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Designed to work with the LINK series cellular trail cameras, the SPYPOINT app
allows you to receive photos from your camera directly to your smartphone or
tablet. You can activate your new camera, view your photos, manage and monitor
your trail camera from anywhere. Includes BUCK TRAC...

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Reviews (26)


Nice concept, but disappointing performance

This Link-Micro was my first trail cam and purchased primarily to capture pics of vehicles, including rear license plates, which enter/exit our 500 ft long driveway. Getting pics of wildlife is nice, also. Camera operation and iPhone app setup were relatively simple, although did need to format SD card in computer. Camera ate up 8 alkaline batteries in less than one month and 350 pictures. Switched to lithium and those are still showing 100% charge after 3 weeks and 200+ pictures. Tried several different camera settings and locations, but found it’s hit or miss to capture good picture of the rear of a vehicle. Have it set up to take 2 “instant” photos of every detection, but shutter speed is such that it usually only captures a vehicle or wildlife in only one picture and sometimes misses entirely. It rarely captures the rear of our vehicles with normal use of our driveway, so it’s doubtful we would catch a good shot of a potential intruder vehicle. If it does capture rear of vehicle, must take SD card out of camera to view picture on computer to have a chance of reading license plate. Might be able to make out make, model and color of vehicle, if daylight picture. An annoyance is failure of iPhone this app app to remember login credentials, in spite of checking “Remember Me” box. Also, initial screen usually appears each time, in spite of checking box for “Do Not Show Again.”


Worst customer service ever

I purchased and have had in the field since April 2019 a Dark Link camera. My camera quit transmitting pictures with all indicators on the camera showing a strong signal and battery strength. After 2 weeks and several phone calls the Customer Service had me do a hard reset and reinstall the camera to the website app. My Premium service plan was deleted and had to be reset up after another Trail period. this app assured me that the first account was deleted and I would not be billed for the next month service. Guess what I was billed for the “deleted” account. Several more phone calls/emails, submission of my bank transaction and I was refund. Part 2 set up the account a second time every thing was working fine till the end of July when I started to get completely washed out over exposed daylight pictures. I used the text feature in SPYPOINT and I would wait most times a day for a response. I would answer and wait. I finally kept manipulating the settings of the camera through SPYPOINT and the daylight pictures started working. A few days later the night mode pictures went dark showing a full screen black image. Through all this I have given up on customer support help. They are untimely and do not seem to know the product very well. I Use the cuddelink system also and have had no issues running 4 cameras. I bought this app because of SPYPOINT & the camera so I am hoping that I can get it straightened out


Not the perfect cellular camera, but pretty darn good

The camera isn’t perfect, but it does what’s advertised. It’s virtually a maintenance free camera in regards to battery life. What more can you ask for with a cellular camera. I do wish it had the option to send pics on demand, but every 2 hours isn’t bad. The transmitted pics are good, not great. More than good enough to get a good look a what’s been coming around. The pictures off the sd card are extremely good. You should be using class 10 card high speed card. My signal was 1-2 bars so installed an external antenna and now never below 3 bars. The camera won’t operate at it fullest capacity unless the signal is at least 3 bars. Remember that the camera is NOT associated with your own cell phone carrier. It’s all thru this app. It’s very important to check what cell carrier has the best reception at your particular place. I added antenna to my at&t camera and my buddy gets a constant 4-5 bars with Verizon version and is about 1/4 mile from me. The only issue I have with SPYPOINT is that most of the time I can’t check internal battery percentage. I have to keep pressing internal battery tab and it will just randomly pop up sometimes. Other than that, it’s a great camera.


App has improved a lot

SPYPOINT has improved a lot over the last year. I do t like that it still goes to the login screen every time you open it, but since the password is saved it is ok I’d like if they could put a setting in SPYPOINT to disable the camera from uploading pics. I k ow there is a cellular option but if you turn that off and then back on it will upload the pics that were taken while it was off. The use case is that if I k ow it is going to be windy all day today I’d rather be able to turn the cellular off to prevent uploading of unnecessary pics- BUT still keep them on the sad card. AND when I turn it back on- it will only upload new pics taken AFTER being turned back on.


