Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Reviews

Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-01

One app for all your parent communication. Bloomz is the FREE award-winning app
that saves teachers lots of time in all parent communications, while creating a
supportive classroom community. “Make your life easier by consolidating all
of your communications and coordination with pare...

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Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Reviews

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    Just OK

    I’ve been using Bloomz for my son’s class since September 2018. It is my first experience with a classroom app and I have to say that I’m not too impressed. It seems glitchy and not very intuitive. I have badge notifications that seem to take days and days to finally go away after I’ve seen any updates. This alone drives me crazy! When I see a notification badge I end up searching all through the app to find something new, alas it’s all old news. Then magically a day or 3 later the badge will finally disappear. I’m always left wondering if I’ve missed something important from the teacher or another parent. My other issue is that I get notified for every little “like” and “comment” on a post, yet when someone posts photos, there’s no notification. Nothing. Crickets. I’ve recently just stumbled upon some fun pics of my son from October that I had never seen. I’ve also been the main poster of photos for the class and I am 100% certain that no one has seen them. So now I’m wondering that if I post class photos, do I then have to separately send a class-message informing parents to head to the media section to see pics of their kids? Seems very silly and redundant when it could be a simple badge when anything new in any part of the app has been added. I could go on and on. I do like some features, but it could be a LOT better.

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    This is hands down the best classroom app I have ever tried! I don’t use the management piece (with the points and blooming plants) but I use almost everything else, especially the communication piece. I love how connected I feel to my student’s families and it makes communication easy and simple. The parents love it, too. I see some people have rated Bloomz and said that there were some glitches and flaws but like every app, the developers are always looking for areas for improvement and fixing those bugs with their updates. I have never run into any kind of glitch or flaw using Bloomz. I think that some people are also more technologically fluent than others. Some people may run into something that they think is a problem or a glitch when it’s actually not, they are just unsure how to navigate the app correctly and that may affect a person’s opinion about Bloomz.

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    On their way up!

    As a previous user of Remind and Class Dojo, there are a few things I really love on Bloomz! However, there is still much to be desired. The perks? Uploading multiple pictures is incredibly convenient! I love the sign-up feature whenever I’m having a class party. The ability to differentiate between a permanent post vs. temporary announcement has been really convenient. Also, Setting up parent conferences was a breeze with the sign-up feature! Unfortunately, there was a glitch a week before conferences and 2/3 of my times were deleted. That brings me to the other features that are lacking. I still occasionally get a notification bubble when there are none. On the website, I cannot consistently access my messages, as I can often only see the screen that “teaches” me the conveniences of their messaging system. The overall app is not as user friendly as other messaging systems. The BIGGEST issue I have is that the parents names are not visually connected to all of my students names. I have 34 students, there is no way I have all of their parents’ names memorized, so I would greatly appreciate it if the app was updated so students’ names were visible with all parents’ names when messaging and/or signing up parents. I’m looking forward to seeing how this app improves!

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    It’s a great start, but APP is glitchy

    I just started using Bloomz, in the middle of the school year. I increased parent connection to class announcements from 3 parents, on my old website, to 25 parents on Bloomz. I love how I can message parents in a less intimidating way, that is more like a text message than a formal email. I love that I can see who has viewed my updates, and parents can interact with it through comments and likes. I also love that families, who don’t speak or read English, can have my updates auto-translated into any language. Then, parents can write to me in the language that they are comfortable with, and I can read it in English. The down side is when I use the app, verses the online platform, I find there is a lag in posting, and items take very long to load. This is especially frustrating when I am accepting and welcoming parents. After I accept a parent on the app, it doesn’t update and shows I still need to approve. It makes it unclear to me if a parent is welcomed, and causes me to worry that it looks as though I am ignoring some parents.

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    Excellent way to communicate with families

    I’ve used Bloomz for a few years and this year I decided to pay and upgrade. I love it and recommend it to my fellow teachers. It’s fairly easy to use, once you test it out and get the hang of it. It allows for immediate ways to get in touch with parents- either with a text message or through reminders. Events on the calendar can be set for an automatic reminder which relieves me from trying to send out constant reminders each time. With the text message feature, personal info is confidential and it’s all through the app, which allows for more immediate communication without revealing too much personal information. And the parents have responded positively as well- to the photos and updates posted, reminders, and being able to get in contact with one another through the app. All inclusive! Highly recommend!

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    I love this app!

    This has been awesome for communicating with my sons teacher. We used Bloomz last year as well and so far I have no complaints at all. I’m not very tech savvy and it super easy. I use it mostly for the message feature to communicate with his teacher. I also love how I can see pictures of what my son is learning that his teacher posts. I also want to point out that it’s 100% secure and having to be added by the teachers themselves and only other parents within the classroom can see media posted makes me feel confident that my sons pictures and classroom routines don’t leave the classroom. The safety of this app is really what sold me on using it.

