Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio Reviews

Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-17

Rapchat is the easiest way to make music on your phone. Whether you're looking
to record songs for fun or are serious about your music career -- this is the
app for you. The Rapchat platform gives you unlimited access to over 200,000+
instrumentals and beats uploaded from producers aro...

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Due to so many changes and the big update RC just launched it just feels appropriate to give it a second review. It’s been almost a year sense my last review an the amount of growth sense then has been ridiculous! RC already has one of the greatest Community’s I’ve ever seen on an App. You got a huge selection of your daily and weekly artist/producers that never fail to deliver to your constant new comers just trying to get a grasp on how it all works. The best part is it’s SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE! Rapchat allows you to practice your passion while learning how to post and network at the same time!! An the constant competitions/features and top 100 list allows there to be a fun competitive edge to RC as well! Just a few cool ways to make an artist wanna work even harder! Rapchat is what has improved soooo much though!! From the latest update RC has proven it is going to continue to only get better and better!! It has a better studio now with more effects/mastering/video imports/a HUGE beat selection/ and you can stream to other apps now! The layout is also simple to navigate through an looks awesome! Look I could go all day but I gotta stop somewhere lol. Just download Rapchat and you will see for yourself. RC is the future of music apps 🙌💯🙌 -Awatttsss


Incredible app but some glitches

I can’t believe I hadn’t found Rapchat before, I can do music videos now, edit the raps if it weren’t for a couple glitches I’ll get into, and theirs way more beats the one I previously used. Out of any app I would highly recommend this one, but obviously the better apps are, the more glitches. I’m still waiting for the rap I’m working on now to stop loading, because it said recording failed and I can’t get out of it or undo anything so I would have to loose all my progress to get it to stop. I’ve already had a lot of attempts on this rap! When I finally did it right, this happens, and that wasn’t the first time 💀 another glitch that is gonna mess up my next rap because I wrote 5 raps I didn’t rap yet, is where it doesn’t record your voice when you first start talking, it has to prepare but as it’s getting into it so I can’t put it in segments, it’s all in one try, which was one feature that made Rapchat the best. It also does this for the video mode and you can’t see the video, it might change when your done, but still you can’t see. So if these stop happening I’m definitely giving this 5 stars, although there are some smaller glitches that don’t matter as much.



You guys haven’t updated in a while huh…. Definitely needs improvement in the studio part. The autotune is just choppy which makes a wild loud unpleasant break in the note and sounds like your voice is cracking or something. Also, why do y’all make it where 2 of the same messages cannot be sent in DM’s 🤦🏽‍♂️ if I have 5 people to reply “wassup” to I have to say it to each of them typed a different way 😂 yeah i understand y’all took away the copy and paste for obvious reasons but dude. If somebody wants to promote their music by sending it to peoples DM’s why not let them? It’s grinding just like real life 🤷🏽‍♂️ why not let us be able to send a link??? Total crap. You cant even edit your profile to put your social medias in because you CAN’T COPY & PASTE so you gotta just type THE LINK out for each one 😣 and honestly I’m so tired of y’all blackballing me. Dude I get so many followers, likes, comments, plays, DM’s, and my songs have been featured! Yet when I look on the hot #100 the next day IM NOT THERE. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE. I have been on Rapchat since early 2017. It’s always crashing which is okay if you take in consideration there are humans that work on Rapchat so everything can’t be perfect and as long as I can continue session im fine with crashes. But please stop blackballing me. I GRIND. I have well over 500 tracks. I show love daily and do collabs with EVERYONE. But yet y’all don’t show me no love. Maybe it’s time for an update!


You gotta see for yourself

I have been using Rapchat sense 2016, and I still this it’s the number one Rap app to exist. I prefer this ones GarageBand even, it’s simplicity provides easy access to all the tools I need to write and record many flows. It’s got thousands of beats from boom bap to exotic beats by razor boomerang. There’s a built in note pad, as well as customizable features that include cover art and links to other music services like SoundCloud and even Messenger. There are hundreds of producers in the this app community, so new beats are published almost hourly. There’s a community where you can post flows and collaborate with other this app artists inside Rapchat so you can easily improve and compare your music to other artists like you all over the world. I use Rapchat to practice my rhyme schemes and improve my flow; and sense I first started using this app in 2016, I have improved exponentially compared to the progress I was making from when I first started rapping in 2012. I wouldn’t write such a review if Rapchat wasn’t overly deserving of it, so if you’re an aspiring artist like me without the resources to sound like a platinum selling artist, I highly suggest you make the same serendipities decision I did and download this app now. -Isaac


Has Made Significant Improvement!