The price is great bait... but save yourself the hassle!

So I have 2 Link Micro cameras, one Verizon and one at&t. I’ve had to return both at least once, I’ve had to go to the woods on a regular to pull the cameras due to problems(defeats purchase) and I’ve had to delete and re-download SPYPOINT at least 15 times. The price is amazing and the photo plans price is good, don’t bite down on the hook just yet cause it looks tasty...I’ve contacted them on messenger over 50 times regarding issues, It always the owners fault, they give you this preschool instruction that fixes absolutely nothing. So before you think dang... slap yourself in the face and say DONT DO IT, because by the time you have used fuel bought batteries( for me every other week)and wasted your time chasing down customer service, covering your area with unnecessary scents from trying to get what you paid for to actually do what it’s suppose to... TAKE MY ADVICE AND BUY THE BETTER ONE(OF A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER) you can thank me later.....or now but I promise you you will. Maybe they take better care of the ones who they actually sponsor but there are definitely more blue collar hunters than TV paid hunters so when they say “ OH I LOVE this app CAMERA’S “ it’s probably because they didn’t pay for it or they get better service because they are putting their name across the screen. Ok and I’m sorry for the rant but if you buy one.... you’ll know!!!!


Will not work

I bought a this app cell link for My this app camera I have been using for the passed 2 years. Love my camera and have never had a issue. Got the cell link so I could see the pictures without having to drive down and change out my sd cards to view the the pictures. After booking it up and going step by step instructions. SPYPOINT has never worked. When you go to the this app support, all the pictures on the support page do not match up with SPYPOINT display pages. On SPYPOINT I can see the camera is communication with my cell link and has never sent any pictures through SPYPOINT at all. I know it’s nothing with the camera. I set up my other this app on the opposite side of this opening facing towards the this app with the cell link with a regular sd card inside it and is taking pictures so I know it’s not an issue of nothing in the frame and the cell link unit has always showed full signal strength. Also if you through the instruction book that comes with the cell link it also does not line up with the website and/app display as it says. This was a waste of money and time and I would not recommend it to anyone. In the future after dealing with this now I will buy a Muddy cell camera and activate it with my AT&T plan.


App quit working

I see a lot of recent reviews that SPYPOINT has quit working, same thing here. Funny thing is, it worked just fine until I upgraded to a month-to-month photo transmission plan. Now it is doing like others are saying, says “connecting” but never connects. I logged onto the website and tried to turn off the auto-renewal for the subscription, and it will not let me. The website doesn’t seem to work right either. Looks like they either have some serious technology issues or have a pretty good scam going here. If you are on the free plan now, DO NOT UPGRADE! It will mess up your account. The camera itself was working okay. It does have issues with condensation getting on the lens, and the pictures that are transmitted are not good quality. Haven’t pulled the SD card yet, so don’t know if the quality is better there. Bottom line is, pay a little more and buy a better camera that has an established record for proper app functionality. SPYPOINT is junk, and their customer service in non-existent. I was on hold for over 45 minutes before I decided to hang up. I’ll try to email them, but I am not expecting much there either.


Honest review

I use the cell-link on my stealth cam. The Stealth cam has always taken great pictures since it is a higher end one. But using this makes it drop the resolution and you have to pay to get a better quality picture and you only can get 50 HD pics which is ridiculous. The setup doesn’t tell you that you will most likely need to update the firmware either. After I got it all installed I had to call customer service (which they are honestly really good, that was the best experience so far) to even find out I had to go back out get both SD cards, download the newer firmware on a desktop PC (hope you have one) then transfer that onto the cards. Now it kinda works as it sends the pictures to the web login more then it does on my app. The monthly cost I feel are not bad. I’m not sure which cell service it is using. I guess it picks which ever one it gets the best signal from and it gets 4 bars which classifies as 100% for them. Good product idea but it has some kinks to workout.


