Google Arts & Culture Reviews

Google Arts & Culture Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-02

Are you curious about what Van Gogh’s Starry Night looks like up close? Have
you ever toured the ancient Maya temples or met the inspirational figures of
Black history? Do you want to learn about Japan’s unique food culture or
incredible Indian railways? Google Arts & Culture puts the...

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Google Arts & Culture Reviews

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    Selfie option DOES work!

    I'm not sure why people are writing reviews, saying that the selfie option doesn't work, because it worked perfectly fine for me. It took me two seconds to scroll down the home page, find the selfie option, read about how it is new and experimental, take a selfie, and find pieces that resembled me. Maybe it only works on certain devices, but as the owner of an iPhone 6, I assure you, the selfie option works phenomenally. Also, there are countless informational texts and articles regarding art(ists). This app is amazing and I 10/10 recommend!

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    Needs a lot of work

    Excellent app in theory however the programming needs a lot of work. Very poor in app functionality such as moving smoothly between images and back to previous menu pages, landscape view is off, when zooming into images you are then unable to continue scrolling to next image without first returning to previous page. Also, many artist pieces are missing. I scrolled through all of the Surrealism pieces looking for Salvador Dali and did not find a single piece by him. Then when I go to Dali’s page on your app, there are barely any of most famous pieces. That is the case for many artists offered on this app. Another example would be Hieronymous Bosch. If these things were all corrected, you would have an excellent app and I will happily change my rating.

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    Location Restriction

    Echoing what many have said about the location restriction on the selfie feature. I can understand Google didn’t expect the selfie feature to go viral and were thus unprepared. However, the limited access was not clearly communicated and the fact that it seems the coastal cities got access and middle America did not seems misguided. Overall, like the way the app allows you to interact with art and exposes you to art you’re not familiar with. The UI and overall experience seems on par with Google’s other great products. One last point of feedback would be to incorporate even smaller art institutions. I live in Chicago and the many diverse art institutions of the city are not well represented.

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    This makes you art so hard

    I’ve never arted so hard in my life. after getting this app I literally arted everywhere !! I couldn’t even contain the art that was coming out of me! i’ve arted my pants, I’ve arted at work, and I art everywhere now. One time I arted sooo hard that I had to pull over ! My girlfriend (well ex now) would get so jealous watching me art all over the place, so she left me. She called me ‘disgusting’ because I’d art so much around her. Arting in public has become one of my new found hobbies. So thanks google, I never new I could art so much in my life.

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    Limiting Art Education

    The app should have come with a notification that the “Is Your Portrait In A Museum” feature is only available in some states. I can’t believe it’s not available in Texas, and apparently not in Illinois either! Think of all the kids who are missing out on this great chance to get connected with Art History through a trending tech app. And for what? Because Google doesn’t want to be the boogeyman about scanning people’s face biometrics? Sad. Look, people are only scared of that when info gets kept secretly, or when things aren’t disclosed. Ironically, by not letting users in Texas and Illinois know that that feature isn’t available upfront, they’re promoting a technological paranoia. This works against everything they’re trying to do, and wastes everyone’s time (like mine, writing this review.)

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    Legal Fail. Is Google becoming big brother?

    Google needs to own up to what they’re doing with biometric face scans, and either address the issue with Texas residents or remove the feature altogether. Banning an entire state from using the features on their app is exclusionist, and I doubt if Google’s intentions were pure that they would refrain from simply including a legal notice for Texas residents (based on state laws, TX residents have the right to know what biometric face scans are used for; Google refuses to comply with this, and instead they just opted out entire LARGE state out of this app’s premier feature.) I’ve never been disappointed in a Google product—until now (okay, Google+ sucked too). I’m considering trading in my Google Home for an Apple Speaker, if Google doesn’t improve transparency with its users. This is absurd.

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    Wow! What a resource!!

