Angry Birds 2 Reviews

Angry Birds 2 Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-06

Play the world's best bird flinging, pig popping game! Use the slingshot to
fling birds at the piggies' towers and bring them crashing down – all to save
the precious eggs. New to the world of Angry Birds? Angry Birds 2 is the best
way to get to know all of the iconic characters and ex...

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Angry Birds 2 Reviews

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    Fun, but a lot of downgrades from the original

    Who created this game? So many problems I have compared that weren’t present in the original. First of all, the heart system is absolutely awful, this game gets hard in the later levels, so having to wait twenty minutes after failing a few times for just one more chance before waiting another twenty minutes is just atrocious. Also why is there clans in this game? Literally no reason to have clans in this type of game. It’s very clear they were just added because people like online features in games. My biggest gripe is with the way the levels go. You have your cards randomized at the start of each level, which is pretty annoying but I would let go if not for the fact that there are several different randomized layouts for the same section on the same level. It makes it so you can’t learn the ins and outs of a certain section, because it could be different every time, this combined with the randomized cards at the start can make some levels over before they even begin which is completely out of your control. I also hate how the birds feel a lot weaker compared to how they felt in the first one, blue birds in this game is complexity useless, and yellow birds aren’t much better. The only birds who are truly good are the bomb bird and the big red bird. The gameplay at its core is still fun like the original, but is plagued by all the issues this game has.

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    Fun exercise; much pay to win, bad taste advertising, also updates take more and more phone memory

    Updates take more and more memory - not enough available space on phone ... can’t the tech team optimize the needed memory and reduce the memory requirements on each update? The latest update has me erasing pictures and programs ... and still not enough space. I have enjoyed angry birds 2... and my six year old daughter enjoys too. Not happy with how slow the levels climb once one gets to a certain point... needing a lot more feathers per level ... and the only way to go faster is to pay real money to buy feathers, or black pearls or other things. Since I am not about to pay ... progress is down to a turtles pace. Furthermore, the commercials are loaded with online casino advertising and bra and panty commercials... not in good taste for anyone religious. I would be willing to pay $3-$5 for a commercial free version... like the old, original, angry birds, but such a version is not available (yet). The commercials also get in the way of play on the go, as certain parts of the game shut down when internet is slow, mostly because the commercials do not stream properly under slow connectivity, and the game makes excuses for keeping you out under such scenarios saying that a certain part is down for maintenance... but as soon as connectivity improves, those areas are suddenly available for play, as commercials stream more freely.

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    IAP-Hungry Solid Sequel

    Angry birds 2 has got a fresh polish to be expected from a sequel. It answers the “how can we possibly make a great game better?” question in several ways. The graphics are rich and flow smoothly between all transitions. The levels evolve and progress in difficulty but encourage you to think critically and creatively. Defeating level after level is rewarding and builds you up for the next level. The multiplayer modes involving clans and competitive mode pit you against worthy opponents. Word of caution however, as there are the downsides. The app has its own pop-up encouraging you to buy into their in-app purchases. At my peak time in playing this game on a daily basis the app will encourage their in-app purchases around once an hour. What’s more is the ever-so-bothersome littering of advertisements of other games. The game even has an auto-jump to the App Store to encourage you to download another game app. While this is expected of less polished games this is rather a surprise of an established brand to have to use such tactics. Lastly, the levels do get repetitive and the “boss” battles lose their luster and become some sort of a sore level after awhile. Overall, if you don’t mind the ads and are in it to really squash those pigs then this is the right game to play. Swing away at a 3 out of 5 game.

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    Players: beware

    There are glitches in this game that don’t get addressed. I did not receive feathers and apples. I contacted their help team on April 7th, April 14th, April 15th, and April 22nd. I just got a reply this morning, on May 8th, telling me to update my app and let them know if I was having any of these issues. Umm... the app requires you to update before you can get into it, so of course I updated. I wrote to you on multiple occasions about issues and you still want to know if this is happening? How about you figure it out and replenish feathers and apples I missed out on and move on. I have screenshots of the messages as well to prove this. I am about to delete this app, immediately after I write this review. This franchise has movie revenue, toy revenue, and this game with ad revenue. Their prices are ridiculously inflated, you have to watch ads even after you have spent money on the game, and they are too stingy to replenish 1,000 feathers. Like, really? Rovio is proving to be one of the greediest developers out there. I get trying to make money, but being greedy after you’ve already made a ton is so disappointing to see. Maybe you should learn from other apps during this time who are awarding their players with extra freebies and not inundating them with ads and pop ups. I think I’ll go play one of those games... and I will gladly give any extra money I decide to spend to them.