Link-Micro doesn’t sync and ZERO customer support

Basically have purchased a useless camera. Purchased link-micro camera and installed app. Followed directions exactly but somehow app shows that a premium plan was selected. Can’t choose the free plan and cant go ahead and pay for premium plan as SPYPOINT tells you that you can’t upgrade to a premium plan because you are not currently on a free plan? Contacted customer support and they are unable to help as they don’t understand why a free plan can’t be chosen. Was told by customer support that there are issues with the link-micro and SPYPOINT and that IT would have to assist. Was told to send email and the issue would be resolved in approximately 2 days. Going on 9 days now with no response from IT department and still have a camera that doesn’t work other than pulling the SD card to retrieve photos. Called customer support 2 days ago and was told that the IT department hasn’t looked at my issue because they don’t have time. No help and no information on when they will “find time” to try and fix this issue. Money and time wasted with this company. Plan to return camera and purchase a different brand.


Average overall

50% battery used for over 800 photos at max settings and continuous photo transfers. Probably could stretch it to a couple months on easier settings. Trigger speed a little slow, missed about 20% of activity, similar to other past average priced cameras I’ve had. Wireless was fine for me. I mapped the cell towers to pick a set up spot that wasn’t too blocked, and got 100% transfer rate. 1st time setup was a little frustrating, but it worked itself out. App was simple and user friendly, but it claimed a cat was a turkey lol and only claimed 1 out of 20 doe pics as a doe. Maybe bucks work better. I loved the idea of being able to change camera settings from the phone, especially one windy days that eat up your SD card and batteries with trophy pics of shadows and swaying branches. Overall I’ve see much worse. I think it will shine best paired with a field scan or fast reliable regular camera. That way you won’t miss any SD pics at the end and yet still get a preseason peek from home into activity without disturbing your spot.


Garbage warranty and camera

I have a this app Link Dark and in less than a year, my camera stopped working due to ants that managed to get inside. Called customer service and was told this was “natural damage” and not something that is covered under warranty because it’s not a defect. The customer service rep even asked if I knew how to close the door properly to keep bugs out!! She said even if I bought the camera and ants got into it a week later and ruined it, it would not be covered under warranty!! They gave me the option to pay a repair fee of $100 and then they would send me a new one. So my $200+ camera would then be $300+ with no additional guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. I’m still trying to figure out why a cellular camera can’t do updates using cell service. If there is a firmware update, your camera will just stop working. Then you have to go get it, delete your SD card and install the update on it, re-insert it into the camera, install it and then put it back out. Old school. Very disappointed in quality of everything!


Great camera but have a request for the app

I have the this app link WM and it’s a great camera. Gets the job done. I actually had purchased a camera from Walmart, got it and went to activate it and it would not work for some reason, even using this app customer support we could not get it to work, so I exchanged it at Walmart and this new one works great. Although I do have a request. The this app app has no option to change the picture notification sound and I would possibly like to do that to find a louder picture alert notification to wake me in the middle of the night, being that we are having a pig issue at our place and I would like to go out and take care of them when they are there. Is it possible for y’all to allow the option of changing the sound for the notification??


Camera works alright

I got my this app micro about a week ago. I took it to the field and it worked great! Batteries lasted about a week before needing changed in my case. It stopped sending pictures to SPYPOINT . About a day after I went ahead and swapped the batteries because they had gotten down to %30. I started it back up in the field and it worked for a night. Now it shows that the fresh batteries I put in are already at %40 and it stopped sending me pictures. I’m still in the free trail for unlimited photos. I looked up what may be the issue. I followed the video provided and none of these work. I want it to work because it cost a decent amount of money I think it should last a little longer than a week after the purchase. If anyone has any idea to fix this that would be great.


