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Published by on 2022-09-14

FreshBooks is accounting software built for business owners and their
clients. Balancing your books, client relationships, and business isn’t easy.

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About this app

FreshBooks gives you the info and time you need to focus on your big picture—your business, your team, and your clients.  Time Tracking in FreshBooks makes it easy for your whole team to log billable minutes, and automatically add them to invoices, so all time is accounted for.  Your work doesn’t always take place at a computer, but you still need to stay connected to your clients, send invoices, track expenses, and take payments.  FreshBooks is accounting software built for business owners and their clients.  Need a helping hand? Give FreshBooks’ Customer Support team a call and within three rings, you’ll speak to a real human who is here to help you with any questions you might have.  With automated online payments, FreshBooks gives your clients so many different ways to pay, making payments easier for them.  FreshBooks’ easy-to-use Double-Entry Accounting tools and reports make it easy to see profitability, how much flow is in your cash flow, and where you spend the most.  FreshBooks tracks every dollar in and out of your business so you can run reports anytime to see how business is going.  Automatically track your mileage as you drive, easily categorize business trips with a swipe, and view your potential tax deduction — right from your phone.  FreshBooks makes expense tracking easy.  Impress your clients with professional-looking Invoices that clearly show all the work you’ve done...then, just click send.  Balancing your books, client relationships, and business isn’t easy.  With you (and your team) working on multiple projects at once billable time might be missed, which can be costly.  It’s an easy way to turn a trickling cash flow into a waterfall.  Tracking every dollar spent means you’re always ready for tax time.  When it’s this easy to pay invoices you’ll get paid twice as fast.  Snap photos on the go or import from your bank account, then organize and assign them to clients.  And when tax time rolls around, do it yourself or just give your accountant access to get what they need.  Whether your finances are simple or complex, they tell the tale of how your business is doing.  Using spreadsheets and shoeboxes to track Expenses leaves too much room for error.  Do it all on-the-go with the FreshBooks mobile app.  Oh, and If you want, we’ll follow up with an automated payment reminder if it goes past due. 

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