LES MILLS On Demand Reviews

LES MILLS On Demand Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-07

LES MILLS™ ON DEMAND: Stream Cardio, Strength, HIIT, Core, Flexibility Classes
Online workouts from LES MILLS, the world leaders in group fitness. Get
unlimited access to 12 different fitness programs and hundreds of high-energy,
effective workouts with LES MILLS On Demand. Stream dir...

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LES MILLS On Demand Reviews

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    I’ve been really into fitness since my son was born 9 years ago, but like many I have weaves in and out of so many different things to do for exercise and I believe it’s manly due to not finding that ONE. I have been a BeachBodyCoach coach since 2012 and I remember LesMills, but never got a chance to try it before they branched out with Reebok. I finally was sitting at my computer one day, couple weeks ago, haven gained 20+ lbs since I started a desk job 3 years ago, just hoping to see something jump out at me, willing to pay whatever, and I started thinking back when I used to take kickboxing classes eons ago, and remembered LesMills Combat was like that. So I looked it up and saw there was a 10 day FREE trial that I could use a few times and see if it’s something that would keep me walking back into my gym each day....HOLY COW!! Sweat my heart out the first day and had something come out of me I didn’t know I was holding in...bought the monthly subscription and the rest is to be written in my future! I LOVE LesMills workouts! FYI they are CONSTANTLY uploading new content, so I don’t think I’ll every get tired of any of these workouts! Thank you to Rach, one of the instructors, who is so easy to follow and listen to a like! (Besides the fact that we have the same name 😉) I aspire to have her strength and exuberance in my like again like I did years ago!! 💙🙏🏼

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    Great, except for one missing calendar feature!!

    Love LesMills OD and this app is fantastic from a user experience and performance perspective. I gave 3 stars because we need one more feature that would make it less daunting to find workouts (there are so many types and episodes to choose from) and easier to get yourself on a schedule. I’d love the ability to “schedule” workouts for a specific date - in the app - so I can plan a weekly calendar view. It would be nice to be able to add specific workouts to a date, where in that day I can just click on it and workout and it have to search for it. Sith so many to choose from, being able to see a history of what I’ve completed and when would be super helpful. I posted this idea in the FB group and received a bunch of DMs supporting it. LesMills posts workout plans on the LesMills site and FB files area you can download and print. This isn’t feasible or practical for many of us who travel and want/need things to be mobile with us. It would be awesome to be able to “join” those in the app and add the workouts to a calendar in the app associated with my LesMills account. I have a treadmill with IFit coach and they’ve definitely mastered the idea of scheduling their on demand workouts to your personal workout calendar or joining a series of planned workouts. You may want to check out what they’re doing.

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    Where has this been my whole life???

    I have always enjoyed Les Mills classes and loved body combat and body flow especially. The gym I went to offered these classes less and less over the years. Body pump is everywhere but my two favorites were harder to find. I canceled my gym membership recently as I have equipment at home and the classes were hard to make it to regularly. I stumbled across this app while searching the internet. I was finding it hard to motivate myself to hop on the treadmill and do the same thing over and over. I missed the variety classes offer. THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED! I get the classes I love, the variety I need, and the convenience of doing it whenever I want. I’m even using my stationary bike again! I love spinning classes... but spinning with an instructor and spinning by yourself aren’t the same. My bike was collecting dust. It’s also nice that they have full classes or short ones depending on your time. Well worth the monthly fee! So glad I found this app!!!! My only negative comment is the same thing other people have mentioned. The app is kind of weird to navigate... which I think hides some of the amazing content on the app.

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    Great workout app!

    I have had this app for about 3 years. I could sit here and write about the great things it offers: 1. You can access the workout on your phone, iPad, fire stick, Apple TV, cast the workout on your tv from your tablet and start your routine. There is a workout for every single person out there. You can lift weights with BOdyPump, you can do kickboxing with BOdyCombat (my all time favorite), you can do HIIT style workouts with GRIT (be warned...you will question your sanity because there are challenging and you will be left feeling exhausted, out of breath but with a powerful feeling of not giving up. There is Sh’bam if you like to dance and let go. There is yoga BodyFlow with great sequences. The TRip and RPM use indoor bicycles. There is a great community on FB sharing their goals while completing workouts. There are new workouts added every month, workout guides with rest days, how-to videos showing the exercises. LES MILLS is a well rounded company and if you download the app, press play and give it your all...you are going to be closer to hitting your goals, feeling better, moving your body and having a lot of fun at the end.

