CocoPPa Play Reviews

CocoPPa Play Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-14

Create your kawaii avatar and produce wonderful fashion shows! Over 9 million
downloads all over the world! Create and decorate your avatar with cute outfits
in CocoPPa Play, and reate fashion shows for people all over the
world! *Create Your Models* You can choose combinations of 15...

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CocoPPa Play Reviews

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    cute, needs improvement

    I’ve been playing this game since it came out. its so so cute and the items are adorable and fun to collect as well as good ideas for my art. however, there are some things that need improvement!! gachas, first of all. it is so hard to get any rare items - and it has always been difficult but it seems like over the years its progressively gotten harder. also, coin gachas are my least favorite update this game ever got. i pay for this game (impulse buying is real be wary) and coin gachas are awful. it used to be the there was one or two coin gachas a month, and while they had better items, the regular gacha had cute items too. and please bring back more original gachas and NOT JUST FOR COINS. this game used to be easy for free players to play and now its hard. next, events. i understand that you may be trying to make the game move forward, but all the new events just arent that great. the original events were easy and fun, and while they were difficult ti win, they are now almost impossible unless the only thing you do is play the game every second of the day. and i miss the style show event where you would submit a look. i never see it anymore and seeing it once a month was the only event i truly looked forward to other then the catching event. those are just the two biggest things that have disappointed me. i will continue to play but i wish you would make this game better for free players

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    Fun, but Prices aren’t fair

    I love this app, and the events are pretty fun and I love the exciting feeling of waiting for a cool gacha pick. One of my favorite gachas is a Coin-Only one. The solution to this would to get more coins, right? The problem is there is no free way to get coins. Don’t get me wrong, I get that the creators of the game need money to continue updating it. But when you have a “discount” that cost 300 coins and for 500 coins it costs $50, thats way too expensive. I also think it would be nice if when you start the game (first time) you could get a starting amount of coins. From there, you could do the little lottery spin thing from the main menu and have at least a slight chance of getting coins, or at least once a day be given the opportunity to watch ads to gain more coins. Then, if the users want to have more coins to spend on gacha tickets, they can go buy the coins with real currency. But I still think that a decent amount of coins shouldn’t be a whopping $50. There are other games where you could get triple as much from 1 $50 in-app purchase than you can with this one. TL;DR: It’s a fun app with great potential, but the prices for the coins need to go down and the amount of coins given via the purchase should go up. Ex. $50 shouldn’t equal a decent amount of coins. There should also be easier ways to gain coins instead of just purchasing them.

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    Please Read!

    This app all and all is decent. (I had to give it five stars so you guys can see it faster) I’ve read through all of the bad reviews and they have a re occurring theme. The money hungry devs. I do agree that this is true but we shouldn’t care about that. I started this game a few months ago so it’s no surprise to me that this I game is pay to play. That’s why this shouldn’t be your main game. For me personally, I have no interest in paying money on this. I am a daily free player and it will always stay that way. What I do is just check in and collect my rewards in the morning. Also remember to do most of your daily quests as well. All I care about in this game as of right now is just saving up enough coins to get a lot of pulls in a coin gacha. This sounds pretty crazy but I have saved up 400 coins from the time I started playing to now. You can do it! Don’t be discouraged by the paying players! You can still have fun if you just play the long game. Focus on other things too! I play Love Nikki and it is an awesome game to grind in. The suits are gorgeous and you can easily earn currency. I totally recommend it to anyone who likes that stuff! Thank you for reading my review <3

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    Not bad but not good at the same time

    Ok so, I don’t like that the fact you can’t log out and if you have a second acc you can’t log into that one. It’s a hassle to try to figure out how to go to your other acc. Though I understand something devs want us not being able to log out of the game, cause they know we’ll make countless accounts to gain better items. But at least make a thing where players are not going to be able to make an account for like one month or so. Cause when ever I try to delete the app and re download it, it keeps my memory and I don’t know how to clean it. Other than that the game is good however, the gacha openings are way to slow for my taste. I always have to press skip, and sometimes you have to press the button multiple times to make it actually work. It substantially makes it ten times more frustrating when I get something I already have. You should make something where if you open more gacha’s you get more rare or unique items. These are suggestions and things I didn’t appreciate the things that are withdrawn in the game. I hope you read this and find better ways to fix your game. But other than this rant I gotta say every thing else is fabulous 👌🏻👌🏻❤️❤️❤️

