Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Reviews

Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-24

Introducing ONE-KEY™, the first digital platform for tools and equipment.
Combining a free-to-use inventory program with the industry’s smartest tools,
ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that will
revolutionize the way work gets done. Get started today t...

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Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Reviews

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    Good start

    This is a good start for what I believe could be a much more powerful tool. One key can track tool and equipment locations and even lock ONE-KEY™ enabled devices (only 3 devices so far). The app needs more design enhancement. The current version has connect up at the top right (after you select which tool) and then touching the tool again edits it’s information. These options should be reversed. Touching the tool again will connect and show all relevant information while the top right small font should give you the option to edit the tools information since that will be the least often performed function. Also, ONE-KEY™ currently doesn’t interact with the Milwaukee m18 batteries. I should be able to track the location and disable the output of these batteries since they cost as much as the tools do. Finally, I have to connect manually to lock and unlock my tool each time. Since the app already knows usage information about the tool and pings it for location every so often, I should be able to set an option to automatically lock the tool after X minutes of inactivity. Alas, I have to reconnect and lock the tool every time. Finally, I really want the ONE-KEY™ tools when locked, to prevent the batteries from being removed from the tools. The batteries and the battery charger are no different than the tools that have no smart features.

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    Not what I was promised.

    I am an electrical contractor and I bought two sets of the drills and impact combo for two of my foreman. I have always been in favor of Milwaukee tools and when I went to my local supplier and they told me about Milwaukee’s new tools that could be 1) tracked where they were and 2) shut down if they are stolen, I was completely all in. I immediately purchased the two and swapped out some old drills on my guys trucks. Within the first two weeks one set was already stolen off one of the trucks. I thought no problem, I’ll shut it down and see where it’s at, report it to the police, and get my drill back. Not so!!! I quickly learned that the app only works if: someone else also has the app, and they have their blue tooth on. So, I don’t know who had it wrong Milwaukee or the supplier but I will say that Milwaukee stood by their product and understood the confusion and sent us a replacement. The fact they did this still makes them my favorite company for power tools however, I would not want someone to be misled regardless of where the fault lied in the explanation that I got. The other features are nice, so I gave three stars.

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    Awesome App!

    This app is absolutely awesome, it allows you to store all your tool information, including a photo of your purchase receipts in a single very easy to use location. When I first logged into it I was surprised it had already populated with old purchases I had registered in the past. It also auto grabs you a copy of the user manuals and all service bulletins for each specific tool. I thought the app was just for One Key specific use but its a wealth of information on all your tools, including serial numbers incase of theft. I’ve tried a lot of different manufacturers apps in the past, all of them were poorly laid out, confusing to use and seemingly abandoned by the developers after a short time. This isn’t one of those apps, its pure genius in layout, design and usefulness. Great job Milwaukee, you nailed it!

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    One key

    Although this app has many useful functions, my assumption without reading The fine print was that the ticks were tracking devices in the event of a theft. After having all of my Milwaukee tools stolen several years ago, I figured I would fix the problem forever by attaching a tick to all of my tools and the pack- out boxes that contain them.,To my dismay I was just robbed again ! What I realized was not only did I package them up for a split second grab of every tool I own, but once they were taken, I thought I would at least be able to locate them and the thief at once due to attaching the ticks to everything. I WAS VERY WRONG!!! The ticks only work if the thief or someone else within Bluetooth distance of the stolen goods has the app on their phone also. Better I guess than having nothing at all but not really what I thought I was buying . This app would have real value if the ticks and the app could locate the tools by relaying off of ANY cellphone signal rather than just a cell phone with the app.

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    I was looking to switch over to all company supplied tools, so was very excited to see that Milwaukee had this tool tracking system. That excitement was short lived once after purchasing 4 sets of these tools and seeing the EXTREMELY lackluster results. I understand the Bluetooth location orientation, so realize that this isn’t a GOS system, but it isn’t working. I had setup 2 of my impact drivers, 2 drills and one Tick before bringing them to a job site. On my drive in that morning, all the tools showed current tracking, but only one has worked since. I have the Tick in my van with me, been driving around with it for a week, but it has never shown up. The other 4 tools are all together, and 1 got a reading on one of the tools 1 day, obviously off of someone that has the app on their phone at the site. The other 3 tools have never shown up, nor any of the tools showing a reading from when I was onsite near the tools. Very disappointed with this type of performance from a Milwaukee branded anything. Should’ve stuck with RIGID for 1/2 the price and their lifetime warranty.

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    Not “just” for ONE-KEY tools

    Although the ONE-KEY line of tools can run from $200-$1000 in price, this app is not just for tracking those tools specifically. You may also catalog your non ONE-KEY tools using photos of the tool and entering serial numbers of each individual tool. This is especially great when you run into an issue with a tool and need warranty service but the serial number is worn from use. No problem, simply refer back to the app and retrieve that information easily! This app is great for those wanting to organize and keep that information safe, it could also help aid in loss recovery should tools end up stolen and you find it elsewhere for sale but with your serial on it(hypothetically speaking that is). 10/10 recommend this app!

