Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports Reviews

Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: Boom Fantasy is your new home of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Featuring new and
exciting games where you can win real money! We make it easy.

About Boom Fantasy

If you like Underdog Fantasy, Prize Picks, Monkey Knife Fight or Betcha, you’ll LOVE Boom Fantasy.

On Boom, you can play fantasy baseball, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, fantasy college sports and much more.

Boom Fantasy is your new home of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

We make it easy.


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Key Benefits of Boom Fantasy

- Quick payouts/withdrawals

- Actively seeks customer input to improve the product

- User-friendly app

- Affordable entry fees for a variety of difficulty levels

- Constantly improving the app

- Jackpot contests are entertaining and enjoyable

20 Boom Fantasy Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Best dfs app!

I have been playing boom fantasy for about 6 months now. Boom is so awesome I don’t even have any other dfs apps downloaded on my phone anymore. Boom is the place to be if your brand new to dfs or if you have a lot of experience. Not only do their contests level the playing fields, but their costumer service is beyond a shadow of doubt the best their is. Boom goes above and beyond to make sure your experience is the best possible.


BEWARE! You cannot withdraw balance under $10.

Don’t bother with BoomFantasy. When I signed up I was prompted to deposit money immediately, and was offered a deposit match that would be earned over time by playing in paid contests. I declined the deposit request, then was offered an additional incentive of a free $1 contest entry if I would reconsider and deposit immediately. At that point I decided to deposit $10. I was not automatically given the free $1 entry as promised, and had to contact customer support to ask for it. I have also played one paid $1 contest, but I do not see any evidence on my account that I have earned any of the promised deposit match. Since the game format they use does not appeal to me (it’s more like a lottery than it is a fantasy sports contest), I decided to withdraw my remaining $9 and delete my account. When I went to the withdrawal page, I saw a message that you need a minimum of $10 in your account to withdraw. I’m sure this condition was stated it the “terms and conditions” that I failed to read when I signed up, but it is still very disappointing to realize that I cannot get my money back. Since it is very unlikely that I will win any of their contests, I guess I’ll just have to play out my balance and chalk up BoomFantasy as a $10 mistake.


I don’t know about this

I seen the good reviews about this, so I wanted to try it out. Once I deposited some money (only $10 until I figured the gaming process), I went to get into a game or two, but I couldn’t find anything to play or place a wager on. I sent them a “wth?!” message. They got with me fairly quick and informed me that they don’t have any thing to play/wager. They were nice & honest about it... but I was still wondering what platforms they used to bet on. NFL? MLB? Esports?... not sure. I gave them 2 stars just because I’m in a good mood today, and the fact the person replied to me quickly. Hopefully I can change this review to a good and positive one whenever they decide to do something with BoomFantasy. Right now though, it’s useless.


Trustworthy team

I bounce back between DFS and BOOM, and have noticed a few things. Their payouts/withdrawals are very quick. They actively seek out customer input, and actually use said information to improve their product. They want to make a site that works for you. I’ve been playing at BOOM for about a year now, and appreciate their work, and the entertainment the site provides.


Stupid details, lies in description on App Store

Right when I join, I didn't want to instant deposit, but then it says "have to deposit now to get free 3 or 5$ (whatever is was) ticket" I deposit now...and it doesn't give me the free ticket! And I got this because it clearly states "mma included" in the list of sports...then no mma!! So I try to withdraw the money I put in, but I did 15$ and "have to have 20$ to withdraw funds"...stupid fantasy, stick to the big fantasy apps, at least they give you details upfront instead of making you give money up just to get you with technicalities. Will never use again. Instantly deleting account!


Jackpots Galore

I absolutely love the new jackpot contests that have been introduced by Boom: $0.99, $1, $2, $3, and $4. Affordable entry fees with a variety of difficulty based on the pay out. I play every day!

BoomFantasy seems to continue to improve. They are constantly making improvements to BoomFantasy and it is very user friendly.

Their support is unbelievable. The best I have ever come across. They always seem to respond within minutes.

Also - their withdrawals are lightning fast. Usually within an hour but always within 24 hours.

