime and everything. It also doesn’t look like a texting screen. The colors are orange and blue not white and blue but I would not blame you for changing white to a more seable color and yes, I know there’s a change color option but I don’t feel like buying it 😂. And my hand hurts so bye.

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Is TextingStory Chat Story Maker Safe?

Yes. TextingStory Chat Story Maker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 39,420 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TextingStory Chat Story Maker Is 30.8/100.

Is TextingStory Chat Story Maker Legit?

Yes. TextingStory Chat Story Maker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 39,420 TextingStory Chat Story Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TextingStory Chat Story Maker Is 30.8/100.

Is TextingStory Chat Story Maker not working?

TextingStory Chat Story Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Haya
Jun 08 2021

I love text story😘

By Adiva Suah
May 08 2021

Please help me

By Mandy
Jan 19 2021

When i tried to go a longer story it wouldn't make the story so i spend a whole time doing a story and it didn't make it

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