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    Rock bottom

    DO NOT PLAY/DO NOT RECCOMEND/TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE/BUGS THEY WONT FIX BUT ADD NEW STUPID CHANGES NO ONE ASKS FOR The new change is totally unwarranted. Not to mention there are a lot of bugs that they won’t fix. Not being able to comment on boards, crashing while making shows, I could go on forever. >.> It limits you to three device changes in a week. In all the crap that I’ve seen over my 3+ years of playing, basically almost all of the time the app has been alive since we’ve just past its 4th Anniversary event this is the worst. First and foremost, I’ve checked. Merging is not illegal and against tos (terms of services). And I’m not in a merge. So how does this affect me? Well I like to swap between devices, mobile outside and tablet at home. Now my account is stuck on my tablet. Ridiculous. Even other games now people like to switch between devices, phone to computer, tablet to phone, and vice versa. Now this is the absolute worst crap, yup even worst than 48 hr tickets that I’ve seen. This was meant to target “cheaters” as some would put it but nope affects me, a solo player just the same. Hope all those jealous free players who can’t rank and don’t understand how to play realize now that it’ll be harder to rank than ever. More solo accounts than merged accounts mean competition is going to be steeper, thanks for that btw (^艸^)

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    What happened?

    Money, money, money. The one stars are adding up and soon it will pass the five stars. It used to be good, better. I remember when I was given a rare ticket just for signing in. Now, enjoy your stupid stage. You even dared to bring an old gacha back, but wait, it’s PREMIUM! Which means you need coins (aka money) to play the gacha. You can dream of rare eyes but you usually only have a 1 percent chance of getting them. But, make it 3 percent of you spend money! Old tickets are gone and now you get 48 hour tickets because this game justs wants your money. Events aren’t fun and it’s incredibly hard to rank up, and stay up. If you want a fair game, go to Love Nikki. I haven’t spent a single penny on it, and let me tell you I’m not advertising. Make sure you keep playing to get cool outfits. They are even kind enough to give you multiple free plays and free outfits. I’ll be playing that instead of a money hogger game. 金金金。 1つの星は合計され、すぐに5つの星を通過します。それは以前より良くなっていました。サインインのためだけに珍しいチケットが与えられたときを覚えています。今、あなたの愚かなステージを楽しんでください。あなたは昔のガチャを引き返すことさえあったが、待って、それはプレミアムだ!つまり、ガチャをするには硬貨(別名お金)が必要です。あなたはまれな目を夢見ることができますが、通常は1%の確率しかありません。しかし、あなたの3%をお金を使うようにしてください!古いチケットはなくなり、今では48時間のチケットを手に入れることができます。イベントは楽しいものではなく、ランクアップして滞在するのは非常に難しいです。公正なゲームをしたい場合は、Love Nikkiに行ってください。私はそれに1ペニーを費やしたことはありません、私は広告していないことを教えてください。あなたは涼しい服装を得るためにプレーし続けてください。彼らはあなたに複数の自由な演劇および自由な衣装を与えるのに十分親切である。私はお金を借りる代わりにそのゲームをするつもりです。

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    Unfair to Free players.

