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Please try to imagine the following scenarios: 1. Did you waste a lot of time looking for the TV remote control, or lost the TV remote control and couldn’t get it back. 2. When watching TV, do you find it too hard to enter text on the remote control. 3. When using your iPhone to watch live TV or TV programs, you hope to cast the screen to the TV to watch smoothly. 4. When you flip through some highlights in your iPhone album, you hope to play them in high-definition slideshows on the TV. 5. When you are lying on the sofa and listening to music with your iPhone, the TV can play the higher sound quality of your music. 6. When you lie on the bed and watch an interesting short video, you want to cast the screen to the TV and share it with your family to watch together. If you have ever thought about any of the above scenarios, then you must download this app. It will not only help you realize all the above functions, but also provide you with more convenient operations and better user experience and More interesting resources. It is not only the TV remote control, but also can cast photos, videos, music, web pages, live video and other multimedia files to the TV, it can also help you discover and bookmark all your favorite channels, whether you switch to other TV, your favorite channels are always saved in your iPhone, and you can play them directly at any time anywhere. When you have downloaded this app, congratulations on becoming our loyal user. When you have any questions on using our app, you can contact us by email. The after-sales customer service will serve you wholeheartedly and help you solve any problem in the app. Contact us: [email protected] About Apple's Automatic Subscription instructions: -VIP Members Benefits: Permanently remove all advertisements, unlock the link to cast the screen to watch the live broadcast of the game, make your screen cast uninterrupted, smoother and high-definition, and discover more and more interesting channels. -Subscription Period: 1 month (continuous monthly membership), 12 months (continuous annual membership). -Subscription Price: $3.99 ​​for continuous monthly subscription; $17.99 for continuous annual subscription. - This subscription service provides you with an automatic renewal service. If you subscribe to this service, it is deemed that you authorize you to withdraw from your own recharge account, third-party payment account bound to your member account, bank card, communication account, iTunes account, etc. when your continuous monthly subscription is about to expire ( The monthly fee for the next billing cycle will be withheld from the balance of the account (hereinafter collectively referred to as "account"). You will be solely responsible for the renewal failure due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account. - You can suspend or terminate this service in the following ways: Apple in-app payment (IAP payment, in-app purchase) automatic renewal user unsubscribe method is as follows: Open "Settings" of Apple mobile phone --> enter "iTunes Store and App Store "-->Click "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", enter the "Account Settings" page, click "Subscription", select automatic renewal to cancel the subscription. This subscription will automatically renew if not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. - User Agreement: - Privacy Policy:

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