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Published by on 2024-02-03

About: Gear up and get ready for the official remake of Trench Warfare 1917 WW1: RTS
Game. The classic WW1 game is back with improved graphics, better gameplay and
many new exciting features! As a WW1 general, command your armies across the
Eastern Front and Western Front, experiencing real-life historical battles as
both the Allied and Central powers.

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Developer: SimpleBit Studios

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Trench Warfare 1917 WW1 Remake Website

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Developer: SimpleBit Studios

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit SimpleBit Studios Website

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Mystery gunner drako mir

I guess I’m the first to get this game? But some stuff I noted about the game.

So when I first played the game, I was very excited to play this game for the first time, and the details are better, including the animations. However, there’s a BIG BIG BIG problem with this game. I’ve been playing TW:1917 for 4 years, and I was excited for TW 2. However, when I tried doing sandbox, instead of having all decor unlocked, you have to use a 8 dollar transaction JUST to get all decor, in which, literally (almost) all decor items require the full version to just use all of em. You have to watch a(n) ad just to unlock 1 decor. This is what ruined the aspect of TW. There was also the fact that there were upgrades and more micro transactions. This is what disappointed me with ya devs. The legacy was a lot more better, and it was giving more fun. Thanks for reading, and please respond. Also, the new TW:2 main menu theme sounds off beat with the original TW:1917 main menu theme song. You also showed some other unit skins in the store images, including the trailer, but theres only UK and Germany. Again, thanks for reading, and please respond

By Ok8755

The fun to this game is locked behind a payment

Was looking forward to this ever since I found out there was going to be a remake so today that it was released I downloaded it I open it up and I open up sandbox the most fun part of the game in my opinion main reason why I play the game and I see all of the cool features locked behind a payment wall I was really hoping that wasn’t going to happen and that is probably why this game is not gonna be a successful as the first one and probably why I’m not going to have it download it for long. It’s such a shame they had to put most the features a payment wall I understand having to make money, but taking fun and creativity in the game is not going to keep people attracted to the game. I really hope the lock on things in sandbox are removed. And a different thing is found to add to premium. Until then, my rating is three out of five stars I probably won’t play this game much at all unless they change this.

By get critisized

Good… but left slightly tainted

I was really excited for this game. Checking the App Store each day for any progress on the game’s development. That being said, I have played for some time now, and it’s kind of a let down. To start us off, I really enjoy the lighting system on the gunfire and better graphics and building system. But that is where the goods end for now. Second, the premium system. I get that you need money too and not everything can be free, but seeing that almost all of the stuff in the sandbox you either have to watch an add or pay for, it hurts to see. On top of that, I would be fine if it were just a few items or purely cosmetic. But the premium or add service you have takes over almost all of the items! Like I said, it is acceptable for you to need money, but not acceptable to put almost everything behind an add or paywall. That being said, I still like the game despite the turn-off the premium thing gave me. Best of luck for this game’s future.

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