Journi Blog - Travel tracker Reviews

Journi Blog - Travel tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-23

Journi is the easiest way to capture your life as beautiful timelines with
photos, notes, maps and more. Turn them into printed photo books in seconds &
easily define which photos are private! Use it offline, create timelines
together & sync across all your devices! Make more out of your...

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Journi Blog - Travel tracker Reviews

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    Best way to keep a Journal

    I learned about Journi through my sister-in-law who invited me to follow her travels through Europe. It was so cool, that I decided to use it for our New Zealand/Australia travels. This was such the easy way to keep a journal while traveling. It was a super easy way to allow friends and family to follow along on our travels while keeping a daily diary. It was a way for me sit down every evening and recap the day with words and photos. The followers can chime in along the way with comments which makes it really cool. When we returned home, I did some editing.....updated a bit of wording, changed a few pictures around and ordered a fantastic book. I am so happy with the quality of the book. It came in a timely manner just as promised. Will definitely do this again. Definitely recommend the app. I had one question along the way for customer service, and they were prompt answering my question in an easy to understand manner (this was done by email).

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    Better Than Imagined

    I found Journi online after moving to Spain about 18 months ago. I knew I would be siteseeing in Europe quite often and wanted to keep a diary of my travels. I find the app excellent for setting up individual trips and it automatically dates and maps the photos. At the end of 2019 I decided I wanted to create a book of my adventures. The app was easy to use and quite efficient. While there are a few things regarding editing I would love to see but really that would possibly take away from the simplicity of the app. Once I set up the book, I was concerned about price and quality. My book was 180€ but when I checked other apps and resources, that was a fair price for 190 page hardcover book. I have a friend I referred the app and he is now sharing his trips with friends. He just ordered a book as well. The quality of the book is great. You can’t beat Journi.

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    Awesome photo book - Beautiful memories

    Journi is an app that allows you to create awesome photo books of a recent trip, special event or family vacation. The quality of the photo books is excellent. And the app is easy to use. It allows you to write a description of each photo and select the photos for each page. I am most impressed by the quality of the photos and the arrangement of the books. I have used Journi to make several photo books. I highly recommend them especially if you are looking for an awesome high quality photo book to capture special memories. Additionally, they are easy to work with and quick turnaround to receive your completed photo book. I encourage everyone to order a photo book or other items from Journi. You won’t be disappointed. Kathy USA

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    Journi is Amazing

    Journi app is amazing. I rarely recommend things, but some are very worthy! We recently took a trip to Israel. I wanted an app to blog our trip, allow others to follow us daily and align photos with events effortlessly. (I just knew I would not take time later to do it.) This app hit the spot. And it was 100% accomplished from my phone. I took pics with a WiFi enabled camera and uploaded them at the end of everyday. Our family and friends could follow our trip. Journi also has the ability to print a book.... with photos and comments all ready organized. So easy. I received the book today. It was made well and exceeded my expectations. If you are taking any kind of trip I very highly recommend Journi.

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    Planned a 30 day family road trip and wanted an app that would allow me to keep a log of my memories through both words and photos. While very new to Journi I did find some hiccups. We are limited to 10 photos per memory if we could up that to 12-16 that would have been nice not to have to eliminate photos I really wanted to include. Their is no interface with instagram? Not sure why they’re no capabilities with Instagram? Sharing memories on Instagram would be amazing? Nice to add stamps of the different states of the US instead of just a US stamp. We road tripped through 7 states and it would have been nice to stamp them. Loved the ability to creat a book at the end of the trip and to have the ability to edit photos placement with my iPhone was the best compared to all other photo book apps. Thank you for the easy to use photo book app

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    been looking for a journal app & this THE ONE 😊

    i love this app because i can add pictures, write how i am feeling and kind of unwind without everyone knowing my business. i love to write & i always wanted a diary but i hate my hand writing and i write A LOT, so it makes my hand hurt 🤣 this is the best thing that ever happened to me and i love how i can always look back and login to see what i did the past few days. i been using it for about a week now & it seems like i dont really HAVE to upgrade to premium but we’ll see if it starts being annoying. other than that i love it!!!