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    You are missed leading false advertising of finding a tour on a job site is the biggest BS I’ve ever heard of. I always like your tools do you guys are normally a very reputable company but this one I lost about $500 worth of tools that cannot be replaced because of your false sense of security I bought top dollar for your locating services. It’s basically told me that my tools were there at one point in time and disappear with no help to find them ever again. I am so severely disappointed in you should be to the false advertise your character of a name they respectively standby all the time and boast about has completely tarnished to a simple little gimmick that you would sell to the American public. At this point I am disgusted with the name Milwaukee. And being at all my tools are gone I am looking to a new manufacture to better suit my needs those honest and keeps up with what they say. I don’t think I have anything else to add to this I think my text speak forth. Sincerely disappointed customer.

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    The reason I hate ONE-KEY

    I hate ONE-KEY, because I now specifically buy O-K tools and it is making my wife mad; a. Due to the living standard of spending big money on premium tools, b. Spending time playing around with the user definable settings and testing them which makes it sound like a construction zone in the house, c. Having the ability to track items that have been “ticked” (like wife’s purse, keys, and even put them in babies favorite toys, d. Spending more time messing with settings on the adjustable tools. e. some of the O-K compatible tools seem to only be available Online. With the actual app it is pretty user friendly, sometimes alittle slow but I don’t entirely blame the app for that.

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    100% Recommended

    One of the best apps and best power tools I EVER USED. Been through a lot of brands like Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, even SNAP ON. And I believe Milwaukee still tops all them off. Makita feels like a toy that it would break once dropped. (Which I did break one) and DeWalt I don’t like for the colors yellow and black nah more like a female tool. Just purchased to try out. And get out of here Ryobi kept burning out on me. Couldn’t even finish one job. And Snap On just dame too over Priced that other brands could do the same job. But back to subject this app is the best thing I ever had to keep track of my one key tools and to keep all my other tools marked down by my serial number and vin number

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    Not very helpful

    The problem with these Tick devices and app is that they have to be within 50 feet of each other to actually be detected. They are so expensive that you would think that they would high tech GPS locators, but in reality they don’t do anything for you if your tools are lost or stolen UNLESS some other person just happens to also have the app, ALSO be on their app, looking for tools, and ALSO happens to be within 50 feet of your tool, and ALSO is kind enough and honest enough to report the item found and/or doesn’t take it for themselves....... so really not that helpful. I mean it can show you where it was the last time you were near it. So if someone has multiple job sites and a bad memory then I suppose it could be helpful to them.

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    One key is awesome!!!

    I don’t really use my ONE-KEY™ for all the features and for some dumb reason I only set one of tools up and just didn’t get around to the rest. Well, they were stolen from my truck along with my packout tool boxes... cops weren’t much help pretty much told me that I would never get them back. Except for when I assigned the tool as stolen it disabled the tool so that the moron sent it in to be repaired and bam! Got em! The tool was shipped to that police department where I was able to get that one back. Since then I put every tool in the app even if it is not a one key tool. Best power tools and accessories out there!

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    Love the tools

    I exclusively use this app with my Milwaukee bluetooth light when mounted out of reach (on the ceiling). I have yet to use it with regular power tools and its use in keeping track of them. It is an awesome app when working correctly. I sometimes have to restart the app to get control over my light. Ive had the light and used the app for well over a year now. They continuously update it and improve it (the app) Over the time that I have had the light, 100% of its control has been through the app. The connection issues as well as the app itself have improved over the life that I have used it. Today, a year and half later or so, my light and the app feel fairly seamless...

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    Decent app

    Not terrible but does leave some things to be desired. Like when you have multiples of the same tools, ie; batteries, it would be nice to be able to select a quantity instead of having to go through the same process with each and every one to get them added to inventory. Also, when adding tools to inventory it would be nice to be able to search with keywords also instead of just the model number because I’ve still been unable to find the model number on a screwdriver or pair of channel locks for example. So I use their website search function to find the specific model numbers for those type of tools. It’s kind of a pain

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    Excellent and accurate

    I use these tags to protect my camera equipment and all my tripods, etc. the location map is very accurate as mentioned. I have them hidden in some of my camera cases, Incase someone were to help themselves. On missing feature that tile units have is being able to activate a sound to audibly locate your tag. With tile, you can trigger a sound from the tag to locate the item by sound. And if you push the button on the tile itself, it will make your phone ring, to help find that, if missing. I do recommend these one key tags.

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    Great functionality, low price, missing GPS

    I think this app would work well for someone managing multiple work crews for not a lot of money. Especially in a high traffic location where the chances of other users being in the area is higher. The biggest drawbacks are that it takes time for the app to record the location of ticks/one-key tools and that there is NOT GPS tracking available. For the cost, the functionality is very good. Pawn shop owners should be encouraged to download it especially to prevent purchase of stolen tools. I’d be willing to spend a little more to get GPS functionality, so hopefully Milwaukee adds that in the future!

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Is Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Safe?

Yes. Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,079 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Is 49.9/100.

Is Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Legit?

Yes. Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,079 Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Is 49.9/100.

Is Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ not working?

Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™.

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