Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Reviews

Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-01

Keepsake is the easiest way to turn your photos into beautiful framed prints,
delivered to your doorstep within days. If you’re like us, you’ve probably
got 7,000 photos on your phone. But what usually happens to them? Too often the
moments that matter the most end up getting lost! With...

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Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Reviews

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    Great experience

    A few years ago I decided to print and frame some photos. I did not do a lot of research on services, and ultimately ended up printing multiple versions of a picture to get just the right size and crop, and spent over $150 on a handful of frames. All in I probably spent over $200 and several hours framing a few pictures. I share this to compare to my experience with Keepsake. I recently placed an order from the app on my phone. The order shipped within a week. My mom received 2 photos of her granddaughter which promptly got hung on her wall. The whole experience cost me significantly less than a couple of years, the pictures look beautiful, and I spent a whopping 10 minutes making my photo selection. Grandma is also super happy to see her granddaughter every day. My wife has used Keepsake as well. She needed to update her order to expedited shipping after placing the order so it would arrive before she caught a flight. The team was attentive and rushed the order to her without any trouble. My experience with the customer service team has also been very pleasant. I strongly recommend this app to anyone who needs a quick gift idea, wants to share memories w family, or simply wants to spruce up their home. Great company.

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    The frames are high quality as well as the prints. I received them very quickly and well packed to prevent them from damage. I thought the price was a little high when I ordered them, but once I received them I felt it was completely reasonable. The frames are much higher quality then ones you would by at a box store or craft store. Very solidly built and beautiful textures and colors. After I ordered them, I realized I had forgotten to check that I wanted a stand for one of them. I wouldn’t have said anything, as it was my own fault. However, when I was asked how I liked my order and I mentioned my mistake, they immediately offered to send me the stand free of charge! I will definite be using them in the future! It made getting a picture from my phone photo album to my wall one of the easiest and professional ways possible. Step 1. Sit in bed and order from my iPhone. Step 2. Wait a couple days. Step 3. Arrives ready to be hung or set on a shelf. These would be amazing gifts for parents or grandparents. Personal and high quality.

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    Customer 4 Life

    This was my first purchase. I bought the canvas 16x20 photo for a present and told my friend to FaceTime me so I could see her reaction and see what the canvas looked like. She was surprised and fell in love with the gift! On the day the package was delivered it was raining, but the canvas was still in great shape. The packaging was great and I love how each canvas is made by hand. The other great touch is the card. Make sure to add a picture because the card could be a momento too! Keepsake will send you an email to help you track your package and gives you updated. They made and delivered the canvas in 5-7 business days as promised. The special touch I really appreciated was the follow up email that was sent to me directly to verify my satisfaction. The email wasn't generic (at least it didn't seem like it was) and when I responded, I got another personal reply back. Great customer service is hard to find now-a-days, but Keepsake is everything you need: great quality, selection, prices, and customer service. Keep it up!!!

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    Great Customer Service!

    I had read about Keepsake in a business article about the top 10 framing companies and Keepsake was listed as one of them. I had an old photograph of my Mom with her parents (who passed away) that I wanted to give to her for Mother’s Day. Every framing company online where I tried to upload the old photo could not frame it, because they said the quality was too poor. Keepsake came to the rescue and was able to frame the photograph and the photo did not look blurry upon receipt. Because of all the new policies, due to the pandemic, I started getting worried because of the shipping. I did not want to be empty handed for Mother’s Day. In a panic, I reached out to customer service and Hannah (from Keepsake) was able to explain the shipping policy and within another week, I received the frame. It came in a cute yellow shipping box. I was super excited and my Mom cried when she received the photo/frame!! Thank you Keepsake! And thank you Hannah for your quick customer support and patience with me (as a panicky customer).

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    Keepsake - keep being amazing!

    We went to Italy this fall and wanted to have reminders of that time beyond looking at our phones or reviewing our social media posts. I think I randomly saw Keepsake on Instagram and it was SO easy to choose the frames and upload my photos. I actually couldn’t believe how simple it was! I got an email from Hannah from Keepsake a couple days later telling me one of my pics had low resolution and she asked if I could send her another choice. I emailed her another picture and she did everything - no worries on my end at all! My 4 pictures were delivered professionally wrapped in bubble wrap shortly after we emailed and they’re really beautiful! Everything about this product is exceptional. I never write reviews but happy to share this one. If you want a great customer service experience, super easy ordering and your memories set in crisp modern frames, definitely try Keepsake! (And visit Tuscany if ever get the chance :)

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    Framing easy as 5 stars!

