yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Reviews

yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-04

yoomee - Dating App is the easiest way to meet new people. With yoomee you'll
experience online dating just the way you like it. Get to know people whether
you’re on the hunt for a date, a flirt, new friends or a relationship. No more
long waiting for a match. Yoomee is a place in which...

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3. Is it Legit?
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yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Reviews

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    Everything is paid, and the girls are employees working to the app. They start with a strange conversation that makes no sense. And it’s too expensive. You pay to send messages, you pay for checking who saw you. It ridiculous. It’s not possible to choose the distance for seeing the girls. An app without this option cannot be serious. When I realized it’s a dishonest app, the girl was got angry and she was rude. I hope people read it and don’t install. I gave 1 star because it’s no possible to give 0.

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    Too expensive

    The concept of this app is okay, but it’s too expensive. You use 20 coins to send message that’s ridiculous and the app has given me the impression that they did it to extort $ from people. If you’re serious with this dating app then why don’t you make it to be monthly subscription whereby users can choose the subscription they want instead of using the coins for extortion.

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    The app is very good. Lots of matches and easy to work with. Just watch out cus you have limited messaging

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    I am so glad to use yoomee . You have to also try it and you will never regret anything

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    Good app

    Good app .. I would like everyone should try the app ... the app is very easy to use and connects with people

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    You have to visit this site because is the best and you can find your soulmate here, I love it

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    Works good

    Just wish they would let you chat for free or give you lots of free hearts.

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    Do not download, it’s a scam. They have bunch of fake profiles to keep you hooked in conversations so you continue paying for every message you send and eventually run out of credit and then buy more credit. Big scam. I wonder how Apple would allow this.

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    Amazing app

    Better than i though

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    Very good dating site

    It’s really nice and everyone single must try it now

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    Awesome way to meet new friends !

    Very good to find locals and learn more about the city.

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    Great app easy fast and get to meet people quick gabriel

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    I have rated this app and everything seems not to be free here

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    Sure I can make of it I will use it to buy hearts

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    Give me heart please I rated this app 5 star wisdom jackson is my profile

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Is yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Safe?

Yes. yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,303 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Is 61.9/100.

Is yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Legit?

Yes. yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,303 yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. Is 61.9/100.

Is yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. not working?

yoomee - Match. Chat. Date. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 35 Comments

By J V
Sep 24 2021

It's all a scam don't download you will just lose money and time

By marylove
Sep 17 2021


By Bullshit
Aug 04 2021

This site it’s a scam do not download it

By Sai maat
Jun 22 2021

Hi there ,
I've signed up to your website and and looks like all the girls here are either robots or employees so I would like a refund for ripping me off or I will report you as a scam and get my money back one way or another .

By Les dyke
Jun 04 2021

This is the biggest fake dating site I've ever seen it is that bad in my family I do have a top solicitor I have spoken to him about this he has looked into the site and said it is fake we are now getting the omnibus man to get involved because this is ripping off innocent people

By Leo
May 19 2021

Fake site , if you look your get loads of messages at silly o’clock in the morning because you stopped replying, then the same in the morning, you got more chance hooking up with a flying donkey than anyone on here it’s all computerised

By Trevor Williamsthis
May 16 2021

So much bad comment about this app, why no women wanted to meet?
I thing it is a take for real.
Wy they robbing us..?
These girls are fake

By Tony
May 13 2021

I have spoken to many of the girls all showing loads of interest and then when the conversations stop you never hear from them again. But the one thing I couldn’t understand is if you were speaking to two different girls they’d always seem to message you at the same time, reply at the same time and if you went a period of time like 24hrs without contact they would both contact you at the same time. WTF is that all about?

By Skg
Apr 22 2021

this is a really fake dating site, germans government should investigate them they should refund our money and the girls who r playing with boys emotions.

By Lloyd Shattock
Apr 19 2021

Hi can I get any free hearts please and how do I claim a voucher to redeem regards lloyd shattock

By Mr Grant Dwyer
Apr 04 2021

This is not a free dating site if you change people for hearts to write to people.

By Raymond Kung
Mar 27 2021

I have already paid too much for this app and I start to think it's a scam. I don't believe a girl would also spend that much money to buy hearts to talk, you are having a laugh! Asked her to move to WhatsApp or FB and she refused, we have been talking for quite a long period of time, I had enough of this! Fake app!

By David Scott-Harvey
Mar 13 2021

75 bucks = 60 short messages.

Did it in 2 hours.

By Wiz
Mar 08 2021

The site scam people with fake girls
All because to reload the payment

By Andrew Kemp
Mar 03 2021

I am looking for a relationship with a woman

By Paul
Feb 19 2021

Another bullshit scam site, if you have to pay money to talk, it’s a scam

By Naitnaughty
Feb 01 2021

It only took me about 5 mins to work out it's all bullshit I have a way with woman and I gave them woman on yoomee so many better options to communicate but nothing they was saying made any sence the app is purely designed to sucker you in to pay money to chat I didn't pay a cent as a test to sus it all out 100% I was right don't be fooled boys

By Mellbee
Jan 17 2021

I don't know why all of the girls start with the same words

By William platt
Jan 11 2021

Its a crock. Every single thing that replies to you is young,sexy and will reply to you any time day or night pretty much instantly. Also why does every woman's profile name contain numbers at the end of her name. I assume its the easy way they identify themselves to get credit for signing someone up to join and get their commission. Dont join unless your feeling a bit down and in need of a pick me up (compliment). Dont join. DONT JOIN dont join.

