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Published by on 2023-01-30

Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater
world of match-3 fun! Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with
unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish.
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By Sufans

Made it Impossible to Win without Spending Money

I loved playing this game…for about 5000 levels. One day I decided to spend $1.99 twice in a row to beat a challenging level somewhere in the 5000s. After that, it became impossible to win even some of the easier levels. They cut my number of moves down by about half of what others are getting. When I have asked them to look into why my moves were decreased, the customer service “representative” (Inessa) gives me the same canned response each time. Then she asks for examples…I have provided many examples. There are levels where it is not even possible to win with the number of moves given. Inessa said the reason I have less moves is because I am playing a newer version than others. I think the developer got greedy and just wants more money. I’m not giving it to them. I’m now up to the mid 7000 level but I have to save up explosives and gather diamonds for days and days to beat the levels because they lowered my number of moves. I used to win tournaments and there was strategy to winning a level. It was fun. Now, I have to wait until the game decides it wants me to win and then it creates tons of explosives so I win the level. I’m lucky if I win 5 levels a week! Enjoy while you can when you are first playing, but be aware that they will change the game on you and are looking for a money-grab.

By RojerByz

Constant need to free up space on my iPhone made me delete this game.

First of all, I must admit that this a fun little game, it’s quite addicting too, I used to play it all the time (well when the game allowed me too and that’s not about the limited lives count, I’ll explain below) This game constantly pushes new downloadable content and asks you to free up space on your phone if you’re running low, that would’ve been okay if it happened once a while or gave the option to play now and download the content later but no, this happens every other day and you can’t play until you delete something from your phone to get more space and after a few times I no longer have stuff to delete which means I could no longer play the game so I had to delete it altogether....and what makes the insult worse is that technically you don’t have to download that “new” content, you can still play the game as is and I proved that by running a test; I freed some space on my iPhone and then I turned off the internet and opened the game, to my surprise the game didn’t tell me I needed a connection to download that content and the message to free up space disappeared of course which means technically I should be able to continue playing the game without having to free up space or download obviously this is an artificial limit set by the devs of this game and it’s a sad one that got me to delete this otherwise fun game. I won’t be playing this again until this issue is solved.

By Sethv25

Cash grab

It was entertaining until about level 500. I realize difficulty should increase as you progress however it became exceedingly clear it became more rigged towards purchasing gems. The boosters often impede playability on the first move. They are placed specifically in the line-up of tiles clearly designed for gameplay (and effect). For example, five tiles combined are needed to make a bomb which is the only way to clear surrounding boxes. Despite being several other options for the boosters to be places, they predictably go into the exact boxes *designed* for gameplay to start that level. This applies even if you don’t select your boosters but are given them. So you have to keep losing the level to undo the in-game winning streak boosters. This depletes you’re lives and any advantage to actually being on a winning streak. Second, there are too many animations that impede game play. Normally it’s just annoying until you get to timed levels. Using lightening, required on some levels, can wipe out a large amount of tiles (or all tile if two are combined) and the board has to refill. As it refills more combinations are being made and it takes longer. All the while the clock is still ticking, and if you’ve made enough explosions another lightening booster(s) is waiting to drop. During that time you cannot make any moves and the clock is still ticking down. This has to be intentional to make you purchase gems. Done with the in-app purchase model.

By H
Jun 10 2022

Level 2678. Missing one coin.. even when everything is clear and blast all the pieces the coin didnt appear to finish off the game..

By Robin smith
Apr 09 2022

Apple Card did’nt work

By Cindy
Nov 09 2021

I purchased a gold pass in October, but lost it when I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. By time they got it fixed I only had 2 days left and now the6 are refusing to give me any of my gold pass time back which was at least a week’s worth! If I don’t get my gold pass time back, I will be deleting the game because I’ve spent too much money for this to happen!

By vesteen fryberger
Oct 05 2021

Hello I have been froze up for a week and a half. Tired everything you said to with no response. I have been playing for over 2 years and never have had this problem so if you could please help me , I'm trying not to get upset. But come on . So eather try to fix it or just delete me from the game so I don't keep trying. Thank you vesteen

By Belle
Sep 25 2021

Been contacting support but no response. Level 6736 is not producing 5 more bubbles despite a lot more moves remaining.

By Tina Syed
Sep 13 2021

My store tab,in app settings and team or any tab except the level tab is not working....pls help

By Svenja
Sep 13 2021

Can't finish Level 6736. Same Problem as by the other players... Since a week, Support doesn't answer

By Susy
Sep 10 2021

Impossibile to finish level 6736. It's a bug in the bubbles... Please vive me a reason tu play again😞😞😞😞

By Nicole
Sep 10 2021

Stuck in level 6736 for a week now!!! I cannot finish it, because I’m missing 5 bubbles!
Nobody gives me a reply, how do I contact Fishdom.
today we start the team game, resolve the problem please.

By Ardi ilyas
Sep 09 2021

Level6736 why must be minus 5 bubbles? Where is it?

By Dee Workman smith
Sep 09 2021

Missing bubbles on 6891 level in possible to beat have spent several amount of money on this game it's frustrating it's definitely not fair we should something back to make up for our losses

By Ardi ilyas
Sep 09 2021

Why ini level 6736 must minus 5 bubbles?please help me...thank you..

By Feller
Sep 09 2021

Impossible de passer le niveau 6736… j’ai payé pour les bonus comportant les 8 vies mais je suis coincée et le problème est souvent cité
Pouvez-vous m’aider

By Sarah McBane
Sep 09 2021

Level 6736 as stated by other players… Always 5 bubbles that fail to appear regardless of remaining moves or clearing the entire board, impossible to beat!

By M
Sep 08 2021

Level 6736 cannot be finished becourse there are never enough bubbles to be found! I paid voor playing the extra bonus, so I lost my money! Please tell me how I can finisch this level!

By Kristie Davenport
Sep 08 2021

Level 6736 can never be finished because there are always five bubbles remaining to finish the game and there are no bubbles to be found. I am stuck on this level because it is impossible to finish.

By Sal
Aug 23 2021

Live count goes consistently from 2 lives to 0 in 1 game, for the last few days.

By Glenda Harasyn
Aug 02 2021

I am having issues with charges being made to my account from Fishdom that I am not making. Although I do make purchases occasionally I was just charged for the Diamond Bank and Crab's Finds which I did not purchase. I have questioned the purcahse of these two items a few times before and was going to reach out then to report but seeing I had made other purchases around the same time thought maybe my suspicioin was wrong. I am hoping to hear back from someone soon about these charges or I will definitely be deleting the app from my phone.

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