For what Rapchat is, this is easily one of the most underrated and under-appreciated apps in Rapchat Store. When I first discovered this app back in August of 2016, I was so excited to learn how to flow over a variety of different beats and make all kinds of diverse music. Way back then, Rapchat glitched and shut down on me so many times...I remember always being frustrated at Rapchat . But now, this app has improved in so many different ways, the features and qualities have improved a lot! I really do enjoy growing as an artist over Rapchat. Even though the this app community has already made very good improvements compared to what this app used to be, there is ALWAYS room for even more improvement, developmental changes, and new features to be added to this already amazing app. An example of this would be an Auto-Tune feature, which I have seen many people ask for, I believe that would be just one more big step into solidifying this app as one of the top apps in the AppStore! Thank you for listening to your reviewers!


Rapchat app

First I wanna start by saying Rapchat is Dope ...but you guys still have major glitches and issues that need to be fixed ASAP ...when the studio crashes sometimes when you reload the session it won’t allow you to add a new track to your recording session and that’s frustrating if you aren’t done recording ... another thing is when someone sends you a invite to collaborate you can’t delete the invite if you don’t wanna collaborate with that specific artist ..we the users also can’t trim our tracks instead we have to re record the track if there’s a minor error .. A big concern of mine is the fact we aren’t allowed to move our songs around on our profiles , pinning one song at the top is kool , but we should be allowed to place our songs in the order that we want them to appear on our profile....The featured part of Rapchat should be taken more seriously someone has to really sit down and screen what’s good and what’s not .. I’ve been featured on this app more than 4 times and one of my songs alone has over 60,000 plays , I think I deserve that blue check guys ...I hope you guys At this app fix the issues I addressed because the app has so much potential...,


Acknowledge the effort within creators

I understand and appreciate the time and effort to thoroughly create a app that not only creates an opportunity for those with talent. More so giving hope and appreciating the art by inspiring the masses by expressing themselves other than wordplay. I’m still figuring out all the features of Rapchat but I believe improvements can be made keeping your competitors at an equal balance so everyone can eat. Obviously the this app video is new and I believe it’ll get better in future updates. My idea? Stop,pause, save. Like a real music video. Different scenes/backgrounds to fully relate to a majority of lyrics/stories. Different auto tune/recording features would be lovely which will make this app untouchable. Also I believe for the improvements of the perfect studio should cost a reasonable price monthly which many will pay. Also do something about who’s being featured. Maybe make some changes and have a team to take time to acknowledge true talent outside of hashtags.


Great outlet across the globe

During a pandemic I’ve run into a lot of apps just a very few. Rapchat has allow me to express myself do music lyrics and being able to share with others that may be going through change and challenging situations. I have created some songs on here using the beats that this app provides and it was fun, however, if it was up to me I would do it over and over and over again and I am. I love to sing I love to bring joy to those who love to hear it and even if I don’t make any sense to you or to them all that matters is that I enjoyed it and Rapchat has allow me to do that I don’t need to be around anyone I am in my own zone I am able to express my own feelings or even picturing imaginary situations but more than likely my sounds come from deep within me. Thank you for rap chat I think it’s a dope app for those who are trying to learn how to record create and share but otherwise y’all have a blessed one!


Rapchat Update

Rapchat is great & I appreciate the platform you’ve given me allowing my music to be heard . The issues I’m facing are minor glitches . There’s times in the middle of recording my session Rapchat cuts off & wont allow me to restore my progress. Whenever you go to listen to beats the further you scroll down the beats stop playing & the screen gets frozen then shuts off. I understand that you added the video feature to Rapchat but I feel you guys should modify the recording aspect more. For the simple fact you allow us to share our music to other media platforms I think you should give us more tracks to record with enough to lay good quality hooks & have enough tracks to lay vocals & add-libs so that we have quality sounding music . If there’s anymore you could do to the mixing & mastering aspect that would be an extreme plus. I would like to see you guys run the contest better. Announce a winner &actually get feedback from the host or you (RC) personally. I understand Rapchat is expanding but everybody can’t be on the featured board . The featured board should be like a billboard & when they are featured they should be up there for a week . Plays, Likes, & comments should determine who hot not just random picks . Being featured should be determined by people who actually interacting wit Rapchat & the users on it.


