totwoo Reviews

totwoo Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: "totwoo" is an App that connected with TOTWOO smart jewelry. TOTWOO is the
world's first smart jewelry brand that combine social, technology and fashion

About totwoo

What is totwoo?

The "totwoo" app is designed to work with TOTWOO smart jewelry, which is a combination of social, technology, and fashion. The app offers eight smart functions that allow users to experience love and luck. The app is created by Jieming Wang and Marco Dal Maso, who launched TOTWOO in Milan in 2015. The brand has received many international awards and positive feedback from the fashion industry.



1. Love Code: Tap the jewelry lightly to feel a love connection with the paired jewelry.

2. Memory: Add favorite memories and save them to the jewelry.

3. Call Reminding: Choose a specific color to mark significant contacts, and the jewelry will flash and vibrate when receiving calls.

4. My Horoscope: Based on personal horoscope, the jewelry will flash and vibrate automatically on the lucky day.

5. Stand-up Reminding: The jewelry can monitor the user's status and remind them to stand up when sitting for a long time.

6. Activity Tracking: Record steps and calories, and the jewelry will flash and vibrate when the goal is reached.

7. The Shining Mode: Activate the "shining mode" in the app, and the jewelry will flash continuously, making the user the focus of the party.

8. Yes or No: Tap the jewelry to get a yes or no answer when unable to make decisions.

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Key Benefits of totwoo

- Works perfectly

- Great for long distance relationships

- Easy to use once you get the hang of it

24 totwoo Reviews

3.1 out of 5


Best thing ever.

I literally forgot to take it out of my pocket when i did the laundry, and i discovered it when i got my clothes out of the dryer. It still worked perfectly! I’ve never seen any product like this work nearly as good.


Don’t waste your money!

My bracelet was continuously falling apart. The back just would not stay on. The company told me to send them a video showing the back falling off under various circumstances. Are you kidding? It also never connected to my Wi-Fi and the link to get help never went anywhere. Total scam.


Broke after a day and a half

App want registering presses or sending signals, constantly reconnecting. Bought 2 sets and one box arrived empty. Then one bracelet broke after about a day and a half and no response from customer service about the issues either 0/10 do not recommend.


They broke

The bracelet worked for about a week then it just stopped lighting up when she sent codes. It’s still lights up when I send them but honestly ruined the whole point of getting them because I don’t know when she touches hers.



all of these reviews are horrible but it took less than 2 minutes to set mine up and pair it with my partner and it works perfectly the only think i done like is that you aren’t able to send the i love you message from the bracelet i have only had mine for 2 days so i guess i’ll update if they don’t hold up


This app asks you for Access to contacts, camera and location.

Bracelets took forever. But here is the real kicker..! Ready for this..? Why would this insignificant device require access to your contacts as well as your camera? I may be able to “accept” location (although i’d understand why that’s needed) but not sure why this device would need access to your Contacts and Camera. Access to your contacts..? Are you serious? That’s a bit over excessive and it does not make any sense. That said If you’re not comfortable with that then you’ve pretty much wasted your money. It seems in order to use totwoo you have to check and accept the terms which outlines why it’s asking you….And I will NOT..! Had I known this from the beginning or if that was mentioned (which it should) I would not have purchased it. What a waste of money (lesson learned)….! Unreal..! SMH, another classic scam.


Product doesn’t do what it says…

First of all i purchased this product for my best friend wife, who is a female, and I am a female. They don't have an option to pick female and female (or male and male), its only male and female. Thats sexism!
Secondly… So setting it up was a mission, but once we got through it (after 30 min), it worked only when we were next to each other, it didn't work when she was out of the house.
Third, you have to keep totwoo running in the background of your phone, which eats up your phone battery life. AND IT STILL DOESN'T EVEN WORK!!
I keep demanding for a refund and they just keep responding with instructions to do and try more things (WHICH DON’T WORK) and “sorry for the inconvenience, let me know if theres anything else.” In which, I keep demanding for a refund!! I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED! It was like $110!! For crap! NOT OKAY!