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    Good as long as you don’t want to relive your trip

    I found the journi app very easy to use during a trip to Europe. Although integrating photos that I took with my DSLR required me to upload them to my iPhone photos before I could put them in journi, the logging and time stamping went well. However, once you finish your trip, going back to review it is very tedious. It can only be reviewed on the app or by purchasing a printed book. In my case, that book was nearly €90. I would like to be able to transfer the journey descriptions and photos to something like a PDF file that can be viewed on my computer, and shared with friends, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. I took this trip more than two years ago, and despite several upgrades to the app in the interim, reliving the trip is still only available on the app or by buying a printed book. As a disappointing result, I have not been able to share this trip with friends and family at all (getting the journi app just to review my trip on the small screen on their phone really isn’t a reasonable option). Unless journi comes up with a better sharing option, I will never use it for another trip again (and I haven’t used it on trips taken since that trip just for that reason)

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    More than just a travel blog

    Latest update added most of the features I was looking for. Including printing photo book from the blog. The biggest limitation I ran into: cannot use for planning. I’d like to create “future” moments to place my plans in the trip. Then if it will open on “today” (and/or has a button to jump there) moments I can see/read my plans and update/replace them with actual one. Easy quick access to create different kind of moments. Would be nice to have video moments and keep books and presentation (like book can hide some content) for future. Of cause videos cannot be printed on paper, but could be included into presentations (and e-books).

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    So easy to use

    Journi really makes it easy to write a few thoughts, quickly tap on a bunch of photos, and share a trip with friends & family without making it seem like a chore at the end of each long travel day. At the suggestion of a family member, I tried a paid journaling app -- but found it much slower and harder to use than journi. Also, journi lets me make journals private to just my family if I want, which is great if I want to journal about my kid. Journi has premium content available, but you can create nice journals without purchase. Try it!

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    Great app and photo book

    Really loved this for our family road trip. So easy to post and show others where all we went. I liked the map feature as well. Best part was that when I got home, I basically spent 5 minutes to have a photo book made. It came in about 5 days and was gorgeous. Will definitely use this app again. Only downside was the book was a bit pricey but for the convenience I feel it was worth it.

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    Almost Great

    Love the automatic and clean design layouts. When will the larger size books be available for the US market? I was so excited to see the 11.5”x11.5” listed in the print shop several weeks ago, but when I went to create a book today, it is no longer listed. I hope this can be made available soon. As much as I love the simplicity of Journi books, the larger size is worth the extra effort in the other apps. I am also a premium member and the app would not let me add a caption while I was on WiFi saying I was offline. I thought you should be able to work offline with the premium membership. Please bring the larger sizes to the US!

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    Great app, except for the printed format

    This is a very handy app to document travels. I especially like how my recently taken photos are easily available. The opposite can be said for producing a printed book with this app; the captions are scattered about randomly on the page, often nowhere near the photos they describe, and it is an exercise in frustration to sit on the Shuffle Page button until the random placements eventually happen to make some sense. We cannot even choose how many photos are on a given page. The final printed product is quite nice if one is willing to spend the necessary hours tapping the Shuffle Page button.

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    Very good, hope for even better features

    This app is great so far with our first Journi. I found it very easy to use, share and collaborate. In the future, I would really like to see better integration of panorama photos, maybe even videos and more categories related to families and finer differentiation within activity categories, e.g. nature could contain beach, lake, waterfall, meadow,... activities could contain hiking, fishing, snow boarding, horseback riding, ...

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    We traveled the country for 9 months and I really wanted a journal app I could print. After quite a bit of searching I ran across Journi. I recently printed our book and I am soooo pleased with it. The quality is top notch, we got it in just a few weeks, and it’s a book full of memories. Will definitely use the journi app for our yearly scrap books. So much easier. ❤️

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    Does the job, but nothing special

    I like this app, it pulls photos and shows you on the map, but I originally thought it would pin the map where I’ve been and then like those pins to the journis it doesn’t, the maps are within the journis and it just organizes the photos, I’ve seen that a lot, it has neat features, but most I’ll never use and the thinks I wanted it for, organizing my photos and providing a “where you’ve been” map it has kinda done, just not any better than Apple already does.

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Is Journi Blog - Travel tracker Safe?

Yes. Journi Blog - Travel tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,742 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Journi Blog - Travel tracker Is 54.9/100.

Is Journi Blog - Travel tracker Legit?

Yes. Journi Blog - Travel tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,742 Journi Blog - Travel tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Journi Blog - Travel tracker Is 54.9/100.

Is Journi Blog - Travel tracker not working?

Journi Blog - Travel tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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