Contact Flo My Health & Period Tracker

Contact Flo My Health & Period Tracker

Published by on 2020-12-23

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Common Flo My Health & Period Tracker Issues

  • By lauritaGarcia

    Great for period tracking only

    I downloaded this app to track my periods, was great for that and plenty of little helpful insights/articles on the feed.. I used it to help conceive as well. Once I actually became pregnant and switched to “pregnancy mode” the little helpful insights diminished to almost none, maybe one every few weeks.. what would frustrate me also would be when I would click on the “For You” and it would show an insight article but then disappear before I got the chance to click on it. (Happened about a 100 of times on different occasions.) also the app doesn’t really have any symptoms tracker differentiations for the pregnancy mode... which seems kind of bizarre. Another thing is that in pregnancy mode it doesn’t say anything about the development of the baby at however many weeks you are. Not even a brief little description of what’s going on in your body at this time or a brief description of the development changes your baby is experiencing.. nothing at all.. I’m a first time mom so I use (5) different pregnancy apps to kind of bring all the information together, given that not all say the same thing or some say things others don’t and/or are more informative. I find myself using this app less and less as it isn’t very helpful in the pregnancy mode. I am currently 27 weeks so I’ve used it from the very beginning and nothing is getting better about it.. hopefully this review is helpful

  • By Abcdefghihklmnopqrstivwxy

    Chat Boxes and More (very important)

    I’ve had this app for almost a year and I was cool with it and all but they took the chat boxes/comment section away. I understand the articles like up to your daily log ins, but when they had comment sections, you really got to talk to people with similar problems and get advice. Now, it’s just article after article. I used to spend close to an hour on the app in a day but now it’s five minutes to quickly jot my mood. I hope you bring back the comment section because I got a lot of help from it. Also, update the moods or what you are feeling and the symptoms like headaches backaches. What about stomachaches? They don’t always fall under cramps. And the sleep monitor, you should be allowed to manually input the minutes. I don’t like that it rounds my 26 minutes to 30 when it’s less because it’s not 100% accurate. Lastly, you should have different times of the day where you ask how we are feeling. Like, at 7-8am you ask our morning mood, then around 11-1pm you ask our mood then because no one is consistently happy from when they wake to when they sleep and no one is angry either. People have periods when their emotions change hourly so that should be taken into account.

  • By 24xoL

    Good but not great

    I like this app for the convenience of being able to track my period, input exercises and symptoms, however, I don't think it's very accurate on it's own and it doesn't allow many options to override the software. Sorry in advance for the length... For example: After trying to conceive for a few months with no success, I started charting my fertility and discovered that I usually ovulated a few days after Flo predicted (Flo goes by the typical "day 14" rule, which doesn't change no matter what data you add unless it's results from an ovulation test, and many women do not ovulate on day 14!). My second issue is with the period logging. I miscarried last month and had to switch back from pregnancy mode. While I logged all of my miscarriage bleeding as "period" in the app (basically three weeks worth) and now it's telling me that my period should start now. I understand that the whole point is for the app to predict your period, but miscarriage throws your cycle out of wack. It is very frustrating knowing that I'm going to have to go in and fix the period log every day and have the app tell me that I'm "late." I wish they could come up with some way to fix that.

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Reported Issues: 13 Comments

By Manjarazi
Mar 21 2021

Mana duit saya kenapa duit saya kene tolak sedang kan saya tak tekan apa apa duit saya kene tolak rm190 . Pulang kan duit saya ....

By Cynthia J Vincent
Feb 25 2021

I had never seen or even heard of this app, but discovered it TODAY when my card was charged $39.99!!!! I will NOT stop until my money is refunded! I will take every legal action possible, and will leave extremely negative reviews everywhere I can find to leave one! I haven't had a child in 25 years, or a period in over 17 years! Why in GOD's name would I need this app??!!!??

By LaTasha Jordan
Jan 06 2021

I Joined the Flo App on November 20th of 2020, and last Month of December 20th they Charged me $54, and I did not Know that I was gonna be Charged Money for this. I was trying to Download the App that is Free. I Would like to Know how Can I get my $54 back, and Cancel this?

By Khadija
Jan 06 2021

I was using this app since 3-4 years. On 1st January 2021 i have been charged Rs 3550/- for the Premium subscribtion which i had never opt for. I mailed a complain twice for the refund but not a proper response received. A fraud of payment method
happened internally too.

By Suman kumar
Dec 25 2020

Worst experience with his app..they just make money by cheating people.i recommend not to use it ever.

By Nadia Boswell
Dec 23 2020

I was charged for the flo app without authorization and emailed them to request a refund..They told me to send my order number so I did that and now there is no response. Please send my refund.

By Julia Newell
Dec 22 2020

I was very upset yesterday when I was charged $49 for a subscription I never had. I contacted Apple for a refund and then went to cancel the subscription but it said I had already canceled and they still charged me anyways. I along with every other woman who got charged for no reason should receive a refund or there will a lot of very bad reviews about this app. Hope to have this fixed at earliest convenience

By Jam
Nov 01 2020

Flo period tracker charged me of yearly premium which is I do not afford, I emailed them to request a refund but they never answered me and I needed that money to pay my bills, now I am anxious because I do not any money left other than that and I desperately need my money back. Is there any way to get is ASAP?

By Jazmine Johnson
Oct 29 2020

I was charged and would like a refund. I don't even have the app anymore and plus I've been using the app for years for free never knew it was a price to pay! Please refund my money!

By Jazmine Johnson
Oct 29 2020

I was charged and would like a refund. I don't even have the app anymore and plus I've been using the app for years for free never knew it was a price to pay! Please refund my money!

By Seaira
Oct 18 2020

Coming through because a subscription was accidentally purchased. I sent an email on 9/28 to cancel this subscription I did not want. Received no reply. Now on 10/18 my card is charged 49.99. Absolute BS. I’m going to take legal matters

By Izabel Gonzaga
Oct 08 2020

I have come through this email to request the refund of the $ 49.99 charged late on 07/24/20. At no time did I authorize. I use the app for a few years and never paid anything. I send email they never answered me.

By Tanisha Fredericks
Aug 09 2020

I need to deactivate this app csuse i never new i had to pay any money and i will like s refund of my money that came out of my card yesterday 8/8/20

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