Not happy right now

I got my wife these for Christmas so we could let each other know how much we think about each other while at work. The concept seemed awesome. We took them out of the box, set them up correctly, and they don’t work as promised. They did work correctly for the first 10 seconds after pairing and have not worked correctly since. When my wife and I set them up, we sat directly beside each other and pressed the buttons. They lit up and a “text message” was sent to our phones. When I went to a different room (with my phone) and pressed mine and she pressed hers…nothing. No light up, no text message, no nothing. Now, sitting beside her while totwoo is running, connected to Bluetooth, and batteries are full, still nothing. Very disappointed.


Horrible customer service and horrible app

I ordered these bracelets at the beginning of December because of the 72 hour shipping window the website promises. It shipped 3 weeks later. I emailed and texted the listed information on the website 3 different times with no response. Also responded directly to an email stating they were excited about my purchase and to reach out if I needed anything. Still nothing.

Then I get the bracelets much after Christmas. They barely work. The phones are always within range and I work for a technology company so I’m positive I have the apps and phones up to date and working as they should. They work maybe 25% of the time. We’ve already stopped using them. Don’t waste your money!!!!!


Stopped working after two days—huge waste of money

So, the bracelet in general does not work as advertised. You always have to be connected to totwoo and even then sometimes your taps wont send through because of poor connection. So it DOES matter where you are when you tap your bracelet. Also, these bracelets worked (poorly) for about two days. Then one failed to connect altogether even though it had a new battery, was connected to bluetooth, etc. all the requirements it needed to connect were there and it still didn’t connect. Eventually it just stopped lighting up when tapped despite me buying new batteries for it and everything :/



I'm from America and my fiance is from England. We struggle when we aren't physically together because you can't just grab the person's hand or give them a quick hug. Instead, we use these to show that we are thinking of the other person with a single tap. We also have our own app for communication. We very highly recommend the bracelets for any couple who is in a long distance relationship.


Keeps Misgendering My Partner

My GF got us these and she clearly put herself in as female in the settings, but when I get to the home screen, her profile picture is of the male, and on the horoscopes, it says “His Horoscope”. We’ve tried swapping genders back and forth, changing profile pictures, closing totwoo , nothing’s worked. As I can see by the other reviews here, I’m not the first to be disappointed and probably won’t be the last. totwoo just demands that my GF is a dude no matter what for some reason. I’ve certainly never encountered somebody who insists that my girlfriend is a man! That being said, if totwoo was a person, I’d probably punch it in the face.


A bit confusing but got the hang of it

I got these for my bf and I before he leaves for a trip. They do work, it’s a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it runs smoothly. I will say, I wish you could change the message options. Like when you tap the bracelet, the light and only “I’m missing you” appears. And it only works when you have totwoo running or in the background.


Not recommended

Firstly, the bracelets do not vibrate. It is impossible to know when you get the notification unless you are staring at your wrist all day. Secondly, both phones need to be on and totwoo needs to be active on both phones in order to work. The chances of that are pretty slim. The ida of this is great but it needs more time for development. I really wanted to love this.

Good luck returning this. They do NOT answer emails or messages. Worst customer service. I want to return these but no communication from the company and they did not accept PayPal as payment so I am basically out of my hard earned money.


I would be hesitant to buy these….

I was so excited to get this, it took forever and a day to get (I’m assuming it came from China). Once we received the bracelets we tried setting them up and the back to one is stripped, I’ve tried so many times to contact them to send that one in and get a new one, but no such luck. They won’t respond, so it looks like we are now out over $120. They also don’t vibrate when the bracelet lights up, which doesn’t really make sense since you would have to be staring at the bracelet all day just to make sure you see it light up. Don’t waste your money!


App won’t let me click on mobile contacts

I have emailed support and they tell me to do things I have already done. I did what they said again but the button still does not work. My girlfriend is having the same issues. We use the iPhone 7 Plus. Support stopped replying after I told them that the button still does not work. Everything else works but I am unable to pair which defeats the purpose of the always bracelet. totwoo does not work for my gf and I.


Should be removed from App Store

So it works… sort of. All apps hibernate when not in use on an iPhone. So what do you think happens with totwoo goes into hibernation? Yep…. No more notifications or able to send by pressing the button. You must first go into totwoo and restart. The bracelet is always in need to reconnecting even though the phone is in the same hand as the bracelet. For the money, it need a lot more work. But then again, what do we expect from something so small.