Turtle Game Productions

We’ve been looking for a way to tap into the everyday collective of true lyrical rappers and wannabes alike to find out what’s really good and trending up to be hopefully a resurgence of Consciousness in Rap that's now being wrapped around Spiritual & Mental Enlightenment. To our dismay to many of or New Rappers have yet to educate themselves on the importance of positive WORDS pumped out to their newly captive audience. We must start making committed efforts to move pass decadence. Existing and espiring Rappers alike have to Stop Playing into the Hands of Dirty Heartless Music Industry Excutives that have Killed the Rap Game by promoting Negetive Content and giving a stamp of approval for Self Destruction of its listeners whiles knowing its marketing is targeted especially to those living in a poverty state of mind. It's our hope with this new and Exciting Platform called this app and other similar platforms will be a Gateway for those that process the courage and Lyrical Talent to Speak Life & Light into the Game without Demeaning words like N:[email protected] & B:thęs as Verse Starters & Lyrical Fillers and will soon come out of the Darkness Blazing into the Light 🔥 and Spark ⚡️a Revolution of Uplifting Selfless Flows that will Once again give Rap a New Face of Unstoppable passion that will Change the World 🌍 moving it back into its Devine Order! Asè, Power of Words The World is Waiting... LETS GO!.. Thx, this app


Good ol’ opinions

Wow! A great app for simply boosting creative output. Thank you for all the beat selections, different tempos and various producers that just gives an excellent variance to the creative process, even acapella mode. Amazing the quality granting you have a decent device and mic with good acoustic or quiet setting. Constructive criticism: Please consider leaving notifications in feed if someone takes back a like or comment so we can still contact that artist and contribute feedback. A bit more editing capabilities would be excellent; cut, copy and paste. Offer percentages of amounts of effects we want on certain vocals rather than just full on “cave” or “auto-tune” or the other features. Ability to edit previous recorded tracks easily even if dubs, ad-libs or full tracks are already layered. See your artwork for tracks during playback rather than beatmaker’s artwork. Offer support for hands-free and/or Bluetooth headphones; there is a quarter count delay or latency.


XG 1st Gen.

I’ve been with this RC family from the start. I’ve watch RC grow. I couldn’t believe it was all free. I was hooked. Then I observed the opportunity that was given to start up producers. Clever. Excellent and very honest on how it progressed through the past 4 or so. I was more than happy to spend here and there. This platform for me personally is for destress. Music always has been. RC allows me to go deep into the rabbit hole of my found artistic abilities I did know that I had. For that I thank you and hope my work on RC inspired others to pursue there passion of music on there way to happiness and joy and even real fame. God bless RC Fam! Keep it real! Stay humbled! And always remember the person in need when you may not have it to give and give half. That’s called a TRUE BOND of mankind. Ok I’m done. Lol. Ty.



Wow what an app! Very fun and interactive. Great way to make music solo or with friends. A few things to make it even better would be to first have an album function. Maybe there is legal reasons behind it? But it is almost essential for an app this good with as many capabilities it has. To be able to put unreleased songs into an album and then release the album would be great! And the next thing would be pictures/ artwork for your songs or albums. When I try to add pictures I really want to be on the cover of my songs they get cut down almost completely. So it takes away from the artwork. If that could be fixed that would be amazing. Because when people listen to my music I also want them to enjoy the cover of the song. Other than those two things is pretty much flawless. Such a fun app, it’s my favorite one now and I highly recommend it. Thank you this app and staff!!


Pen n pad

Don’t expect to able to write to a beat without going into record mode. Obviously only BeatStars can do that. But otherwise i can see what RC could mean to the world of artistry. I’ve tried other apps. I think the staff at RC should take a closer look at them also. It’s the little things that count. A few tweaks that could make this “app” into the next big machine without the “big machine”. Honestly there’s only one other app that host a heap of good talent. If you don’t know who/what app that is..then you betta find out. A merger of some sorts between the two; one service for free, thee other for a fee. Throw in an IPO or a small increase..RC could be thee place to be. If RC would like to know what they’re missing, I’d be glad to show them which light in these tunnels they should follow. Til then, I’ll remain forever critical and loyal. If you actually read this I have one question, why can’t I trim my recording?!