    I discovered the Keepsake Framing app through an IG advertisement. Framing pictures was easy. There are a plethora of framing options and size. Once you select your frame and size you can see how your frame and picture will look. The prices are reasonable consistent with other online framing services, including Walgreens. After placing my order, I received a time-limited coupon for additional orders made within two hours. I, too, am pleased to support a small business that frames in California. My only critique, albeit minor, is the only matting option is white. I hope there will be additional matte color options in the future. Finally, Hannah, from KeepSake, personally communicated with me to answer questions and checked to see how I liked my order once delivered. This personal touch was nice especially in a crowded marketplace where online services are often impersonal.

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    Bad Customer Service

    Update at bottom: I ordered a port frame. It arrived and I loved it so much, I ordered the same photo to be printed in the ballast frame. When the ballast frame arrived there were gaps in the corners of the frame, marring from the tools they used, and the cork on the back was protruding to where you could see it from the front. I sent pictures and they immediately sent me a replacement that was also damaged. There was a dent in the frame, and there was a bubble in the paint of the frame. They said it was not significant enough that they would replace it, because they said I would be unhappy with it as well. If you sent me good product to begin with I wouldn’t be unhappy. How was I completely happy with the port frame and not the ballast frames? It was bad product, bad craftsmanship, and bad quality control. Not to mention bad customer service. I loved my port frame, and looked forward to buying many more framed photos from this company, but the bad customer service, and somehow making it my fault that I’m unhappy with the terrible quality of both ballast have lost my business. I did received a refund for the ballast frame, only after I asked for it.

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    Keeping Keepsake

    I found the Keepsake app when I was looking for a picture framing service. I downloaded the app and placed an initial order using photos from my phone. The results were really nice! The frames came promptly and were packaged well so everything was intact. The end result looks great in the dining space of my vacation home. I liked the products so much that I placed a second order. If those work, then I will move to trying their canvas options to showcase some of my more artistic photos. I loved the many choices for frames: varied sizes, styles, materials, colors, framing options, and the ability to crop, change the picture orientation, and color tones. All of this for a reasonable price from the comfort and convenience of my couch!! And the customer service follow up was nice as well. Give this app/company a try; you’ll be pleased.

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    Super app

    I recently received my first framing job from this company and was extremely pleased. Custom framing can be very expensive especially with matting. I decided to try framing something a bit small to start with since I wanted to see the quality of work before I used them for something larger. I myself worked in custom framing for many years so I know what goes into framing a photo, and also all the smaller details of well done work. They managed to do everything really well, from the mounting of the photo to the placement within the mat, along with the smaller touches like putting a wire on for hanging rather than just a sawtooth hanger. The quality of the photo print was really good as well. Using the app itself was really easy and intuitive which helped as well. I’ll absolutely be using their services again!

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    So easy, great quality and helpful

    I can’t say enough good things about Keepsake. First, as I start the process I realized that I had a pdf, which was not an acceptable format, so I emailed customer service. It was to be a framed achievement award. Let’s just say that I had zero expectations. Within 24 hours they’d emailed me and told me to send the pdf to them, then they would reformat for picture quality. How many times do you contact customer service to find out that they can’t help you - I tried three other companies and none could help me. Then, within 24 hours I had my picture quality award back! From there, such an easy process - pick your frame type and size, upload the photo and you’re done! Even with the pandemic underway, it took just about two weeks to get back and it looks beautiful!