By Finn
Jan 11 2021

FAKE get women messaging random questions like what’s your financial views on life so message back and get a total random answer like I want to talk on here . Sent e mail and all I get is no we have to talk in here and that’s about 6 women when I say something they go and throw insults my way . Just replied to a message saying e mail and got a message back straight away saying do you think I’m cheap it’s 3.24am I’d woken from sleep and message they sent me was at 22.38 so it’s all just reassured me it’s a total scam and just after money they should be prosecuted as if I charged the amounts they do it’s basically daylight robbery . App is now deleted DO NOT DOWNLOAD . Oh and none of the women seem to have fb or what’s app but they have a shitty dating app everything leads to being totally scammed I’ve warned you you choice

By Dimski
Jan 07 2021

Looks all these girls working for you and absolute scam to charge money on a daily basis to talk to someone, who is not real anyway. We will be reporting this to Google Play store to remove it ASAP as we people get hooked on it and loose money

By Jhon
Jan 03 2021

Thats a crazy app looks like they have woman there working tbey dont vive # or instagram or facebook they just wanna ask so u an answer with money every msj is 3 to 5 dollasr thats very fake app i spend over 300 dollars talking to stuupid ppl fuck this app we need real shit

By Keagan
Dec 09 2020

The women seemed normal. Made a pick up line started chatting. A few hours after she just sent another random pick up line saying. My day would have been better if you was in it. Hours later

By Corso
Dec 05 2020

SCAM. Fake profiles and/or girls payed to keep you chatting and spending money.

By Tony Peacock
Nov 12 2020

Spent a fortune, not enough letter to every 20 hearts. Looking for a date, not too be ripped off, talking to a girl, who said she liked me, kept asking things about me but wouldnt answer mine, kept leaving me questions, knowing i was nearly out of hearts. said she local, but thought i lived by the sea, she isnt local or wud of known im only 8 miles from her possible location. A real shame, it seemed chroregraphed. Are the girls real or employed by youmee??

By Kaycee
Nov 11 2020

Just a total scam, they only want to chat on site and don't want to answer simple questions straight. Always leaving messages open to be answered so you have to stay engaged. And poor English fopoor back stories. Easy to see through their rubbish. Such a shame all dating sites seem to be the same now.

By Anthony
Nov 01 2020

Im on over 2OO dating sites & this is the WORST SCAME, FAKE DATING SITE EVER in the WHOLE—ENTIRE—WORLD...as lot’s of girls have sent me this SAME EXACT MESSAGES; (Hello.. how are you doing? Happy halloween!) HOLLO, halloween was yesterday as there just working employees or there working for a Agency in Europe (because where a day behind Europe), to earn money as that they also have Different number of profiles- as of unrealistic girls! These are the same EXACT Mgs to the last letter...they’ve sent me numerous times But completely all definitely profiles & ages> (Well, this wasnt a hard choice to make at all, wanna get to know different parts of me?) & (You are going the wrong direction, come my way) & (I am completely ripped on you) & (You are going the wrong direction, come my way) & (Wanna occupy you, what do you think?) & (You know how the saying goes, "There are plenty of fish in the see" well stop the search, because im here now) & (I was playing the swipe game and instantly stopped when I saw your profile, you are so nice) & (Heyy, how has your day been?) & (I think you are what I have been looking for) & (Hey, wann get to know me more?) But this is Only 1% of all the Mgs’s that I’ve received as I’m truly Soo Ever Handsome😊

By Damien
Oct 26 2020

It's a scam, the girls keep you buying hearts but put off meeting you continuously, one girl said she had heart problems and her parents were old so she could not leave them.
One said we could not meet because of covid but she went to work everyday and had contact with random people all day lmfao.
There thieves and they pray on your emotions like a bunch of tramps.

By Christopher hopf
Oct 24 2020

I believe it's a scam I have spent over 500 dollars they just keep avoiding me to meet oh soon soon

By Andrew Jessop
Oct 01 2020

Crock of shit!. Don't even go there!

By Andrew Jessop
Oct 01 2020

I have spoken with several women on here and to be fair they seem too good to be true. One woman had choking as one of her kinks and when I asked her about it she wouldn't explain. Is she a murderers?

By alex
Sep 20 2020

hi i believe the app is a scam, I am looking to date not just for sex. firstly 3 girls said they liked me, one sent a sexy chat. iv'e been chatting with someone that told me they were from london, ad there english was not great, we chatted for a wile and i asked if she had facebook, she said she did not, so i asked about whats app, she said she did not know about that? unless she lived on the moon there is no way that she cant. so i gave her my number, she said she would store it. then she keeps on messaging me, there is no way a real person would want someone to keep spending money that like unless she was on commission

By Daniel
Sep 19 2020

i believe this is a scam and you are paying fake women to chat to me to spend money i wish to receive a refund. if not i would like to take escalate the request or speek to a ombudsman

By Chris
Sep 04 2020

Signed up and was soon chatting to two different women but both seemed dodgy after a while. Allegedly they were local but their English was very dodgy and some of what they said made no sense.

By Ali wanderlust
Aug 30 2020


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