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    Good game but.....

    Well, I have never written a review on anything before but I have finally felt compelled enough to write this one... I love the game BUT, like many others my game locks up and I lose my spells, the level, the stars, everything! I can't afford to keep gems in order to keep buying spells! Just this evening, I was at the 7th level, had played the last of my spells and was hoping to earn enough stars to move up in the standing and then.....locked up. So of course I had to close the game and I lost everything. So I think I'm going to take a break for awhile and not play anymore. I just don't understand how this can happen so much! Well, I guess my previous review went unread, because here I am again with the same complaint! I took the time to view the video but this time the screen goes blank and I cannot X out of anything to get back to my game so now I have to refresh my game and we all know what that means, I lose my spells, my gems and have to start the winning streak all over again and of course, will have to spend more money buying more gems......well, not this time! I believe I'm done and will be sharing my views with anyone and everyone who asks. Good job, guys and gals!

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    I complained at one point about how they game didn’t provide continued level-appropriate incentives and rewards as you got up higher. For instance, when completing “hard” levels you get a chest with feathers, but it’s the same chest with 250 or 300 feathers at game level 6 as it is at level 600. Yet when you get to level 600, you probably need 30,000 feathers to advance your birds. So getting 300 is irrelevant. This sort of imbalance seems like it would drive people away as they get higher. However, I realized that may be the point. Not to drive people away, but to make them bored and frustrated. What do bored and frustrated people do? They try to find ways to alleviate their boredom. And what alleviates boredom in this case? Getting rewards. And what’s a good way to be sure you get rewards? Buying gems to pay for success. So the fact they don’t keep the game advancing to keep people interested isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, to get them to pay. With that said, the game is still fun and addictive, for quite a while. I played it for months during the pandemic, and rarely felt the need to pay for gems. But recently I realized my boredom has been driving me to purchase more and more often. So now I’m uninstalling it.

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    Not Pleased with Everything...

    I give it three stars simply because I do enjoy playing the game, however, it bothers me that I can't scroll through my entire deck. I should be able to see and choose any of my available cards at any time, whether it's my current hand or my spell cards. I like to choose the freeze and duck spells to use together because ducks can break ice a little easier. The way the cards are dealt, I don't always get to use this combination when I want to because one of my spells are back in the untouchable deck. My other complaint is that this game offers us packages of spells, gems and pearls for REAL MONEY!!! Seriously?! No one can earn redeemable coins for these perks? Heck, at the very least there should be a reward system for completing a chapter and it should be something really great. Not like 5 gems, 3 feathers or 10 pearls. Save your real cash money. I'm past level 180 and I got there without spending any additional money. This is like a gambling game. Don't fall for it. Oh, yeah! And Tower of Fortune? Never spend more than 20 gems to proceed. Pull the plug while you're ahead once you've seen one piggie. Now all that laughing those pigs do makes sense: they are laughing all the way to the real bank!

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    Fun game, but...

    In terms of pure gameplay, it’s a solid 5/5. The problem is that the game relies too much on gems. It didn’t use to be that way, but it seems like greed has gotten the best of the developers. The levels in the clan battles, mighty eagle bootcamp, etc. are noticeably harder than they’ve been in the past. They expect people to dish out money for gems to continue playing hard levels and power up birds. It’s a fun game, but it’s really turned into a cash grab kind of game. I haven’t spend money on this game in years, and I don’t plan to anytime soon. Unless you have money to throw away, it’s not worth getting too invested in this game. Even some of the levels on the world map get ridiculously hard and they expect people to use a lot of their gems just to clear one level. So if you can’t beat a world map level and you’re not in a clan, you’re pretty much stuck. Also, the Tower of Fortune is super rigged. Overall, great gameplay but too much reliance on gems and the game seems very rigged against you now. Also, the new arena is rigged so that even if a player is ranked lower than you, they can still beat you badly if you don’t one shot every room.