I look forward to BoomFantasy getting even better and I can’t wait for NFL season. The BEST Fantasy app on the market!


Cool concept

Fun app! Really cool concept!
Very refreshing way to play daily fantasy opposed to salary cap fanduel and draftkings. I had a question about the scoring system, there was a chat option available on my screen, I got a response within seconds! Great app


Run Away Like Your Best Fantasy RB

So I thought I’d give this a go I have use the big names fan duel and draft kings they are great! This is nothing like that. It’s four guys who run and operate the name of the game is if you set a perfect lineup then your gold! If not then they pretty much keep everything. You have to build streaks. It’s very dumb and very lame they are making pure profit. Good for them. I don’t recommend it’s not standard fantasy football or even standard sports betting it’s a huge hose job. Run run run!



This is arguably the dumbest betting app/game I’ve ever played. Impossible to win. Betting criteria is ridiculous. Example, to win the bets on the McGregor fight, you had to predict 5 individual stats (most takedowns, most advances, who would land the most, etc.) with the last one being that you have to predict the exact number of significant strikes Conor would land. Impossible. If you missed by 10 strikes (which is nothinf) you missed it completely. The same goes for any sport. Do not waste your money.


A tax on the stupid

I never write reviews but BoomFantasy is so bad I had to. Any sort of money is nearly impossible to win. You have to predict so many things correctly. For example anything to do with football they’ll ask you to predict the number of yards a player will get within +- 3. If you’re wrong but your other picks are right? No money. It’s the fantasy equivalent of playing the lottery. And as my dad always said “the lottery is a tax on the stupid”


Love this over fan duel and draft kings

Love BoomFantasy. For the folks giving a negative review: stop trying to steal the bonus $. This is an easy to use app and great platform to start from. I love the prop format and already made $186!! (I deposited $100) let it ride babyyyyyy :)


Was great

Last year was awesome. I downloaded and deposited 25 not realizing they aren’t doing bets right now, withdrew my money and have still yet to receive it after being told 3-5 business days. I’m on the 5th day and nothing is even showing pending and my boom balance shows zero.


Great for people new to fantasy

This may sound weird, but I’ve only recently got into sports. My friends do fantasy and they love it and they got me hooked. This is a great app for someone like me who is new to this stuff.


Different but simple!

A very different fantasy experience... simple and somewhat mindless... I would give it 5 Stars, but the contest selection number and variety are lacking. I give BoomFantasy and experience a unique 4 Stars.


Big fan of Boom

Primarily use it online, but really enjoying BoomFantasy so far - gonna be all ready for when football season starts this fall!


Great DFS that is better than the Big Guys

I love BoomFantasy and the contests that Boom runs. Much better than the other DFS. You don't have to invest a lot of time to do well. Great App!!


Just all around bad...

There’s really nothing to like here. It’s set up for them to fix games, or as they call them; “questions” and “answers.” Fairly easy to make some coin, but I feel bad for folks who get roped into their many horrible contests. Customers service is similar to FanDuel, in the sense that they do not care about you whatsoever. Can I give y’all a -1 star?


Fantasy Gameplay seems very odd

I had 3 correct picks and still didn’t place because I didn’t guess the right number of points a player had. Consistently losing money with absolutely no upside or chance of winning, odds way too slim. Save your time and try the other DFS apps.


Money hungry developers

They constantly have quick little pop ups bribing you to pay more money, and making it easy or tempting to accidentally tap “ok” and pay them your money. They don’t explain to you how to make money but they explain to you how to spend your money either BoomFantasy . That should tell you something.



Boom fantasy cares about the beauty of BoomFantasy rather than getting active customers to be playing every night 🤷🏾‍♂️



Seems like its pretty good. Still trying to understand it. I recommend BoomFantasy. Try it to see and good luck. Thanks

Is Boom Fantasy Safe?

No. Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,874 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Boom Fantasy Is 18.1/100.

Is Boom Fantasy Legit?

No. Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,874 Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Boom Fantasy Is 34.2/100..

Is Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports not working?

Boom Fantasy - Fantasy Sports works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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