Liked the old

Absolutely loved Rapchat before the update, used it very frequently and consistently recording different songs or freestyles, yet this new update they literally didn’t change a thing except all of the visuals are different and will have to be relearned. I saw the update at the beginning and was a little concerned because I loved how it used to be, I went to the recording studio and realized that everything was virtually the same, it just looked completely different, I went to record some stuff I had been working on and then after recording an entire song without a hiccup, I went to listen to it and it wouldn’t play. There was a loading symbol over the record button, I waited for over 20 minutes and it never did anything but load, I had to delete the track I had just created without even being able to listen to it. Thought it may have just been a glitch but lo and behold the very next try it did it again. PLEASE FIX!!!



Best Working Easy to use with the most beautiful and talented people all around the world all the bugs seam to have been fixed was never many any how butch app is 100 I remember night after night falling all sleep with this app still running phone in hand and rap my self to sleep!!! Best Stress Release easy to sound good best Beats Very helpful Friendly invirment getting a lot off kids of the street and also people of all ages and color to come together as one to share the love of R&B hip Hop All Age Race SiZE Sex Color very good and fun for the whole family and anazeing to keep the teens stress free during these Tuff Times In the world At bf the virus you couldn’t pull me away from this app and now that we gotta stay home I gotta reason to hear and be heard morning noon or night!


Awesome, but......

Not gonna lie Rapchat is amazing, I’ve been using it for about 3+ years now. But since the last update, trying to navigate through the different sections of Rapchat is really confusing. There used to be a specific section in the search tab where you could find beats. Now you have to create a song, go to beats and then select one, it’s stupid. The old version was way better in my opinion. I mean I get trying to adapt and make changes in Rapchat , but if your going to do that this app team, make it so navigation is easier. If your going to make an update make it so that the version and app isn’t worse than before the update. Plz read this. I’ll consider changing this to a 5 star if you guys get enough complaints from people like me and fix this. Thx👌🏻


I love This App So Much

I love Rapchat but recently when I recorded a song it was fire but when it got published the sound was extremely loud I couldn’t even play it on my headphones I had the beat and audio on level 5 I just updated so I’m hoping the bug is fixed but overall I recommend Rapchat to anyone I had Rapchat for 2 years now and I wouldn’t chose it over any other app I tried bandlab but it’s way to difficult this app makes it easier and has better quality this is a 5 out 5 for me only because whenever there are bugs are if something goes wrong they are eager to fix the problem there’s always a new update to fix Rapchat you can never go wrong with fast support system on deck !


Pause while recording

Rapchat is very helpful and convenient. But I have some suggestions that I personally think could better Rapchat . Ya feel me? 1. I think you should be able to pause while recording. (Record a part of a track, then stop it. Then proceed to record the other part.) This would make it way easier to add more depth and make it quicker to record songs (I feel like this is a feature that people have wanted for a while). Also I feel like there should be more free beats available that are a little longer (2:30+) And last but not least there are a lot of bugs and issues such as the beat going away after you record a song and not being able to log onto your this app account. These bugs can be very frustrating. I feel like fixing these bugs would make Rapchat way relaxing to use. Thank you - (Young Niger - SoundCloud)


It's not everything, but nothing is

I have an artistic mentality I think, and as far as the art of freestyle rap goes, there is nothing I've seen in Rapchat world that can compete with this app. From the beats, to the software, all the way down to the community therein, top notch. My only complaint is that there is no safety net for lost tracks. I keep everything, which means I have a lot of trash lol, however, when I poke thru old trash, sometimes I find things that I would have never been able to duplicate, things, (even if it's only personal) that are inherently valuable to me. I've lost things in this app that for all I know, could have been nothing.... and I'd be no better off having it, or perhaps I would. I'll never kno because as far as I can tell. They're gone so, need that safety net.