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    They broke the game

    I have played this game for many years and I love it so much! Unfortunately, in their latest update, they took away everything to love about it. Now it is much much much too difficult to complete without spending. Typically we can use spells which makes the game fun and interesting, they took that away. Typically our bootcamp and battles are long and epic, you could complete 15 rooms which was a challenge, but possible. Now it’s much to difficult, because we don’t get our cards back per destruction, only 1 allowed back per bird... so too much destruction by one bird and you are punished. Did I mention we don’t get any spells back anymore? We can only use them in the daily challenge and the map, which are just stupid places to use spells.. They make events and and hat adventures now that can’t be completed EVEN with spending gems to move forward. It was already a money grab, but this is much too blatant now. The angry birds 2 fan community has expressed our distain for this new update over and over again, but they don’t care. They gave us bandaid 100 arena tickets, like that would make everything better and make us forget they broke our favorite game. Many (pay to play) players are walking away, I hope their investors are paying attention.

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    Game is rigged to try and force you to spend money

    Physics of the game are the most obvious part, if you get to a point where you’re advancing fairly quickly thru levels you’ll begin to see things like the big red bird or the bomb bird doing little to no damage on objects they would otherwise blow thru with ease. Structures on one level will crumble like a house of cards while on the next level will act as one solid piece and remain rigid when hit. If you have the patience to continue without spending any money to advance and after several times of your lives running out it will eventually ease up again and you can burn thru a couple levels fairly easy before it starts the whole process over again of slowing you down. I have not spent one red cent on this game and I never will, being a free to play game I understand that it comes with ads that you have to watch at times, but the obvious cheating that the game does to try and sucker you into spending money is the coffin nail for me, as soon as I finish this review the game will be deleted from my device. It’s a shame because the original was a good game, even the other spin offs. The only improvements angry birds 2 has over the original is the graphics, the rest of it is just a disappointment.

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    HUGE Downgrade from older angry birds

    The older angry bird games were something you could play a lot and have countless fun. However, angry birds 2 is the complete opposite. First and perhaps what really makes this game awful, is the life system found on other games like candy crush, where you can only play for 5 lives at a time. This was by far the most disappointing feature EVER! Instead of relaxing and playing some angry birds for who knows how long, once you lose your 5 lives you have to wait around 20 minutes just to get one more life. YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO PLAY! How dumb does that sound? That’s what turned me down from candy crush, as I thought it was just stupid to wait in order to play. The game itself has so many extra pay to win features that really just turn me off from what the original game used to be. Ads, gems and other exclusives you have to pay for have changed the once beloved angry birds into a pay to win, money grabbing disappointment I’ve ever seen. Literally the only improvement from the original angry birds is the better graphics, and that’s ABSOLUTELY IT. 1/100 of a game, do not get unless you just love to wait to play... Never deleted a game after just 2 weeks of trying to give it a chance as fast as I did with this garbage game.

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    Pay To Win & Loot Boxes Galore

    The game is designed to entice people to spend their money on loot boxes in order to progress further. You are given some initial success upon login(to get people playing the game, if people lose right away chances are they’ll play something else) which is then slowed down until you spend money on in game currency. The currency is geared towards “Legendary Treasure Boxes.” $20 spent will allow you to unlock two of these boxes. Yes, two. Once open the boxes give you a 1 in 5 chance of actually getting something useful, most times you are awarded with feathers to level up a single bird. Once at a certain point after spending the game will halt your progress in single player until you spend money again, not allowing you to advance a single level. In addition to halting any progress in multiplayer, challenges, etc., once money is spent in game again, you magically start winning again for a short period. This is especially bothersome to me due to the fact the game is geared towards children with the bright color scheme, playful characters and animations. As well as being so heavily promoted within the App Store! Parents: if you don’t want your children gambling away your money on loot boxes with 1 in 5 odds, keep them away from this game!!!!

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    It’s a money pit.