Apps not WORKING!

I am an insider member. I’m having trouble with cell links and I’ve been on the phone with Support most of the day. I’m getting notifications to my phone showing the small picture on my iPhone notification then when I open SPYPOINT the pictures are not there! One tech told me I needed to update my updates are up-to-date!I don’t know what’s going on but there’s a problem ! Thanks ———————————————————— App is working better now! Hopefully it will continue to get better. I did the iso 15 update on my phone it may have helped. I’m running 14 this app products. They made it threw a rough hurricane here in Louisiana must be one of the toughest conditions on cams an cell links . Lots of big trees down some hunting areas can’t get to from trees down. Long recovery ahead. Thanks for your response this app!! Mack


Great camera & App

I bought 2 Micro Link trail cameras and have had them out 1 week now and each camera has transmitted over 100 pictures. I have really enjoyed seeing what’s in my hunting areas in real time. I love SPYPOINT and it’s ability to make changes to the camera remotely from my phone. I also bought 1 security box and I like it much better than the strap for mounting to the tree and I will be ordering another because I have had cameras stolen before. If I had to say anything negative about these cameras it would be the picture quality that is sent to your phone. They are a little fuzzy, this app app says this is normal because pictures are compressed to be sent to your phone but the pictures are also captured on your SD card in the camera and they are top notch quality. The Micro Link is a awesome cellular trail cam at a great price.


Photos won’t transfer...

I have 3 this app cameras, photos rarely transfer. I’ve done the filmware updates regularly, all the trouble shooting tips. They will send random pictures every once in a while. I’ve watched dozens of deer standing in front of my cameras. They will take pics, they just don’t send them. They are basically just card pull trail cams. I put new batteries in all three cameras today, checked SPYPOINT , updated filmware files on the cards, cameras linked and had 100% battery and service. By 11pm one camera said it has 100 pics but only 25 transferred. One other camera is showing no pics and 49% battery life after 5hrs. The third camera is showing 60% battery life and says 30 pics but none of them transferred.......if I could give negative stars I would


Decent camera but unable to get service

I have 2 link evos about a year old. Both have had issues after the batteries die. For some reason you have to reboot multiple times and leave camera on each detection so you know that it transmits before you leave the woods. Multiple times I’ve left only to have to return to reboot. That doesn’t work well when the property is 400 miles away. One doesn’t work at all. Tried all their tips and it just won’t work. IR flash stays on for 12 seconds at night and the shutter stays open I think. Pictures are horrible, but it won’t transmit those either. Kills lithium batteries in a day. I’ve tried email twice, called 3 times, and chat twice(52) in queue. No response after 2 weeks. Buy this camera knowing that it’s a little difficult to get working at times and tech support has been non existent due to overwhelming support needed for link micro according to their website.


Has worked flawlessly

I purchased my Link-Evo cameras to put on property I own that is 5 hours away. I wanted to make sure they “WORK” before I plant them out there. I chose which camera by checking the Verizon and AT&T Data maps for that Area, and AT&T Is stronger there. I set the cameras up in my backyard and ran them for 6 months . I read the directions FIRST , and learned everything about them . What batteries I need for what I want them to do ...What can happen to them..What they can do...Don’t do...How they work best ... And things that can go wrong. Now I’m very confident they will work for me when I take them to my hunting property. Since this is really a review of SPYPOINT . I gave it 5 stars because it is very intuitive . Clean and easy to navigate. Works great on IPhone. It just simply “WORKS”. And that is a win in my book! I’ve heard some stories of people having issues with the product. Well just keep in mind. You usually always here the news that is bad. What broke..What Airplane crashed. And not good news. Or what didn’t break. Or what Airplane landed. I don’t care how good a product is. When there is a lot of it...A few mishaps will happen from time to time. As far as my cameras, and SPYPOINT. I have ZERO COMPLAINTS! Thanks this app!!


