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Published by on 2024-02-07

About: From the creators of NBA 2K, WWE 2K, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds, WWE SuperCard is
the longest-running WWE game where deck building and card battles combine with
WWE Champions and Superstars! New card tiers, designs, features, and the new
Atomic Drop game mode awaits you in Season 8! Superstars, get your battle cards
ready! Collect and battle cards featuring WWE Legends and Hall of Famers from
throughout WWE history. Become the .

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63.16% Contact Match

Developer: 2K, Inc.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit WWE Su Website

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Cacerescf

Long time players cheated

I created two accounts just to prove my point. On my first account, the account which I have had the longest and put the most work in, I have drawn 88 cards and have pulled THREE coals. ZERO diamonds... So then I logged in to the account I just created ONE MONTH ago and wouldn’t you believe it, in 25 cards drawn I already have 8 diamonds. And I was able to fuse a card and got a VANGUARD Sasha Banks. Hmmm? How many Vanguards do I have with my account where I have put the most work in you ask? ZERO. This developer must think we are really stupid not to notice this. The developers allow new players to catch up to players that have been playing for the longest by quickly allowing them to pull high cards or promotional ones so that they can build their deck, that way these cash hungry cows can get more money from new players. In the meantime the players who have been playing and putting in the work they punish by slowing down your progress by denying fair card pulls. Just to give another example on my old account I pulled 42 cornbreads out of 50 and 54 green beans out of 60, which in turn didn’t let me play any games because I had reached my ‘enhancement” limit. While on the account I created only a month ago I was able to get, not one, BUT TWO, of the Monster Turkey Gobbler cards to pro.

By RealEmerald1

Used to be good, but now just a cash grab

I really enjoyed this game up until Season 4, then the developers started to become extremely money hungry. The first big mistake was adding heroic mode, which is impossible to complete unless you spend money or dedicate 4 whole days to playing the event. Then, the guarantee of a card of a team’s tier in Team Battleground turned into a chance, making it even harder to progress. Then LMS and Clash of Champions were introduced, forcing free to play players to go against pay to win players for cards that only the pay to win players get powerful versions of. Then Bounty Breakers happened, which is straight-up “pay loads of money to get the card.” The final nail in the coffin was nerfing fusion events so that it isn’t a guarantee to get a special card from it. The fusion events used to be the one thing good for progression, but now only the people who spend loads of money on the game are able to obtain these special cards. I’ve been playing this game since Season 2, and I’m looking at quitting soon because it just isn’t fun anymore because the developers are insanely greedy. Don’t download this game unless you have a hefty bank account that you aren’t afraid to burn through.

By Hector22811


The game was down for IOS for over 24 hours and I could not login to the game to play Team Battleground and if you dont play at-least one match your not eligible to get rewards when its over. Well I dont think it was fair that the game was down on their end and I got screwed out of rewards because of it. I emailed 2K about the situation and they emailed me back saying the rewards are server based and they have no control of rewards being given by the server and have no way of compensating me for the issue. I have been playing this game since season 2 and have put alot of my own money into this game to keep up and this is how they treat their players. So if you are deciding you want to download this game or not, dont bother cause they want you to pay to win and you never get any compensation when they have issues on their end unless you consider a pack will lowest tier cards in it that doesn't help you out or a small amount of credits that dont help you either. I have deleted this game because its been the same since the beginning and will never change.

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