    I love the gameplay, but there’s just so many ads and I can hardly progress through the game without spending thousands of dollars on gems, which I am nowhere near stupid enough to do. I was also falsely banned “due to hacking or cheating”. I have never done anything against the terms of service. Rovio, please go back to your original game design. There’s enough ad-filled, in-app purchase junk out there already. Please, make your games like they used to be. People will be willing to pay a few bucks up front for the game, but it’s stupid that they need to keep paying to keep playing. If you make a fun game that costs, let’s say, $3 or $4, without ads or in-app purchases, it will still be popular. Just please stop this nonsense with ads every 30 seconds. What happened to Angry Birds 1?? Now it has ads and micro transactions, just like all your other games. Why? Just make the game cost a few bucks. For anyone else out there that agrees, write a review like this and maybe Rovio will listen this time. Also, I was banned for cheating. I have never hacked the game or any other game, so I don’t know why this happened. Fix you anti cheat software. You don’t get more plays for the game being free. A good quality game should not be free with in app purchases.

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    Not pleased.

    Not pleased. Y’all don’t give us nearly enough lives to make it through the game. Why do y’all even implement lives ? All they’re gonna do is make people want to delete the game, not continue playing it. Almost forgot I had it for a while because it’s just so ridiculous with the lives feature. The fact that we only have five is ridiculous, too. We should get at least 7. Y’all always want us to pay, too. Also, nonstop ads. They pop up so much. The game was joyful at first but then I started losing because I didn’t have enough birds. Maybe y’all should implement more keys into the game, too so that I can unlock more birds? Also, this game is honestly a prime example of why the sequels will never be able to compare to the original. Edit: Recently, there was an event going on and basically if you got more stars than anyone else, you would get rainbow feathers. I got first place, above everyone else, and I was not awarded ANY. If that was something that you were supposed to collect as soon as the timer ran out, that’s ridiculous. I was literally playing a level and I go to check and see if the timer’s done yet because it was at 2 minutes the last time I checked. Please let me know what’s going on.

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    Big improvements a few losses. Pretty money hungry.

    I love allot of the action, fast pace, graphics and game play on this version. Upgrading the birds is a nice touch like the transformers version and others. What I miss in this version and it is a biggie, is you don’t have the option to do a level over but you have to waste resources to power on through. That makes this one greedy on your real-life pocketbook and I believe this version has to be connected to the internet to advance. That is what I love about Angry Birds Starwars2 and the Space Versions among the original. You can play the same level over and over and over till you get it right. I miss having the option of using resources when you give up... If Angry Birds 2 simply gave the option to redo the level until you got it right or gave in and used resources, then this version might be my favorite yet and ranked at 5stars. Maybe the next version will be even better. I keep buying all the Angry Birds versions. Some are some of my favorite games I play. Others like Epic I played for a couple hours and haven’t played it again in over a year.

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Yes. Angry Birds 2 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 969,567 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Angry Birds 2 Is 65.8/100.

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Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By FloppyBonk
Oct 15 2021

The game is going downhill - with each month it gets greedier and greedier. If you think that you will get better with time, you will assemble a stronger flock and the game will be easier for you, forget it - I have been playing for more than a year and I can tell you Rovio have lots of dirty tricks up their sleeve to make you pay to win.

Both Daily Challenge and Arena get progressively harder until they become impossible. If you are still too strong of a player and get through, you will become very unlucky - Terrence will get stuck in a balloon or a thin structure, you will have surviving lone pigs in each room, all bounces are not going to go your way, etc. Rovio just want you to pay gems to reset rooms and replay (yes, you have to pay gems in the Arena to play again against the same opponent and not to have your streak of win and prizes snapped). Or Rovio want you to buy extra moves in Daily Challenge and King Pig Panic - maybe they will sell you some useless birds then and hope you buy some more.

All competitions in the game (Clan Battles, Rowdy Rumble, Arena, ME Bootcamp) are rigged - you cannot post a decent score and win unless you buy gems, reset rooms for gems, and replay for gems. Sometimes, the game will let you wait several hours for another free try (RR, Battles), sometimes there is no replaying unless you pay (ME Bootcamp).

By Mike
Aug 18 2021

Well I feel through the years that they actually enjoy making you angry instead of giving you something to enjoy. Just recently I saved up hundreds of dollars gems so that I can play the tower of terror and get to a higher level but every time you save up a lot of money so you can get farther they screw you over I got five pigs in 18 floors they want to make sure you’re not enjoying your game so I’m leaving this review and I’m deleting that POS after years of playing it you people have gone downhill in a bad way

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