App Good, Cam and Customer Service No Good

I purchased the Link-Micro-LTE 2 pack. It came with cameras and SD cards. Seemed like a good deal. 1 cam worked perfectly. Easy setup, no issues at all. 2nd cam had issues from the start. I updated the firmware, formatted the card (provided in the package) and restarted the camera several times. It finally started working at home so I placed it in the field. Within 2 hours it drained the batteries to 76% and showed that it was continuously connecting but no pictures. I contacted chat support and they advised me the SD card is not compatible and to purchase their card. This is after I told her that the card WAS their card and came in the package. Now I have to drive the 2-hours round trip and an hour hike to bring the camera home so they can “troubleshoot”. I am not feeling very optimistic with the customer support that just told me that their card is not compatible with their device. I will update this review once I get a resolution.


Bad product and customer support

Photo quality is poor but I can live with that. What is the most bothersome thing is the camera cannot send images consistently, it will go extended periods of time between photos sent, this is despite activity in front of the camera and despite the camera connecting. I sent a message to the customer support line and a response shot back saying to update the firmware. This is pretty annoying since the point of this camera is to be used remotely, but now I have a camera that is half way working until I drive 400 miles to fix it. Additionally the English in SPYPOINT and product specific website is poor. SPYPOINT is clunky and does not always open the correct image that you click on the thumb nail. The website photo viewer has issues with the forward and back button. I would expect more out of a $400 product. Simply put the QA and usability testing of this product is severely lacking.


I have 3 of these cameras

I have the Link S, Link Dark, and the Link Micro. Overall these cameras are great. I really love the new HD picture on request $5 deal. To me it makes these cameras even better. One thing that needs to be fixed is the photo at next transfer option used to work great as a sort of a picture status check of your area that you could see at your selected transfer time. Basically it would send a picture of your area to you at your transfer time whether there is motion or not. This was a really nice feature. I wish it still worked. This feature worked up until late last year, but it hasn’t worked for a long time now. Please fix this and I’d be happy to change my review to 5 stars. I still really like the cameras.


The app seems to need some work, especially when working with the dark cameras

The this app LINK app is simple enough. It is missing several features that would make it more complete, but the biggest issues are the bugs in the application. Some of the bugs could be attributed to the application in the phone, and some of them are from the firmware in the radios and cameras for the dark model or in the web based hosted application it reports to. The schedule time ranges do not seem to like the starting time in the evening in the ending time the following morning. Trying to set the time ranges causes the time box to jump around on your screen while editing. The application only sometimes is able to update the camera settings. If you’re going to use the dark camera models, I would suggest you test them a great deal before mounting them in a difficult place. We have spent more time on the latter, then we would’ve expected.


Honest opinion

I bought this app when they first rolled out and paid close to what i paid for my very first trail cam in the early 90’s, so i understand cost for innovation. I never experienced battery issues, but i do use the recommended energizers, actually my batteries lasted all season into summer. The only issue i had was when i called for support, i waited an hour and a half, but support was very good when i got thru. I then went to cabelas and saw the micro on sale for $100, that kind of explains the slow support. Regardless of support, i have bought three micros since and cant be happier for the money. Pictures are not as good as evo but i can count points! Thanks for the great product, several of my friends and i enjoy them and the referral program.


Working well

As a trail camera I would say it is average to slightly below average in picture quality and trigger sensitivity. When combined with the cellular capability and the price point I would consider this camera to be above average overall. This camera does have quirks. You need to format your SD card on your home computer before inserting into the camera. Also, if you are using AA batteries you should always use lithium. Don't use rechargeable batteries unless it is designed for this camera. My camera has been in use since early September and it is almost the end of October. My original lithium batteries are still at 100% charge and that is averaging 10+ pictures a day. I consistently have 2 bars signal strength. SPYPOINT is extremely easy to use.