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    Good app, bad customer service

    I am a 4th grade teacher and have been using Bloomz for a year or so. I’ll start with what I like- ability to add photos, easy to navigate, easy for parents to sign up, options for personalization. It’s a valuable resource. There are some funky bugs in the app, most are workable, but there is one in particular I cannot work around. The “sign up” letter is a formula, which is fine except the language doesn’t make sense in the title. I sent an email to customer support and while they were responsive at the beginning, they didn’t really listen to my concern. When I laid it out for them again, they stopped responding. It appears that there is no fix for the issue, so they decided ignoring me would be a good idea? Horrible customer service!!!!! Might be migrating to Remind 101 or the like if I have any more issues.

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    Easy to communicate

    This app is a great way to communicate with my sons teachers and other parents as well. However one thing I did not like was when I first began using the app you have to do the whole tour, which is fine for one go around. But with my experience it did not go away after the first time and kept coming up every time I signed in and it was very annoying. I’m not sure if it was glitch with the app or what. It took about a month for it to finally go away. But I do like being able to reach anyone in the class and post pictures and see others albums and upcoming events. It also makes signing up for events and conferences a lot easier. This is a smart way for teachers to communicate with parents rather than having to email each one. I enjoy it very much.

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    This app actually hinders communication!

    The above statement may sound perverse, but it actually puts up a barrier between direct communication between other parents. While I like being able to communicate with the teacher - who I generally wouldn't just text directly - there's no reason there has to be so many steps between you and another parent. Because of this app, parents don't get each other's information, and school directories are becoming obsolete. With the ability to email and text directly, there is no need for this app. If you want to create a real community in your school, you have to have some level of trust. This app works against that, and fosters disconnection and distrust. Plus, it's so clunky and unreliable! I frequently miss group messages, and so do other teachers. School leaders - don't believe the hype!! This app complicates communication, rather than facilitates it.

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    Bad as a parent

    I’m in my second year of using Bloomz for my son’s school. Although it has become slightly more user friendly, it still feels very awkward and clunky. Difficult to navigate and had to find obvious thing. Notifications show up different on the app icon than 2 different locations for notifications once app is opened. Bell icon for notifications doesn’t work. Just shows super old and outdated invites instead of what my new alerts are. When scrolling down on my son’s class site, the app jumps around making it hard to make sure I’ve seen everything and just frustrating and time consuming. There should be clear places to go for updates from teachers, photos from school, events calendar. Having everything in one feed is fine as long as you can also see it clearly separated.

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    Good but needs work

    This app is good because I can communicate with teachers and other parents without having to their personal info or give out mine. I get the whole year schedule of testing and field trips and events. And I can upload pics of those events. What could use work is the notifications and calendar. I have missed entire conversations I should have been a part of because the notification didn’t come in or I couldn’t find what the notification was for. In the calendar, it’s great to know what’s coming, but being able to click on the event and add it to my own device calendar would make it better. Or to be ale to set a reminder for the event from Bloomz. Then I wouldn’t miss special clothing days, dressing appropriately for field trips, etc.

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    Love this!

    My son’s teacher uses this app to communicate with all the parents and I love it! She sends daily updates with pictures that lets us know what they are working on and makes it so much easier to discuss their day with first graders who aren’t always so forth coming with details. She can also send reminders for special activities, set up meetings/conferences and request volunteers when needed. It takes a little getting used to and isn’t always the most user friendly, but in terms of making communication with my kids’ teacher easier I absolutely love it!!! I hope the rest of the teachers start using it too.

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    Great parent/teacher communication app!!

    I love this app! Two of my child’s teachers have used it and it’s great! I love that they can share pics and info about the school day with just the parents of the classroom. The private message section is great too. I love that I can message the teacher or a group of parents. Like for birthday parties instead of having my child ask for addresses or hand out invites I can message them and get the info and then mail them all out. Not a fan that I have to pay if I want to keep the pics that the teacher posts but I understand why they do that (yes I’m a cheapskate). So I use the free version and I enjoy what I can get out that. I wish more teachers used this. It’s a great app!

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    Everything on BLOOMZ

    Bloomz is where it’s at. Everything you would need to communicate with parents and students ALL IN ONE! I don’t have to switch around anymore with different apps just to communicate with parents and students. Everything I need is right here and is so much easier to do. It is very user friendly as well. I would definitely recommend this to ALL TEACHERS out there who are seeking an app where everything is organized and kept in one place. Signups, portfolios, points tracker, alerts, messaging...etc. It truly made my life so much easier. Thank you Bloomz!😍

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    Almost awesome

    As many parents know, getting accuracy about how a day went for (younger) children can be challenging. Bloomz lets me ask better questions and get more in depth answers because of the insight I get into what my child did during the day. I find myself immediately opening the app when I get notified about new posts, I make a more concerted effort to leave likes to show appreciation for uploads than I would in other social media apps, and I generally like the model a lot. It does have some polish issues around usability and performance which are some of the reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars, but I have noticed those issues getting better over time as well.

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Is Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Safe?

Yes. Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,137 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Is 64.5/100.

Is Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Legit?

Yes. Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,137 Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools Is 64.5/100.

Is Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools not working?

Bloomz: For Teachers & Schools works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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