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Get started instantly with 30+ AI voice models. Experience the future of music first hand with the leading AI voice cloning app today. With our app, you can replace the original vocals of any track with the voices of your favorite singers! You can transform your favorite songs into high-quality singing voices anytime, anywhere only 3 steps. Get your ai song cover today! Also With "Music AI", you can turn any text into a lively and interesting song. This app is perfect for poets, writers, or anyone who wants to make their words more exciting with music. You just type in the text you want to use. It could be a poem, a story, or even a chat. Our smart AI looks at the feelings and rhythm in your words, and turns them into lovely tunes. But "Music AI" does more than just change words into music. It has lots of options for you to change the feel and style of your music. Try out different types of music, from classical to electronic, jazz to rock, and more. Change the speed, volume, and instruments to make a song that's truly yours. The app is easy to use, no matter how much you know about music. Whether you're a professional composer or a beginner, "Music AI" makes it easy to create beautiful music that fits with your words. Key Features of "Music AI": * AI Cover: Replace the original vocals of any track. * Text-to-music: Change any text into a wonderful song. * Genre choice: Try out different types of music to fit your text. * Speed and volume control: Change the speed and loudness of your song. * Instrument choice: Pick from lots of virtual instruments to get the right sound. * Share and work together: Share your songs with friends, or work with other users to make new tracks together. * Whether you're a musician, a poet looking for new ways to express yourself, or just want to see your words turned into music, "Music AI" is the app for you. Download now and let your words sing! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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