    Coin gachas, 50 plays, hard rankings, what’s not to love here? This game used to be such a lovely one to play, and regretfully, I thought that I was supporting a great game. They are giving us coin gachas left and right. Coins cost money. It’s difficult to participate in events because we need “charm” to get more points, but that’s difficult to get when we don’t have the opportunity to collect gacha items easily. We can’t get free coins that efficiently. We can’t EVEN PLAY TO GET TICKETS EASILY LIKE WE USED TO! I am keeping my account because of the money I spent on it. The art is nice but the game isn’t as much anymore. I used to give it five stars for how fun it was, but now it’s down to four. I’m giving them a chance to redeem themselves, or else I would’ve given it one star. I really want CCP to change, I really do. I loved this game SO much. I hope CCP will finally step up and be more fair. I still log on for daily gifts and I chat with friends I met here. But I’m begging you cocoppaplay, please be more fair!

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    Really nice! Just one problem...

    I have loved this app so far and I haven’t even played it for as long as most people. I love the app and I honestly think it’s a really good one to have if you have all of the CocoPPA apps together! But I do think it’s pretty unfair that you need money to be able to pay for new looks...I really didn’t want this app to have a problem because all the other apps that this creator made actually worked and I didn’t want this one to have a problem but I just don’t want you to have to have money I think it’s better for you to be rewarded for doing something and then getting at least 10 coins or something to buy something without paying real money. For anyone that’s reading the reviews to see if this is a good app it sure is but I just don’t want you to have to pay money to get more options and I want anyone to know that is reading this review that they give you some pretty good starter clothes I must say! I hope you understand!

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    This app is super fun and I recommend it to my friends to play! But it glitches a lot and is down a lot and I understand that and it doesn't bother me at all but somethings that do is that the coins are really expensive and events are almost impossible to do if your a free player unless you play non-stop and I think it'd be cool if CoCoPPaplay would add more skin tones I like the ones there are already but I think it'd be cool to add weird colors like red or green I don't know just a random thought. Anyway I love this app and will probably play it forever. I did recently updated CoCoPPaPlay it says it’s updated in the AppStore but when I go on the app it says I need to update it. I looked back in the AppStore and it is updated. I tried restarting my phone to fix the problem however it didn’t work. I am afraid to delete the app because last time I had to log in it didn’t work and I spent a hour trying to not get locked out of my account. What do I do?

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    Not what it once was

    This game use to be fun when I first started to play back in 2014. It’s had its ups and downs through the years. The events use to be fun for all, but now it’s nearly impossible to place (rank) well without spending an exuberant amount of real money. In fact, when events first started, there were no rankings at all. It was fun for everyone. Eventually, this game started giving us “tickets” to use on whichever gatcha we want, instead of spending money. It was great at first, until they started making tickets that could only be used within 48 hours. So, no longer can you save up your tickets and spend them all at once on a gatcha you really love. Now, the developers are throwing “coin gachas” at us left and right. That means, you can only play the gatcha if you spend actual money to buy coins. You cannot use your tickets you earned on it. This game and its developers are money hungry and show no concern or care for its customers. Customer service with them is horrendous. The only reason why I keep my account today, it because of all the money and time I’ve put into it. Good day Cocoppa, if I could give you 0 stars, I most certainly would. 🖕🏻

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    Addictive but Money Waster

    This game is extremely addictive. Probably one of the best apps on the store. It’s complicated, extremely competitive, and the only way to do well is to grind for hours and spend a ton of money. I’ve never spent money on a mobile game and have now spent around 70 in the last two months. You CANNOT succeed without spending money (okay maybe if you poured 40 hours a week into this game you could do okay), and this game is EXPENSIVE. $1 will not get you anywhere. $5 will only get you an inch. To do really well, you’ve got to dump around $25 to $100 a month to get cool items, plus 2 hours a day of mindless clicking. A lot of it is based on luck which is what hooks you. Even if you spend tons of money, it’s not a guarantee you’ll do well. You’ve got to put in time to get that random number generator to finally favor you. It’s excellently designed. That said: it is such. A waste of money. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Why did I pour so much money into something that really, really doesn’t matter. Save yourself the new addiction.