Another update no change 😦

Today is 9/5/19 theres been multiple updates and i just again recorded a whole song and it said error and i lost it all. I cant even describe how frustrating that is. Also you still cannot edit your artwork. Also on an iphone i still dont get notified when someone tags me in comments, you cant pause and cont to record you cant trim your tracks. I love you gus at this app i really do its such a cool app but its not getn fixed. The effects you cant even adjust the level properly it freezes. Its full on or nothing which doesnt sound right. I dont get why theres been multiple updates but i see no changes?? Also why cant u access beats without having to go to the record section first? If you just wanna browse beats not record u shuldnt have to go in the record part. The way the dms are set up is also confusing. U loose older content and also dont get notified when someone from an older message again replys. Also can you let us move around our songs on our page to how we want them to appear i want some older tracks at the top. I know you can pin one but it would be awesome to drag and place them on our page in the order we would like. Also the features.... whats up with them? Seems real lyrics dont get featured much? And the contests? You never say who won?



Hello there: Miss Miracle the Boss here and what you may not know is that I am totally blind. Now I I am very happy that I am able to record on Rapchat , I am able to do collaborations on that app, I am happy to be able to message people on that app and I am happy that I am able to do a lot on Rapchat actually! :-) But, my issue is that I cannot work with all of the tabs. What has been bothering me ever since I started using this app, at the beginning of this year, is that I cannot use tab 3. It just girls to the studio, it’s just days there and does not tell me what is happening in the studio. Four example: it doesn’t tell me what I am rolling my finger over so I can use the studio. I am also not able to use the voice filters, I am steady changing my voice and taking voice lessons. I have absolutely no problem with that but it gets a little tiring sometimes. I am also trying to change my user name around a little bit but it’s how ever, it is not letting me change it around just a tiny bit. But, beside these issues, I absolutely love that app and I have made nice group of friends! :-)



Rapchat constantly crashes for absolutely no reason. One time it crashed and gave me the option to restore session but after restoring the session and posting my track the vocals weren’t added meaning I wasted 30 minutes of my life trying to record. I have a tight schedule and just don’t have the time to waste 30 minutes. I like recording to be a clean, quick process. I am highly disappointed in Rapchat. Rapchat also kills my battery very quickly. this app makes me wish I just went out and bought a laptop, and a mic and recorded with FL Studio. One star for wasting my time and for the constant crashing with huge errors. I would give it 2 stars but Rapchat refuses to function very well at all and only find myself struggling with it. I understand completely how Rapchat works and how to record but yet it feels like such a slow process. Please update Rapchat to fix these bugs and I may reconsider giving it a 4 star or 3 star review.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio customer service directly
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Is Rapchat Safe?

Yes. Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 59,931 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio Is 52.1/100.

Is Rapchat Legit?

Yes. Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 59,931 Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio Is 52.1/100.

Is Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio not working?

Rapchat: Auto Tune Song Studio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By HeafLatin
Oct 01 2022

I have used Rapchat for 3 years now and there are many plus and minus. My plus is that I have met and became friends with many different beat makers and artists on here that are now friends as well as connections, my first minus is the fact that if you are not familiar with the way music industry works, they have thousands of scam accounts hitting artists up every day that are hungry to be heard, get them excited thinking they are from a label then con the artist out of money. That is beyond wrong. I’ve never personally been screwed over but many paying users have been. Another plus is the fact they have a free live podcast every other Monday where anyone can submit their own song for radio type play and get attention from people who normally wouldn’t hear them. That’s awesome and shout to ClassE for hosting! The final negative aspect is that you can only collab with one person per track, look at DJ Khalid songs where 5 people on it. Tops charts, but the overall experience of Rapchat has been much more good then bad, and a lot of the bad is just the coming up and expanding part so my conclusion is well done creators but get rid of these thieves with fake accounts and open us up to real A&R reps because it would help your company as well. Thank you.

By Rico Burns
Aug 16 2022

I love the app it’s just hard to promote and the app doesn’t really help promote I drop wayyy too many hits to not be heard we are trying to make it out fr if y’all promote I’ll actually buy beats I already purchased service love for love

By Carlos Alexis Ayala
Dec 23 2020

I can’t log in the app is not letting me log in

By Lomant Logan
Dec 03 2020

I been on this app 2 years putting good no features at all I am been the that in stay in top 20 nothing

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