Expensive, fragile, glitchy, not waterproof at all!

I’m on my second camera due to the first one getting water internally from a rainstorm. The plan cost me $180 a year to have and I had major issues getting it to send pictures. It’s my least favorite trail cam due to the over $400 I have invested in it. Picture quality is downright terrible, fails to send pictures half the time. Startup is a nightmare. After this plan is up I’ll be selling it in hopes of getting some of my investment back out of it. I should have read reviews before I bought it like I do everything else. Don’t get sucked in by the free plan. Squirrels and raccoons will eat that plan up and you have a standard trail cam again. It said on the box it was capable of 48 mp but I haven’t seen any ability to make it 48 mp. It’s like an ancient cell phone camera at best. I’d recommend any other brand cell transmitting camera over this one.


You get what you pay for...

I bought the camera in hopes of catching a mailbox thief(s). Picture quality is ok not the best. Not real happy with the quantity of pics taken when it senses motion. Wish it took more. Caught 1 out of 3 thief’s on it. If the picture quality and frequency was better/more probably catch all 3. For the price of the camera tho I can buy 3 for the price of reconyx. Night pics have to be real close to capture an ok picture. If left on all day the batteries burn up quick. Good pics during daylight tho. Love the fact it can alert you when it takes pics and they’re on ur app on ur phone in case the camera happens to be stolen. Depending on how you use it i would recommend it. But for night security in a rural area with no power source close I’d say not so much. They definitely have the ability for improvement


Yes. SPYPOINT is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 40,618 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SPYPOINT Is 21.0/100.


Yes. SPYPOINT is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 40,618 SPYPOINT User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SPYPOINT Is 21.0/100.

Is SPYPOINT not working?

SPYPOINT works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 16 Comments

By Doug Peterson
Nov 30 2022

Cannot get my camera to activate or don't no WTF 😒 is going on ....????? S.o.S. help me

By Disappointed
Nov 24 2022

Customer service appears to be non-existent. I attempted to reach support via chat on several occasions without any response after waiting up to 45 minutes. When calling support, the recorded message stated that due to COVID (COVID is not an issue at this time, 11/10/22) the wait would be over an hour. Camera takes pictures at the interval set when selecting “each detection” instead of only taking a picture if there is movement. Pictures have never been clear even when selecting HD quality. Will never purchase another SPYPOINT.

By Swamp Donk
Nov 15 2022

Just save yourself the headache and spend the extra money for a cell cam like Tactacam, Covert, Stealth Cam, etc. Yes, you may be paying a little more, but I guarantee you are saving money over the long run. And with a product like this you are paying for product performance and longevity. With Spypoint you get neither. They have the absolute worst customer service imaginable, the photo plans are terrible, and the quality of photos are subpar to say the least. They are a money-grab company that feeds on the customer who is trying to save a dime.

By Timothy cobb
Nov 05 2022

i bout 6 of these camera's and 2 of them still work worse camera's i have ever bought and there customer service is no help at all!!! I personally would not buy this product again.

By John Somes
Nov 02 2022

Loved the concept, total interaction with my phone... Your connection, on line and try to pay is fucked...

By Victor Garty
Oct 25 2022

Absolutely the worst customer service possible. Hours on hold till someone picks up. Any day, any time you call. No one ever answers. Chat option never answers. One day was on hold for 3 hours and they picked up and hung up finally once they closed at 8pm cst. Charge for service but no service is working. Did everything they tell you to do and still not working and can't get a hold of anyone.