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    Love LesMills Programs!

    I started LesMills about 10 years ago in a gym. I fell in love with the exercise programs because I was new to the gym and going into class was an amazing experience. Like most people I started out by using the cardio equipment because it was easy and I knew what to do. However 5 minutes on the treadmill seemed like an eternity. When I went into my first class it was a cycling class and there was great music and an instructor helping you before class telling you a little about what you would be doing in class. Then class was over and it seemed like it had only been 5 minutes but really it was an hour. Then I was hooked, I tried BodyPump then BodyCombat. I loved them all! Then I moved and there wasn’t a class around. I turned to Beach Body because they had LesMills programs for home. I bought BodyCombat and then they came out with LesMills on demand and I have been subscribed since. I love LesMills and I will be doing their programs for the rest of my life! I may eventually become an instructor but until then I will just enjoy the programs like I have.

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    Fantastic Production Value and Variety

    This app is really a great asset for those that don’t have time for, like, or don’t know what to do at the gym. The programming provides much variety from Barre (the weakest program) to GRIT (HIIT) with everything in between. There is enough programming currently uploaded to last you probably half a year doing a different workout everyday. I would suggest that LMOD add more videos on alignment and make more effort to make sure their presenters also use correct body alignment. LMOD also has an online community, contests, workout programs for various goals with corresponding workout to do. These elements are nice. It would be nice if these could be included in the app some how. I think the pricing is good. It’s to bad they don’t offer professional discounts to instructors maybe that could really help their brand presence in USA something I believe they have struggled with but maybe it’s because of the business model of subscriptions. One last improvement would be the ability to be able to design your own workout with amount of time available and parts of body to work.

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    Les Mills has changed my life!!

    Thank you for making constant changes that make Les Mills On Demand better. I am a 52 year old woman who thought exercise would eventually become difficult to do. Being held prisoner to a gym class schedule is no longer an issue. Les Mills On Demand has so many options as to type of class and duration with the addition of shorter workouts I really have no excuse not to exercise. Even if I workout for 15 minutes one day when short on time or several short workouts combined together or at different times during the day. I didn’t even realize the effect it was having on my body until I posted a vacation picture of me in a bikini and the response I got from friends. Several friends wanted to know what I do as an exercise routine and I have shared Les Mills On Demand with them. So keep doing whAt you are doing. Keep adding the short workout and the workout schedules as well as the monthly challenges. I am hooked!

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    The Music Keeps Me Motivated!

    I have been using Les Mills on Demand for about 5 months now. I was using another on Demand service that kept creating short 20-30 minutes workout programs and didn’t have enough content that I liked. I love that Les Mills has full length 55 minute workouts but edits them to make shorter workouts for the people that don’t want to spend as much time working out. I love doing BodyPump, CXWORX (Core) and Barre for strength training. I do Sprint, Grit Athletic and Grit Strength for HIIT. I do BodyStep and BodyCombat for cardio. I do BodyFlow for flexibility training. I have so much variety in my schedule now. Now I get to work on strength, core strength, endurance and flexibility. When I was using the other On Demand service, it seemed like the workout programs were always unbalanced with too much of one thing. I feel like I am finally making progress and I am working on all aspects of fitness that is important to me while actually having fun!

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    LMOD saved me!

    As a new, first time Mom my life was experiencing its biggest transition ever. I desperately yearned to exercise as it’s always been grounding for me but it was impossible to find the time and far more expensive to get a gym membership that included childcare (not to mention the age restrictions to use their kids room). I had to do something! Enter Les Mills On Demand- the perfect solution. Super high quality workouts, Tons of variety both in class type and the length, crazy affordable and all my favorite classes now right there on my phone, whenever it’s convenient for me!!! It was easy to squeeze in a little workout here or there while the baby slept plus moving, strengthening and stretching really helped my body recovering after having that sweet baby. I lost the baby weight (and more! Hooray!) and now converting all my friends and family to the ways of LMOD. Saved. My. Life.

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    Working out at home really works!