    Google Arts and Culture is an amazing resource - a treasury of links to over 1,000 international museums, galleries and cultural institutions. The entire site is searchable in many cases in a variety of ways- alphabetically, chronologically, geographically, and by medium. As an educator I am awed and excited by its potential for use in every curriculum area! As an everyday person I get caught up in exploring and learning every single time I open the app. I am transported to far away places, caught up in the beauty of innumerable works of art, and educated by the “stories” that are included.

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    Fine for art, not for the face match feature

    Like most, I downloaded this app to use the portrait face match feature. I was able to use it once, but then when I got back into the app later in the day the feature was no longer available. I understand that it is only available in certain locations but I don’t understand why it worked in my location (OKC) in the morning and then it disappeared in the afternoon. My husband’s phone still has the feature so that makes it even more confusing. Despite that major screw up with the face match capability, it is a cool app if you have any interest in art.

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    These reviews are hilarious

    I like everyone else am downloading to use the selfie portion of the app. I don’t know yet if I can yet because this whole location restriction thing but the fact that people are so upset by it is hilarious. Someone is so upset that they spent “lost” fifteen minutes of their time trying to find a place to use it. Are you kidding me? You ran around for fifteen minutes trying to make something that will have no impact on your life or anyone else just so you can’t post it on social media?? 🤣

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    I’m giving it the BotD bc they’re still working on it, but there are still flaws with it.

    The stories are interesting, but navigating the app is rather difficult. Also, I noticed a lot of African American art, but it was hard to find African art. It’s there, it’s just not in one of the main collections. Also, I wish there was more to the fashion collection. In regards to everyone’s displeasure with the face recognition portion of the app, I do agree that the “select locations” seem to have been chosen arbitrarily, but I feel that people would be a lot less upset if we were told which locations that part of the app actually functions.

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    Love it

    I’ve been kind of bored with all my apps and I’ve been looking for something more informational. I have oodles of art pos and they’re great, it’s awesome to just browse through art. This app takes it further and provides so much incredible information and learning on all kinds of art. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from this app and have actually found myself clicking on this over Twitter, fb, instagram, etc.

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    Slightly Disappointed But Otherwise An Amazing App

    On one hand I am slightly disappointed that I am not able to use the selfie feature in the state that I live in. However, this app has caught my attention for a few weeks now because it’s amazing options for viewing art. It allows me to go into a 360° environment and be able to look around at the artwork. I really enjoy using this app and I hope that someday in the near future they will be able to install the portrait comparison in the areas that it has restricted.

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    Explore the World from Home

    This is a slick app. Most well-known is the museum doppelgänger feature, which was fun to experiment with. Then, I checked out some of the other features and had a pleasant time exploring the British Museum and Versailles in the street view section. The only thing that could make that part of the app better would be if it could track the movement of your device, and it could be like actually walking around those places. Constantly pressing the arrows to move a few feet was a little clunky, but it was still fun.

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    Cool; but full screen art please!

    Please allow us to view the art image full screen in retina mode (high dpi) with black borders. The text menus at the top distract when you just want to take in the piece of art. Simple fast (cached) pinch-to-zoom in this mode would make examining brush strokes and details great! I really like the idea of this app. Clearly an immense amount of work and resources have been dedicated to this; which I appreciate. The informative text and background info is awesome. But the interface feels clunky; like a web site from a decade ago.

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    Compare your selfies to famous works of art

    Yeah do disappointing. The app went viral basically but I can’t access it cause of my location? You wasted my time! Why would you do that? I live in a Chicago suburb called Lisle. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and maybe I’m just not finding it??? So please Google show me where to find it... “compare your selfies to famous works of art”. I downloaded your app...Arts and Culture” and wasted lots of time trying to find it. And if I can’t access from my location... then I think that’s a shame!

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Is Google Arts & Culture Safe?

Yes. Google Arts & Culture is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 133,713 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Arts & Culture Is 37.9/100.

Is Google Arts & Culture Legit?

Yes. Google Arts & Culture is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 133,713 Google Arts & Culture User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Arts & Culture Is 37.9/100.

Is Google Arts & Culture not working?

Google Arts & Culture works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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