By Bill Albert
Oct 13 2022

Dont even think they deserve 1 star. Bought 2 of the new flex cameras. Drove 3 hrs to my lease to put them out. One did not even work out of the box. It would not even turn on. Put the other one out and purchased the $15 month unlimited plan. It worked for 2-3 days just fine. Then it stopped communicating. I took the other one back to Dicks after i got back home and exchanged it. Made sure this one turned on. I took it down to the lease a couple days later. The one had stopped working like 3 days before i went back. I turned that one off and then back on and it communicated. So now i have 2 camera out. One worked for 2 days and one worked for 3 days and stopped communicating. So i have $30 in a photo plan that has like 6 days on one that it worked and 3 days on the other. I went down today and grabbed both and took them back to dicks for a refund. The manager knew why i was bringing them back. He said he has refunded alot of these cameras. I called spypoint and was on hold for 2 hrs. The guy answered at 8:47 pm. They close at 9. I explained the situation to him about the cameras and i have taken them back to Dicks and i got refunded the money. The very next question he asked was "Do you have the cameras in hand" Duh!!! So i asked him " can i ask you commonsense question, if i took them back to Dicks and got refunded how would i have them in hand? He hung up. While waiting for 2 hrs on hold i decided to use the chat feature. It took 40 minutes to get a response back. I explained the whole situation about taking them back to get a refund. He asked the same darn question Do you have the cameras in hand. I already got refunded the $$ for the cameras and all i was trying to do was get refunded the $30 plan charge. The chat person said i would be refunded $9 because that equals the days i had left on the plans. The dang thing didnt work. Stay away

By dan reed
Oct 11 2022

bought a new flex camera never worked chat with 2 agents one said he would send an new camera if this is start in 24 hours it didn't the second one did all the same tests still didn't i said i wanted a new camera he dissconnected me so i'm out $110 bucks but i do have a piece a shit flex camera do not buy a spypoint camera!!!!!

By Grant Murphy
Oct 07 2022

Hi , have used your product for many years and am very satisfied. The newest of my three cameras suddenly stopped
transmitting pictures and status updates. After trying all the usual suggested remedies as well as customer service,
that was polite and knowledgeable, no success. It was only when I opened the unit , a Link-ct 4g and replaced the CR2032 battery that it worked. Maybe a fluke, not looking anything, just thought you may want to know. You have a
great product line and just want to help . :)

By bob graves
Aug 25 2022

camera didn't come back on at the beginning of a new month, customer service wont respond to the issue.

By David Mashburn
Aug 23 2022

Same issues I'm reading above/below whatever. Bought two, one worked one day, the other three days. After setting up the app it only worked one day. I was still getting pictures sent to my email until today (three days later) now I'm getting nothing. Check the camera status and everything is perfect. So far I'm getting nothing from costumer service.
I'm probably going to be looking into a attorney after seeing these results. They charged me $33 for two cameras for a month plus $150 for one and another $130 for the other.
Haven't tried any others yet to be able to make a recommendation. But what I'm experiencing and reading here it's not a good review for spypoint

By Stew Roberts
Aug 23 2022

These cameras have about a 1 year life span. so unless you plan on buying a new camera every year do not purchase these. it is VERY curious how the cameras stop working JUST Days after the warranty period ends.

Very curious

By Charles lee
Jul 19 2022

I have 4 of the link micro. All stopped sending pictures to my phone.customer service is horrible. Will look for a better cell camera. I will never buy anything from SPYPOINT again.

By Lyle
Jun 22 2022

Camera has not been working for nearly a year and customer service sucks. They just want to play games instead of making it right and sending a new one. Plus they keep trying to rub my card for a subscription when I couldn’t even use the last one because my camera stopped working. Worst customer service if you have a problem. Don’t waste your time.

By Dale looper
Mar 30 2022

SPYPOINT app work flawlessly UNTIL LAST WEEK 3/17/22 and has not worked sense. What in the world has happened?????
Please fix it!
It now sucks and won’t work.
Wooops something went wrong—— I’ll say

By Jeff Montgomery
Sep 26 2021

How do I get the Spypoint app to alert me when pictures are sent to my phone? Eva when it sends me pictures, the app on my Home Screen doesn’t show a number on it of how many pictures it’s sending. Thank you

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