    I was a member at a gym that had Les Mills programs. I fell in love with group fitness and lost over 40 pounds in a few months. I then moved into the country where the gyms would take a 30-45 minute drive. With two kids, that extra time does not work with my schedule so I started LMOD. It is amazing! I get to participate in the same programs I fell in love with plus more that my gym didn’t have. Most programs don’t need any equipment and the ones that do, I slowly added to my home gym. With the amazing instructors and Facebook group, you still get the supportive feeling that group fitness offers! My sister also lives nearby and does LMOD. We text after each workout and push each other! Amazing app! Never had any tech difficulties! You definitely get a lot for your subscription! No matter my mood or need, I can find a workout that fits!

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    I love Les Mills On Demand

    I am a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor. I got diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer in 2018. During surgery I had a higher than usual number of lymph nodes removed. This prevents me from being able to do any exercises overhead ever again! It’s pretty impossible to teach any BODYPUMP release without overhead moves! Thanks to Les Mills On Demand, I’m able to do ALL the classes that I love at home without distracting a live class by modifying overhead moves with other Les Mills approved movements!! (I still go to live classes sometimes though and hide out in the back row!!). I lost a lot of stamina and endurance during my year long treatment. I loved having the shorter class options when I was cleared to exercise again! I’m now back to taking entire 55 minute classes! I love them all!! The only thing I don’t have is a spin bike but it’s on my wish list!!

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    The perfect work outs

    I’m a fitness but and moreover live Les Mills. Moving from The NL to Boston I searched for a gym with the Les Mills classes and the same class availability. I found a great gym in Cambridge but I was used to going twice a day. Making a long story short, I trialed LM on demand am am so loving it. I can do one work out in the morning in my gym and do a class or two in the evening at my gym. My world opened up so much having access to all the different types. The instructors are just amazing, love the cuing, the options and general positive words and pushing that they give verbally. I literally would be the best spokesperson for LM. Keep up the good work, and variety. I do like the week plans but I’m hard core and need something more. Some personal training advice would be a great addition. Cheers

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    The best in home fitness app

    Love the Les Mills app, the workouts are fun a do different. The instructors are really good and fun, I feel like I’m really in the class with them and they are so motivating. I love the cycle class for stationary bikes, I burned so many calories in a short time. The music in all the workouts are all fun and make you want to sing along. I never get bored because I have so many options. Core, body attack, body pump, step, Sh’bam, I love that they have anywhere from 15 minute workouts to 55min ones. The sound is perfect, great music but you can still here the instructors! It’s exactly the same as going to their classes! I love that I can travel with it and do the workouts in my hotel room! It’s really been the best and motivating home workout option for me.

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    The good and the disappointing

    The good: I am a huge fan of Les Mills gym classes and when I found them On Demand, I signed up immediately. I no longer have to pay for a gym membership and personal training and I have no excuse not to work out. But I don’t even think that way. I look forward to taking all the classes. I love the tutorials and beginners classes to ensure my form is proper. I’m even learning to dance from their dance classes. The Body Pump class is my absolute favorite and is the original reason I became a Les Mills lover. I get excited to see all the new classes that come out each month. The emails that they send motivate me and I am grateful for them as well. Sign up and buy the equipment if you have not done so yet. The disappointing: When I placed my order with Les Mills for all their equipment on Cyber Monday this past year, I contacted their customer service to let them know that they charged me the wrong price and they never resolved the issue. It was not a lot of money and I love the company and the product so much that I did not let it get me down. What that experience did was disappoint me and see an area that the company needs to work on improving. All in all, thumbs up. Les Mills is a part of my everyday and I would never cancel having Les Mills On Demand.

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    Equipment discount

    I really like the variety of classes. It allows me to change things up. I would be interested in purchasing the body pump/ grit equipment in order to try some of those workouts, however, they are quite pricey and after purchasing the yearly subscription it’s a lot. Would you consider some kind of discount for those who have purchased the subscription? In all honesty I’m not a gym person. Never have been. But the one advantage to going to the gym is that the equipment is included with your membership. If you want people to continue buying your streaming service giving a discount on equipment might be something to consider. As well as a payment plan. The price is the only thing holding me back from purchasing the equipment and giving a 5 star rating.

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