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    I’ve been putting off printing and framing our wedding photo bec I didn’t want to just order a frame online - a lot of the times I get disappointed when I see the actual frame when it gets delivered. It either looks cheap, or the color is off. I just stumbled upon Keepsake when I was googling a printing and framing service. They were the first to come up and I saw a lot of good reviews. I checked out the competition too but Keepsake’s was the easiest to use. When my order arrived, it came in a really nice packaging and will leave you no doubt that the frame inside will not be damaged bec of a generous heaping of bubblewrap. So happy I chose the option of including a special picture with note and sent it directly to my mom-in-law, she was delighted with the gift. 😊 Would definitely use Keepsake again! 😊

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    Outstanding experience

    Ordered for the first time a couple weeks ago. I was in the middle of doing several things at once when I submitted my order. As soon as the confirmation email came through I realized I should have been paying closer attention. I shot an email out to customer support right away on a Sunday night. Explaining that I had submitted a photo with an incredibly crooked horizon line. Being a professional photographer, I knew I’d never be able to look at the photo and not be bummed out every time. By 5a.m. Monday morning a totally awesome customer support rep had already emailed back and assured me she was on the job and I could resend an edited file. She kept me up to date on the entire support process. In no time the framed pic had arrived. I was super impressed with the quality right off the bat. I had sent a cellphone file (wasn’t all too sure of what I’d get back). The print and colors looked great! The frame, well constructed and clean. Turned it all over to find a paper backing and quality hanging wire, hardware and wall protector cork had been installed. Between the immediate, involved customer service and the fantastic quality product I ultimately received, I would definitely recommend Keepsake!

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    My photos actually end up on the wall!

    Now that our camera phones are so advanced, I actually take lots of pictures I consider frame worthy. Problem is, using a professional framing store is expensive and framing it yourself requires having the free time to get the photo developed and then picking out a frame. I decided to try keepsake and I’m glad I did. It was super easy to select photos from my phone, decide on what frame I wanted, and then order it. I was skeptical that it would be that good because it wasn’t very expensive (I selected one that was $32). But I was very impressed with the quality. They even have the picture wire on the back. Everything about the experience exceeded my expectations. I’ll be using again and would recommend to others.

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    Exceeded Expectations

    All I can say is WOW! It arrived a whole two days before his birthday during this pandemic! Thank you so much! The quality of the packaging, the frame and the photo are simply stunning. It FAR exceeded my expectations! This was the first time we used your company. I was skeptical of how you could offer such low prices with high quality. I still don't know how you do it...but you did! Truly beautiful. The ease of the whole process still baffles me. It was just so simple! Your customer service was prompt, informative and polite. We now are looking at several other photos that are deserving of your frames. Thank you for FINALLY providing the world an affordable high quality option to frame loved photos.

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    Seamless and fulfilling experience!

    My great uncle and great aunt had been asking me for at least a month to place a 5x7 photo in the mail, so that they could see their great niece and how she’s growing. You would think that this is an easy task, right? I get so busy though and it took me about two weeks just to go out and remember to buy the envelope, and then who knew when I was going to find time to get to the post office and get it postmarked. To get to the point for you: I finally remembered my good friend, technology, and searched on my iPhone, but I wanted an experience that was warm and friendly; and I found it in Keepsake. A high-quality gift that didn’t take long but will warm the hearts of my relatives for years! Thank you.

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Is Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Safe?

Yes. Keepsake: Frame Your Photos is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,347 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Is 56.3/100.

Is Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Legit?

Yes. Keepsake: Frame Your Photos is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,347 Keepsake: Frame Your Photos User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Keepsake: Frame Your Photos Is 56.3/100.

Is Keepsake: Frame Your Photos not working?

Keepsake: Frame Your Photos works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Carole Wolf
Dec 30 2020

I ordered my 11"x14" canvased picture on Dec 10th, with the understand from their advertising that, even with justifiable delivery delays, they could get the picture done and shipped before Christmas. It was a surprise gift for my wife, an antique sepia photo from the 1800's of her Japanese ancestors, a priceless gift. It is almost 2021 (Dec 30th), and I still have no received my picture. And to top it off, I had to ruin the surprise and tell her that I had it done because she was going to get the photo framed on her own, not realizing I had already gotten it done. So, I had to tell her and ruin it. I contacted UPS who said the thing is now in the hands of the USPS in Morrow GA, just 80 miles from my doorstep...where it has sat for 3 straight days. Yet, the USPS has NO RECORD of the tracking number! Never again will I go through Keepsake. I can't even comment on the quality of their work. It might be wonderful! But I wouldn't know, because I have been waiting for a month to get my picture!

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