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    Newbie here

    So I’ve only been playing for a few hours now so here are my thoughts: PROS: - Stunning quality art, just WOW - Items are ANIMATED (including backgrounds and profile intros) which is impressive! - SEVERAL POSES for your avatars, which makes them more fun and lifelike (instead of a static pose) - Unique designs! And in many different colors. (You won’t find these styles anywhere else, in this quality I believe) - The ratio of good to bad items in the Gachas are quite high (imo) that they usually don’t disappoint when you pull for one - Events are engaging enough that I don’t get bored - You don’t have to wait to be a high level player to get good items like in other games I’ve played Cons: - Getting rare premium items is TIME CONSUMING 😬‼️(but not impossible) Which is a bad sign for me because I tend to quit afterwards. - GACHAS everywhere! Eeee 😬 I don’t like gambling. - Very, very difficult to earn gold coins for free without paying (gold coins are the currency to getting rare premium items) 😢 - 48 hr premium tickets (why is there a time limit, seriously??) Stressful. - Gachas are the only options to getting avatar items - Very confusing game format, events are complicated - Getting duplicates in gachas - A few texts aren’t translated but this is minor - Coin ONLY gachas 👎 - For $0.99, you can get two gacha pulls which shows how expensive coins are That’s all for now...

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    Cute game but not fair to players

    I was bored so I got this game and it looked cute. So I decided to get it not knowing almost everything in the app cost money. At first I thought the app was fun and from the titorial it let me do a Gacha ticket without needing coins. Now that I’m done with the titorial, even if I have tickets I need coins to Gacha and u can’t get any coins without needing to spend money along with other good things. I dont understand. I have the tickets but for some stupid reason I can’t Gacha even if I have the tickets but I need coins which u can’t get for free. Don’t spend money on this game. If u want a game like this but more fair, do love nikki it’s a fun and cute game that’s super fair to players. I haven’t spent a single penny on that game and I already have a lot of good stuff. Other then all the downsides, I’m only giving this a 2 star because of how cute the game looks. Other then that I would have gave this a 1 star. They should honestly be more fair to players if you want people to play your game. Note: I looked at buying coins and how much money it costs and the cheapest one is $1 for only 16 coins?! Not worth my money and time.

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    Do not play!

    Very buggy- crashes, lags and everything costs $$ if you want any cute outfits or to do well in any events. originally if you bought about $24 in tickets a month- still pretty fun despite expense. But then they made the cheaper tickets expire after 3 days- so you cant save them for cute fashions you have to spend all immediately. Then it got WORSE. NOW they have premium gatcha for 3 days at the start of every big event- which are really really expensive. Now game is virtually unplayable unless you spend more than $50- $100 a month (or more if you want to do well) And to make things worse, they have slow server at critical times, and the quality (cuteness/detail) of prizes has gone waaaay down. To make things worse- the game allows for account sharing, meaning some accounts are split between people in different time zones so they can play at all hours. Cocoppa stopped this for a time, but then changed their mind. I am so angry about the most recent change of multiple coin gatcha son the first three days of every event that I just can’t play anymore. Say goodbye to MY $100+ a month, cocoppa.

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    My rewards and bonuses

    I’ve been playing this game for years now. I love it and the community. It’s fun, it’s beautiful. But lately it’s just not doing well anymore. It takes really long to load and the last event, the soguroku or the board game event, I did reach the specified gift panel but my rewards didn’t come. I’m talking about the 1st half dress outfit and second half hair piece. It’s really upsetting. I really love this game but if I’m not getting my hard earned rewards, what’s the point? Another thing is that the 6th anniversary shop ticket that you can get when you use 25 coins hasn’t showed up. I’m not a paying user so whatever coins I have, I use them wisely and carefully. Seriously, give me my ticket! I used the exact amount of coins and it doesn’t even register that I used them! Please, CocoPPaPlay staff, please fix this if this is a bug.

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Yes. CocoPPa Play is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,861 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CocoPPa Play Is 77.0/100.

Is CocoPPa Play Legit?

Yes. CocoPPa Play is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,861 CocoPPa Play User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CocoPPa Play Is 77.0/100.

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CocoPPa Play works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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