Buyer beware

I have a son with severe anxiety that has been made worse through this pandemic. I bought these bracelets as a way for him to communicate with me while at school and get a little reassurance when I touched my bracelet and his lit up. They paired for less than five minutes but that was it. We have done every troubleshooting suggestion they had. Do not buy because the price you pay for what becomes junk within five minutes is not worth it.


Worst purchase ever

I wanted these so badly to work great but it’s a literal piece of junk. Do not waste your money. totwoo is ridiculously slow and wants you to keep totwoo running in the background at all times for it to work. I couldn’t tell you if the jewelry even works because it won’t connect to my Bluetooth no matter how many times I tried. Get something worth your money. Too much to spend on a bracelet that does absolutely nothing.


Very inconsistent app

totwoo works when it wants to and is the most inconsistent, bug-filled app I’ve ever used. My batteries in my bracelet died after less than 1 month and I tried to communicate this in totwoo to my husband, but it won’t even open. This happens all the time with totwoo . It doesn’t seem like that hard a fix, but I don’t get the impression that the owners care since their rating has been low for a long time.


Bad appp

totwoo won’t send any confrontation codes to any numbers I tried. I tried my number my friends number and downloaded a texting app and used that number nothing will send. I tried to hit forgot password and it still didn’t not sent Me anything I can not active my $109 bracelets without totwoo. The are pointless if they don’t do what you guys advertised.


New update

Please make a new update that shows online and reads messages and fixed bug for location 🥺🙏🏻


Best gift

I really loves it! Me and my wife used to be long distance it was the great gift I ever got for us!! Especially tapping the locket meanwhile she happened to be far busy in working 🥰 it was nice to tell her ! That I miss her.


Doesn’t work for more than a day.

Bought this as a fun gift for me and my wife. The bracelet doesn’t light up or provide alerts past 24 hours we initially set it up. We changed the battery multiple times and keep totwoo open 24/7. The device is a piece of junk



Bracelet keeps turning off on it own. App is slow for something that should be so simple
it is really hard to use. 160 bucks for something that never works defeats the purpose of a love tap if it never works. Hate this product. Now i am being told i cannot return it.



These things are junk. They don’t flash when they are suppose to. And when you try to fix it then it won’t connect to my phone. What a waste of money. Got them for an anniversary gift wish I didn’t. I would give it no stars if I could.


Terrible braclet

totwoo won’t let me pair with my phone or my girlfriends phone the bracelets light up but won’t light up when you try to send them a message, waste of money don’t advise getting


Love my bracelet

These love bracelets are soo cute & unique! totwoo is not perfect but once you figure out set up its good to go.


Doesn’t vibrate

I can’t get it to vibrate and when I receive the call it doesn’t flash


Don’t buy

Watches are not the worst quality but do not work as promised. App must always be running on both ends to send and receive signal. Waste of money


Doesn’t work

We were very excited to get these bracelets, but they aren’t working…what are our next steps for getting this resolved?



An absolute waste of money!!! Never worked an never got a response from customer service. Do not waste your money



Doesn’t flash doesn’t vibrate. App doesn’t load . Waste of money! Very disappointed!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Dr JM   1 year ago

The bracelets don't work. The app is patchy (even when up pairing is random. Customer service very disappointing. Product return is impossible. Save your money.

Barbara   1 year ago

I haven’t gotten my order and when I email them, it states that I’m blocked!

Kj   1 year ago

Bought this for my best friend when she moved back over seas. It works but is quite glitchy. I put it beside my bed at night and it will randomly go off missing her when nothing is touching it. It’s extra sensitive. The slightest touch during the day will set off 100 notifications for her or I. A good idea in theory but wish it worked more accurately and didn’t go through so many batteries.

Rhonda   1 year ago

Just received my 2 bracelets... none of the three batteries work! Since the BATTERIES are INCLUDED in this purchase, I would like for you to replace/reship them AT NO COST to me as soon as possible

Is totwoo Safe?

No. totwoo does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 303 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for totwoo Is 19.6/100.

Is totwoo Legit?

No. totwoo does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 303 totwoo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for totwoo Is 57.7/100..

Is totwoo not working?

totwoo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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